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I bring the response from one of the foremost US analyst and policy maker (who chooses to remain anonymous). He knows India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Central Asian republics better than all of us and he advises both the US government and military. I will call him " Very Important US Source".

My question to "Very Important US Source":

"Holbroke takes charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and I am pretty sure the Obama administration will try to bring in Kashmir somewhere along the way as did David Miliband.

Before you jump in too - and it is not my part to tell you anything other than to give you facts - do keep this in mind:

In 1900, there were a million Kashmiri Hindus living in Kashmir valley, today there are just a few hundreds.

So how does this work?

You have Kashmir valley where 1 million Kashmiri Hindus lived. Then over the years, the Muslims start infiltrating and start driving out the Hindus and destroy over 1200 temples (all documented and true facts). Then, through naked terrorism formented by Pakistan (note: right after Pakistan gets the nuclear bomb - the timing could not be more "kosher") - the Kashmiri Hindus (Pandits) were given an ultimatum and driven out. If that is not genocide, what is?

Concurrently, Pakistan's ISI built Laskhar e Taiba (all documented facts and well known to you) - for fighting in Kashmir. But these were all Punjabi speaking Pakistanis - what is their interest in Kashmir? It is another thing that outfits like JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front et al) wholly formed of Kashmiris fighting for their rights - yes that can be understood - but LeT fighting for Kashmir - please... That is nothing more than unconventional warfare by Pakistan on India. Yes, Pakistan needs waters that originate in this region.

But to attribute that Kashmir should be solved (meaning - India to give up claim on Kashmir) - is rewarding a thief (Pakistan) with a medal who has stolen it in the first place.

Please keep that in mind when you write/ advise about Kashmir or form policies on Kashmir. Remember there were a million happy Hindus in Kashmir valley. You cannot throw them away and then ask that Kashmir be given away."


Especially after Mumbai, it would be wrong to start with the Kashmir issue. That is well understood. If the US ever does try to get involved, it will do so only after discussions with India on acceptable ways to do so and in support of efforts by the parties themselves. Also such involvement could be considered only after serious counter-terrorism efforts by Pakistan, not in response to terrorism. I do not yet see such efforts in response to Mumbai. This is my opinion, not a policy.

By the way, there is a serious misunderstanding in your note. I have never heard anyone here equate resolving the Kashmir issue with forcing India to give up its claim. Resolution means agreement by all parties, not forcing one side to surrender. Anyway everyone knows India is a rising great power, so it is out of the question.




On Kashmir and India : written by Francois Gaultier

I am born Frenchman, Catholic-educated and non-Hindu, I do hope I'll be given some credit for my opinions, which are not the product of my parents' ideas, my education or my atavism, but garnered from 25 years of reporting in South Asia (for Le Journal de Geneve and Le Figaro).

I have never been politically correct, but have always written what I have discovered while reporting. Let me then be straightforward about this so-called Hindu terror. Hindus, since the first Arab invasions, have been at the receiving end of terrorism, whether it was by Timur, who killed 1,00,000 Hindus in a single day in 1399, or by the Portuguese Inquisition which crucified Brahmins in Goa.

Today, Hindus are still being targeted: there were one million Hindus in the Kashmir valley in 1900; only a few hundred remain, the rest having fled in terror.

Blasts after blasts have killed hundreds of innocent Hindus all over India in the last four years. Hindus, the overwhelming majority community of this country, are being made fun of, are despised, are deprived of the most basic facilities for one of their most sacred pilgrimages in Amarnath while their government heavily sponsors the Haj.

They see their brothers and sisters converted to Christianity through inducements and financial traps, see a harmless 84-year-old swami and a sadhvi brutally murdered. Their gods are blasphemed.

So sometimes, enough is enough.

At some point, after years or even centuries of submitting like sheep to slaughter, Hindus—whom the Mahatma once gently called cowards—erupt in uncontrolled fury. And it hurts badly. It happened in Gujarat. It happened in Jammu, then in Kandhamal, Mangalore, and Malegaon. It may happen again elsewhere.

What should be understood is that this is a spontaneous revolution on the ground, by ordinary Hindus, without any planning from the political leadership. Therefore, the BJP, instead of acting embarrassed, should not disown those who choose other means to let their anguished voices be heard.

BuA end note: The capital of J&K is Srinagar (Shree Nagar) and will never ever become "Ahmed Nagar" or "Ahmed a bad".....

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Mr Zaid Zaman Hamid or ZZ Hamid of BRASSTACKS wears a lot of hats, had an interesting life and continues as a "defense analyst" with a TV show.

Mr ZZ Hamid has been promoted to a position of "security analyst" with ISPR. Now, ISPR -Inter Services Public Relations Directorate is the official mouthpiece of the Pakistan Army. If ZZ Hamid speaks - one can assume he is speaking on behalf and with the blessings of Pakistan Army.

Here then, is not only the mindset of ZZ Hamid - but also that of Pakistan Army. Do not forget what you hear in Video 1.

In my earlier post: Greater Pakistan 2012 - with parts of Pakistan in it and Pakistan 2020 has swallowed India - I had posted a video of Mr Hamid. I am pasting the same here again - to profile this man.


The ENGLISH transcript of the video :

Q) I have a simple question – is it a necessity that we (Pakistan & India) continue to fight with each other at every step? Is there no possibility of following a peaceful path?

Answer by Zaid Hamid: India, these days, are providing us with sweet comprehensive solutions – that we should foster harmony, peacefully intermingle and co-exist, to come together to create a unified country and increase the welfare of our populace. This will also result in pooled resources and there will be no need for expenditure on arms & weaponry. We will live with complete peace in this region and our unified presence will lead to the emergence of a new world power.

By God – this is exactly what we (Pakistanis) desire too! We too want to merge with them (India), enjoy peaceful co-existence, not to be burdened by any problems, fights, wars with each other.

But we have just one demand – and we will agree to all their (India’s) demands, surrender before their will – if they will fulfill only one singular demand or ours.

Our demand is – that this larger unified territory be called PAKISTAN.

And by God, this “Greater Pakistan” is an assured reality.

The rationale of this lies in the historical assessment of the two countries’ ability to rule. We have observed their (hindu ) ruling prowess and also noted the ability of Muslims to rule. And we can concur that if we need peace in this unified land, then Muslims must rule!

 Because we have ruled them (hindus) for over 1000 years and understood that under their rule – Muslims cannot survive.

Surely if they (Indians) are sincere about their pledge and need for peaceful integration and co-existence – then let them for a second time unite with us.

This larger entity we will call Musalman …. Oops .. Pakistan. The voice of Radio Pakistan will broadcast from New Delhi. And then we will live in peace. 

Not a moment before that!

Now, in his "present" avatar as a "defense analyst" he has dissected the Mumbai blasts that will probably teach Class VI students the art of "disinformation".

This is in English - done for the global audience. But ZZ Hamid, being who he is, could not contain himself and in the end stated: The Indians may start the war, but Pakistan will end it !

Video 1 showcases the true face of Zaid Hamid and his intentions – he is the "de-facto" mouthpiece of Paksitan Army and close to ISI.

Video 2 shows the depravity of insidiousness of his intentions cloaked inside a veneer of respectability.

When I first watched this video, naturally I wanted to know the man behind the show – Zaid Hamid.

I did some digging around and came to some interesting aspects of his past life as a jehadi, as a translator to Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, running a training centre for Pakistani MUJAHIDEEN in POSTA FEZ, JALALABAD and also as a "KHALIFAH".

Hence I sent him the following mail:


Mr Zaid Hamid, a person by the name of N. SHAHRUKH who claims to know you for long writes the following:

N. Shahrukh wrote: "If you guys remember the Pakistan FALSE PROPHET, YUSUF ALI KAZZAB, who was arrested and sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court and then murdered in Kot Lakhpat jail by a fellow prisoner - this guy Zaid Hamid was known as ZAID ZAMAN at that time and was the KHALIFAH of that Kazzab. Zaid is still leading that cult which belongs to the firqah batinyah of sufism and they have a different aqeedah altogother which they only profess within their inner core. Many of my personal friends fell prey to his charisma in the 1990s, some of them reverted back to Hidayah and were instrumental in filing a case against Yusuf Ali which ultimately lead to his death sentence and the cult members dispersed for a few years.

All of the followers of Yusuf Kazzab are now gathering once again in Islamabad and after 11 years Zaid Zaman has reappeared as Zaid Hamid.

I first came to know about Zaid Hamid when he acted as a TRANSLATOR TO HEKMATYAR (GULBUDDIN) in 1989 during his visit to Karachi. I was really impressed by the bright faced young engineer from NED University who spoke excellent Persian, Pashto, Urdu and English. Later, I came to know that the training centre for Pakistani MUJAHIDEEN in POSTA FEZ, JALALABAD was run BY THIS MAN.

I soon got introduced to new friends who were part of his team in Afghanistan. I even tried to run away from home in 1991 at the age of 14 to go to Afghanistan but was some how caught and persuaded by my family to refrain. In the same year I distributed several cassettes of a documentary - QASASUL JIHAD - produced by Zaid Zaman, which showed live scenes of combat between Afghan mujahideen and Russian forces and was the first of its kind. For me Zaid Zaman and his team were like the re-incarnation of the heroes of Muslim medieval history.

