Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Can someone define what makes a state get the tag "State Sponsor of Terrorism"?

ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency has been caught red handed with the following - these are documented evidence - some of which are publicly available in Wikileaks. Most of what has come out was already known to every Indian anyway.

a) Funding 26/11 attacks in Mumbai - purchasing boats etc to carry out the attacks.

b) Funding 1000 motorbikes to Haqqani group to carry out suicide attacks inside Afghanistan.

c) Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) runs a training facility in Quetta, and train Pakistani activists from Jamyat-Ul-Talabah and Harakat Islami Kashmir as well as Chechens, Uzbeks, Afghans and Arabs.

d) Pakistan Army SSG Commando - Ilyas Kashmiri goes underground and surfaces as Commando Head of Brigade 313 - the feared unit of Al -Qaeda.

e) A dead Taliban leader in Afghanistan was found to be a Pakistan Army Major but this was covered up by Britain.

It is a matter of time before people in West realize that Al-Qaeda mentorship passed from CIA to ISI and Osama bin Laden (if alive) is just a mere puppet in the hands of ISI. For plausible deniability ISI maintains its links to Al-Qaeda and Taliban thru divisions outside of official divisions.

An interesting article in Indian Express: "CIA watched ISI tap phones, help suicide bombers"

The Article:

Washington's claim that it gave a heads-up to New Delhi on the leaked Af-Pak documents is loaded with irony. For, what these papers show is that Pakistani spy agency ISI supplied suicide bombers in Afghanistan with explosives-strapped motorcycles and listened in on telephone networks to supply them crucial information — all right under the nose of the US intelligence establishment.

In a threat assessment report dated August 27, 2007, one of the many leaked by Wikileaks, the US intelligence establishment admits it has information that all calls made to the largest mobile phone company in Afghanistan, Roshan, are routed through Pakistan.

With a non-existent landline network, most telephone users in Afghanistan — including coalition force members and foreign nationals — are dependent on this mobile network.

“Reporting from February 2007 indicates Pakistani intelligence service (ISI) is currently collecting and databasing all Roshan calls and numbers from Afghanistan. Reportedly, when a Roshan user places a call to any number — either inside or outside Afghanistan — the call is re-routed through Pakistan,” the intelligence report says.

However, no course of action was charted out even though the report went on to say that the ISI is known to share information with Taliban insurgents.

“Elements of the ISI and insurgents have cooperated in the past and it is possible that intercepted cell photo data can be passed to insurgents on a regular basis,” the report says.

While phone-tapping can yield information that can be used by insurgents, there is more evidence in the leaked documents that US was aware of ISI’s direct funding of Taliban insurgents and suicide bombers.

In May 2007, another intelligence report on the activities and plans of the Haqqani network reveals that the US was aware of ISI’s funding of suicide bombers. “On 25 April, 2007, ISI sent 1000 motorcycles to Mawlawi Jalaludin Haqqani for suicide attacks in Khowst and Lowgar Province,” the report says.

Yet another report dated March 2009 — just before Kabul saw stepped up violence — reveals that the US was aware that Pakistan had ordered Taliban fighters to intensify attacks in the Afghan capital.

“Several Taliban commanders leading approximately 100 armed fighters, along with 15 Chechen, have entered Afghanistan, passing through Iran. These have been appointed by Pakistan to conduct attacks, including suicide attacks, in Kabul Province,” the threat report says.

While former ISI chief Hamid Gul has denied that he was involved with the Taliban, US intelligence reports say he attended meetings with the top leadership of the terror organisation in 2006 and instructed them to target coalition soldiers and “make the snow warm in Kabul” with repeated attacks.

A December 2006 report says that Gul procured 50 mines for distribution to Taliban fighters for use against targets in Kabul.

During this meeting, Gul claimed he dispatched three unidentified individuals to Kabul city to carry out IED attacks during the Eid celebration...reportedly Gul’s final comment to the three individuals was make the snow warm in Kabul, basically telling them to set Kabul aflame,” the report notes.

Another intelligence report reveals that US is aware of an ISI- run training camp in Quetta that is training Taliban fighters.

The report dated August 16, 2006, says that in a meeting in Quetta, which was attended by both Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden, instructions were given to six suicide bombers to target different parts of Afghanistan.

Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) runs a training facility in Quetta, and train Pakistani activists from Jamyat-Ul-Talabah and Harakat Islami Kashmir as well as Chechens, Uzbeks, Afghans and Arabs,” the report says.

In a December 2007 intelligence report, inputs were received that the ISI could possibly be using children to carry out suicide attacks in Kabul and Khost.

Extremist leaders in Pakistan, in coordination with a Pakistani intelligence agent (ISI), allegedly planned to send three children to conduct suicide attacks in the Afghan cities of Kabul and Khost on or shortly after the Eid ul-Adha holiday on 20 December 2007,” the threat report says.

