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Daood Gilani aka David Headley is an American agent who did NOT go rogue. He worked for the notorious counter intelligence wing of the DEA (US). He successfully penetrated the Lashkar e Toiba and even alerted his US masters about the pending 26/11 which was actually set to take place in September.

FBI managed to warn its Indian counterparts of a planned attack in Mumbai in September 2008. The’s FBI accurate intel about that operation has been corroborated by Azam Amir Kasab, the only surviving terrorist from Mumbai, who admitted under interrogations that the attack was originally set for September but had to be aborted. The Indians thought the FBI alert for September was so specific—even mentioning target hotels, including the eventual main target, the Taj Mahal Palace—that the Bureau might have an informant inside a Pakistani terror group. Indian intelligence believes that it was Headley who passed along that info to the FBI. But then, his information to his American handlers suddenly dried. By the time the terrorists eventually pulled off the successful November attack, U.S. intelligence agencies were caught flat-footed.

An asset who was in the loop till September 2008 does not go rogue suddenly before November 2008.

A few anomalies and truths:


1. US has a habit of getting its terror suspects caught in other countries so that they get the 3rd degree torture to get the truth out. And Pakistan fits the bill given the close co-operation between US & Pakistan. The ideal thing would have been for Headley to reach Pakistan and have him arrested there and get tortured there – away from the prying eyes of US justice system. Did this happen – No !

2. If Headley was an asset that went rogue – why deny Indian intelligence agency access to this rogue agent? If he is rogue – then he is rogue ! Why then have Indian intelligence agencies not been given access? And extradition of Headley, even though a treaty exists between US and India – is just not going to happen

A truth:

1. Indian intelligence agencies were on the “tail” of an American connected with 26/11. This they followed up along with the Bangldeshi trail and were on the verge of getting to Headley which is when the US picked him up. And put him in custody so that he is kept safe from Indian intelligence agencies. KOSHER !!!

2. Omar Sheikh Saeed who called up the Pakistan President posing as India's Home Minister then - Pranab Mukherjee ostensibly threateningly was aimed to rachet up tension to start a war. Now Omar Sheikh Saeed is a known British intelligence asset who travelled to London twice after being freed from Kandahar hijacking - yet never even picked up. And he is wrongly serving sentence in Pakistan for killing Daniel Pearl (Khalid Sh Md killed him) - again keeping him safe from interrogators of other countries. KOSHER AGAIN !!

Headly - US intelligence asset. Omar Sheikh - British intelligence asset. Working in close co-ordination. Throw in Ilyas Kashmiri the ex-SSG Commando who was trained by Michael Vickers and you have the recipe for interesting times.

A side note I am not tired of mentioning. Most terrorism in Central Asia has been tracked back to members of Hizbut Tahrir. It is a banned organization in several of these Islamic nations. Yet, it is head quartered in UK - it is nurtured by the UK. Take your guess as to why this is so.

What may happen?

Headley will be undergoing coaching and Indian agencies will be given limited access and will be under strict orders of what can be asked and what cannot. The red lines will be Headley’s connections to US agencies and work he undertook as part of that. He will only say about LeT’s role in 26/11 – nothing beyond that and that too filtered versions.

What about T Rana – his accomplice?

Terror suspect Tahawwur Hussain Rana complimented members of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), saying they did a "good job" during the terror attacks in Mumbai last year, US prosecutors have alleged.

According to a 10-page memo filed by US prosecutors in a court on Monday, Rana asked co-conspirator David Coleman Headley to "pass along a message for me" to LeT Member A, whom Rana had given the name 'Khalid bin waleed'.
"In the world, if there had been...a medal for command, top class," the documents quote as Rana saying.

It further adds that Headley then interrupts Rana and informs him that he already had passed that message and "I (Headley) took your (Rana's) name when I said it". Rana responded "there is no doubt, it is a very befitting name for him. Very good. Good job".

Headley then explained that while LeT Member A briefed the attackers on the targets, Headley identified a different LeT member by name as the trainer of the attackers."Training was by Abu Qahafa....this Jamaat (group) prepares people really well," he said.

Rana responded that "whatever mixture you guys have made, whichever person did it...yeah, there they stood their ground". Prosecutors added that "far from advocating non-violence, Rana's own statements reveal his support for the brutal killing of 170 people...It is quite clear that Rana is no Gandhi".