However, soon Zaid Zaman was the centre of a SCANDAL of MISAPPROPRIATION of funds of a large UK-based NGO, MUSLIM AID, of which he was a representative in Pakistan and Afghanistan. (note: The UK connection)

He also then parted ways with Hekmatyar and Haqqani and joined the ranks of AHMED SHAH MASOOD. Later he abandoned Jihad altogether and became a Sufi.

In 1994, when I was in aitikaf in Ramazan, one of Zaman's close associates, who was also a very close friend of mine, came to meet me and started talking strangely about the "real" meanings of Islam denouncing each and every known Islamic scholar. He said that ALL translations and commentaries of Quran till date were BLASPHEMOUS.

He also said that every century has an 'Imam-e-zamana' who we should take bayah (oath of allegiance) of and he would soon arrange my meeting with that IMAM.

Alhamdulillah, because of my strong beliefs I never ever met that so-called Imam-e-zamana but many of my friends fell into the trap. Soon, Yusuf Ali (THE FALSE PROPHET) was being invited to dinner parties in many of my friends' homes who were seen holding beads (tasbeeh) in their hands and preaching zikr and sufism here and there.

I lost many of my closest friends as I felt very uneasy with their beliefs and discussions. The basis of their belief was a 'MAUDHU' HADITH that Allah (SWT) created the noor of Muhammad (SAW) before the creation of the Universe. That 'NOOR' will remain till eternity and even if the Prophet (SAW) is physically not with us today, his NOOR IS PRESENT in the 'IMAM-E-ZAMANA' and hence HE SHOULD BE FOLLOWED AS PROPHET (SAW) was by his COMPANIONS. Na'aauzubillah! (NOTE: The need for a "prophet" - better than Ayatollah to bring in the Islamic revolution - of which Pakistan will be the new HQ)

Meanwhile, Muhammad Tahir of WEEKLY TAKBEER broke the news of Yusuf Ali and his cult quoting statements of some of the defectors who realized what was wrong and were ready to go to court against this fitnah. Yusuf Ali was accused of claiming to be a FALSE PROPHET, immoral practices including SEXUAL abuse of his WOMEN followers and HOMOSEXUALITY. Soon, a case was filed against him and the Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat people also became a party.

Yusuf Ali was SENTENCED TO DEATH based on irrefutable evidence of his misguided beliefs including the claim of FALSE PROPHETHOOD.

The Tahaffuz-e-Khatm- e-Nabuwwat office at Numaish, MA Jinnah Road and journalist Muhammad Tahir still has the record of that case and clippings of related news reports containing statements of witnesses who were once part of the cult themselves.

The name of ZAID ZAMAN HAMID also appeared in several of the news reports appearing in those days in Takbeer, Ummat, Khabrain, Jasarat, etc as he was the KEY PROMOTER and KHALIFAH of Yusuf Kazzab and the witnesses during the court proceedings and the press statements MENTIONED HIS NAME.

According to my knowledge, Zaid Hamid is still leading that cult in Islamabad and sources close to him confirm that he still proclaims the same beliefs of Yusuf Kazzab. It is not confirmed, though, whether the new "Imam-e-zamana" is Zaid Zaman himself or some other person.

If you want to warn your friends and family from this fitnah, please spread this message to everyone you know.


1. Did Yousaf Ali proclaimed himself to be the "libas" of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and called his followers, including yourself, "Sahabi-e-rasool?

2. Did Yousaf Ali appointed you as his Khalifa?

3. Did you not contacted politicians and Ulema to contest Yousaf Ali's sentence in the court and didn't you fight his case in the court?

4. When did you turned back from the teachings of Yousaf Ali?

5. Do you testify that Yousaf Ali Kazzab was a Fasiq and the Lahore High Court decision in his case was right?"

These are my questions to you too – do please reply and clear the air.


Many articles related to Yusuf Kazzab (the false prophet) and Zaid Hamid are disappearing from the net. One can still get to see the judgement of Yusuf Kazzab Blasphemy case by clicking here.

In the foreword itself of the said judgement, in first paragraph, it is written and I am quoting: "In the meanwhile a so called Sahabi of the convict namely Z.Z. Hamid expressed his opinion about the judgement in Daily Dawn's Issue of 13th August 2000 and stooped down to the lowest level of mischief by calling the judgement as to be murder of justice and presented the convict as a benevolent and honourable Sufi scholar of Islam.

I must show you the replies I received from Brass Tacks – you are free to judge the character of the man and his organization from the replies I got.


REPLY 1 ON JAN 6TH 2009:

BrassTacks to me, Ahmed

Very funny indeed. Now you are also an expert on Muslim theology and want to discuss issues you know nothing about. We are amused. :))

J. Shah
BT team

REPLY 2 ON JAN 7TH 2009:

Brass Tacks to me, Ahmed

As an Indian Hindu, you have no credentials to solicit a response on matters of Islam and faith. We find it a waste of time to discus issues with you which are of no concern to an Indian Hindu.


REPLY 3 ON JAN 8TH 2009:

Brass Tacks to me

We are not in the business of conversions !! you follow your deen, we follow ours. We rather settlle scores in battle fields.

it is not islam which you wanted to know about. you wanted to know about an allegations and a scandal against BrassTacks. That does not solicit any responce from us.



"WE RATHER SETTLE SCORES IN BATTLEFIELDS" - Mr Zaid Hamid - where did this come from?

I had asked questions to you in good faith to know more about you - and you / your organization wants to settle score in the battlefield rather than replying to a simple mail!!

Zaid Hamid implored people in Pakistan to move away from western interest based banks and instead buy gold coins issued by - you guessed it - Brass Tacks. Read about modus operandi here - the Brass stack Gold Dinar Project and read about a Pakistani comment on that here.

Fasi Zaka, a Rhodes scholar, states in his article : While at first I thought Zaid Hamid to be well-intended but misguided, what I have now seen firsthand demonstrates delusion. He calls ZZ Hamid - ISI rented analyst.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is ZZ Hamid - the Defense Analyst expert !

The evidence against ZZ Hamid

(The document shown is Urdu - the English translation can be had by clicking here)

(However, as things related to Zaid Hamid's past are mysteriously disappearing from the net, I have the PDF copy downloaded - and if anyone wants it, just give you e-mail id and I will mail back)

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Two important remarks:


1. David Miliband, the British foreign secretary, uttered in absolute disgraceful undiplomatic crass – the Mumbai attacks by LeT had the unresolved Kashmir issue as a root cause.

2. Lashkar-e-Taiba in Jammu and Kashmir was reported to have offered to shun its armed campaign for justice if the international community would help peacefully resolve Kashmir.

To take back to the concluding points of part 1 of the article - "SIR OLAF CAROE & VICEROY'S STUDIES GROUP (1942) - UK's ROLE - PART 1 of 2:

The British objective in breaking up India was simply not to divvy up the country.

The British wanted few things out of it:

1) They wanted a weak nation (Pakistan, that is), which would depend on Britain for its defense.

2) they wanted that newly-formed weak nation (aka PAKISTAN) to border the oil wells of Central Asia (part of the Soviet Union, then) and to be close to the Muslim-majority, oil-rich nations of the Middle East.

3) Corollary to the objective was that India, the larger of the two nations then in the subcontinent (now, with the emergence of Bangladesh in 1972, the subcontinent has three nations) must not have any common border with either Afghanistan (the buffer state) or the Soviet Union. Hence, Kashmir state must not go to India in its original form to INDIA and at best, status quo can be maintained.

Give emphasis on point 3 – The UK objective – Kashmir cannot go to India in original form as India must be prevented to have common borders with either Afghanistan and then then Soviet Union.

Juxtaposed in the historical facts are some current issues which I shall only highlight in a couple of points.

1. Mirupuris, from Mirpur region of POK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) form a vast diaspora in Britain. They control some major mosques from which British Intelligence picked up Muslim youths for jehad. Mirpuris formed an electorate base that could influence election results in UK. British Airways has a desk in Mirpur, POK – such is the scale of business and travel from the region.

2. Former Justice Department prosecutor and terror expert, John Loftus, revealed that Al-Muhajiroun group based in London and formed during the Kosovo crisis, were recruited by MI6 to fight in Kosovo. Believe it or not, British intelligence actually hired some Al-Qaeda guys to help defend Muslim rights in Albania and Kosovo.

Read also an article by Michel Chossudovsky : “London 7/7 terror suspects linked to British Intelligence."

3. A brilliant analysis by Ramtanu Maitra (A MUST READ)– on the Mumbai train bombings of July 2006 writes : “Behind the Mumbai Bombings : Tracking the British Role”.

Ramtanu wrote the follow up to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks in: Mumbai massacre calls for a probe of British role.

4. Omar Sayeed Sheikh, the same chap we let go in Kandahar hijack, was also an MI6 asset. While B Raman writes about it in his article, what is not mentioned is the fact, after getting released from the hijack – Omar made two trips to London to visit his parents. Not once was he stopped at airports.

5. Lashkar e Taiba is a Punjabi terror organization incubated by ISI for asymmetric warfare against India in Kashmir. Imagine a bunch of Punjabi rag tags showing sympathy towards Kashmir !! ISI, fearing that local Kashmiris may not be able to wage war against the Indian state, incubated LeT to direct covert war as per its direction. That LeT was penetrated by KSA intelligence and CIA was discussed earlier. And as long as LeT targeted India in Kashmir, the British and the US looked the other way. And that LeT remains focused in Kashmir was brought forward by the statement above – “it will shun armed struggle if there is international intervention in Kashmir”. And lo and behold, from Obama to Miliband, we see Kashmir being uttered.

