Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Why 313? A peek into history with the caveat that history is written by the victors – hence fact and fiction intermingle to make the winner look supreme.


AD 624: The Quraysh first threatened the Madinans, in a letter addressed to ‘Adbullah ibn Ubayy ibn Salul, to kill their males and enslave their females unless they expelled Prophet Mohammed from Madina.

It was, at last, at the beginning of 624, two years after the Hijra that a large caravan of the Quraysh, escorted by no more than 40 security guards en route to Makka from Syria, arrived at a place within reach of the Muslims. Fearing that the Muslims would stop their caravan and restore their usurped goods, Abu Sufyan, the leader of the caravan, rushed a messenger to Makka and sought help and reinforcements.

This caused an uproar through Makka. The leading chiefs of the Quraysh decided to wage war on the Prophet and about 1000 fighters moved out of Makka with much pomp and show. They had decided to deal a crushing blow to the rising power of the Muslims.

Prophet Mohammad realized that if an effective step was not taken right then, the preaching of Islam might suffer a blow from which it might be very difficult for it to recover. Had the Quraysh taken the initiative and launched an attack on Madina, it might have put an end to the existence of the small Muslim community in that town. (BuA: And the end of Islam as we know it today – and an effective lesson to Indian military planners about the way they sat as Pakistan built up nuclear weapons and now tweaking US money to buy weapons to gain advantage over India – how long will India wait?)

The Makkan army consisted of 1000 fighters, including 600 soldiers in coats of mail, and 200 cavalry. Against the force of the Makkan army, the Muslim army was made up of 313 fighters. Of these, 86 were Emigrants and the rest, the Helpers. (BuA: Hence the reference to the number 313)

The two armies finally encountered each other at Badr. (BuA: Note reference to Badr in another terror outfit: Al-Badr)

Even though the Muslims were outnumbered 3 to 1, heavy downpour the night before the battle was to the advantage of the Muslims, who were on a higher ground. In the lower part of the valley, where the Quraysh army was stationed, the ground had turned marshy.

The battle began. In the first frontline of the Quraysh were ‘Utba ibn Rabi‘a and his brother, Shayba, and his son, Walid. They challenged the Muslims to single combat. Three young men of the Helpers went forward against them. ‘We will not fight with the farmers and spherherds of Madina,’ ‘Utba shouted out of an arrogance which would cause their perishing. This was, in fact, what Prophet Mohammad expected. He ordered ‘Ali, Hamza and ‘Ubayda ibn Harith to go forth for single combat. Hamza advanced against ‘Utba and killed him. ‘Ali killed Walid with two blows. ‘Ubayda, who was old, marched against Shayba. They exchanged blows, and the sharp edge of Shayba’s sword struck ‘Ubayda’s knee and cut it. However Hamza and ‘Ali rescued him from Shayba. They killed Shayba and carried ‘Ubayda away.

The Quraysh were shocked at the beginning of the war. The Quraysh, who had exulted in their power, suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of the ill-equipped Muslims. Seventy of the Quraysh were killed. Almost all the leaders of the Quraysh, including Abu Jahl, Walid ibn Mughira, ‘Utba ibn Rabi‘ah, ‘As ibn Sa‘id, Umayyah ibn Khalaf, and Nawfal ibn Khuwaylid were killed.

Another seventy of the Quraysh were taken as war prisoners. The Muslims were permitted to accept ransom from them. Prophet Mohammad released some of them in return for ransom, and the others who knew how to read and write were enslaved on the condition that they should teach the unlettered Muslims how to read and write.

Such treatment of the captives proved very beneficial for the Muslims. For those people who had expected execution welcomed the chance to pay ransom and paid it. Second, the rate of literacy in Madina was very low, and, in order to propagate Islam, the Muslims had to know how to read and write. Besides, the Muslims had to be culturally superior to the polytheists. Third, those who were kept in Madina to teach the Muslims how to read and write would be able to learn Islam better than before and find the opportunity to be in close contact with the Muslims. This was certain to soften their hearts toward Islam and accelerate their conversion, together with that of their families. Fourth, the families and relatives of those captives had despaired of their lives. But, when they saw them before them unexpectedly, their enmity to Islam was considerably lessened or broken.

The decisive victory gained at Badr made Islam a force to reckon with across all of Arabia, and many hardened hearts were inclined to accept the message of Islam.


Brigade 313 is the coalition of five jihadi organizations that have been the to-go groups for most of Pakistan-based terror operations during last decade (coalition of Lashkar-e-Tayba, Jaish-e-Muhammad, Harkatul Jihad al-Islami, Harkatul Mujahideen al-Alami and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi). Brigade 313 members have been known to be working with Bin-Laden as well as the Pakistani spy agency (ISI) and the Pakistani military.