Hence – if FBI alerted India in September 2008 did it fail to alert deliberately in November 2008 or did it not know?

There are enough and more good reasons why someone in the US may have decided not to alert India in November, assuming they were again in top of the game and knew all its actors and actions. Assuming they did, what would US gain from a LeT attack on India? Logically this would seem opposite of what they are doing and what is strategic – the Indo-US relationship acting as a solid hedge against Islamists to its east and west and a growing China up in the north.

And an attack in India might prompt India to retaliate which would serve Pakistan – it does not want its soldiers to fight its Pushtun brethren and now estranged Pakistan Taliban in its north west. They will relocate their soldiers to their eastern border – thus quelling any chances of ethnic strife within Paksitan and Pakistan Taliban too joining Pakistan Army to fight the infidel Indians. It was not too long ago that when Pakistan attacked India right after partition, the first hordes that went into Kashmir were from the Mehsud tribe of Pakistan Taliban. It was also no idle remark when Shuja Pasha – ISI Head – said Baitullah Mehsud (now dead) was a strategic asset of Pakistan as he vowed to fight India should India attack Pakistan.

Given that an Indian attack on Pakistan will end up uniting all jehadi network behind Pakistan against the bigger enemy – India – why would US willingly allow 26/11 to happen?

US calculated two things – if India attacked, US wins. If India did not attack US wins. HOW ?

IF INDIA ATTACKED : US deduced given the military hardware and stocks that India possessed India was in no position for a prolonged war with Pakistan. At best it could blow up the empty camps of Lashkar e Taiba in Muridke. That would have cooled Indian popular anger and Pakistan would be made to bear this little humiliation without any counter attack. If that happened – US gains the upper hand by playing the mediator and more role in this strategic region than it is getting now. But US would not be very happy with this alone.

If India attacked well – multi fronts and in the cold start strategy suddenly – Pakistan might well have caved in. The US would have used its assets in Taliban to attack in Pakistan’s north west and multiple suicide bombings in city centres creating the ultimate chaos. The result – creation of Pushtunistan and Balochistan. In the Great Game for Central Asian oil and gas and mineral reserves, US plays its best move in the chess.
But sadly India did not do either – so what was the fall back option?

IF INDIA DID NOT ATTACK: The US needed supply lines through Pakistan to feed its troops as well as NATO troops in Afghanistan. And elements hostile to US designs in the region were bombing the supply route enough to make lives of the soldiers miserable and precarious. Other than a fistful of dollars and a take in the lucrative opium trade, the US & ISI could do no more. Some of the tribals were up for sale to the highest bidders but some were Islamists – clearly aligned to Sharia – and could not be bought. They might be pressured by ISI but beyond a point even ISI did not have the right toy for every elder.

How did Headley episode help US in this case?

Actually brilliantly so. Headley must have been played up by his contacts to attack the infidel India and like any Pakistani it did not take much of a prodding. In doing so he effectively infiltrated LeT – willingly and got in touch with serving Pakistani officers who were helping the Islamist cause. Headley himself was a product of elite Pakistani military school, being the son of a former diplomat and a cousin of the current Paksitan PM Gilani.

By getting full information of the extent of collusion between terrorists and terrorist organization with Pakistan Army – Pakistan could under any law be declared as a terrorist country. US may have well spoon fed and helped the contract to nurture only to one day take the knife and plunge into the heart of Pakistan for its own benefit. With US threatening to expose the detailed Paksitani Army links with terrorism and declaring Pakistan as a terrorist nation – it holds the ultimate stick. Now Pakistan Army is under the control of US – it will do its bidding – and if not – the US can brand Pakistan a terrorist nation.

But Pakistan Army after selling its soul to US and fighting in Swat and S Waziristan is now feeling the daily heat of bombings in its cities. It is not getting any better. Pak Army is having second thoughts in moving into N Waziristan or indeed moving on its assets – the Haqqanis etc. But US wants Pakistan to attack Haqqanis too. This is the breaking point we are looking at now.