We know why Imperial Britain did not want India to have Kashmir.

We know why US / UK today, are suddenly concerned about Kashmir.

We see why LeT suddenly wants to shun violence in Kashmir if there is international intervention.

I was going to write a piece on this, but I noticed that Mr B Raman has already covered all that I wished to write and more, far better than I could have ever written. Hence, instead of even trying, I am giving Mr Raman’s article in full.

(Permission to reproduce the article received from author)


(The writer is Additional Secretary (retd), Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. India, New Delhi, and, presently, Director, Institute For Topical Studies, Chennai. He can be reached atE-mail:

1.There has been considerable anger and indignation in India over the attempt of David Miliband, the British Foreign Secretary, who visited India last week, to rationalise the terrorist attack in Mumbai from November 26 to 29,2008, by the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LEt) of Pakistan by linking the attack to the Kashmir issue. None of the indigenous Kashmiri organisations has linked the Mumbai attack to Kashmir.Yet Miliband sought to provide a legitimacy to the LET's terrorist attack by linking it to Kashmir, disregarding the fact that the attack, as seen from the brutal murder of nine Jewish persons and 12 nationals of Western countries, which have contributed forces to the NATO contingent in Afghanistan, was part of the global jihadi agenda unrelated to either Kashmir or the grievances of the Indian Muslims.

2. The shocking attempt by Miliband to play down the murders of 138 Indians and 25 foreign nationals committed by the Pakistani terrorists of the LET should not have come as a surprise to those aware of the historic links of the British intelligence with the Mirpuri migrants from Pakistani-Occupied Kashmir (POK) in the UK and their important role during elections in certain constituencies which traditionally return Labour candidates to the House of Commons with the support of the Mirpuri vote bank.

3. In this connection, I am reproducing below extracts from my article of 6-5-07 titled HOME-GROWN JIHADIS (JUNDULLAH) IN UK & US.


"After Pakistan and Afghanistan, the UK has been traditionally for many years the largest sanctuary to foreign terrorists and extremists. Everybody, who is somebody in the world of terrorism, has found a rear base in the UK--- the Khalistanis in the past, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), the Mirpuris from Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK), the Chechens, the Al Muhajiroun, the Hizbut Tehrir etc. Having allowed such a medley of terrorists and extremists to operate unchecked from their territory for so long, the British intelligence just does not have a correct estimate of how many sleeper cells are operating from their country and of which organisations.

"Since persons of Pakistani origin have been playing an increasingly active role in promoting the activities of Al Qaeda, it is necessary to analyse the nature of migration from Pakistan to the UK and the US. Muslims from Pakistan constitute the single largest Muslim migrant group from the sub-continent in both the UK and the US---followed by Indian and Bangladeshi Muslims. There are estimated to be about 700,000 Muslims of Pakistani origin in the UK. No estimate is available in respect of the US.

"The largest migrant group from Pakistan in the UK are Punjabi-speaking Muslims----from Pakistani Punjab as well as Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK). The migrants from the POK are called Mirpuris. They are not ethnic Kashmiris, but Punjabi-speaking migrants from the Pakistani Punjab, whose families had settled down in the Mirpur area of the POK for generations. They were essentially small farmers and landless labourers, who lost their livelihood as a result of the construction of the Mangla dam. They, therefore, migrated to West Europe---the largest number to the UK and a smaller number to France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries. Many of them preferred to go to the UK because it already had a large Punjabi-speaking community from Pakistani Punjab. The initial Mirpuri migrants, who hardly spoke English, felt themselves comfortable in a Punjabi-speaking environment.

" As the number of Muslims of Pakistani origin in the UK increased, mosques came up to cater to their religious needs. Till 1977, these mosques were headed by clerics from the more tolerant Barelvi Sunni sect. When Gen.Zia-ul-Haq, a devout Deobandi, captured power in Pakistan in 1977, he embarked on a policy of marginalising the influence of Barelvi clerics not only in Pakistan, but also in Europe and increasing the influence of the rabid Deobandis. He inducted Deobandis into the Education Department as Arab teachers and into the Armed Forces to cater to the religious needs of the military personnel. He encouraged and helped the Deobandis to take over the mosques in Pakistan and in the UK by replacing the Barelvis. With the induction of an increasing number of Deobandis started the process of the Arabisation/Wahabisation of the Muslims in Pakistan and of the Pakistani diaspora in the UK.

"The intelligence agencies of the US and the UK went along with Zia's policy of Arabising/Wahabising the Muslims of Pakistan because this contributed to an increase in the flow of jihadi terrorists to fight against the Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

Till 1983, the members of the Pakistani diaspora in the UK were considered a largely law-abiding people. The first signs of the radicalisation of the diaspora appeared in 1983 when a group of jihadi terrorists kidnapped Ravi Mhatre, an Indian diplomat posted in the Indian Assistant High Commission in Birmingham, and demanded the release of Maqbool Butt, the leader of the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF), who was then awaiting execution in the Tihar jail in Delhi following his conviction on charges of murder.

When the Government of India rejected their demand, the terrorists killed Mhatre and threw his dead body into one of the streets. This kidnapping and murder was allegedly orchestrated by Amanullah Khan, a Gilgiti from Pakistan. He was assisted by some Mirpuris of the Pakistani diaspora. The British were unco-operative with India in the investigation of this case and declined to hand over those involved in the kidnapping and murder to India for investigation and prosecution. By closing their eyes to the terrorist activities of the Mirpuris from their territory, they encouraged the further radicalisation of the diaspora.

" Just as the radicalisation of the Muslims of Pakistan suited the US-UK agenda in Afghanistan, the radicalisation of the diaspora in the UK, particularly the Mirpuris, suited their agenda for balkanising Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Many Pakistanis from the UK went to the training camps of the Harkat-ul-Ansar (HUA -now called the Harkat-ul-Mujahideen) and the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) in Pakistan and got themselves trained with the knowledge and complicity of the British. They then went to Bosnia and Kosovo to wage a jihad against the Serbs with arms and ammunition and explosives allegedly supplied by the Iranian intelligence with the tacit consent of the Clinton Administration and paid for by the Saudi intelligence.


As the Pakistani Prime Minister between 1993 and 1996, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto had visited these jihadis from the Pakistani diaspora in the UK who were waging a jihad against the Serbs in Bosnia. After waging their jihad against the Serbs, these jihadis from the UK moved to Pakistan to join the HUA and the LET and participate in the jihad against India.


"The most notable example of the home-grown jihadis of the diaspora in the UK, who waged a jihad in Bosnia at the instance of the British and American intelligence and then turned against them, is Omar Sheikh. From Bosnia, he came to India to wage a jihad and was arrested by the Indian security forces. He was released by the then Indian Government headed by Mr. A.B.Vajpayee, in December,1999, following the hijacking of an Indian Airlines plane to Kandahar by a group of HUM terrorists from Pakistan. After his release, he went to Pakistan and orchestrated the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl. The second notable example is Rashid Rauf, a Mirpuri, who went to Pakistan from the UK to join the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM) after marrying a relative of Maulana Masood Azhar, the Amir of the JEM. He was allegedly involved in the plot detected by the London Police in August last year (2006) to blow up a number of US-bound planes. This plot was hatched by some members of the Pakistani diaspora in the UK.

"The Mirpuris in the Pakistani diaspora in the UK were in the forefront of those supporting jihadi terrorism against India in Jammu and Kashmir and other parts of India since 1993, when the Pakistani jihadi organisations of Afghan vintage were infiltrated into India by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). They collected and sent funds to the jihadi terrorists in India. Many of them underwent training in the camps of the LET, the HUM, the JEM and the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HUJI) in Pakistan and assisted them in their jihadi operations. The British intelligence was aware of members of the Pakistani diaspora going to Pakistan for training, but closed its eyes to it since it thought that they were going to wage a jihad against the Indians in J&K.

"A careful examination of the details relating to the various jihadi terrorism-related cases in the UK would reveal that the MI 5 was intercepting the telephone conversations of these Mirpuris and other Punjabi Muslims with their friends and relatives in which they spoke of their going to Pakistan for jihadi training. It did not take any action against them because it thought that they were going to wage a jihad only against the Indians and hence did not pose a threat to the British. The MI 5 intercepted the telephone conversation of even one of the perpetrators of the London blasts of July 2005, about his going to Pakistan for jihadi training. It did not act on it thinking he intended to wage a jihad against the Indians. Only after the London blasts of July, 2005, did the MI 5 realise with a rude shock that this Mirpuri was talking not of going to India to wage a jihad against the Indians, but to London to wage a jihad against the British.

"There is a sheepish, but indirect admission of this in the statement issued by the MI 5 rebutting criticism of its perceived failure to prevent the London blasts. It says: "RUMOUR: In February 2004, the Security Service recorded Khan's (Mohammed Siddique Khan) wish to fight and him saying goodbye to his family - a clear indication that he intended a suicide mission. REALITY: The Security Service did record conversations involving an individual identified after 7 July as Khan. From the context of the recorded conversation it is probable that Khan was talking about going to fight with militia groups in the Pakistan border areas. He was not talking about acts of terrorism in the UK."