Brigade 313 & Laskhar al Zil

Brigade 313 is responsible for 26/11. I think there is a close connection between Brigade 313 and Lashkar al Zil or the SHADOW ARMY.

Long War Journal reports : The presence of the Shadow Army has been evident for some time, as there have been numerous reports of joint operations between the Taliban, al Qaeda, the Haqqani Network, Hizb-i-Islami, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Harkat-ul-Jihad Islami, and other terror groups. (NOTE: Same terror modules that make up Brigade 313). “The type of masks worn and the tennis shoes are also strong indicators that these fighters "are non-Afghan fighters," an expert on the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan said. "Those types of masks I have seen, and they are always on the Pakistani side of the border," the expert said. "The tennis shoes and socks are a big indicator that they are non-Afghan fighters, probably Pakistanis or Arab/Central Asian fighters."


Ilyas Kashmiri

Ilyas Kashmiri created Brigade 313. Kashmiri was also an elite commando of SSG (Pakistan) . He was also Pervez Musharraf’s blue eyed boy and received a cash reward of Rs 100,000 for brutally beheading an Indian soldier and bringing his head as a trophy for the then General.

On February 25, 2000, Indian Army troops allegedly crossed the Line of Control and killed 14 people in Nakial in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

On the morning of February 26, Kashmiri conducted a guerrilla operation against the Indian Army in the Nakial sector. He crossed the LoC with 25 fighters from his 313 brigade, surrounded an Indian Army bunker and threw grenades inside. He also kidnapped an injured Indian Army officer who he later killed brutally.

He returned to Pakistan with the Indian Army officer's head in his bag and presented it to senior Pakistan army officers. President Musharraf, who was also then the army chief, awarded his Rs 100,000 for this action.

The Indian side of this sordid saga:

Indian Express reports: "Indian Army records show that the man who was beheaded in 2000 was Sepoy Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar of the 17 Maratha Light Infantry (MLI). While Indian troops in nearby posts launched a counter-attack with heavy rocket fire, the intruders slit Talekar’s throat and left behind his decapitated body."

Lieutenant General Mehmood Ahmad, then the corps commander in Rawalpindi, visited Kashmiri's terrorist training camp in Kotli and appreciated his frequent guerrilla actions against the Indian Army.

His honeymoon with Pakistan's generals ended after the Jaish-e-Mohammad was created. Mehmood wanted Kashmiri to join the Jaish and accept Masood as his leader. But the one-eyed Kashmiri refused to do so. (He lost his eye in Afghan jehad against the Soviets).

The Jaish attacked his training camp in Kotli, but Kashmiri survived that assault. After 9/11, Musharraf banned Kashmiri's outfit.

He was arrested after an attempt on Musharraf's life in December 2003 and tortured during the interrogation.

The United Jihad Council led by Hizbul Mujahideen leader Syed Salahuddin strongly protested Kashmiri's arrest. In February 2004, Kashmiri was released, but was a shattered man. He disassociated himself from Kashmiri militants and remained silent for at least three years.

The Pakistan military's operation against the Lal Masjid in July 2007 totally changed Ilyas Kashmiri. He moved to North Waziristan where he had spent many years as an instructor in jihad against the Soviet army. This area was full of his friends and sympathisers. He reorganised his 313 brigade and joined hands with the Taliban.

Many former Pakistan army officers joined him. His 313 Brigade in North Waziristan numbered more than 3,000 fighters; most of them hailed from Punjab, Sindh and Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

According to Asia Times Online: An al-Qaeda-linked cell led by veteran Kashmiri guerrilla commander Ilyas Kashmiri had completed all plans for the assassination of Pakistan's chief of army staff, General Ashfaq Parvez Kiani, in 2008, but when the matter was sent to the top al-Qaeda hierarchy for approval, it immediately ordered the plan to be shelved.


The points to ponder are these:

the direct connection of Pakistan commando with Al – Qaeda.

the direct connection of Pakistan Army with nuclear proliferation.

The direct connection of China in supplying nuclear material to Pakistan

The silence of US and NATO for their own gain

The impotence of India in all this!


Anonymous said...

Pak Army = Taliban = Al Qaeda and funded by USA.

That is the true story !!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you write an article on Indian Communists and their love towards China than India?

Anonymous said...

Indian communists are a stupid lot living in the past. The less said about them, the better --- Kolkatan

Anonymous said...

