Monday, September 1, 2008


SAVE FARMLAND COMMITTEE is agitating with Mamata Banerjee. Yet, a senior ACTIVIST of "Save Farmland Committee" has no qualms of acting as a broker for land in SINGUR. WHAT A SHAM ?

Here's why? (NOTE : 3 BIGHAS = 1 ACRE)

When BENGAL Govt acquired land in SINGUR in 2006, the price of single crop land was Rs 3.90 Lakh / bigha and for multiple crop land it was Rs 4.27 Lakh / bigha. Today (2008), the rate for single crop land is Rs 16 Lakh / bigha and for multiple crop land it is Rs 25 Lakh / bigha.

If TATAs pull out, the prices will crash and most of the TRINAMOOL activists do not want that. They want to eat the cake too !!

While one faction is supplyling raw materials to TATA plant and making money, the other faction is busy brokering land deals. The big daddies of course, want some of the land back, so that they can then sell it off to real estate and make a killing at the current prevailing prices.

But once govt acquires land, it cannot return it to private parties. Should they return it, let Govt. give a caveat : that these private farmers cannot resell the land and the right of first purchase remains with the Govt and at old prices. All AGITATION will STOP.

Its only MONEY !! HONEY !!


Anonymous said...

I hope the TATAs move out of Bengal. Will serve Mamata's greedy coeterie right. And Mr RATAN TATA, the rest of INDIA is waiting for you. Come back to us !!

Anonymous said...

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