Friday, October 17, 2008

JET Employees are happy - it will be short lived !

Today is 18th October, 2008, and as I read articles on Jet employee reinstatements and see the happy faces splashed in technicolor, I truly believe that they are being led to the garden path before being slain.

What might happen:

1. Jet is forced to reinstate 1900 employees based on threat. Its not sound economics, after all Jet Airways is not a not-for-profit social air carrier - it is here to make money.

2. With the reinstatement, the airline will continue to bleed faster. Salary cuts of top management can never fully compensate for this 1900 intake. And what happens next?

3. The airline will declare bankruptcy. Remember - East West Airlines, Modiluft, Damania. And what happens then to the re-instated employees?

Wait for this drama, soon to be re-enacted in a city near you. Bring back the camera to film the tears this time.

1 comment:

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