Kolkatan, you are indeed right. But many people do not know their true nature. They are "wolf in sheep's clothing. We need to expose them.
For example, in Kerala and Bengal there are many followers for communists, they are mostly happened to be Hindus. These Hindus think that Commies are better than Congress. But what happens in these two states, is that Hindus are getting victimized.

Kerala is becoming a Jihadi Heaven. Recently there have been a lot of incidents where Hindu Girls were lured by Jihadi lovers and converted to Islam. In the last 5 years, more than 500 educated Hindu girls were missing, mostly lured by Jihadi lovers and changed their religion. Even police in Kerala doesn't have any clues.

Commies in Kerala joined hand with another Jihadi Abdul Madani. A muslim friend of mine said, he is a real poison, talking hatred against Hindus. If a good Muslim can understand and learn him, they never go with him. But commies love to host this poison. I see smell of danger over Kerala.

Anonymous said...


You never cease to amaze me with your research.

When will all these pieces come together and start working against India?
US will not cease to aid pakistan and pakistan will always consider India as the eternal enemy.

All you need is one trigger happy retard to press the nuke button, then we have the end of Mankind as we know it!


Happy Durga Pujo

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. you are right.. the commies do love Muslims. The largest conversion rate to Islam is happening in Bengal. Jihadi lovers is the right word with more and more Hindu women being lured by these guys - dont know what lures these hapless women into the arms of the jihadi lovers. But its happening in large numbers in Bengal as well. - Kolkatan

A BENGALI said...

Bengal is the soft underbelly as well as the "brain" where revolution and freedom movement started. Bengal gave both the national anthem as well as "Vande Ma taram" to India.

However, Bengalis themselves are laid back, poetry loving self styled champions of intellectuals on the mould of Satyajit Ray, Ritwick Ghatak, Sen et al. Amartya Sen may have given Bengal its 3rd Nobel Prize, but the people of Bengal are lazy.

No wonder then that the business in Bengal is controlled by Marwaris, the corrupt police and politicians are in the hands of the rich and powerful Marwaris. And increasingly Islam spread its tentacles easiest in Bengal - easy to submit than to fight.

Hence, Bengal may be the soft underbelly - yes. But forget not - the zealots that fired Subhas Bose and Khudiram and Benoy Badal Dinesh are very much alive. It needs a spark to ignite the fire and Bengal will once again be in the forefront of the next struggle.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons Bengal is so suceptible to Islam is because while Hindusim had entered Bengal long back, Bengal was never considered a part of the Arya-varta or the domain of the Aryas. Bengalis were always very accomodative even 1500 years back with punishment of inter-caste marriage or change of profession being in cash & kind to village priests - there was no social ostracism of throwing the family out of village or honor killing in inter caste marriage as was the case in Arya varta such as North India. So Hindusim as a way of life never really entered Bengal even post Shashanka period - it was mostly in rituals which intermingled with the tribal rituals. Kerala is a study in contrast where most of the conversions to Islam and Christianity took place due to excessive punishments meted out to lower caste Hindus. Even stepping into or casting a shadow onto a brahmin meant death and flogging.

Hindusim may not be a lost case today but its very survival is threatened because there is no institutional support for it. Islam on the other hand has hundreds / thousands of champions. Its support is highly institutionalized.

It is a matter of time before Bengal succumbs to Islam and thereafter followed by rest of India - another 200 years at the most.

Anonymous said...

Islam has the biggest supporter in God himself. Otherwise would they have got so much Oil for so many years ? (A) Islam + Oil = Great economy such as UAE, Kuwait, Oman etc. Exception is Iran. (B) Islam + No Oil = Disaster e.g. Yemen, Afghanistan, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, Bangladesh etc. Indonesia and Malaysia are exceptions.

Anonymous said...

The Gods of the Hindus have become weak over the years and have abandoned their supporters. Same for Christanity. Both religions are on the wane rapidly.


As people get enlightened they abandon God. They look within themselves for redemption and cure.

Einstein: "The more you believe in GOD, the less you believe in yourself."

This is true of modern, liberal, knowledge driven societies. Which, unfortunately also encourage self over others - hence nuclear families over joint families and lessening of family cultures and ties.

Islam on the other had gives the massed a feeling of brotherhood - a feeling that "you are not alone". Even if you have no family, "we the qoum" are there for you. And that is a powerful social binding.

Very few enlightened soul in the west have progressed from self to selfless - Bill Gates is a late entrant and even then his motivations are suspect, as they may be imbibed in some sort of a population reduction agenda.

Bengal too is the renaissance head and is laid back to the evils around it. Nuclear minds may be advanced, but as a whole there is hardly any cohesion.