" Today, innocent British civilians are paying for the sins of commission and omission of their authorities since jihadi terrorism broke out in Indian territory in 1989. It would be very difficult for the MI 5 to have an accurate idea of the number of trained Pakistani jihadis already in their midst. Reliable Police sources in Pakistan say that there are at least about 200 trained, potential suicide bombers in the Pakistani diaspora in the UK waiting for an opportunity to strike. These trained potential suicide bombers also provide a recruitment reservoir for future operations of Al Qaeda in the US homeland.

"The position in the Pakistani diaspora in the US is somewhat different. The initial wave of migrants to the US from Pakistan consisted largely of Urdu-speaking Mohajirs from Sindh, who originally went to Pakistan from India. The influence of the more tolerant Barelvi sect on them is still very strong. The extremist Deobandi/Wahabi ideology has not yet made the same impact on them as it has on the Punjabi-speaking Pakistani diaspora in the UK. Moreover, there has hardly been any migration of the Mirpuris from the POK into the US. Most of the Kashmiri migration into the US has been of ethnic Kashmiris----either the Hindu Pandits, who were driven out of the Valley by the jihadi terrorists after 1989, or sufi Muslims from the Valley. The Muslims from the valley, who had migrated to the US from J&K, are politically active against India, but they have so far kept away from the Deobandis and Wahabis.

"Since the 1980s, there has been an increase in the migration of Punjabi-speaking Muslims from Pakistan into the US. There has been growing Deobandi/Wahabi influence on them. It is these elements that Al Qaeda has been targeting for recruitment. A saving grace is that the US intelligence has a better awareness than the British of the dangers that could arise from its population of Pakistani origin and has been keeping a tight watch on them."

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Is there a Gorkhaland? If not, then why should there be car number plates starting with the alphabets GL plying in North Bengal. Cars belonging to the state of West Bengal start with WB, and these are being erased and re-painted illegally GL. Not only car number plates, but WB is also being erased from government buildings in Darjeeling and neighbouring districts.

“We would continue making the alterations on the signboards. Changes will be made on the signboards of shops and private establishments as well. Also, any vehicle — save a few which we will consider — has to sport ‘GL’ number plate while plying in the hills,” said Binay Tamang, the media and publicity secretary of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM).


What has the government done? District magistrate Surendra Gupta said seven FIRs have been filed against the Morcha for changing signboards of state government offices.

Fantastic, as if this will deter GJM.

That was in AUGUST 2008.


In JANUARY 2009 : (Times of India report) All packets of Darjeeling Tea will henceforth carry the 'Made in Gorkhaland' mark before moving out from the tea gardens in the hills, Gorkha Jan Mukti (GJM) President Bimal Gurung has said.

Addressing a public meeting at Gorubathan last evening Gurung threatened to stop all revenue flow from Darjeeling hills to the state government.

"The Nari Morcha, a GJM frontal organisation, would open counters in tea gardens to sell tea so that no revenue flows out from the hills," the GJM president said.

He added that soon Darjeeling tea would be auctioned at Pintail village in a DGHC guest house on the outskirts of Siliguri. The present auction houses are situated in Siliguri and Jalpaiguri in Dooars.

Meanwhile, normal life was affected in Dooars in Jalpaiguri district following indefinite bandh call given by Akhil Bhartiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad.

Special Inspector General of Police Zulfiquar Hasan said that adequate police arrangements have been made in Dooars. Yeah right !!

First the political parties try to garner votes by creating vote banks based on caste / creed / religion / ethnicity - not knowing that this tinderbox is waiting to implode on India one day. We are seeing the signs of dangerous implosion of Islamic population in Assam, Kerala and Bengal where vast stretches of land has been rendered a no-go area for local police and rules are based on Sharia. This is not a dramatization - read my earlier article or you are free to google the incidents that rarely make it to newspapers for fear of inciting "violence".

On September 1, I wrote: Beheading, Lashkar camps in Bengal - what next?

In January 2009, on news I heard that 5 Hindu fishermen were hacked to death by Muslims in Kerala. I am yet to see it being carried by any mainstream newspaper. What is the problem in stating the truth?

Gorkhaland, is part of the series of blunders, that state and central governments have played on and against each other for cheap political gains. The casualty has always been the State and the country.

Groups will try to gain political seats as that means an assured business of votes and money. However, if religion and secessional undertones are intertwined with overt political objectives, the writ of the state starts to suffer if not dealt with evenly and firmly.

Either that, or Pakistan will fuel these "groups" with money, arms and logistics as it always has - to break up India. Insurgencies provides the easiest platform.


The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 37 of 1967 penalises advocacy of secession or questioning of India's "territorial integrity". Use it along with other coercive means.

If not get ready of this:



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Before we go into the main article, it will be prudent to look at the Iranian revolution and what can we infer from this.

The Iranian Revolution began when many Iranian citizens within Iran were very dissatisfied with the rule of the Iranian King, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. He replaced his father on the throne on September 16th, 1941.

The Iranian Revolution was a bottom – up approach with the citizens hating the King’s rule. The Shah (or King) relied on manipulation and fear to lead the people. He established a “secret police” SAVAK: spy on people and report back to the Shah. SAVAK (secret police) set fire to the Cinema Rex in August, 1978, in Abadan. 400 people in the Cinema died.

Moreover, the Shah closely identified himself with the West (U.S.) which was clashing with the Iranian Muslim traditions.

In 1978, the Shah turned to the United States for help and support. Iran had been pro America for quite a while, and Iran was important to America due to the Great Game in Central Asia. Therefore when the U.S. National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski repeatedly told the Shah that the U.S. would support him 100%, it was no surprise. HOWEVER,the U.S. soon realized that the revolution was virtually unstoppable and therefore concluded that associating itself further in Iran would be unwise for them. Nonetheless, the U.S. sent in some military troops anyway to help stabilize Iran. Thus Iran was ruling through America’s military and financial support.

1963: The Shah proposes “White Revolution”. This is a six point reform bill to be put to a nation wide vote. However, Khomeini denounces the Shah’s plans and the Shah exiles him and puts him under surveillance in Tehran. On February 9th, 1979, millions of Iranians came on to the streets of Teheran to welcome the return of the religious leader Ayatollah. He helped overthrow the much hated regime of the Shah. It was one of the largest demonstration in human history (this shows how many people hated the Shah).

The revolution officially started in 1978 with the first major demonstration to overthrow the Shah. In December 1979, the Revolution finally concluded with the Shah removed as the ruler of Iran and with the approval of the new theocratic constitution. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini took the place of the Shah with the approval of Iran.

In November 1979, Iranian revolutionaries seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran and took the employees hostage. The young men held the employees captive for 444 days.
Hence to loosely draw a few points from above:

1. The Iranian revolution was a bottom up approach – it started with mass disenchantment of populace against the rule of the King
2. The secret police and the State brutalized the citizens (setting fire at cinema halls, protestors were killed)- distancing the Iranians away from the State.
3. On Jan 7th 1978, in a newspaper called “Black and Red Imperialism”, was an article written about Khomeini proposing he was homosexual. On Jan 9th – a demonstration of 4000 people against the article resulted in the death of many students.
4. Angry students and religious leaders in Qom, Iran, demonstrated against a false story attacking Khomeini (the man helping overthrowing the Shah) in the official press. The army was sent in, and killed many of the students.
5. The Iranians turned to religion and it clashed with the Western values that the king was trying to impose on the citizens, widening the divide further


Facts against an Islamic Revolution in Pakistan:

Lot of analysts have said that none of the above “ Iranian ingredients” are present in Pakistan today and all talks of “Islamic revolution” is hogwash. If anything, it is the Army & Secret Service (the ISI) that are protectors of the state of Pakistan and are not a hated entity as SAVAK was. Also in the recent parliamentary elections, the moderate factions have won handsomely over the Islamic factions (eg: ANP wins etc).

Islamic extremism in Pakistan is not a grass-roots phenomenon as it has been in many states in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Pakistan's founding fathers, led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah, preceded by the Indian sub-continent's British colonial rulers and India's Mughal rulers, laid the foundation for Pakistan to be led by the rule of law and moderate Islam.

However, every country is unique and what is good for Iran may not be good for Pakistan. While Islamic revolution was a bottom – up approach in IRAN, in PAKISTAN it is a “top – down approach”. I should also state that Taliban and other terror agencies are killing off ANP and other secular politicians and their families.

The Pakistan military and intelligence agencies have employed Islamic extremism as a tool for their policies. As such, extremist Islam has emerged as a top-down phenomena. Pakistan Army believes that Islam is the binding force that keeps Pakistan intact as it overrules the enthno-language-cultural aspirations of sub-actors in pakistan (Pashto - Baloch - Sindh etc).

During the 1980s, president Zia ul-Haq, backed by the United States, used Islamic extremism to fan the mujahideen against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

During the 1990s, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and successive governments employed Islamic extremism to challenge the Indian claim to Kashmir by undermining India's conventional military superiority with asymmetrical attacks on soft and symbolic targets in Kashmir.

The ISI also attempted to gain "strategic depth" with regard to India by creating an arc of influence from Central Asia to Afghanistan. It has not hesitated in using Islamic extremism to battle its enemies. This was seen in Pakistan's support for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan until September 11, 2001, and support for Islamic extremist groups in Kashmir (LeT, JeM etc etc).


Under President Pervez Musharraf, Islamic extremists entered Pakistan's mainstream political sphere as Musharraf empowered extremists in order to marginalize Pakistan's secular opposition parties while using the growth of Islamic extremism to justify his non-democratic rule.

