Thursday, October 1, 2009


Pakistan and many Islamic nations have banned Freemasonry, yet in the hallowed temple chambers of Freemason halls, around the world, amongst the sacred texts kept is also the Quran. Freemasons welcome Islam but Islam does not reciprocate. Actually Islam does not welcome anyone - and that is the truth and I wrote about it on the very first article in this blog.

What is less understood and is erudite is often ridiculed and thrown to the realms of arcane devil worship or worse. Darwin and Galelio, heroes of today, were villains of their times. In a similar vein, Freemasonry is seen as being evil in Islamic societies and cultures.

Both Swami Vivekanda and Rabindra Nath Tagore were prominent Freemasons.

In fact the one saying of Swami Viveknanda which still resonates with me and could well be termed blasphemous to the “blinkered extremists” is:

1. In order to realize God one could learn about spirituality more on the soccer field than in a cloister or hermitage of a monk.

No wonder the ulemas of Pakistan (and indeed elsewhere) will find such talk blasphemous as they see themselves as sole custodians of knowledge and understanding of God which now is being challenged by a mere soccer field!

In that case, Kasab (the lone captured terrorist of 26/11) would not be paying too much attention to Hafeez Saeed, would he?


However Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan wanted desperately to join the Freemasons. Jinnah was a Khoja Ismaili by birth, which means his spiritual leader i.e. Imam was the Agha Khan. In those days, it was Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Agha Khan. Again interestingly enough, the Agha Khan of that time was a member of the Grand Lodge of India A.F. & A.M. (Bombay).

During his teenage years Jinnah had gone to the U.K. for higher studies. And he graduated with distiction from Lincoln's Inn, later to be called to the bar at 11 Kings Bench Walk during his stay at Hampstead. Jinnah, while still in the U.K., had also eagerly joined the notorious "Fabian Society", a reformist-Socialist party whose members included Freemasons George Bernard Shaw and Annie Besant, to name a few. In fact, the official Theosophical Order of Service in Pakistan records that Jinnah was so deeply inspired and influenced by Besant that he called her "Amma".

Jinnah, then, was struggling to get Dadabhoy Naoroji elected as an MP at Central Finsbury. Naoroji was not only an orthodox Parsi priest ("Athurman") but also had written various volumes of work on Zoroastrian history and wisdom. He was also a Freemason, member of both Lodge Southern Brotherhood No. 3311 E.C. and the Lodge South Cannanore No. 234.

After returning to India with his Barristership, Jinnah became an apprentice in a Parsi(Zoarastrian) law firm of Jamshed Kanga. Jinnah distinguished himself as an excellent lawyer. He also became a member of India's Central Legislative Council(Assembly) in 1912, and eloquently espoused the cause of women's education!

Jinnah’s repeated links with the Zoroastrians of India is also interesting. His wife Rattanbai was a Parsi who had converted to Islam before marriage. The man whom Jinnah helped for a long time was a Parsi intellectual (Dadabhoy). And it was Jinnah’s own daughter Dina who had married Dinshaw Wadia, the son of a renowned Parsi industrialist of India (Bombay Dyeing fame).

In the days after India's Imperial Capital was shifted New Delhi in 1911, Jinnah petitoned a Freemasonry Lodge in Bombay for a membership. Earlier in the years 1907 or in 1909 he had unsuccessfully petitoned the same fraternity and was not considered. But in 1911, Jinnah's petition was black balled! That meant, effectively he could not, more or less, ever seek a membership of any those fraternities. These fraternity houses in those days were segregated for Europeans. Hindus, Parsis, Muslims and Indian Christians could not sit in the same house with Whites.

Jinnah believed that it was an Indian Hindu member (either B.G. Tilak or Ranade or Sir Chimman Lal Setalvad or Bhulabhai Desai) who had black balled his membership, but it was actually a Parsi gentlemen, a Tata or Kanga. Jinnah went to his grave with this 'grave Hindu insult'. It was only when the records (minutes of the meeting) of this fraternity house, was made public did the truth came out. Jinnah's only offspring, now a non muslim and her billionaire son who live in Bombay have this piece of paper from the fraternity house, of which Jinnah's grandson is a member.

