Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Picture taken Pradip Sanyal, Telegraph, Kolkata.

In my earlier post “POTENT COMBINATION”, I wrote : “However, what harms JUH-I’s interest is industrialization. If JUH-I’s core constituents start making money, they will lead the “good life”, start getting “educated” in regular schools and thus JUH-I’s grip on them will fade fast. Hence, most regressive Islamic leaders abhor industrialization.

But they cannot do it alone. They need a “desperate” actor. People like Laloo Prasad etc, are part of this group, who state SIMI is not a terrorist organization. Question is, where does Mamata stand? Will she allow herself to be exploited by Siddiqqullah and damage the industrial renaissance that Bengal needed by her short-sightedness?”

Remember Mulayam Singh Yadav – he wanted to give Fridays off as holidays in UP to appease the Muslims. The same goes for Mamata, and also shows the enormous clout Muslims and Naxalite groups are playing in Mamata’s stand, which single handedly is derailing West Bengal.

Question is: Other than citing dismay, what is the Left Front Govt. doing? NOTHING !! Have they factored in another industry in the place of TATAs? Their inaction is SHOCKING. Surely, its more than vote bank politics, or have we all become morally bankrupt?


1. All industries (private / public) to have reservation for SC/ST/OBC/ MUSLIMS and this will exceed 50%
2. All Industries to pay more to state exchequer, including many “pro-people” incentives to workers (including part time workers), making Trianamool UNION a ferocious entity.
3. No new industry will come up. So say good bye to INFOSYS, MITTALS etc – a loss of Rs 80,000 Crs investment and counting
4. With negative industrial growth, job scenario will dwindle creating chaos in villages and turbulence in cities, the right mix that will aid the Naxalites and Muslims.
5. Closing down of shopping malls for being anti – people
6. Closing down of Clubs for being too “bourgeoisie”
7. FRIDAYS to be declared a Holiday to appease her core constituency. Get ready to work on SUNDAYS.
8. All FOOTPATHS are to be re-named "HAWKERS ONLY ZONE". Please start walking on ROADS !!

Lin Piao’s theory of occupying the villages before overwhelming the cities comes to mind when I see MAMATA today.

A plea to LEFT FRONT Govt. See what you have done from the 70s, given rise to a siege mentality when the best industries left Kolkata. See how Mumbai and Gujrat prospered at the expense of Bengal. This is your last chance to Right a Wrong. Don’t let MAMATA & her “rowdies” take BENGAL away from INDIA.


Anonymous said...


Your comments are so true about Mamata. She has made us a laughing stock in front of the world.. But yes, what intrigues me hugely is why cant the Left Govt. DO anything about this mad woman and have an action plan in place??

Ayon said...

@ anon and writer....

wat CAN you do?? mamata is way too volatile.. you just CANT do anything. I mean look at her past reactions... she was not allowed to go to singur and he demolished the bidhansabha(and literally shamed us: this had not happened even in the dark 70's days), she goes on personal attacks on slightest provocation.... and worst are her attention seeking stunts... you knw i have a GUT feeling she might really have benefitted from all this drama...


@AYON & Anonymous : My guess is that Left Front is trying to be too smart - its cadres are telling it that people (city or village - I dont know) are angry with the Opposition and asked CM Buddha Babu to remain stern. In all negotiations there is a door left open. On one side you have a woman who is stuck in the muck and unwilling or rather unable to move. I actually doubt her moral aura - she did scams with her US Degree and then the Doctorate degree and many more. She suffers from inferiority complex and wants to gain public regonition with these "manufactured" degrees. Hence, pandering to her false sense of "achievement" and "erudide deficiencies" - Naxals come in with a heavy dosage of filling for her moral and knowledge gap. In supplanting their beleifs, Mamata has become a prisoner to their thoughts. And she does behave like a puppet and a demented Nero dancing and swaying while Singur burns.

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