International terrorist and extremist groups have become increasingly localized, as seen by the rise of the Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Law), led by pro-Taliban cleric Maulana Fazlullah in the Swat Valley in NWFP and the Tehrek-e-Taliban-Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban) based in the South Waziristan tribal area of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, led by Baitullah Meshud.

Pakistan's Islamic identity has not been sufficient to quell strains between its major ethnic groups and accusations that the national government's policies are dictated by the interests of Punjab province.

India's federalist structure of government, which devolved power to the states, also facilitated in undermining separatist tendencies. A similar empowerment of Pakistan's ethnic and religious minorities would weaken separatist tendencies in Balochistan, NWFP and the tribal areas and help to quell sectarian and ethnic violence on the streets of Pakistan's major cities. But this will not be done.

Majority of the Army and terrorist cadres come from the Punjab province of Pakistan and they will not “devolve” power. And thus the Pakistan Army, with the glue of Islam in one hand and the threat of terrorists and ISI on the other hand, has been able to keep the citizens of Balochistan, Sindh, Pashtun areas under a “modicum of control”.

To see how the glue of Islam works - Baitullah Mehsud from terrorist to a true patriot :


Baitullah Mehsud was attacking Pakistan Army and killing its cadres, so much so that Pakistan Army had to call truce a couple of times to release its captured soldiers. Many Pakistanis were saying that Mehsud is funded by CIA & RAW as he (and his TTP )was attacking the state of Pakistan.

Right after 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, the terrorist network all across stated that they will fight alongside the Pakistan Army to defeat India.

And the present ISI chief, Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha, described Baitullah Mehsud, the Tehrik- e- Taliban leader whom the Pakistan Army was supposedly battling, as a true patriot.

Baitullah Mehsud has transformed from a terrorist to a true patriot – certified by ISI.

Pakistan is witnessing true hegemony of one province (Punjab) over the rest of Pakistan and hegemony of one sect (Sunni) over other sects of Islam – all done under the garb of “Islam” on one hand and “terrorism” on the other – aided and abetted by Pakistan Army.

The main player is the Punjabi dominated Pakistan Army. It passes on the dirty tricks to ISI – itself filled with Punjabi officers. And for the ultimate covert ops – ISI passes on the job to its “terror children” – be it LeT, JeM or others.

There are 25 feudal families in Pakistan that own much of privately owned enterprises and wealth in Pakistan. However, there is one entity whose business interests and net worth far exceeds that of all these 25 feudal families put together.

And that entity is Pakistan Army.

Pakistan’s armed forces have accumulated billions of dollars’ worth of private assets and business interests in Pakistan, ranging from construction firms to breakfast cereal. This military business (milbus) accounts for more than 6% of Pakistan’s gross domestic product (GDP). This milbus feeds 9 percent of the nation’s population, it generates taxes, and it creates jobs for veterans. By any accounts, this is huge.

Where in Pakistan does one find this military capital?

According to Ayesha Siddiqa’s new book, Military Inc.: Inside Pakistan’s Military Economy, Siddiqa argued that the structure of the military’s economic presence has three levels.

1) One level is institutional and comprises army-controlled public sector organizations such as the Frontier Works Organization and the National Logistic Cell (transport and construction “giants”), as well as smaller cooperatives (such as bakeries, cinemas, and gas stations).

2) Military subsidiaries comprise the second level of Pakistan’s military capital. The Fauji Foundation (established for the welfare of veterans) is, according to Siddiqa, one of Pakistan’s largest business conglomerates. Additionally, the army (Army Welfare Trust), air force (Shaheen Foundation), and navy (Bahria Foundation) boast welfare foundations that enjoy holdings in agriculture, cement, the airline industry, and construction. These subsidiaries, Siddiqa asserted, are largely controlled by the armed forces.

3) Finally, the third type of military capital can be found on an individual level, where perks are doled out to the “military fraternity.” Land, jobs, and influential positions in corporations are provided to those currently in uniform, to retired servicemen, and to “beneficiaries of the military/business complex.

Indeed, Siddiqa contended that this economic clout, coupled with their formidable political power, reinforces and perpetuates the armed forces’ central role in Pakistan’s politics. The military’s political power hastens its involvement in the economy, and its involvement in the economy enhances its political power. As a result, the military has little incentive to withdraw to the barracks. Furthermore, Siddiqa suggested that Pakistan’s non-ruling political elite has its own reasons for supporting a military that remains entrenched at the forefront of Pakistan’s political scene, because under the status quo this elite derives benefits and resources from the military economy.

Ultimately, therefore, to understand Pakistan today, “you must understand the nature of military capital and the nature of the politics that revolve around this capital.”

Therefore, before proceeding further, let us try to answer the following?

1. Who has most economic stake in Pakistan?
Answer : Pakistan Army

2. Who is the real power in Pakistan?
Answer: Pakistan Army

3. Who does the ISI report to?
Answer: Pakistan Army

4. Who do the terror organizations report to?
Answer:Terror groups report in to ISI which in turn reports to Pakistan Army

5. Pakistan Army comprises of officers and soldiers mainly drawn from which province of Pakistan?
Answer : Punjab

6. How does Pakistan Army keep control of the entity of Pakistan?
Answer: In order to retain the primacy of Punjab province from where Pakistan Army drives most of its recruits, and also of its vast business interests, Pakistan Army plays two cards: 1) the fire of Islam and 2) the sword of terrorists. Which is why you will see most of the terrorist organizations are Punjabi based (LeT, JeM etc) and that all provinces of Pakistan are wracked with militancy, but not Punjab.

Note: I find it funny that Lashkar e Taiba which is wholly Punjabi dominated actually had been formed by ISI for insurgency in Kashmir. ISI never trusted the local Kashmiri mujahideens to listen to it or even fight India, hence Punjabi terrorists run the Kashmir show. The truth stared back at Pakistan and the world, when the earthquake shook Kashmir and the world realized how impoverished the Pakistan Occupied Kashmiris actually were. The Punjabi faction of Pakistan will never allow “other” provinces to rise above it.

Many ISI veterans and current generals have gone native with the interests of Taliban. The idea was running a covert war in both Afghanistan and Kashmir by embedding Paksitan Army soldiers with the Taliban, However senior Pakistan Army generals went native. It is for this very reason that Maj Gen Alavi of SSG was murdered, when he went to unmask this unholy alliance between Pakistan Army and Taliban.


By creating “Talibanistan”, Paksitan Army has ensured that its western borders are safe and no forces can come into Pakistan from Afghanistan. However, this Taliban “ideology” has crept in from the hills of west into the main cities of Pakistan. Artists, cinema halls, century old mujra houses, dance festivals are getting bombed and threats on a daily basis. Sectarian violence is endemic and terrorists of banned outfits can be seen openly roaming in main Pakistan cities brandishing Army issued firearms.

Two recent statements by Taliban take the cake:

1. All girls to stop attending schools in SWAT and if found, will be killed. Deadline - Jan 15th, 2009.
2. Women to be made available for marriage to Taliban militia if he so chooses – the “bride’s” father will not have any say in the matter. And "Taliban has announced that if a girl above the age of seven is found outside her house, she would be slaughtered"


SWAT : Pakistan’s most popular tourist destination is now haunted by death and fear; few officials now dare to go and serve there.

Hence killing an innocent girl of eight if found loitering outside of her home is considered "normal" yet getting 72 virgins after killing innocents is considered a "welcome gift" on reaching heaven - such is the warped teachings in Madrassas. Nowhere in Quran it is stated, that killing innocents will pave way for 72 virgins. Ajmal Qasab even stated the LeT indoctrinated him and his fellow "terrorists" that after death their body will glow before going to heaven. Of course, he only saw the bodies rotting!

Vikram Sood, ex-RAW supremo, writes: “Pakistan today gives the impression of being a nation at war with itself not only in FATA but in the rest of the country. Muharram was commemorated under the protection of the gun and prohibitory orders. Hundreds of ulema - Shia and Sunni - were barred entry into several districts for fear that they would incite sectarian hatred in the days preceding Muharram.

Cities and towns were declared no go areas. As many as 30,000 places in 28 districts of the Punjab were declared sensitive and 58 ulema were banned from Attock district.

This, in a country which proclaims itself to be the home of all Muslims of the sub- continent, is a reflection of the state of affairs prevailing there.

Even otherwise, a strong Sunni hurricane is sweeping through Pakistan.

Originating in its current phase from FATA, it has spread outwards into NWFP and has reached Punjab and parts of Balochistan and even Karachi. The year that has gone by has been the most violent in Balochistan with more than 250 incidents.

Senator Sanaullah Baloch has alleged that the Pak Army is allowing the Taliban to settle in the province. Three Baloch groups fighting for Baloch rights have called off the ceasefire. The burgeoning population, especially the youth (over 50 per cent of the population will be below 18 in the next few years), will then get attracted to the facilities offered by the LeT and the Jamaat- e- Islami.

The education curriculum in many of the Dawa schools includes subjects like computer science, mathematics and English. It is not a jihadi curriculum and the students are from the middle class who will then form the backbone of the bureaucracy, politics and the military.

Even today the recruitment source for the Army and the various jihadi groups operating from Punjab is the same. There is thus a much bigger cohesion of the mindsets of the jihadis and the Army.

This has immediate and long term implications for us. For one, we have not listened carefully and long enough to what the Pak Army's surrogates have been saying in different words at different places.