If someone asks was Jinnah a Freemason? The answer is NO. But the truth is, he tried hard to become one and was blackballed. That is the ultimate truth.

The founder of Pakistan wanted to desperately become a Freemason, yet today Freemasonry is banned in Pakistan and many other Islamic nations.

A recent article to the Pakistani mindset on Freemason (they easily interchange Illuminati with Freemasons) :

“The illuminati recognize that their plan for a global government hinges completely on subjugating the masses to their agenda. The greatest threat to their plan posing more danger than any army or law is the threat of a free-thinking mind. (BuA: ha ha ha – look who is talking about free thinking mind). In order to eliminate this threat and to achieve their objective the MASONS have set about the boldest plan devised. The complete control of every aspect of human life. YOUR life. And the weapons they are using against you are in your very homes, entertaining you and your children and gradually indoctrinating you without you even realizing.”


What role has noetic science in this article? It is about having an open mind. If you do not believe that Freemasons should have a place in society, you will most likely dismiss this most exciting branch of science.

Noetic science deals with the exploration of nature and the potential of consciousness using multiple ways of knowing—including intuition, feeling, reason, and the senses. Noetic sciences explore the "inner cosmos" of the mind (consciousness, soul, spirit) and how it relates to the "outer cosmos" of the physical world.

In short: Human thought is an energy and that energy if properly channeled can change physical characteristics of the material world around us. This is beyond the spoon bending techniques of Uri Geller and is closer to the Pranic healing techniques of Master Choa Kok Sui.

(An interesting side note: During the cold war, a Soviet spy managed to get very secretive documents from the US and because of his diplomatic immunity he managed to board the flight out from US without any incident. CIA put in Uri Geller nearby to this Soviet Spy and asked him to “fry” the magnetic tapes – rendering them useless. Whether he was successful or not, one is not sure – but what is certain is that US used / uses such thought energy tools because it believes that it works.)

If over time man begins to correctly channelize this thought energy to solve his problems, be able to achieve “mind over matter” challenge – it would mean he is able to reach the “God within him”. The man may then be tempted to abandon the God outside – not in totality perhaps, but largely. (Actually the relationship between man and God will become personal and will not require third parties - priests and ulemas). This is truly frightening prospect for nations where religion is used as a tool to guide the majority of the population to obey the corrupt few. Almost all Islamic nations under theocracy /military rule will fall under this.

Albert Einstein’s famous experiments incorporate thought energies. Even famous scientists like Newton and Benjamin Franklin used them and we do not call them devil worshippers. Well, they were all Freemasons and as far as I know – while most cultures enjoy the fruits of their science today, the clerics from Islam still look at Freemasonry as being the devil incarnate. Maybe, its time, we changed the definition of what is really evil !!

In this era of globalization where scientific trailblazing is lauded and free thinking encouraged – even inculcated in the young minds so that they develop their independent thought process – the theocratic / military regimes stand completely polarized.

It is not enquiry but suppression, not free thinking but unquestioning obedience, not reaching for the light but being in darkness that these Islamic societies are taking their nations to. And in doing so, they are endangering the rest of us seeking truth and free thinking.

India has been exposed to the idea of thought emitting energy as far back as the Vedas and in yoga it finds one such expression. And while yoga and mind control is gaining in popularity across the free world, it is banned in Islamic nations – there are fatwas against it. In fact Muslims in India too are prohibited from taking yoga classes.

In the end, as world lurches forward with excess population, the concern for immediate problems like global warming and nuclear black-market are receding in the background, the forces of darkness are growing in the world – sheer population increase is exacerbating this.

A stark choice awaits us if we are to leave our children and their children with a better world. And the epicenter of this evil empire today are located in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

More than 70% of all global terror acts in the world in the past decade has a Pakistani imprint.

