Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Al-Qa'ida "Central's" (AQC), (also transliterated al-Qaeda), media outlet, the Al-Sahab (The Clouds) Media Foundation has released on 14th July 2009, a new audio message from its chief ideologue, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, entitled "My Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Pakistan." In a message that lasts for just under nine minutes, he condemns the Pakistani government, military, and intelligence services for allying with "the Crusaders," the United States government and military. In addition to the message's content, which mirrors that of AQC chief U(O)sama bin Ladin's June 2009 audio message, which was released online on July 13, this new release from al-Zawahiri is also noteworthy because he speaks in English, in which he is fluent, and not Arabic. Arabic subtitles are provided in the audio-video.

Al-Zawahiri paints a black-and-white picture of the situation that he says the Muslims of Pakistan are currently facing:

"My Muslim brothers and sisters in Pakistan, the peace and mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I believe that every honest and sincere Muslim in Pakistan should seriously contemplate – at this moment – Pakistan's present state and expected future, because the blatant American Crusader interference in Pakistan's affairs, or to be precise, the American Crusader manipulation of Pakistan's destiny, has reached such an extent that it now poses a grave danger to Pakistan's future and very existence. It is evident that Pakistan is deeply involved in a fierce internal struggle between two forces. The first one represents the Islamic values of ( والأمر بالمعروف والنهي التوحيد والجهاد عن المنكر ) and is defending the dignity and independence of the MuslimUmmah; confronting – with strength and courage – the American aggression against Pakistan and Afghanistan; and defeating the traitors who transgress against the blood, honor and dignity of the Muslims for the sake of the invading and aggressive Crusader forces. It also symbolizes the Muslim Ummah’s rejection of all forms of external aggression, occupation of its territories, theft of its resources and interference in its affairs."

[Al-Zawahiri makes reference to the Islamic concepts of Tawhid, the absolute Unity of the One God, without partners, "struggle" in the way of God (jihad), and the duty to "enjoin the good and forbid, or prevent, the evil."]

The second force comprises a clique of corrupt politicians and a junta of military officers who are fighting to remain on the American pay list by employing Pakistan’s entire military and all its resources in the American Crusade against Islam, and turning Pakistan’s military and security organizations into hunting dogs in the modern Crusade.

He ties the "mujahidin" of AQC and its allies in Pakistan to seemingly nationalist "Pakistani" goals:

"This force [representing "Islamic values"] is also persisting in and carrying on the long and continuing struggle of the Muslims of the Indian subcontinent to establish Pakistan as a political entity standing as a citadel of Islam in the subcontinent: an entity ruled by Shari'a [Islamic law] as the supreme undisputed law and realizing ( الولاء للمؤمنين والبراءة من الكافرين ) by offering shelter and support to Muslims victimized by the aggressive anti-Islamic forces; and by abstaining from providing any form of cooperation, help or support to the infidels against Muslims. This force is the real hope for achieving the goal of establishing a true Pakistan, a goal which, after sixty years of separation from India, has yet to be achieved."

The United States and Crusader West, he says, is threatened by the "mujahidin" in Pakistan, which he notes is a "nuclear capable country":

"...the Western Crusade, headed by America and served by the puppet rulers of our countries with their armies, security organizations, media, judiciary and jails, aims at halting the escalating jihadi tide in the Muslim World. In Pakistan in particular, the Crusade aims at eradicating the growing jihadi nucleus in order to break up this nuclear capable country, and transform it into tiny fragments, loyal to and dependent on the neo-Crusaders

Military jihad, al-Zawahiri claims, is the "only" way to stop the "neo-Crusaders" and their apostate allies from carving up the Muslim nation-state of Pakistan:

"The only hope to save Pakistan from this disastrous fate is Jihad. There is no other alternative. The current ruling class in Pakistan is lining up under the cross of the modern Crusade and competing for American bribes. Hence, the actual ruler of Pakistan is the American ambassador, who pays the bribes and issues the orders. So the only thing that class can be expected to do is to fight Muslims and Mujahidin and sacrifice Pakistan and the lives and dignity of Pakistanis in order to achieve their dirty, greedy ambitions. They have already sold their honor and religion to the Crusaders."

The "Mujahidin" are winning victories despite the treachery of the traitorous Pakistani government and military in both Pakistan and Afghanistan:

"Today, the Mujahidin are resisting the Crusaders in Afghanistan and their bombing in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Pakistan army and security organizations stab them in their backs. And in spite of all of that, the Mujahidin are winning victories and moving from one conquest to another. This is one of the good signs of victory and triumph, with God's help."