The message is - we will defeat you, we will annihilate you, because you are evil and you are not our God's men. Soon after the September 11 attacks, Fazlur Rahman Khalili, the Harkat ul Mujahedeen chief, told a press conference that "Osama's mission is our mission. It is a mission of the whole Islamic world." This sentiment is all pervasive. The jihadis want caliphates in India and the Army wants a revenge for 1971.

The important message is not that this will happen but that the mindset remains and the medium of the message is Mumbai.

Mumbai happened for two basic reasons: The mindset that prevails in Pakistan and insists that India must be bled, and the other, that it can be bled. The mastermind knew how we would react and gambled on this. For them it was a win- win situation either way.

The process of Islamic Revolution in Pakistan is underway. It will not be a spontaneous explosion of public anger as was witnessed in Iran, but rather it will be deliberate, casual and slow in Pakistan.

Unlike Iran, in Pakistan this revolution will be a “controlled revolution” – controlled by Pakistan Army and ISI for purposes mentioned earlier. Before the world will realize, Taliban ideology will start ruling roost in many parts of Pakistan, including some major cities.

One needs two elements now. One is who will be the Ayatollah equivalent in Pakistan? Will it be Hafeez Sayeed or Maulana Masud Azhar or someone else?

And two, the hatred of Jews and America needs to be proportionally increased to bring about a “seamless” Sharia based ideology. For that American drone attacks is only causing anger in the tribal belt, not in Pakistan in general. For that, Pakistan has to be attacked by US or India or worse, Pakistan requests US troops inside its territory to stabilize it (see correlations to Iran).

ISI has the means to replicate 26/11 in USA by using natural born US citizens or British citizens that it has recruited from mosques. There were reports that US might stage the attacks themselves aka Operations Northwoods – however, this time this will be ISI-Al Qaeda operation (like the 9-11 was). And it is expected that the US will not bury the links to Pakistan to the attacks as it did with 9/11. Pakistan is expecting measured response from US – which will suit it well, if at the end of the day all US does is sending Tomahawks into Pakistan. Pakistan is gambling that US will not have the means to anything more. Hence, an attack on US mainland is all but certain. The response from US – that is not certain. If the response it measured - the Islamic revolution inside Pakistan will be fast forwarded.

A limited Indian military strike will also work wonders for Pakistan, in that, it will inflame public anger and Islam being the glue, will bring in all terrorist groups on the side of the Pakistan army – openly. A highly desirable scenario for Pakistan Army that wants to close shop in North West Frontier Provinces and indulge in mock fighting with most of the Taliban groups largely for western consumption.

There is the unstated nuclear angle - if Pakistan has deliverable nuclear assets, it may move out a few and those can then land up in the hands of "terrorists" - all beautifully choreographed by the Pakistan Army.


If Pakistan Army is “grooming” Hafeez Sayeed / Masood Azhar / ?? as the next Ayatollah equivalent, then India and US can kiss its chances of having any one of them in any custody good-bye.


HAMID GUL - ex ISI Chief and "Godfather of Taliban" in an interview to Adnkronos International stated: "Pakistan, wracked by terrorism and a deep economic crisis, an environment in which anti-Americanism is thriving, is facing collapse.

The implications of this situation for the fight against terrorism and the security of the country's nuclear arsenal, are dire, he said.

"The risk is real, there could be a civil war, even a revolution along the lines of the Iranian one. Personally, I hope for a revoultion but a soft one, like that the one born in America during the Vietnam war or like pacifist movements in Europe against the war in Iraq, " Gul stated.

Hamid Gul is famously quoted for many things. One of his classics: "The only reason Pakistan does not dismember India is because we never wanted to create problems with our Muslim population in India. India will give its land when it will be divided into many pieces. India will have to be break. If India does not give us our land we will go to war and divide India." Read the interview by clicking here.

BuA analysis:

1. Surgical strike at terrorist bases when they have been emptied out will make Paksitan Army stronger. The jehadi forces will get the upper hand over Pakistan. Hence, this option as the only option should be ruled out.
2. If at all, limited strikes should be made at “economic interests” of Pakistan Army – not military targets per se. Eg: Frontier Works Organization and the National Logistic Cell & other ther business interests of Pakistan Army.

3. Look out for grooming of Hafeez Sayeed (most likely) as the new Ayatollah of Pakistan. His tremendous charity work during the earthquake of Kashmir is being played out like a propaganda - his "terror role" all but dinned out by that propaganda.

For me, unless you hit the Pakistan Army interests, hitting out at empty terrorist camps will only give us “worse results”.

And lastly, the entire “nexus of evil” in our region is due to the strength of Pakistan Army. The civil society of Pakistan, largely, is not jehadi in outlook. If we do not stop the “Talibanisation” of Pakistan TODAY, at a later date, India will have to pay a far higher price for inactions of today.

The military might of Pakistan Army has to be eroded and eroded significantly. We in India should not shy away from getting a bloody nose in the bargain. If that means, the opponent has been KOed (knocked out), I can live with a bloody nose.



Jai Hind !

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Level 5: Bilderberg Group represents the Anglo American empire (AAE). By empire it means mostly "business empire".

People who are intellectually challenged fall prey to conspiracy theories and go for overkill about alleged “we will take control of the world” theories that these secret groups supposedly espouse.

To them I will tell only this: They (incl. people in Bilderberg) are a bunch of royalty, entrepreneurs, businessmen and spymasters who would like to see their monopolistic business interests make super-profit unhindered by exploiting lacunas present in an imperfect world by using their reach, clout and financial dexterity. Occasionally they do indulge in ruthless business “malpractices” including toppling of governments to get “the” deal - and "keep the world a safe place (especially for them).




The Bilderberg Group began in the year 1954 as a small network of the high and mighty in Europe and North America who met to discuss the state of the relations between Europe and the US and promote trans-Atlantic cooperation. Joseph Retinger, a Polish political advisor, émigré and founder of the European Movement took the lead in proposing an international conference to promote trans-Atlantic Cooperation. Some of the other leading personalities who supported Retinger included Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the then Belgian Prime Minister Paul Van Zeeland, and the head of Unilever at that time, Paul Rijkens. Some of the serial attendees to this annual meet are: Carl Bildt, Philip D Zelikow, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Madeline Albright, Condolizza Rice, etc.

Example of how the system works: Madeline Albright, a Jew who converted to a Catholic to evade Nazi persecution knew Condoleeza Rice from her early days in Denver. Condi Rice was Madeline Albright’s father’s favourite pupil. In early 90’s Chevron was involved in a $10 billion oil field development project in Kazakhstan. Condi knew the President of Kazakhstan well. Albright and Shultz who were Bilderberg members, put forward the candidacy of Condi Rice in the board of Chevron (Shultz was already a Chevron board member). Shultz said that the Chairman & CEO of Chevron "inside of fifteen minutes concluded that Condi Rice would make a terrific board member." She was a good choice. Condi joined the board and traveled to Kazakhstan for Chevron in 1992. She turned thirty-eight years old that year. In the following year Chevron named a 129,000-ton supertanker the SS Condoleezza Rice.

That is how the system works – nothing “uber secret” about guarding “greed”.

The US – European business nexus got itself a military connotation by the creation of NATO to protect the business interests. The reconstruction of Europe at the end of WW II helped US come out of “Depression”. The Marshall Plan (from its enactment, officially the European Recovery Program, ERP) was the primary plan of the United States for rebuilding and creating a stronger foundation for the countries of Western Europe, and repelling communism (RUSSIAN influence) after World War II.

There are conspiracy theories in the net - RAND Corporation (where Shultz & Bildt are Bilderberg representatives + Carlyle Group) has stated US needs a WW III to come out of the present recession - however I will request to read this with a pinch of salt.

Level 4: Also a few after after the end of WW II – India got independence from the British but the British divided up the country before moving out. The British wanted two things out of it:

1) They wanted a weak nation (Pakistan, that is), which would depend on Britain for its defense.
2) they wanted that newly-formed weak nation (aka PAKISTAN) to border the oil wells of Central Asia (part of the Soviet Union, then) and to be close to the Muslim-majority, oil-rich nations of the Middle East.

Corollary to the objective was that India, the larger of the two nations then in the subcontinent (now, with the emergence of Bangladesh in 1972, the subcontinent has three nations) must not have any common border with either Afghanistan (the buffer state) or the Soviet Union.Hence, Kashmir state must not go to India in its original form to INDIA and at best, status quo can be maintained.

The British objective to control the oil wells was part of the Great Game to prevent the mighty Russian empire from having access to the oil fields. Former British Governor of the NorthWest Frontier Province during the British Raj days, Sir Olaf Caroe used to say the shadow of the north (meaning: RUSSIA) must not extend over the wells of power. (The Objectives have not changed, hence we look at their genesis)

Cut to the present: At the end of the first Gulf War in 1991, 55 percent of the 20 largest companies in the energy industry by market capitalization were American, and 45 percent were European, according to the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. study.

But in 2007, 35 percent of the 20 largest energy companies are from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries, about 35 percent are European, and about 30 percent are American, the study said.

According to predictions by a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC )’s head of macroeconomics, John Hawsworth report, the size of India's economy would swell to 90 per cent of that of the US by 2050, while China would be even larger than the US economy, having overtaken it as the largest economy in the world in around 2025.