Addendum: It has also been seen that 95% of these terror activities that emanated from Pakistan, had the imprint of Wahhabi - Deoband school of Islam. Hence within Islam - if we are able to eradicate this branch of Islam in totality - we will be doing this world a favour.


Anonymous said...

As long as India has weak leadership, we will suffer from multiple attacks. China and Pakistan will lead those attacks and US will help in the process. Pakistan may be the epicentre of terrorism but US is definitely the mastermind behind most of the ideas such as Mujahideen etc etc. The only cure is strong leadership and whether that fellow will be a freemason or not, that does not really matter. Whether that fellow is a Gandhi or a Ganguly or a Dhoni is not the issue - the issue is we desperately need a strong leader. NOW !!!

Anonymous said...

When the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh has the guts to stand up to Chinese aggression, and asks our PM to stand up to the Chinese, why is our idiot Prime Minister not speaking boldly on this issue ? We are the ones who have given reigns to this idiot and gutless Manmohan once more.

Anonymous said...

A truly fascinating insight into Jinnah's life.

Loren said...

Masonry teaches that good men can become better men through esoteric instruction and learning. Masons have started on the path to learning the nature of their true "inner self" and this seems to intimidate many close minded cultures simply because they can never truly control Masonic thought and loyalty.

Anonymous said...

muslim bitches like nothing... not even themselves n thats y they do sick things like suicide bombings and pedophilia. wat can u expect from followers of a stupid satan muhamad?

Anonymous said...

China has the audacity to intimidate India ( now I hear some chinese letters threatning war ) and we have no response to that. I guess it is better that India is divided once more. Hopefully smaller countries will have better governance rather than one large monolith country where corruption is the only truth.

Anonymous said...

Q> Name of a new Chinese breed of dog ?

Ans> Pakistani

We need to purge India, Pakistan and Bangladesh of Muslims. Muslims cannot stay in peace with each other. Look at Pakistan - they are killing each other. These sons of satan are like that. But they will project a holier than thou image.

Spirituality should be found in purging the world of satan's followers.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan wants Kashmir - what we Indians should do is go piss in the Chenab and other rivers which flow through Pakistan. Pakistanis will get a taste of Freemasonry and other Noetic sciences when their nostrils become full of Indian piss.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to take out this Arundhati Roy. She goes on record saying that - Kashmir can never belong to india just like India can never belong to the british.

This is high treason and I firmly believe that India needs to deal with anti-national elements like Arundhati Roy more firmly. She should simply be shot dead for making such comments. Free speech and all that is crap when it impinges on a nation's rights. Kashmiris who create problems should similarly be shot dead. India must take nationalism very very seriously or else it can loose its dearly found freedom just as easily.

Anonymous said...

Arundhati Roy is a free-mason. LOL !!!

Anonymous said...

Arundhuti Roy is a bitch !! She farts in water (in her own words if you read her first book, she says so).

Hence her pseudo love for the masses which is borne out of her alleged affair with Marxists in childhood finds expression which she feels is enlightened speech by speaking on Kashmir, without knowing actual history of the place.

Thank God the capital is Srinagar (Shree Nagar) and not Islam pur or Ahmed a bad etc

Anonymous said...

That Swami Vivekanada was a Freemason was difficult to digest, but it seems you are right BuA.

Anders said...

You're Either Insane or Paranoid



Nobel Prize winner John Nash drew out conspiracy theories and had make believe persons who "seemed" to travel with him.

He was called paranoid, delusional, eccentric.

However I am neither a genius nor have any chance at any Nobel Prize including the Peace Prize in my lifetime.