With US wielding a big stick and Pakistan Army knowing that its links to terrorist organizations exposed – it is staring at an existential threat. If it fights, it will be branded as Pakistan acting as US agents. If it does not, it faces US ire and China is not ready yet to take up Pakistan’s side at the expense of US.

Expected a far better analysis from Stratfor - but there you have it - the US view which does not talk about Headley's alleged ties with DEA or even the work he did for them !

It is time for India to step in and play its historic role. It is time to think that a divided India too suits US. And yes, Col Purohit, the one connected with Abhinav Bharat said that CIA wanted a break up India too.

Break up of states does not mean a break up of India. The pink scarves of Telengana activists resembled the orange revolution that was paid for by CIA. Not making any connections here – just a thought.

Remember Ken Haywood

Ken Haywood's computer was used to send a "terrorist" e-mail minutes before bomb blasts in Ahmedabad, in July 2008. Reportedly, Haywood has links to Abdur Subhan Qureshi, alias Taufique Bilal and Tauqir, reportedly the top terrorist in India. Haywood returned to India in September 2008. (Ahmedabad blasts: Ken Haywood arrives in India 11 Sep 2008, 0215 hrs IST, C Unnikrishnan,TNN) In India, Haywood works for a firm called Campbell White, suspected of being a front for the CIA.

The Indian Express reported on 14 August 2008 that the company's Mumbai office 'is located in two small adjoining rented rooms on the ground floor of Sanpada railway station complex', and that 'the two rooms also serve as prayer rooms for Potter's House... part of the Christian Fellowship Ministries based in Arizona.'

A Post at 'Consortium of Indian Defence Websites' (Cached), 20 Aug 2008: "Haywood's fleeing immediately after the cracking of the Gujarat blasts and capture of the perpetrators is most suspicious. "His escape resembles that of our ex-R&AW traitor,who also escaped with alleged US help. It also indicates that we may have in our intelligence services moles/informants working for foreign agencies tipping off agents within the country.However,the fact the Haywood was working for a bogus 'missionary' outfit is doubly alarming. The role of US so-called missionaries/evangelical groups in India is very controversial,for they are playing a dual role in agressive conversions as well as being part of the CIA destabilisation plan for India.

"Tehelka a few years ago revealed the fact that over 100 US so-called "Christian" evangelical groups/organisations were in fact bogus and part of CIA network."


Anonymous said...

In ancient scriptures stories abound on the weaknesses of the mighty. Probably one that is not connected but i recall is someone carrying goat in his back and people on the road telling him why is he carrying a dog ... and the poor fellow exasperated threw his goat and went away. The people who were teasing then took the goat and ate it.

If India does not realize its goat - people will get its goat (no pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Awesome putting the dots together.
Your blog is great.
Do research the jesus fiction - Caesers Messiah. You'll quickly figure out why Kashmir


To anon above - I know about Kashmir. I have written about it twice.

Catch it here : http://bengalunderattack.blogspot.com/2009/10/article-from-12-months-back-is-jesus.html.

Enjoy and leave comments :)

Anand said...

Firstly, in the days following 26/11 you were considered a heretic if you raised an eyebrow in the direction of the US. You would have been burnt at the stake if you questioned the rationale of hot pursuit. We were supposed to 'ape' George Bush and smoke our 'enemies'.

Secondly, I guess any American withdrawal plan would require India's direct involvement in the Afghanistan region.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant first rate analysis. Thanks

Anonymous said...

He successfully penetrated the Lashkar e Toiba and even alerted his US masters about the pending 26/11 which was actually set to take place in September.

Remember Bush was in the Office who had very good relations not only with India but also with Israel.

It is true that US agencies had alerted us of an attack in September but that was nothing in particular.If Headley was an US agent of LeT then US had more information about 26/11 that they delivered actually.

So why US didn`t alert the Israeli agencies about an attack on Nariman House ? Why Israel didn't have any information about this attack ? Given the importance of the relationship US & Israel had when Bush was in office, US was committed to inform Israel about it.So I think,whatever the input US got was from other sources which were limited.

But Obviously I agree, there`s lot more to this.It is true Headley was a DEA agent for sure & US is trying to hide something from India.

There would be give and take negotiations with Headley from US authorities and they will prosecute him,US will be looking forward to settle things first because Headley expose himself totally it would be nothing less than an atomic bomb blast.