The above statements were made prior to the US economy tanking. With the current unprecedented economic crisis facing the US and Europe, the real gap of the economy between US vs China and India has shrunk. Though both Chinese and Indian economy have been hit by the global winds of recession, they have not been hurt to the extent the AAE has been hurt. Which means, the Chinese economy may already have inched closer to US economy and India may do so in the next 10 – 15 years.

This is the bleak economic scenario facing the stalwarts of the Anglo American Empire (AAE) who need to protect their turf and business at “all costs”. Amongst the crème de la crème who mirror the interests of this AAE – Bilderberg group takes the cake. It is not an uber secret group like the Illuminati (the respected newsmagazine The Economist says Illuminati exists till date) but it is clearly very powerful.

The security scenario facing the AAE presents it with an unique opportunity. The British, being past masters at espionage and diplomacy, managed to cull out the next big thing for the 21st century by 19th century and given a scientific basis in 1942 via Viceroy’s Study Group - control of oil wells at Central Asia. The US took over from Britain as the military, technical and financial wealth of US soared far above UK post WW II.


We have covered the role of US & Vickers in arming and financing the mujahideens in Afghanistan to drive away the Soviet Union and break it up (Sir Olaf Caroe’s vision of 1942 fructified).

UK’s second vision was to ensure that India did not get a common border with Afghanistan, hence arming and abetteting terror groups like Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) were encouraged by AAE, to create mayhem in Kashmir and keep India tied up. The American vision was also to keep the Chinese and Russians away and they played one against the other, already covered in the Great Game 2 & Ultimate Game 3.

Unfortunately for AAE, the security scenario did not exactly work out the way it wanted to be. It wanted Map 1, the failure of it resulted in revisiting and reinventing Map 2, but what confronts it today is Map 3.

MAP 1.

Genesis of Map 1: Revisiting the UK plan to create Pakistan – so that this new “small” largely Muslim country will be subservient to UK for defense and in return Pakistan will given UK a staging ground to be close to the oil wells of Central Asia (part of the Soviet Union, then) and to be close to the Muslim-majority, oil-rich nations of the Middle East. Pakistan proved to be an able ally of AAE in ousting Soviet Union from Afghanistan.

The US helped ISI prop up Taliban in Afghanistan. The then US Assistant Secy of State for South Asian Affairs, ROBIN RAPHAEL went on to state – “The Taliban capture of Kabul is a POSITIVE STEP.”

On December 4th 1997, the representatives of Taliban were invited guests at the Texas headquarters of UNOCAL to negotiate support for the pipeline.

However in the 1990s, the overall US vision differed from UK vision for the region. US thought Iraq would be the best place to set up a base and run both the Central Asian gas as well as Middle East oil from there. The US abandoned Afghanistan after the Soviets left, but the British did not.

Level 4 continues: CIA / MI6 / SAS covert team worked in tandem with ISI to send “terrorist” from Jaish e Mohammad, Lashkar e Taiba, Moro Liberation Front to Chenchneya, Dagestan, Kosovo, Bosnia.

KSA intelligence infiltrated LeT and lent an opening to CIA to run “assets” for its operations. For all this, the AAE gave ISI a free hand to have “fun” in Kashmir. Given, that their partnership with Pakistan was bearing fruit, notwithstanding irritants, the AAE dreamt of controlling the oil wells of Central Asia and Middle East through a unified country to be called the United States of Islam, largely militarily run by Pakistan. Pakistan was encouraged to send in Taliban to take control of Afghanistan as long as the AAE got to construct UNOCAL pipelines to transport Central Asian gas through Afghanistan to warm water ports of Karachi. ISI liked Map 1 too – it was closer to its dream of establishing an Islamic Caliphate.


ZELIKOW & RICE : Co-authors

Important characters of Bilderberg were present in 9/11 commission and primary among them was Philip D Zelikow. With the ISI – CIA relationship being kosher, Zelikow and his team buried the ISI link to 9/11 after Pakistan paid off the members. ZELIKOW even wrote that the US should be embedded in Iraq post 9/11. Read the full article by clicking here.

In fact I am sure that comparing 9/11 to Operation Northwoods is mere "speculation" and that Carlyle group,CalPers etc made immense profit post 9/11 (and these are entrenched players in Bilerberg group) is mere "coincidence". (Request- read these links)

Level 2: However, minor irritants were creeping in. Paksitan and ISI started acting on their own, away from the wishes of its masters in the AAE.

In Bosnia, CIA used ISI help in sending “jedhais” to fight the Russian backed Serbs. However, without informing the US, Pakistan used military planes to airlift sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles and this forced the Serbs to life the siege, much to the annoyance of the US government.

So incensed was the then US President Bill Clinton that he threatened to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan will be declared a TERRORIST STATE if Sharif did not remove Javed Nisar from top post of ISI. Which Sharif did and averted his nation from being called a Terrorist State.

MAP 2.

Many such incidents, including AQ Khan's nuclear Walmart, made the AAE and its military backers realize that Pakistan was running a different agenda and hoodwinking the interests of AAE. This gave rise to Map 2 which divided up Pakistan along ethnic lines. Baluchistan was an independent country in the 19th century. Pakistan which saw dreams of running Islamic Caliphate envisioned in Map1 suddenly saw its fate as a weak fledgling nation captured in neo-con Map 2. The AAE were not at all happy with Pakistan and they were not going to give up business interests in Central Asian region and see the return of the Russian bear once again. To top it, newer gas fields were being discovered and with the discovery of Yolotan Osman gas reserves in Turkmenistan that was outside the business agreement that Turkmenistan had with Russia, gave AAE immense leverage and rationale to stay put in Afghanistan. Pakistan became important only as a transit route to feed NATO / US forces in Afghanistan. With US now implementing a new route bypassing Pakistan, the importance of Pakistan will come down tremendously.

Pakistan, looking at this, has looked at China to couter the US moves. Pakistan has responded by doing three things:

1. Used its contacts in Afghan Taliban cells of Haqqani, Hekmatyar and Omar to launch assaults in Afghanistan on NATO – to ensure speedy “departure” of these forces.
2. Tried disrupting NATO supplies from its soil from time to time – which will logistically hurt the forces in absence of an alternative supply line currently
3. Opened up Gwadar port in Pakistan in collaboration with China – thus giving Chinese Navy a future berthing facility in Indian Ocean - a scenario not at all welcomed by US & India

MAP 3.

The US wanted to operationalize plans to activate plans to make the Map 2 a reality – however a Map 3 has been thrust in its face. Large tracts of land in between Pakistan and Afghanistan has been captured by Taliban. This poses a serious threat to the plans to AAE.

Pakistan is aware of Map 2 and neo-con plans of US. It has countered by embedding its soldiers with Taliban and other terror groups. This has made Pakistan's western borders impregnable - the hostile terrain adding to the difficulty. Without Pakistan's help, one cannot mount ground operations in this area and win. With Map 3, Pakistan hopes to increase its bargaining powers with the AAE.

The blast of Indian Embassy in Afghanistan was a plan originating from Level 2 – ie ISI and done by Level 1 actors aligned with the Haqqani groups. This was done to damage the India – AAE nexus from growing as Pakistan saw its “importance” being eroded away. India + AAE nexus seriously threatens Pakistan.

Pakistan had to be stopped before it hurt the AAE any more and for that India was chosen to counter balance. India has come a long way from being a Soviet proxy to being embedded with the interests of the AAE – at least that is what Americans would like to believe.

The Mumbai attacks of 26/11 opens up the door for an Indian military intervention in Pakistan. The more help the FBI gives, the more India is cornered into militarily attacking Pakistan.

(Taken from Ultimate Game 3 of 3)
AAE / Vickers / ISI / LeT/ Mumbai attacks – is there a connection then?

Level 3 + Level 1: Vickers - In August 2007 a representative of the jihadi outfit - a burly man in mid thirties with medium-length, thick beard met an American in Sadabahar who was dressed like a Pushtun (covert ops for sure). The meeting lasted more than three hours and the jihadi left with a canvas bag full of cash.

The American could not be identified but the jihadi was traced to a splinter group of LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba). As is known, LeT is not a single entity; it is more like a brand name, used by many groups with diverse objectives and split loyalties.

The jihadi went to Karachi and met a colleague in Shah Faisal Colony and apparently gave him some of the cash he received from the American in Quetta. This assumption is based on the fact that the jihadi’s colleague in Shah Faisal Colony purchased a flashy SUV a few days later. And Benazir Bhutto was assassinated a few months later (direct connection not established that it was this money that was used, but people in the know state that this is so).

Again, this LeT is involved in the Mumbai blasts. Let us look at LeT from a different angle.

In 1988, Abu Abdur Rahman Sareehi, a Saudi and a deputy of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, founded an organization in the Afghan Kunar Valley which recruited Afghan youths and Pakistanis in Bajaur Agency to fight the Soviets. Sareehi was the brother-in-law of Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi, (ALLEGED MASTERMIND OF MUMBAI 26/11 ATTACKS) now named by the US Treasury and the Security Council as chief of operations for the LeT. Seed money for the training camps was provided by Bin Laden.


Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmed Bahaziq, (described by the US Treasury as the main LET financier in the 1980s and 1990s and now named by the Security Council as a terrorist) was a Saudi intelligence proxy planted in the network. 

He built up his influence in the network with Saudi money and eventually established Markaz Dawa wal Irshaad. The name related to a renowned Saudi office for preaching Islam.