Hence if u were to allude that I am either paranoid or insane, I take it as a compliment.

sid said...

the article is extremely unproffesional and irresponsible. the tactics being used by the author are extremely jejune. sweeping statements are being passed without supporting them with any proof whatsoever. has the author not even attended college and learned the basic principles of academic writing? the article states that "Actually Islam does not welcome anyone - and that is the truth and I wrote about". is the author not aware of the fact that islam is the fastest growing religion of the world. with the new converts coming from all religious and ethic and racial backgrounds! malcolm x and mike tyson are two examples of converts to islam u might be aware of.. but numerous hindus are part of this list. islam has welcomed them all and they have embraced the religion completely finding it to be the only ultimate truth. as for being against free masonry let me remind u that it is not just islam but other monotheistic religions of the world like christanity are also against free masonry. are u just anti islamis or anti religion all together? the author talks about jinnahs links to free masonry but then again does not support his arguments with academic proofs and validations. he uses the line "that is the ultimate truth" but makes me wonder who has given him the power to determine the ultimate truth. the article is just trying to inculcate hatred into the minds of the unaware readers. perfect example of irresponsible journalism.

Anonymous said...

Well said SId

Anonymous said...

Highly unprofessional article. Apart from the so-called "truth" about Islam, it includes many other statements to which the author provides us with no sound proof. As sid said, most people convert to Islam today and other than Malcom and Mike Tyson, there are other celebrities as well who had rumours surrounded that they had converted.. 2 of them come to mind and strangely, weeks later, both of them are pronounced dead under mysterious circumstances. Princess Diana and Michael Jackson come to mind. I am only stating an opinion, I see a fishy connection there.

Other than that, the author should very well know that M.Ali Jinnah pretty much OPPOSED Annie Besant. It is true he had professional ties with the Parsis, but as one would study history, then can realise on their own how Jinnah evolved as a leader - first an "ambassador of Hindi-Muslim unity" (as quoted by Sarojni Naidu) but later, after witnessing some serious atrocities against the Muslims, into the voice of the Muslims of the subcontinent (Congress rule from 1937 to 1939? Ring any bells?) he turned to the ultimate of a separate homeland - Pakistan. If only the writer of this article knew, they would've mentioned that Rattenbai (or Rutti as she is often known) CONVERTED to Islam before marrying Jinnah. And s/he would also know that Jinnah DISOWNED his daughter Dina for marrying a Parsi (which is probably why she visited JInnah's mausoleum's only about 2-3 years back, when Jinnah had been dead for nearly 60 years!) Rutti's continued admiration for Annie Besant ("Amma?" are you kidding me?!) further irked him during their marriage.

Kindly write in accordance to FACTS, not PREJUDICE.

Anonymous said...

The article is bullshit and seems to be written only to inculcate hatred for Islam...........the author has given no relevant and supporting proof to his stupid and satanic statements......people should write more responsibly....internet is being misused for uncontrolled journalism which may harm the society in the long run..

Anonymous said...

i ll not be emotional....bu lets face thefacts.....the article is full of sweepin statements n cooked up is very clear that the author knows nothin abt islam....islam is the only religion which says that God is in everythin bcz he crethed everythin ....infact it says God is closer the the amin juglar vein if one tries to seek HIm.....clearly the author is some obsessed person who is tryin to mislead the masses. islam happens to be the only religion which welcomes everyone and anyone ..... as far as the irresponsible comments about pakistan are concerned....this is what our (indian ) leadership doin....feedin itself on the hatred of ppl and committin heartless crimes in kashmir....humanity comes 1st....n thats what our govt is violatin in kashmir.

Anonymous said...

Oh plzz.... Islam is a peaceful religion - my foot!!!

Even countries with over 95% Muslims, there is killing between tribes / ethnicities / shia - sunni - ahmeddiya.

You guys just do not know what is peace. Yes, you will find peace in heaven with 72 virgins (again, my foot). But glad if you believe it, coz all of you need to die and reach there as soon as possible.

Then the rest of the religions of the world can live in peace.

China - now it will have to learn to adapt....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The author of this blog is "An Asshole and an idoit" who don't even have any idea wat he has written.

Anonymous said...

what a waste of time and energy; both in reading this blog, as well as writing it :(

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The guy is definitely right, and there's no question.

صدف ریاض said...

