Sunday, November 15, 2009


This is Kolkata where the police close down a police station out of fear. Spineless policing at its best.

The issue: The area happens to be Muslim dominated (now why is this no longer a surprise??). The police, in connivance with Corporation officials and politicians belonging to all (repeat all) political parties engaged in illegal construction in the area.

The decision to shut the gate was taken after Congress supporters laid siege to the police station to protest the crackdown on illegal constructions in the area. Forward Bloc and CPM supporters had raided the police station a week before that on the same issue.

The area is notorious for smuggling and there is a Fancy Market in this area that sells smuggled goods. And not surprisingly, almost all the sellers are Muslims !

But why is the police station closed and why are the police afraid to venture out? How will they protect the normal citizens if they themselves are afraid of the goons?

The issue is that due to diktat of courts the police had to take action against illegal construction in the area. Now, in the first place the police took money from the said people for helping them illegally construct – naturally political goons belonging to all the parties came and threatened the police. Incidentally all the political goons too were Muslims – again not a surprise. However, let me state one thing here – I am not blaming the Muslims here per se, but all the political parties.

If you sup with the devil, and expect the police to help us in times of need – well we will be in for a nasty surprise.

Instead of shutting the police station and hiding like cowards, the cops should go out and arrest these criminals-turned-promoters who enjoy the backing of political parties. Otherwise, how will we have confidence in them?” asked a teacher who lives in the locality.

Gora Chand Mondal, the director-general of buildings in the Calcutta Municipal Corporation, admitted that Ekbalpore was the hub of illegal construction. “Builders and land-owners seldom seek the CMC’s permission before starting work. Most of the buildings in the area are illegal.”

Local Forward Bloc leader Rehan Khan, one of those who had led the mob that gheraoed (encircle) Ekbalpore police station on November 1, blamed the cops for the spurt in illegal construction. “The police and corporation officials allowed illegal constructions in the first place. They earned their share of bribes by doing that and are now out to render people homeless,” he alleged.

Police commissioner Gautam Mohan Chakrabarti had transferred the former officer-in-charge of the police station and his deputy two months ago on the basis of complaints that they were allowing illegal constructions in the area.

Helplessness of the Police:

A senior officer of the Ekbalpore police station — comprising 68 constables, 26 homeguards, a sergeant, 23 assistant sub-inspectors, 11 sub-inspectors and two inspectors — described the builders’ lobby behind the recent incidents as “local versions of the Maoists”.

The mob that assembled here last Sunday demanded that we allow illegal construction in the area. They tried to force their way in and threatened to lock us up,” he said.

You don’t have to fear the ISI or Chinese or even the Maoists to destabilize India. You just have to look at our own low class Madhu Koda type politicians, corrupt nexus between the political parties, businessmen and police to wreck the fabric of this nation.

And before moving over from here, take another hard look at the closed doors of the police station – the sentinels of our city that are supposed to save us. Over 90% of the police force have out dated guns that don’t even fire and most of them have not had target practice in years.

Lest we forget: An honest and upright police officer DC (port) Mr Vinod Mehta was brutally trapped and murdered in this very area 21 years ago for taking on goons in this area and trying to disrupt their smuggling and anti-national activities. A man Idris Mian was captured who died in police custody but another key accused Moshin remained elusive for a long time.

Mohsin, a key accused in the murder of Deputy Commissioner (Port) of Kolkata police Vinod Mehta and a constable Mokhtar Ali in Metiabruz 21 years ago, revealed during interrogation that with help of ISI, he had in the past shuttled between India and Pakistan despite not possessing any travel document.


I am betting my bottom rupee – any teenager with a mock AK-47 can walk inside any of our police stations in India and see the police take cover that will make Indians proud in 100 meters dash !!! And you are wondering if 26/11 has taught us anything???


Anonymous said...

utterly shameful and a complete disgrace

Anonymous said...

And we want to compete with China ? Our pvt sector may have some balls but our govt is completely defunct and non-existent for all practical purposes. Removing Muslim scourge from India is the only way otherwise we will become another Muslim nation sans oil. And we know the fate of muslim nations sans oil - yemen, afghanistan, pakistan, bangladesh et al.

Anonymous said...

Democracy is a complete failure in India. If democracy has to remain then there has to be meritrocracy as well. There has to be a stringent selection criterion for candidates aspiring to be leaders. Can anyone without a formal education become a doctor ? NO ! Then how come anyone can become a leader without requisite qualification ??? Also 2-3 parties should be allowed not more than that. Independents are a scourge. Madhu Koda got caught as he does not belong to any party otherwise he would have been safe.

Anonymous said...

Anon above - Very right in saying that Indian govt is non-existent entity. Except for making rules for common man & business people they are not there where and when you need them .

The Right Winger said...

I am a right winger and supporter of BJP.

But right now I think Chidambaram is a far better bet than anything the BJP threw up.

And I am on the far end of the right spectrum - that shows the amount of disillusionment that has crept in with the saffron parties - squabbling and washing dirty linen in public.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above

To think that Muslims are very united is wrong. Muslims are quite disunited, however the only advantage they have over Hindus is that they can combine under a religious umbrella and are ready to sacrifice lives. We are the only religion apart from Jewish religion, that has not been wiped out by the genocides of Islam and Christianity. To that extent we should be proud. I am sure that a strong leader will emerge who will bring unity amongst Hindus and wipe out the Muslim menace once and for all. After all it is the religion of the DEVIL incarnate.

Anonymous said...

Deviating from the topic - US befriends China. Great stuff. Because all friends of US are in trouble now - from Afghanistan to Pakistan to Iraq etc. What US the enemy cannot do, US the friend can. Break up China into pieces.

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Sibtain said...

you asshole....have u ever been to khidderore...kolkata's to 3 schools are located here, here a Hindu Mahalaxmi mandir is situated in a muslim hindus offer uja at the same time when muslimsoffer there namaz, temle bell rings with the azaan...and you moron sitting in somewhere can write shit about our area. We muslims hindu and not to forget our christians brothers live very haily here and this is the only lace in kolkata where a lady emloyee from my comany does not need a escort for a night ick or dro...