Apart from saving their own ass(US), they will be busy saving the Pakistani asses , because they`v been doing thins since 60`s.

So expect very less from US, much trouble.India showing good signs of taking the case seriously as par Foreign Ministry, but it`s just a matter of time for US to open its clandestine wards and send scoops like Rabinder Singh and settle things with India !

Anonymous said...

If US knew - did they know about Chabad house? After all Headley posed as a Jew and there would be some electronic clutter on that.

If they knew why would they not tip off the Israelis? That is a very important question .....

Anonymous said...

Hi Bengal, how do you see Kasab's retraction of his confessions ? Is it just the typical reaction of an SSG trained terrorist adept at mind games or there is something more to it ?


To Anon above,

People on trials keep on retracting - to prolong the process and find loopholes to use. Every tom, dick and KODA uses it.

See nothing more to it. Though I read somewhere in passing - Kasav saying he met Headley while in captivity (maybe i read wrong) - but if this is so - its quite unique

Anonymous said...

Yeah. I also read so. That is the angle I thought you will comment on. Anyway one thing for sure - 26 / 11 has taken away the blind trust that we Indians had in US as the paragon of virtues / the final arbiter of justice / the saviour of India. Or probably the last part - US as a saviour of India - is yet to go. That will require India to be raped 20 more times before that trust also falls. We just dont seem to learn our lessons and hence condemned to repeat the same mistakes again and again and again. But what is we now understand that Americans hide behind a facade of political correctness and a string of political correct statements.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above as to why US takes advantage of Islam :

Unlike other religions where there is a clear distinction between the State and Religion, the same is not the case with Islam. In Islam, relgion and politics form a heady mix. Take Iran or Saudi or any Islamic nation. This separation needs to take place if Islam is to become a great religion.

Frankly speaking the other 2 main things wrong with Islam are :-

(1) Jihad - any Tom, Dick and Harry can call a Jihad and that is what the Tom's and Dick's of US were /are still doing. Calling for Jihad. Islam should have had strict safeguards on who can call for Jihad and who cannot. In reality Jihad should only be given by Saudi King.

(2) Fatwa or relgious edicts - This is also a very troublesome aspect of the religion. Any mullah can give any fatwa. Once again this needs to be structured.

Anyway there is a huge movement within Islam to become more accomodative. I think if these things can be taken care of, a lot of Islam related nuisance issues will disappear.

But who will bell the cat ?

Anonymous said...

I read in BuA article that 98% of terrorists operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan are from the DEOBAND and WAHAABBI schools - the former more so.

And Deoband is in INDIA.

Go figure !!!

Anonymous said...

Whether Deoband or Wahabbi, whether state sponsored or not, Islam as a religion is heavily open to exploitation. Simply because of Jihads & fatwas being available to anyone to and hence misused - once these are streamlined, it will be much less open to exploitation. Deobandis did get state support from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan - otherwise it never would have flourished. So what the idealogue is from India where Muslims are pampered and still they cry foul ! The gora chamras of the world know how to exploit stuff so they are exploiting Islam - dont we all know this by now ? Anyone reading BUA's blogs on and off or even anyone going through newspapers etc would surely have come this inescapable conclusion by now. Lot of things in Koran have been misused - hijab and veil is a good example. This religion has to be streamlined and it has to be done by prominent Muslims. Otherwise the mullahs will take the world back to stone age.

Anonymous said...

Islam in my mind was a force which arose as a result of inequities in the Hindu caste system. Its simple really. When Islam rose in Arabia, Hindusim was flourishing in Arabia thanks to Vikramaditya. The period before Islam has been blanked out by Islam. Vikramditya's empire went upto Arabia ( sanksrit word aravasthan or land of horses ). In Mecca, there was a Shiva temple with Shiva linga as the reigning deity. This is the Kala Patthar of the Muslims. It was destroyed initially by Muhammad, however as people used to worship it at that time, it was resurrected again by Muhammad himself and is held in place even today by silver ligatures. The name of this Shiva temple was Kabbaleshwar ( same as the Kabbaleshwar in South India, meaning Shiva temple ) - from that the word Kabba came. Muslims go to Kabba once in a lifetime. Muslims go around the Kabba 7 times unlike any other Muslim shrine but in opposite direction to Hindus who go 7 times in clockwise direction while offering milk on Shivalinga - another example of how Hindusim was grotesqued to form Islam. Want more examples ? Their 786 is nothing but OM in Sanskrit written backwards - anyway Arabs read everything right to left. However to break Hindusim in Arabia, Muhammed brought in Gabriel and he brought in the Old Testamanent. The Old testament went on to form the Koran ( came from word Puran of Hindus ) with Muhammad's form of torture then prevalent with slave traders of those days. A lot of stuff from Hindusim remained even today.. A lot still is there which can stun people. Will write about it some other time...