This organization was then COMPLETELY HIJACKED by Saudi intelligence and the CIA and later operated under the name Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT). (Very very important point to be Noted)

CIA and Pakistan establishment never went after LeT - as LeT never attacked Pakistan and any US interests. The ban on LeT was laughable at best.

After the September 11, 2001, attacks on the US, it renamed itself Jamaatut Dawa and clearly distanced itself from al-Qaeda.

The above statements are all facts. There is a connection of LeT to CIA & Saudi intelligence. There is a connection of LeT to Mumbai blasts. LeT was infiltrated by the CIA and RSA (Saudi) intelligence. What can this mean?

The 10 terrorists that attacked Mumbai were supposed to go to Kashmir. The ISI forward station head in Karachi and Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi changed their destination to Mumbai. Why was this done and under whose orders?

MAP 2 (Neo-Con map).

Benefits of bifurcating Pakistan: From American point of view, there are many benefits in creating an independent Balochistan:

1.An independent Balochistan will be an ideal territory to keep supply lines open to the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

2.Independent Balochistan will provide Americans with excellent locations for putting up their military and naval bases to police the Persian Gulf and make sure that no other naval power including India, China and Russia ever gets upper hand in the Indian Ocean.

3.An independent Balochistan will be the place from where Americans can maintain permanent pressure on Iran, even in the remote possibility that they may have to eventually leave Iraq.

4.China and Russia will be denied any access to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

5.The Gulf countries will remain dependent on the USA for export routes of their hydrocarbon products.

6.Full control of the entrance to the Gulf will enable USA to allow or deny oil flow by tankers to any country in the world.

7.Central Asia is a land-locked region and the whole region would be on the mercy of the United States.

If Balochistan is detached from Pakistan, the rest of Pakistan is likely to exist as a perpetually unstable entity, creating a permanent source of trouble for India. This fits nicely with other American plans because India has come very close to becoming an economic rival of the United States.


1. One logical consequence is that India and Pakistan would probably go to war or at least move their forces to the borders in a position of war readiness. Every expert knows that keeping forces ready for war is nearly seven to eight times more expensive than keeping them in the barracks. This is an excellent way to make sure that Indian and Pakistani economies would be crippled for a long time to come.

2. India and Pakistan are negotiating for two gas pipelines, one from Iran and the other from Turkmenistan. There are also plans to put oil pipelines from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan to South Asia. USA would use every method to deny India the energy resources of Central Asia and IranIndia is not what USA has in mind. The tide has reversed already and it is not to the liking of the Americans. Students from the United States are now coming to India, Indian businessmen are giving tough time to American corporations worldwide, and India has entered some of the export markets that were traditionally dominated by the west. In short, a weak India will be acceptable as a friend but a strong India will be a pain in the neck for Americans.

Bill Kristol, a Fox Television commentator and arch American neoconservative revealed recently what many had long suspected was US thinking about the current international situation.

Kristol recounts that in a 90-minute, mostly off-the-record meeting with a small group of journalists in early July, President Bush “conveyed the following impression, that he thought the next president's biggest challenge would not be Iraq, which he thinks he'll leave in pretty good shape, and would not be Afghanistan, which is manageable by itself… It’s Pakistan.” We have “a sort of friendly government that sort of cooperates and sort of doesn’t. It's really a complicated and difficult situation.” Right on cue, presidential candidate Barack Obama took the baton from Bush in his speech on July 15, in which he argued that more focus and resource were required on both Afghanistan and Pakistan. The US would like Iraq to be ‘stable’ but not too stable, ‘independent’ but not too independent, have an ‘effective’ military but not too effective.

BuA analysis:

The AAE agenda looks like:

1. Break up Pakistan as per Map 2, essentially grab Baluchistan and take control of Gwadar.
2. Requires Indian help to deliver Map 2
3. Stage an attack on India by Level 1 (LeT) Pakistan actor and show complicity of “State actors” of Level 2 (ISI). Give all intelligence help and intercept details to India to tie up the case.
4. India to militarily defeat Pakistan and make it weak. Probable US / Israel help
5. Ensure India does not make a massive win or grab territories that will make it redraw boundaries and be next to Afghanistan.
6. To ensure above, AAE to militarily help Pakistan with weapons to counter India.
7. The AAE would like INDIA to be ‘stable’ but not too stable, ‘independent’ but not too independent, have an ‘effective’ military but not too effective.
8. Ensure India becomes economically weaker so that it does not overtake the AAE empire anytime soon, yet be an effective counter to China’s ambitions in the region
9. Ensure that the smaller "Pakistan" remains firmly with AAE and does not become a Chinese satellite.

The Pakistan agenda: (agenda within the AAE agenda) Other than the agenda of cutting India with a thousand wounds and dismembering India, Pakistan Army had compelling reasons of ingress and egress :

1. INGRESS : Attack on Indian Parliament on 13th December 2001 - By racheting up tensions and deploying its forces on the Indian border, Pakistan left its western borders open - ostensibly to draw in its soldiers and Taliban militants that got trapped in Afghanistan post 9/11 surge by Northern Alliance. Not all soldiers could be evacuated in Kunduz.

2. EGRESS: Attack on Mumbai on 26th November 2008 - By racheting up tensions and deploying its forces on the Indian border, Pakistan hopes to replicate the Dec 13th scenario and keep its western borders "relatively open". This time to facilitate sending across the Taliban and embedded Pakistan soldiers under the guise of Taliban to attack NATO / ISAF forces in Afghanistan.

Neo-con vision which is reflected in Map 2 is only a vision and while "forces" are moving from various angles to make it a reality, this is not a guarantee. Pakistan Army, the custodian of the "idea" of Pakistan along with its "Islamist cadres and terrorist groups" have everything to lose if this Map 2 comes about and have in their own way gone about increasing the "variables" to make the "probability of success for the AAE" difficult.


1. KARGIL WAR was foisted by Pakistan Army after the civilian government in Pakistan moved ahead with peace plans with India.

2. MUMBAI terror was foisted by Pakistan Army (at least as the end of the chain of command - coordinator), after President of Pakistan Zardari stated "no use of nuclear weapons in war doctrine".

Internally, Pakistan Army is "slowly" killing off traces of AAE as cleanly as possible. Balusa is a group that is involved in Track II Diplomacy to bring peace in India & Pakistan - hence an anathema to Pakistan Army which owes its importance and sustenance on the aura of "hostility" between the two nations. Pakistan was was due on Thursday (8th Jan 2009) to launch a crackdown against the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) and other jihadi organizations. But the operation, which was to be coordinated by the Ministry of Interior, police and the Intelligence Bureau, was halted at the 11th hour by the Pakistani military establishment. And instead, powerful National Security Advisor retired Major General Mahmood Durrani was fired. Incidentally, Durrani is a member of Balusa.

Clipping the wings of ISI has been a main agenda of AAE for some time now. Durrani had a close rapport with American decision-makers on South Asian affairs and had been involved in backchannel American-sponsored efforts on disputed Kashmir and on Afghanistan. He was for a time Pakistan's ambassador in Washington. After the Mumbai attack, a move was made to establish a National Intelligence Authority as a counterweight to the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence, which has consistently been accused of dragging its feet in the "war on terror". A Pakistani professor at Harvard, who used to work as Zardari's staff officer and once was in the police service, was suggested to head this new body, but on the military's intervention the scheme was shelved.

Provincial Home Departments prepared lists of wanted militants and action was about to start on Thursday after Durrani and others had set the scene by admitting that Qasab was Pakistani.

This was too much for the military leaders and they issued a "note of advice" to the president and Prime Minister Yousuf Gilani that Durrani had to go immediately. The government buckled, and Washington has lost a vital point man as it prepares for a new phase in Afghanistan.

So, to answer a few question:

Q1. Was the Mumbai attacks a Level 5 ops?
Answer: Cannot be sure

Q2: Can the Mumbai plans originate from Level 5?
Answer : Sure

Q3: Can an India – Pakistan war help the AAE objectives?
Answer: Very much so. (See opium and farmgate price manipulations for the region too)

The Indian agenda should only be points 1, 2,4 and 9 above – hence join hands with AAE today. And ensure victory that does not deliver AAE aims only, but is able to carve out a significant geo-political victory for India. A strong India can counter both AAE and Chinese designs in the region from an even wicket without compromising its security.

If India plays the ball intelligently, it will say to AAE - we are not here to clean up the "shit" after you created the "mess" in the first place. We need AAE troop involvement too. Now, what would make AAE commit its troop to fight in Pakistan? Well, for starters a Mumbai like operation in mainland USA will surely trigger the AAE fury onto Pakistan. And look what media is reporting : "Mumbai like attack can happen in US: Bush aide."

Thus the terrorist attacks in Mumbai have dramatically damaged Pakistan’s image in the United States where a consensus seems to be emerging that the terrorists may be planning a Mumbai-like attack on the US as well and that if such an attack happens, it will originate in Pakistan. (AAE blitz in cornering Pakistan complete, and India should be happy with this)

And these were not unnamed intelligence officials who in the past discussed such scenarios with the US media on the condition that they remained anonymous.

These were all senior officials and lawmakers -- such as Gen David H. Petraeus, the new head of the US Central Command; Ken Wainstein, the White House national security adviser; and Senator Joe Lieberman, chairman Senate Homeland and Governmental Affairs Committee. And they were all speaking on the record.

Coincidence, I say :).

I also feel that the attack on Hamas was well timed by Israel to clean up its house before :

a) Obama administration comes in
b) Undertaking a serious “action” elsewhere.