Great going sid..!!
Anyone who dares challenge Islam can happily visit the youtube and watch Dr. Zakir Naik's videos... He has already shut the mouths of many prominent personalities of the major religion with SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCES and he can shut your too..!!

Do you have the guts to challenge Islam?
We have the guts to answer them..
Come and debate..!!

Lets see who has the last laugh..

Anonymous said...

by readings some articles and referring some website you cant predict anything. this article clearly shows that author dont have any knowledge about freemason or islam. as far as the muslim terrorist attacks are concern you can give any poor people some and he can do anything for the sake of money, or you just realize him that this attack is for religious revenge, a lay man do anything but you cant blame religion for this

Anonymous said...

i have a simple question for every indian, does anybody have ask any kashmiri person how they are living there in that terror, what they want, how that military behaves with them. we indian only believe on those things which published in news papers and what these politicians wants to show us.

Anonymous said...

there are enormous examples of famous people converting to islam. do any indian knows why GANDHI was actually killed? because he is going to convert into ISLAM and that RSS people dont want it to happen. you cant find this in any indian article it is there in British article.

Anonymous said...

the person who wrote this blog has apparently no idea about the true nature of noetic sciences and what inner consciousness is all about. just go through the Sufism and the mysticism that is an integral part of Islam and u'll get to know what all the saints and sufis have been trying to preach through Islam which does ask man to seek his inner consciousness and understand the true nature of this mortal piece of world.

Anonymous said...

You bring up some excellent ideas, however "And the epicenter of this evil empire today are located in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia" this is a very bold statement. You are missing one major point, that it is not the religion that is the cause of this evil, it is the select few who choose to interpret the Quran in a different way to control the masses and push their agenda and cause the violence..etc.
The problem is that some of your statements are bias because you are Indian and dislike Pakistani's.(think about that). Free your mind, its not about the religion, its the corrupt people running the show aka Illuminati

Anonymous said...

The reason masonry is considered a sin is because of its agenda, which is to control the masses for the NWO.. WHen youre a Mason, you work toward that goal knowingly or unkowingly taking orders from the higher ups.

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Anonymous said...

FreeMasons is straigt sheytan, the devil with the name "luzifer". all this dajjal-think is coming from the kabbala. islam accept christians, jews but yes. the islam is not accepting luzifer as god.

nobody choosed his or her parents but everybody has to die.

the third temple in jerusalem is what every freemasons wants.. to destroy the al-aksa mosque. so who is evil ????????????????????

VY said...

Free Masonary and Neotic Sciences has roots in European Renaissance, which has a lot to do with Albrecht Durer and his paintings. The research in neotic science is expected to solve many ancient mysteries taking the symbols in Albrecht Durer's paintings
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Anonymous said...

i am a muslim and i dnt believe the freemasons as a whole are evil they also like every other institute have been infiltrated and corrupted at the highest levels it is keeping secrets that is the evil, knowledge should be shared for all, its the fact that the freemason's keep secrets between its members that evil has crept in and flourished so well over the last few hundred years,when we have an open society then we have open hearts and open minds. i,e islamic empire in the middle ages

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Lol freemasonic shittards think esoteric wisdom is secular....i hav studied freemasonary for last 30 years and knw fully well that its god is luvifer

Anonymous said...

Totally Biased Article without Facts. The most intesresting part is targeting Wahabi-Deobandi school of thoughts. You forget to share that both these school of thoughts focus on TAUHEED / MONOTHEISM. Notable scholars available on Youtube n social media to ANSWER and reply boldy and clear the concepts such as Dr. Zakir Naik and Maulana Tariq Jameel. Can you present any big FREEMASON from David Rockefeller and Rothschild Banking family to comeup and reply in public???? Set up a challenging debate publicly. Its shamefull that you used the words like FREE! These freemasonry and Illuminati are Taghoot and would like to make Human thier SLAVE like in the days of old EGYPTIANS ruled by few for thier own interest and today they also added BANK INTEREST and NWO.