He closes by reiterating that it is the "duty" of all Muslims to assist the Mujahiddin:

"The scholars of Islam have unanimously agreed that if the infidel enemy enters a Muslim country, it is the duty of all of its inhabitants – and when needed, their neighbors – to mobilize for Jihad; and the Americans are today occupying Afghanistan and Pakistan, so it is the duty of every Muslim in Pakistan to rise up to fight them. It is the individual duty of every Muslim in Pakistan to join the Mujahidin, or at the very least, to support the Jihad in Pakistan and Afghanistan with money, advice, expertise, information, communications, shelter and anything else he can offer. It is also the duty of every noble person in Pakistan’s army and security agencies to give the orders of God and His Messenger precedence over the orders of the Crusaders’ slaves, and to refrain from killing, pursuing or harming in any way Muslims and Mujahiddin."

Victory, al-Zawahiri claims, is at hand:

"The jihadi force in Pakistan and Afghanistan is not only resisting attempts to defeat it, but is also winning military victories over the treasonous Pakistan army and the Crusader coalition, and is liberating more land and applying Shari'a in wide areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan in defiance of the Crusaders and the corrupt puppet regimes and secular judiciaries which continue to seek shelter under the broken wings of the American eagle."


Anonymous said...


(1) Ayman speaks fluently in English but seems fluent in Arabic as well. The last part of the video made me feel so - but then he could be roting off a few lines in Arabic only.

(2) His pronunciation is however distinctly Arabic and not Iranian. He pronounces p with a mixture of p and b, as in Arabic there is no p. So Pepsi becomes Bebsi in Arabic.

(3) That the fundamentalists in Islam are capable of so much damage even today was so evident from this video. They can make you feel that killing another person is the right thing to do. Awesome. I imagined for a moment I was a Muslim and this bugger actually swayed me - even for a second. He made me feel that I was such a wronged innocent person. Uff...

Where do we poor Hindus stand ? I guess we need to organise ourselves if we have any chance to win against these religious madmen.

Anonymous said...

News 1>> The latest news is that Al Qaeda in Algeria has issued a Jihad against China - at least Chinese interests in Africa. Isn't that music to my ears - hope this news is true and finally China should start paying for what it did to india. These Chinese are the biggest bastards on earth.

News 2>> The second news is that one Caspian Airways flight has crashlanded in Iran - killing all on board. The plane was a Russian Tupolev. The point is we cannot depend on Russian airforce and naval might to do anything ( after all Japan naval forces had terrorised Russian naval forces till the second world war and that is a hard fact ). Their MIGs are designed to fall out of the skies. I guess we must look at Israel / Europe / US for these things.

Sameer said...

pls chk this blog focusses on hindu genocides and expulsions in bangladesh...very nice blog

Anonymous said...

As a Hindu, I do admire Zawahari for a few reasons:

1. He is committed to a cause where the western countries have usurped the wealth of the Muslims and occupied their lands.

2. He is not a crook but a religious man - hence cannot be bribed or bought.

If only Zawahari says that Israel and India will live in peaceful co-existence with the Muslim world - trust me, all these conniving Western powers and China can be made to eat dirt - in Central Asia, in Middle East and in Africa.

Reconciler said...

Video has been removed by Youtube. Any other sources?

Reconciler said...

there is another version of this video at


THanks Reconciler

Anonymous said...

agree, zawahiri is true to his heart

Anonymous said...


(1) Hindus have no right in India. Hindus have no identity in India, What rights do you expect them to have in Pakistan and Bangladesh ? Gory ethnic cleansing is what we have invited on ourselves.

(2) Hindutva is a dirty word, especially made so by our great media and idiots like Arundhati Roy. Islam is glorified. So BJP is out and everyone wants peace, if only for a short period. Such small instances of peace will ultimately see India in pieces and an Islamised India.

(3) We hate people like Varun Gandhi. We demonise him in every forum. However what he has said should actually be carried out.

(4) Once I had recommended that army and police be drawn from RSS / Bajrang Dal. Now it is filled with Islamists

We might live this out but our children or definitely our grandchildren will be made to pay a very heavy price like the hindu girls in bangladesh and pakistan who are raped simply because they are hindus.

(5) Idiots like Rahul Gandhi will be able to achieve nothing but brief glory for themselves and eternal damnation for the rest of us

Anonymous said...

If India becomes a Non Secular country and declares Hindusim as its main religion, we Hindus still stand a semblance of chance to escape Holocaust. What has happened and is still happening in Pakistand and Bangladesh is nothing short of the Jewish Holocaust in Germany.

If India becomes a Hindu nation then and only then we will have the right to stand up to Hindu persecution anywhere.

This secularism has led us nowhere but to hell.

Anonymous said...

While in Bangladesh the Vested property Act is used to plunder minorities we have Articles to protect minorities. We must turn India into a non-secular country with Hindusim as the religion.

Anonymous said...

@ BUA ---> I think you should focus some more articles on Hindu Holocaust and the brutal ethnic cleansing that is going on.