On Hamid Gul, the last report on his meetings with the Taliban leadership is in January 2009 where he is described as planning operations to get suicide bombers into Afghanistan.

Hamid Gul encouraged the AAF (Anti Afghan Forces) leaders to focus their operation inside Afghanistan in exchange for the government of Pakistan’s security forces turning a blind eye to the presence of AAF commanders and fighters in Pakistan,” the report says.


In our penchant to blame ISI, we forget it actually reports to Pakistan Army and is headed by a 3 star general - which makes him obligtory to report to the 4 star general in Pakistan Army.

Which means - everything ISI does, has the sanction of Pakistan Army.

Which makes it a state policy of Pakistan.

Hence Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism.

But hold your horses - that is not how the real world works. Pakistan Army General Kayani's term has been extended by an unprecedented 3 years. And this is ostensibly been done to please the US - as is winds down its operations in Afghanistan - it needs a General it can rely on.

Hence Pakistan will never become a state sponsor of terror - cause USA will not allow it. USA has its own national interest for which it will do what it feels is right. Fine, but where does that leave India?

India, if it thinks USA will help it against Pakistan, it won't beyond moral boosting words that gather sound bites and looks good in newspapers. Behind it all, USA is plying Pakistan with military hardware it knows will only be used against India. USA / UK will never allow INDIA to have a common border with IRAN.

If India starts looking at its national interest only - US too will bend its knees instead of us always bending over backwards to accomodate the Anglo American empire !!


Anonymous said...

Wikileaks pulled the rug under the feet of USA think tanks and their billion dollar crap.

India will have to bear the brunt of this non country Pakistan.

Honestly, if Pakistan were to be swallowed up by a Tsunami tomorrow who will mourn its demise - know of any civilized reason.

I can't.

Raymond Turney said...


Odd ss it sounds, the US if pretty much forced to tolerare a great deal from Pakistan as long as it has more than about 20,000 men in Afghanistan.

Even now, US forces in Afghanistan get half of their supplies through Pakistan. US generals, acutely aware of the supply issue, assume that because Pakistan allows the supplies through, it is our friend.

Personally, I tend to think that the Pak army is cooperating with the Chinese. As long as the US and the Taliban are shooting at each other in Afghanistan, two enemies of the Chinese are shooting at each other and neither of them is shooting at the Chinese. I also suspect that it has occurred to the Pakistan Army that Pashtuns fighting the US in Afghanistan are not fighting the Pakistan Army in Pakistan.

So I have a somewhat jaundiced view of Pakistan's cooperation. But whatever you think of Pakistan's motives, their cooperation is probably necessary for the US to wage war in Afghanistan.

US eagerness to denounce Iran and reluctance to denounce Pakistan for supporting terrorism has no intellectual merit whatsoever. But that's power politics for you.


Anonymous said...

When will the stupid Americans wake up to the reality of dangers that emanate from Pakistan. Is it that they need another 9/11 to bring them to their senses??

Also the other disgusting aspect is that they take us Indians for granted - but then what can Indians do? With one of the most weakest person as the PM (and the weakest in history post 1947), our options are limited at this point of time....

Anonymous said...


From your writing it looks like India is in a catch 22 situation.
however, i still find it surprising that the only remaining superpower in the world has been taken on a ride by this midget country [pakistan].

As of now, this parasite [pakistan] has sucked upwards of 20 billion $ in aid and been using part of that money to kill American and other allied forces, the very hand that feeds it111

How is it that they are able to get away with this?

from the indian perpective, what do you think is better, take some action or let the evil [pakistan] feed upon itself and watch it break into a million pieces?

do they have something that is va


If I am a Pakistani general this is what I see:

1. I see a country where the politicians are corrupt to the degree that they dont care about the country.

2. I see enthnic nationalism and sub nationalism (Baloch / Sindh / Pushtun) and sectarian (Shia / Sunni) tearing the country apart.

3. I see the country has nothing major to offer by way of industry to the swelling population - from 30 million to now 160 m and in 2050 - 300 million.

4. I see US fearing India joining hands with Russia and Iran again coupled with India rising.

5. I see US fearing the China rise.

6. I see Taliban as a buffer to halt both Indian and US designs in making Afghanistan hostile to Islamabad.

7. I see LeT keeping Indian soldiers tied to knots.

8. I see Indian politicians as corrupt and pliable but not so sure about the new generation - be it Rahul Gandhi or N Modi.

9. I see if my nukes go, I am a no-one. US will first ride rough shod and then India. Hence nukes is not to attack or halt an Indian attack - in either scenario Pakistan is decimated. For posturing, its a fantastic tool to get US dollars.

10. The US knows - if it goes, the Chinese simply walk in.

Point is - what is India's gameplan? I think India has v good game plans - but with old doddering leaders and so called "confidants" in the pay of the US - India can expect no gain.

The truth is the Indo-Pak dialogue was forced down the throat by the US. Its Pillai (actually Chidamabaram) to did not want to sell the country short - that did not allow the sham of a talk become a "success".