India too mirrors this malaise.

India will never be allowed to become great that it is destined to be because of Islamic neighbours that are aided not only by S Arabia etc, but by US / UK / NATO triad. This to keep India in check. And who helps them in this nefarious design - we Indians ourselves.

Stephen Cohen told Shekhar Gupta recently - and this is very important to understand - if India were Akhand Bharat and Muslims were a happy minority in it, then US and China would be best of friends trying to contain the mighty India that will weild enormous influence over Central Asian trade routes up north and west and oil routes in the seas in south.

That my friends, is the eternal truth that we should keep in mind. Forget about US / UK / NATO trying to help India against Pakistan and China. They will, to a little extent. But they will also pump in US$ 10 billion to Pakistan to arm itself to fight India, so that India does not go to war with Pakistan, and then feign ignorance about where its money went.

Anonymous said...

BuA - u make an interesting connection in this piece.

1. Brigade 313 responsible for 26/11 Mumbai

2. Ilyas Kashmiri, a Pak SSG Commando, establishes Brigade 313

3. Prez Musharraf gives Rs 100,000 to Ilyas Kashmiri for beheading an Indian soldier.

4. 5 terror organizations and ex- Army officers make up Brigade 313

Hence Prez Musharraf (which means Pak Army) and ISI definitely control Brigade 313 and its actions.

And as we read today, some faction of ISI knew about 26/11. Of course they knew - its a deniable military ops that went wrong with the arrest of Kasab.

Anonymous said...

Well, look at Broken Britain. God has disappeared because people believed in themselves. And today their society is in a mess. Gangs of teenagers terrorize anybody and everybody. A schoolgirl recently committed suicide because she could not bear the mental torture. Old men beaten up and young girls bullied everyday and night. No respect for elders - basically whoever is strong rules. A throwback to the medieval ages.

Anonymous said...

India Prime Minister cannot be above 50 yrs. A 70 yr. old snivelling weakling like Manmohan cannot really be expected to have fire in his belly or anywhere else for that matter. So he will be bullied.. maybe the world is all about Might being always Right.

Anonymous said...

It seems BuA is a commie in disguise.
Anyway, Anonym@September 30, 2009 8:36 AM,

Oil is everywhere. But only difference is how easy to extract it without much environmental disasters.

Canada is having one of the highest oil resource (far more than SA's oil resource), but since Canada's oil is in Artic belt it is difficult to extract. Further down in American continent, US is reluctant to do oil exploration, knowing very well that oil will bring environmental disaster to US (US has some of the biggest forests). Mexico boomed because of oil. Recently, a big oil field of twice the size of biggest SA oil field was discovered in Gulf of Mexico. Venezuela's oil is one the best oils available in the market.

Another reason, and most important, is that most of the oil exploration companies are Western Based. And oil exploration needs a lot of investment. Suppose, if oil companies started drilling each and every corner of the world, then the oil price will drop drastically, making the oil industry will not be a profit making industry.

Indian subcontinent also rich in oil. But exploration would take time since India is highly populated and environmentally very fragile country. Most of its oil resources are offshore making the oil exploration costly and we do not have much knowledge and technology to extract from ocean surface. So, as long as the oil price is below $90 pb, purchasing oil from Middle East is more profitable for India than getting oil from offshore. But down the years, say 20-25 years from now, ME oil will drastically reduce and it won't be profitable for oil companies to extract oil. So in that scenario, India can do well.

Anonymous said...

BuA a commie in disguise - lol!!

On what basis is this gem based on?

Anders said...

You're Paranoid.



First, the comments are all facts - prove me otherwise.

And remember the famous book "Only the paranoid survive". Remember this !!

Next time come with actual rebuttals instead of "youre paranoid". Tx

Anonymous said...


I am a Mexican American, a chicano, who loves the insights provided by this blog. I do see a lot of parallels between Mexico and India- in terms of corruption, that is...like baksheesh = la mordida heheheh

btw, i have a deep respect for India's cultural diversity and approach to life in general...and in spite of the doom and gloom, I believe that the meek shall inherit the earth someday..although not in our lifetimes.

peace & light to you all



Hola Paco,

I had the good fortune to have a lot of Mexican Americans as friends while I was in University in New York City - miss those yummy enchalidas and tacos .....

But Paco, the signs are ominous here. The jehadi brigade of Al-Qaeda, Brigade 313, ISI, jehadi portions of Pak military is a cocktail that is a reality, that is going to explode with its might sooner than later. Now with the CERN scientist getting caught with Al-Qaeda link, this is getting v v serious indeed.

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