China and India are also on a collission course with China armed to the teeth and we are armed with toy guns. ---> Some more on this as well.

Anonymous said...

All I understand is that Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma all belong to India. Especially the first 2, which were given to Muslims so that we live in piece. Was that not the premise ? Its been a terrible failure with China / US instigating the dogs in these territories to destabilise India. We should have the balls to say that the experiment did not work and we should get these territories back. At least make a claim for starters.

Like the Chinese who have no fear in staking claim on A.P. and also forcibly holding onto Tibet. Maybe we should try and liberate Tibet or at least create mischief there.

Tit for Tat with China - whose buggers only understand one language. Boot in their faces.

Anonymous said...


think what s happen with hindus==part -2 In Andhra Pradesh, Hindu temples, institutions, and Hinduism itself are illegally targeted by the crusade of the government. Under the Temple Empowerment Act, about 34,000 temples had come under government control. Only 18% of the revenue of these temples is said to be given back for temple purposes, while the remaining 82% is used for other things by the government at their discretion. Such looting, massive sale of temple lands, demolition of temples, encroachments of temple properties, and the utilization of aggressive religious conversion tactics by Christians in the vicinity of temples is occurring all over Andhra Pradesh. The government, which is supposed to be a protector has become a destroyer of the culture, which threatens the very existence of Hindu institutions. Only after large public protests has the state government given back a majority of the temples, yet the most profitable were still kept under state control. Even the world famous sacred temple at Tirumala-Tirupati is not spared. This temple collects over Rs. 3,100 crores (tens of millions) every year, and the state government has not denied the charge that as much as 85% of this is transferred to the state exchequer, much of which goes to causes that are not connected with the Hindu community or Vedic temples. The government also attempted to take over 5 out of 7 Tirumala hills for churches and tourism for the profit of development companies and other affiliates not connected with the temple. The 1000 pillar Mantapam hall was illegally demolished. Recently, in response to Sri Chinnajeeyar Swami%u2019s petition, the Andhra Pradesh High Court has declared the demolition illegal and instructed the TTD management at Tirupati to reconstruct it. If anyone has seen the Tirupati temple and the difference there is without the 1000 pillar hall, it is shocking. The Andhra Pradesh government also allowed the demolition of at least 10 temples for the construction of a golf course. Imagine the outcry, protests, and riots that would have happened if that would be suggested for a mosque. The son of the Chief Minister even blew up the Sunkulamma Hindu Temple in Anantapur, and his brother, by constructing his own building, has encroached on Gurukula trust lands worth crores (tens of millions) of rupees. While taking extra precautions to protect churches and mosques with money from the state treasury, the government has been selling or donating, for various government schemes and non-Hindu purposes, tens of thousands of acres of temple lands worth thousands of crores of rupees that are meant for the perpetual sustenance of the temples. This will irreparably cripple these Hindu institutions. Of course, that seems to be part of the plan. The temples and Maths that did not earlier come under government supervision are taken into government control for selling away their lands. The State Endowment Board with 77,000 employees, all of whom are supported by 15-18 percent of the income from 33,000 temples, has done little for the welfare of the Hindu institutions. At the same time, priests of temples are penniless and temples are decaying due to lack of maintenance. Hindu priests do not want to train children in priestly activities for lack of economical basis. This seems to be the goal of the government to systematically wipe out Vedic culture across India.

Anonymous said...

The above is a comment made by dhiraj jaiswalraj on Jul 23, 2009 on NDTV...

Take the following factors -

(1) 900% growth of Islamic population
(2) Ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh
(3) Conversion of Hindus in India
(4) Looting of temples by Hindus themselves and also temple destruction by our Hindu politicians -- this in my opinion is the biggest issue as we could do something about it. Institutionalise Hindusim.

Otherwise have all the ingredeients for a vastly reduced Hindu population combined with an increasingly aggressive Islamic population in India. An Islamic India is therefore not too far into the future.

Anonymous said...

Without any state protection for Hindus and their institutions, but rather its rampant exploitation, we are doomed to go the Islamic way. Its a lost battle.


I dont think Hinduism is lost. But what I find intriguing are the following comments I am seeing from RSS.

1. RSS Head : Let the Paksitanis use nuclear, this will result in the destruction of the evil forces. (presumably by retaliatory strike by India).

2. Prafful Goradia (Right Winger on TV): Let there be a nuclear war - India has too much population anyway.

3. The mysterious death of an Indian nuclear scientist - devout Hindu.

Maybe innocent statements - maybe not.

Anonymous said...


Good points - I always thought the death of Lokanathan Mahalingam was handled rather sheepishly by our media and sources were "silent" on this issue.

I think, his death is a very significant thing to have happened.

Anonymous said...

BuA embed this with the Zawahiri Video.... this is hilarious.... I cant stop laughing since I saw this.... Indians Rock....

TTV India

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