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Mr Maloy Krishna Dhar, spy extraordinaire, author is no more with us. Many of the articles I have written were from his books and through e-mail correspondences shared with him. We were to meet in Kolkata, that never happened. This is one the articles I wrote - with inputs from his book: WHEN DIRE STRAITS SANG - BROTHERS IN ARMS - AM SURE THEY DID NOT HAVE THIS "ARMS" IN MIND. Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto had alleged that elements of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) "continue the alliance with both the Taliban and al Qaeda to this very day" on the premise that Pakistan’s security requires "strategic depth" in the shape of a friendly or pliant Afghanistan. In an interview to Yale Global, Bhutto said that the ISI was continuing to adhere to the old arrangement, "even if it means supporting fanatics." Daily Times, August 29, 2007 Benazir Bhutto had also said the Pakistani army decided to overthrow her in 1996 after she announced plans to crack down on terrorism. She had said she first heard the name of Osama bin Laden in 1989, when he sent USD 10 million to the ISI to help it overthrow her first government. ISI man Khalid Khawaja says that Osama financed the move against Bhutto. This money, Khawaja said, then was handed to Nawaz, the Chief Minister of Punjab. Nawaz Sharif met Osama and said “I love Jihad”. Given that ISI is a organ of Pakistan Army, it is important to understand that this relationship (nexus with Al Qaeda and various terrorist groups including Taliban) existed from the very beginning and continues till this day. So much so I am going to state this – there is no difference between Pakistan Army, ISI, Taliban, Al Qaeda and terrorist groups it supports specially Lashkar e Taiba (LeT), Jasih e Mohammad (JeM), Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ) and Harkat Ul Jihadi Islami (HUJI & HUJI – B). The overt arms are Pakistan Army and ISI and covert arms are the rest including elements of ISI. I WILL KEEP ON REPEATING THIS: PAKISTAN ARMY HAS EMBEDDED ITS SOLDIERS, EX-SOLDIERS, DESERTERS INTO THE RANKS OF TALIBAN, LeT AND OTHER TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS FOR PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY OF STATE ROLE. MR. ZARDARI - STATELESS ACTORS IS NOT EVEN AN EXCUSE THAT WILL BEFUDDLE US ANY MORE. ISI IS AN ARM OF PAKISTAN ARMY AND THEY LAUNCH AND TRAIN THESE TERRORISTS IN THE LAND CALLED PAKISTAN. HENCE, THEY ARE STATE ACTIONS AND ACTORS. EITHER YOU ARREST THESE "STATELESS" ACTORS, OR STATE THAT YOU HAVE LOST GOVERNANCE OVER THEM. IN THAT CASE INDIA HAS THE RIGHT TO ARREST / KILL THESE STATELESS ACTORS AND OBLITERATE THEIR TRAINING AND BREEDING GROUND. New York Times: The intelligence service of Pakistan, a crucial American ally in the war on terrorism, has had an indirect but longstanding relationship with Al Qaeda, turning a blind eye for years to the growing ties between Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, according to American officials. On Lashkar e Taiba : NEW YORKER reports the group’s bank accounts remain unmolested by the Pakistani government, which gives Lashkar quite a lot of running room; on the other, the group resents the accommodations reached between Pakistan’s government and the United States. There is little doubt that the Army and I.S.I. continue to use Jamat’s legitimate front as a vehicle for prosecution of a long-running “double game” with the United States, in which Pakistan pledges fealty to American counterterrorism goals while at the same time facilitating guerrilla violence against India. A little history to see how they (ISI - Al Qaeda - Terror groups) worked in tandem. We will take two countries here – PHILIPPINES and BOSNIA. RAMZI YOUSEF KHALID SHEIKH MD. But before that – a tale of two individuals – Ramzi Yousef and Khalid Sheikh Mohammad (both related to each other). Both are Pakistani citizen though Khalid was born in Kuwait to Pakistani Balochi parents, his first passport was from Pakistan. After 9/11 people tried to pass Khalid Sheikh as a Kuwaiti citizen. I have deliberately kept Omar Saeed Sheikh out of this - I am yet to make up my mind about him. That he is a coveted ISI asset is without doubt. But is he also a British intelligence asset? Khalid & Ramzi were nurtured, sheltered and trained by ISI in its Peshawar camp and received training in Khowst camp. Khalid, a brilliant student, became deeply involved with ISI & Al Qaeda. In 1993 Khalid and Ramzi planned the New York city World Trade Centre bombing which was successfully carried out by Ramzi in Feb 26th, 1993. After the bombing, he came back to Pakistan and met Khalid Sheikh and stayed in ISI safe houses. While in Pakistan, both planned to assassinate Benazir Bhutto in collaboration with some ISI operatives. ISI masterminded the assassination attempt – which did not take place (Note – the constant Al Qaeda ISI hand