Anonymous said...

A.H. Your writings are always full of excellent true historical facts.

In fact long time back someone told me that below Mecca shrine is a shiva linga - and now I am hearing, a more plausible answer, that shiva linga is the stone around which the Muslims go around 7 times.

Its true - so many things have been borrowed from Hinduism.

Islam has copied many things from the Jews too:

1) Skull cap
2) No pork
3) Circumcision of penis
4) Citing women to have been formed from the ribcage of man

etc etc....

But why not write a whole article ..look forward to it.

Anonymous said...


(1) In Muhammad's own words - I have destroyed the idols which divided brothers and sisters, fathers and sons. Which idols was he referring to ? All idols outside the Kabba was destroyed by Muhammad and his followers. No Muslim is allowed in Mecca for fear that the kala patthar is Shiva Linga which they worship, which was a revered piece of stone worshipped by Arabs at that time before Muhammad.

(2) Oman - the name is derived from Om Namah. Go and see the people of Oman. You will feel that these are Hindus wearing Muslim garbs.

(3) When the Muslim invasions started in 8th century ( the people living in Karachi were the ones most attacked and brutalized ) and at that time the entire population in Pakistan was Hindus, emperor Jayapal was deprived of the Arabian horses. He depended on elephants which could not fight the able footed Arabian horses especially on the Afghan mountains. These elephants were taken by the Hun - Mihirkula when he was routed by Yashovardhana - one of the last scions of the Gupta dynasty...

What more can I tell ? India was the richest country on earth till 1830 or 1840. China was no where and its absolutely bullshit that India had 25% of the world's wealth while China had 30%. India's importance was such that the GDP of USA in 1930 was the size of opium trade from India. America was found by Coloumbus ( ok ok Amerigo Vespucci et al ) because people wanted to reach India by the western route. Everyone wanted to loot India because of its riches. So India's time was from time immemorial till 200 years back when the british made us forget who we were. Islam had already done some amount of destruction but not more. I guess now is China's chance. Can China forget that for thousands of years they lived under the shadow of India ? Is it not true ( maybe with exception of rulers like Kublai Khan ) that China was more a province of Japan ? Manchuria was the biggest Japanese province. China was nothing but full of warlords. But maybe today its their chance. India is in ruins today but we had our day..

Anonymous said...

GDP of USA in 1830... not 1930... rectifying mistake above --- A.H.

Anonymous said...

One more clarification : Amrapal and Jayapal tried unsuccessfully to stop the Islamic invasions. They had to give up Afghanistan and also could not stop the brutalization of now Pakistan. Reason is they were choked off the horses. The guptas had ample supply of horses from aravasthan but the only reason why Islamic raiders succeded and could not be stopped is because aravasthan stopped supplying hindustan with horses. Later on around 12th century, we started getting horses but our so called brave Rajputs made a pact with the Muslims. Otherwise if the Rajputs had stood firm, Islam could not have entered India. Of course there were lot of exceptions such as Rana Pratap. Or if Prithviraj had beheaded Mahmud of Ghori the first or even the 7th time he captured him, we would not have the ignominy of islamic rule. but then there you have it. Peshwa Baji Rao 1 conquered Delhi but his raja told him to hand back delhi to the mughals... so what can you really do ?

Anonymous said...