Trust me - the old fool has been sold the dream of winning a "NOBEL PEACE PRIZE" to bring about a no-war statement with the Pakistanis.

Anonymous said...

Genial dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha.... If only it were that easy! Balochis tried and failed to get Balochistan! America didn't came to help them get a homeland LOL The taliban tried and failed to get Swat and Northern Areas!

You fools! Uncle Sam knows that 400 Atom Bombs in the possession of Pakistan are armed and ready! This is not 1971! Its 2010 and 400 bombs are enough to wipe out Israel, India both! Do you really think America will play a nuclear game with Pakistan when ISI is in control of both the Army and civilian government! Look carefully General Kiyani is getting is army service extended, Army is in power even when Musharaf is gone.

Idiots think for yourself! No one is willing to fight Pakistan in any kind of a war except a covert one! And even this is a risk! Any wrong moves and Pakistan blows up New Delhi or Israel in revenge!

Now this is a chess game I would like to see from the side lines, because there will be no winners, only casualties of war, India, Pakistan, Israel, Afghanistan, America and whoever else joins the party! LOL

If India has any sense then it should side with the Ease not the West! Believe it or not! The best ally India could ever find is Pakistan! With upto million soldiers, both regular and reserves, Pakistan shares a common border with India! What a waste! Rather than fighting Pakistan, India should get Pakistan as a friend!

If India could get Pakistan as a ally it would mean a direct challenge to China, America and Russia! Think for yourselves India and Pakistan have combined Army of 2.5 million! That is the largest Army in the world! They share the same language and culture so there will be very little difficulty to share common goals! Pakistanis love Indian culture and television! So ask yourselves why do they hate India! Just because of Kashmir! Ha ha ha, that shows how big a fool we truly are! If Kashmir is solved There is no hate between India and Pakistan! Think why is America not trying to solve the Kashmir Issue? Because that keeps the Indian and Pakistani army in both sides of Kashmir and waste their resources on each other! What if these precious military resources are not wasted in Kashmir?

Now think why did the British split Pakistan from India! Because if India was freed in its original state then I would have become a world power! It was better for them to divide India and Keep the two Parts fighting! If only India and Pakistan make some sort of military deal like NATO! Now that would make India a superpower! I being a Pakistani wish that Pakistan and India become friends! And That India become a superpower! Like Iqbal said "Saray Jahan say Acha, Hindustan Hamara!"

Being a Pakistani I say "JAY JAY HIND!" Dudes lets get this friendship started! And Soon we the Bahartis (Pakistani, Indians and Bangalis) become friends we will be the superpower unmatched!

Yours Truly
A Pakistani Indian Raja!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

To Pakistani Raja

Do you know how much it costs to make one nuke? Multiply that by 400 to arrive at 400 nukes.

Do you think Pak has that much money? Also do you think Pak military and its planners stupid to build an arsenal beyond 150 at best - a great threshold.

All talks of reconciliation is all hogwash - that is why militants were cultivated my the military to stop thinkers from going soft. What will be the role of military then?

Everyone is interested in power - one way or another - dictatorship, military, indian style democracy - where Gandhi family gets to rule - whatever.

Get the people the power and then corrupt them and then do business.

Anonymous said...

Also Pakistani Raja:

Do some basic maths and look at the region = how many nukes does Pakistan need to annihilate India?

how many nukes does India need to annihilate Pakistan?

Anonymous said...

My Dear Follows!

I might be wrong about the number! And you can check that out from here!

But the thing that remains to be discussed is simple! Who can India and Pakistan trust?

Incase of India, siding with America is like getting the status of a subordinate! Siding with China is clearly impossible. China wants economic domination and certainly wont share it with its next door neighbour who has the potential to take the lead. Or Russia! The ex-superpower who still hasn't forgotten the taste to rule the world, and will not help any nation who also can become a superpower!

Pakistan is doomed anyways unless it makes peace with India LOL. Love or hate it! Its going to stay in some form or other and its principle adversary will remain India unless peace prevails!

What does India share with Pakistan? Common interest! Yes, India wants to survive from becoming a destabilized nation. So does Pakistan. Both have a trained army, who are working against each other. Waste huge amounts of money to counter each other.

SIMPLY PUT! Count all the things, army, navy, airforce and all the equipment. If you think war it means subtraction, but if you think peace it means addition.

Think, if all the Kashmiri Militant groups were to get off India's back! And Pakistan and India do not have to worry about RAW and ISI respectively. How much easier life would be

Think of the possibilities that could come from cooperation and friendship.

An Pakistani Indian Raja

sanjith said...

Thanks for your article. i borrowed extensively from your bloh, to write my, article.pls look into chinese currency manipulation, the shit is soon going to hit the roof. in the end its Indian startegic co operation with USA, thats making the Chineese angry. said...

It cannot succeed in actual fact, that is exactly what I think.

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