in the assassination attempt on Benazir. READ THIS QUIXOTIC BLOG ON BENAZIR AND ASSASINATION) After the failed attempt, Ramzi moved to Phillipines. By this time Ramzi became a coveted ISI asset. Nur Misauri, a professor of University of Philippines formed Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF). After suffering reversals at the hand of Philippines Army, Nur fled to PAKISTAN. Nur was financially supported by the ISI and stayed in guest houses in Peshawar and Karachi. He helped MNLF recruit for Afghan Jihad. While Nur wanted autonomy, Salamat Hashmi wanted independence from Philippines and he too was actively supported by ISI – so much so that Salamat moved his organization (MILF) head quarters to LAHORE. However, the most prominent face of Moro revolt is Aby Sayyaf group (ASG). It was originated in PAKISTAN when 400 Moro youths were inducted to Pakistan’s ISI managed camp. MR ZARDARI : STATELESS ACTORS ???? At this time, 3 retired ISI officers were recruited by ISI and deputed to Mindanao under cover as religious teachers. Simultaneously, Osama bin Laden (OBL) stationed his brother-in-law Md. Jamal Khalifa in Philippines. Al Qaeda and ISI came to a tacit understanding – to transplant Afghan jihad in South East Asia and create a distinct Islamic hub, as against the increasing Christian influence. The other common thread binding them were students emanating from the madrassas of Karachi, Peshawar, Binori, Bannu & Quetta. Khalifa set the Philippine operation rolling by setting up several front offices, trading units and charities. He was in charge of Saudi charity – Islamic International Relief Organization. With this he set up the terror network in Philippines and funded Al Qaeda operations in Jordan, Indonesia and Malaysia. Committed Al Qaeda operatives – Zubair, Abu Oman and Sadiq Oden (Kenyan bombing fame) joined him. Later Pakistani trainers, former ISI operatives, trained MILF and Abu Sayyaf guerrillas, the Malayan Kampulan Mujahideen, Jemmah Islamiyah and Lashkar Jundullah volunteers. Linkages of ISI and Al Qaeda are very deep and stretches to the core positions of Islamic terrorism in the entire South East Asia. Here the ISI – Al Qaeda team carried out several terrorist activities: 1. Ramzi bombed a mall at Cebu city 2. Ramzi masterminded the bombing of Miss Universe paegent 3. Wali Khan Shah, the ISI trained operative, bombed Greenbelt theatre in Manila 4. Audacious plan to assassinate Pope John Paul II and Bill Clinton (then US President) in Manila by these core group was uncovered in time and a major disaster was averted. 5. Trial run for 9-11 was hatched in Manila by ISI – Al Qaeda operatives. It was codenamed Operation Oplan Bojinka OPLAN BOJINKA: This was conceived by Osama bin Laden, Khalifa, Ramzi,Khalid Sheikh and a faction of ISI. The grand plan was to sabotage 11 US flights over Pacific and they recruited Abu Sayyaf jehadists to carry out the plan. An ISI trained Pakistani – Tareq Kaved Rana – resident of Paranque, Philippines, played an important role. He housed the conspirators at his place which he used to fabricate bombs. Jamal, Ramzi & Khalid Sheikh guided the Manila cell of Al Qaeda. Another Pakistani terrorist, Wali Khan Shah (Greenway belt bomber) was entrusted by ISI to open terrorist cells in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand. Another Pakistani born in Kuwait, Abdul Hakim Ali was trained by ISI in bomb making in Pehsawar. A product of Binori mosque and aligned to Harkat ul Ansar and trained by ISI – he joined the Philippines Al Qaeda cell. MR ZARDARI : ISI AND "STATELESS ACTORS" !! On December 11, Ramzi boarded Philippines Airline 434 on a Manila – Cebu – Tokyo route. He assembled a bomb and planted it under his seat and deplaned at Cebu. The bomb exploded on the 2nd leg and killed one passenger – the plane had to make emergency landing at Okinawa, Japan. The dry run for Oplan Bojinka was successful. However, the full plan could not be carried out, as the apartment that the conspirators were living in, mysteriously caught fire. They abandoned the plans after “incriminating evidence” was collected by federal agencies in Philippines. Ramzi promptly fled to Pakistan where he was housed by ISI in their safe houses. Filipino intelligence reported that Wali Khan Shah had visited Pakistan embassy in Manila twice to meet the ISI station in charge. On September 5th 1996, Ramzi, Murad and Shah were convicted of Oplan Bojinka. Under intense pressure Ramzi was arrested from a guest house in Islamabad. Under intense pressure, Khalid Sheikh was arrested after 9/11 – described as the mastermind of 9/11. PAUSE FOR A MOMENT : Part 1. WTC 1st attack was by Ramzi who was ISI asset. Part 2. Oplan Bojinka the dry run to 9/11 was conceived by Ramzi, Khalid, Osama and "a section of" ISI. Part 3.In 9/11 the only mastermind is Khalid Sheikh – no mention of ISI (ISI paid US lobbyists to have their name erased from the final 9/11 commission