Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It is one of the many possibilities that has been playing in my mind. Mamata's strident stand had to have some economics. She may be above "corruption", but her party members are not. Singur saw songs, dances, and feasts while the "gherao" of TATA plant was on. Someone had to be paying for this. Logically it has to be someone who gains from TATAs leaving - and the name that crops up is BAJAJ. BAJAJ has ambitious plans for the "small car" segment too - hence NANO is a direct competition.

While this is all pure conjecture, I do have a right to speculate and exercise my freedom of speech.

TATA's require 900 acres plus - this includes the ancillary units who have to be close to "mother plant" for obvious reasons. It is possible that BAJAJ has stated that it will get its work done in 700 acres, so that the 300 acres in contention is not taken.

What happens to this 300 acres if taken out from the Vendor site, and returned to the "unwilling" farmers?

Because of fly ash and other materials at site, the land is "uncultivable" for at least 3 years. What will the farmers do for 3 years? Most likely they will sell it back to "vendors" or "real estate" players at a higher price and thus make a neat profit. And who will aid in this sale - hmmm - could it be some "Trinamool politicians"?

This is the most ugly industrial fiaso I have seen. BRAND BENGAL IS FINISHED - WHETHER TATAS STAY OR GO. It will take years to make up and then too, it will be too late. If INFOSYS goes too, BENGAL WOULD HAVE LOST 2 BEST COMPANIES - TATAS & INFY.

I cannot see this happening in KERELA even - forget anywhere else. Please start preparing to send your children abroad - Bengal is lost to hooligans ..............


Anonymous said...

Well, lets just hope that your speculation is just that and Bajaj does not benefit from this!

Though undoubtedly all this does go on to spell doom for Bengal, isnt such a fatalistic view too pessimistic? Afterall, solutions are the need of the hour in this moment of crisis.


Well, the TATAs are moving out. Let's see who comes in, or if anyone comes in at all.

Ayon said...

no ones going to come in..... lets just pack our bags for noida nd bangalore....



bengalspotlight said...

TATA & BAJAJ both are smiling faces. But do they feel persecuted for the Indian Society below the poverty line? They are connected with the growth of GDP and Other aspects of rising Indian Society. And they are obviously secured by the Indian Society by and large. They should think over this society from which they have gained a lot. A secured Indian Society is the base of their secured business. Would they please prfer thinking over a little bit upon the attack by the anti-Indian elements causing a great harm to this society beyond the political and financial gain?
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