You see while India was the cynosure of all eyes till 1830 or so, everyone wanted to stop an Indian resurgence. China has gained from all this. Its China's time - India can hope to give it a good fight but to win the war, India needs to have a strong leader first. Not a Manmohan Singh or a Vajpayee. A real strong capable leader. Then one on take on the Chinese behemoth. No issue - just get the money in Swiss Banks out. Pay off India's debt, pump money hugely into infrastructure, and then buy off Chinese debt in US. All possible - but who will bell the cat ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting - but there are three concrete steps one can take:

1. Induce nuclear war between India and Pakistan and kill off excess population on both sides - more so on Pakistan's side. 150 million set to become 300 million by 2050 in pakistan is a tad too many. Pakistan is stable at 30 million - no more!

2. Make illegal Swiss funds legal - make defense firms private and had over shares to influential politicians like they do in US. That ensures militarily India does not lose out to scams. Make profit legal.

3. As long as Pakistan is the way it is, it will be used by China and US for its own game in the region. This simple fact has to be understood. And if Chinese come to Gwadar, it is akin to Arvastan choking off horses to the Hindus. Want to wait for this event or we do something about it?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

26/11 was a multitheatre play. Pakistan as we all know is the gun but behind the scenes were multiple parties.
They did not coordinate but one latched on to the other.
The Taj Oberoi group was one group while the Nariman point, karkare group was another.
Karkare is a bigger loss to India than we realize. He was an intelligence agent.
Someone veyr important was at the Taj at that time

JanuskieZ said...

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Mihir jha said...

Rare piece of writing !!! I liked almost all your posts !! Nice blog and a healthy discussion as well....good job!!

Me and some of my friends are gonna start an online magazine which shall be devoted for the social cause and the effort is to bring as many writers as many possible....shall u please share ur email-id with us so that we can share our idea and receieve feedback from you....


Anonymous said...

agree with AH... high time we be more beligerant

Anonymous said...

nice work bua,,, but hope u can come out of the garb of being a Bengal loyalist and be an indian loyalist first as your articles are india centric.. and bengal is in india.. and you know well bengal is not the only state under attack... unless you wanna limit your scope to bengal of course, which is your choice.

Anonymous said...

hopefully you may remove the spam too

bharat rakshak said...

u still blogging? or went the prasun sengupta way?

Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.


There was too much going on work front - hence was away. Be back this weekend with a new article.

In the meantime was looking at a US shipment of gold to China that was found out to be "conterfeit" - tungsten core etc. However this is not been carried out by mainstream media hence authenticity is in question.

However, if u read my article on GOLD and INDIA - this story may not be untrue !!

Ali.mostaque said...


Anonymous said...


Large blocks of Indian territory taken away in Ladakh region by the Chinese using strong arm tactics. Are we a bunch of eunuchs sitting quietly doing nothing happy that our homes are intact ?

Attention BUA said...

BuA!!, one interesting thing about this blog apart from the article are the interesting comments. before it was the asshole zaid zaman hamid (btw he now addresses himself as ZZH even sometimes ZZ, more often than just ZH as he used to before ??wonder why??). Anyway coming back to the issue, now he has finally left (??) after leaving 200+ comments (Qaidani, Kafir etc). But now the new bane are spammers. these cunts mess up comment forms that i actually have to seave through these spam comments to find some fruitful stuff. I understand and appreciate the importance of unmoderated comments, and understand the fact yours' is a popular blog (Google Bengal Under Attack and there's a fat listing on top). As such it's your duty to remove these unwanted crap and keep your blog as it is. Your content is unmatched; but you could do a bit here and there to maintain the sanctity of this great blog. Keep going, we're wit you.

-long timer


To Long Timer above:

Thanks - have deleted it.

I am having two minds about the new post - linkages of opium to Taliban and ISI and how it keeps the war going and also the US / UK offshore banks going in these troubled times.

Or on the coming US economic collapse and how this will shape its Afghan policy - what should India expect? As it is 24% of US is unemployed today - staggering !!

Anonymous said...

Hi any idea where Prasun Sengupta/trishul is????????????????? ..................just vanished. His articles were really informative/wealth of info on the Indian Armed Forces.


To Anon above,

I wrote to him on his personal id - he has not replied back. I hope he is ok.

The best person to know where Prasun Sengupta is from Shiv Aroor of Live Fist

Anonymous said...

@BUA whats up with u? Spam is still everywhere!! read the posts by ''Desire'', ''Januskiez'' etc.

-long timer.

Anonymous said...

Very nice and intrestingss story.

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