report) PHILIPPINES TODAY : So you thought this is all past. News flashing now - "Wednesday, 03 Dec 2008, COTABATO: Authorities in the southern Philippines have arrested a Pakistani with alleged links to a Southeast Asian extremist group for making bombs, it was announced Wednesday. Muhammand Alpariz was arrested at his apartment in Shariff Kabunsuan town on the island of Mindanao by joint police and military operatives on Tuesday, local Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Julieto Ando said. Found in his possession were 'two 60 millimetre mortar shells rigged to improvised explosives devices,' and two howitzer shells ready to be attached to similar bombs, said regional police head Chief Superintendent Pedro Tango. THE GLOBAL TERROR ARRANGEMENTS AND CONNECTIONS CONTINUE AND BEHIND IT ALL ONLY ONE NAME : ISI MR ZARDARI : WE KNOW HOW THESE "STATELESS" ACTORS HAVE BEEN FACILITATED BY ISI OVER THE YEARS. AND ISI IS A STATE INSTRUMENT. Coming to the plot to assassinate Bill Clinton – why would ISI want to do it? Let us go over to BOSNIA. When the Serbs attacked and laid siege on the Bosnian Muslims there was a UN embargo in weapons transfers into the war zone. Pakistan flouted the UN ban by transferring weapons to the Bosnian Muslims. Pakistan amry planes were used for this purpose. ISI Lt Gen Javed Nasir claimed that despite the UN ban, he successfully airlifted sophisticated anti-tank guided missiles and this forced the Serbs to life the siege, much to the annoyance of the US government. Not only arms and ammunition, Javed Nasir facilitated the movement of jihadists from Paksitan – Afghan theatre into Bosnia, some of whom are today settled in Bosnia after marrying locally. LOOK AT THIS IMAGE OF JAVED NASIR (RETD. ISI HEAD)- DOES HE LOOK ANY DIFFERENT FROM YOUR TALIBAN? US President Bill Clinton threatened to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan will be declared a TERRORIST STATE if Sharif did not remove Javed Nisar from top post of ISI. Which Sharif did and averted his nation from being called a Terrorist State. Recall a similar sacking of Mahmood Ahmed (AGAIN - ISI HEAD) who was implicated by Washington (FBI specifically) for passing on $100,000 to the 9/11 hijackers – who incidentally were trained by ISI. What Pakistan does – it does the deed deemed essential for military objectives and if the heat is great – they sacrifice the ISI head – temporarily. They use him some time later for the global jihad. ON MUMBAI ATTACKS - 3 POINTS: 1. The external section of ISI which reported to DG – ISI routinely executed plans of Army General A Kiyani and trained a few dozen Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) militants near Mangla Dam (close to Islamabad). And guess what : PAKISTAN'S SSG COMMANDO UNIT IS BASED THERE. These Mumbai attackers were part of this group. 2. n a major reshuffle of ISI a couple of months back the Director of External wing was changed placing the "game" in the hands of a low level ISI forward section head (a major) and the LeT's commander in chief - ZAKIUR RAHMAN. Zakiur was personally in Karachi to oversee the operation. Zaikur and ISI’s forward section in Karachi approved of the plan under which more than 10 men took Mumbai hostage for nearly 3 days and successfully established a reign of terror. 3. The PNS Iqbal – a naval commando unit in Karachi – was the main outlet of militants to be given training and through deserted points they were launched into the Arabian sea and on into the Indian region of Gujarat. MR ZARDARI: STATELESS ACTORS & ACTIONS? WHY HAS NO ONE YET COMMENTED ON THE ROLE OF ISI FORWARD SECTION HEAD AND ITS CONNECTION WITH ZAKIUR RAHMAN - SPL. THE COMPLICITY OF ISI's KARACHI FORWARD SECTION HEAD? ISI’s global successes in penetrating several countries have emboldened it to chew more than it can swallow. And if you want to know why DANIEL PEARL was killed - it was because he unearthed a direct link of nuclear commerce and knowledge between ISI and Al Qaeda. Muslims use CHARITY organizations as a front to spread terror and in this case too there was one - UMAAH TAMEER E NAU - read about it here and go to the links for a detailed analysis for complicity of ISI. Read this excellent article: PAKISTAN'S FORGOTTEN AL-QAEDA NUCLEAR LINK. I will not waste any more write up on ISI – but I want to make two quick points. ISI was deeply involved in the Bali Bombings as well as in Somalia (Black Hawk down episode). ISI was greatly impacted by Somalia adventures. USA moved out of Somalia as the body bags started climbing which was interpreted by ISI as – USA public opinion matters a lot to USA and it is averse to “body bags”. It completely miscalculated the American 9/11 response. Did it also miscalculate the Indian response (yet to be) to the Mumbai blasts? HAMID GUL (Retd ISI HEAD) - the GODFATHER OF TALIBAN put it most aptly when he said : Al Qaeda should be considered as a global superpower. STATELESS ACTORS - MY FOOT !!