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1971 – Role of Pakistan Army’s genocide in Bangladesh

To understand the context for the present crisis, we need to look back at the bloody birth of Bangladesh. In 1970, Bangladesh was part of united Pakistan. During the 1970 general elections, the Bengalis of Bangladesh (then East Pakistan) won an overwhelming majority, electing Sheikh Mujib to Prime Minister of Pakistan. Alarmed at the thought of being ruled by their racial inferiors from East Pakistan(EVEN TODAY PAKISTANIS VIEW THE SHORT STATURED DARKER BANGLADESHIS AS RACIALLY INFERIOR), the Pakistan army cancelled the results of the election and launched a brutal crackdown. In the mass genocide that followed, 3 Million Bengalis were killed and 10 Million became refugees in India.


The war that followed - Pakistan was soundly defeated in 1971 that led to the creation of Bangladesh, the retreat of Pakistan was marred by charges of genocide and brutality that were so horrifying and cruel that Pakistan itself chose to bury the findings of report of this massacre.


In December 1971, within a week of replacing General Yahya as the President, Bhutto formed a commission headed by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Hamood-ur-Rahman. The Commission's responsibility was to ascertain the facts of the 1971 debacle.

Originally there were 12 copies of the Report. These were all destroyed; expect the one that was handed over to Z. A. Bhutto. Though the Report remained classified, till its contents were made public in 2002.

The Hamood-ur-Rahman Report's findings accuse the Pakistan Army of carrying out senseless and wanton arson, killings in the countryside, killing of intellectuals and professionals and burying them in mass graves, killing of Bengali Officers and soldiers on the pretence of quelling their rebellion, killing East Pakistani civilian officers, businessmen and industrialists, raping a large number of East Pakistani women as a deliberate act of revenge, retaliation and torture, and deliberate killing of members of the Hindu minority.


I beseech every reader to read his real life accounts of by clicking here.

On the last para Abul writes: “As I write this re-count, I learnt that 100 new 'killing fields' have been discovered all around Bangladesh. Was I surprised? No, not at all! However, what surprised me the most was why did it take so long?

Why did we have to wait almost 30 years to know that innocent folks were butchered just as cattle? Rest assured that many more killing fields will be found. The killing fields of Cambodia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Afghanistan, etc., will be nothing when compared to the killing fields in Bangladesh. Let us not forget these killing fields. Let us not forget the sacrifice of 3 million people who shed enough blood to change the verdure of monsoon drenched land of Bengal. They certainly gave their lives so that we can enjoy the fruits of freedom. Freedom from the tyranny of Punjabi masters and Pakistani Oligarchy. I would ask every Bangalees not to forget the butchers of those nights and days when we remember the fallen angels of our land. The crime should never go unpunished.”

Seeing his writing, one Major Kashif from Pakistan Army wrote to Abul: (excerpts)-

From: kashif khan <>
Sent: Sunday, 7 August 2005 1:43:11 AM
Subject: friendship

“d. Why we always spread hatred now, even u have got ur free country.
e. I normally go through all the papers concerning East Pakistan crises and i always found a hatred towards Pakistan Army from u my bengali brothers. Why.
f. i m from the same Pakistan Army, i have done nothing to u. Granted my forefathers must have done something, well i seek apologies on their behalf because i cannot do any thing at this time except for seeking apologies.
g. why cant we forget those follies which were committed by my forefathers as well as ur forefathers.”


To get an idea of how your favourite army killed uncountable innocents and burnt thousands of our villages, may I request you to go through page 91 of the famous document "Witness to Surrender" by Pakistani Brig. Siddque Salik?

Now, please tell me:

How can we ever forgive and forget an army whose soldiers indiscriminately killed our young children and old people? I can tell you for certainty that there is probably not a single family in BD (Bangladesh) who has not lost at least one close or distant relation in the gratuitous murder committed by the Jawans of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

How can we forgive and forget those soldiers who raped our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters? They perpetrated this Islamic rape (to use their terminology) to around 400,000 of our women. The Islamic army of Pakistan regarded our women as captives (ganimatter maal), and, as per Islamic law, they were entitled to have sex with them. Please tell me how could we tolerate and forget such calumnious, debauched rectitude of Pakistani Jawans and Officers?

How can we forgive an army who treated us like they were treating animals and cattle? They believed, Allah had permitted them to kill all the unbelievers living in BD. This, of course, included almost the entire Bengali race, who, according to general Yahya Khan, were not true Muslims and, so, were fair game for the genocide. I have written an elaborate essay on this.

And, how can we forgive a nation that has not, as yet, given to us what rightfully belonged to us?

Please answer me: If you had gone through what we Bengalis had suffered for nine months, would you have forgiven the perpetrators of rape, loot and arson? Do you think that by forgiving your great Muslim army, we would be able to forget the atrocities they committed when we were helpless and unarmed?

Are you trying to absolve your nation of the assets it owes to us by seeking our forgiveness?

Let the Pak-Govt pay us back, as was on 26 March 1971 (A) half of the State-Bank reserve (B) Half of PIA, (C) Half of Pakistan National Shipping Corporation and all other national resources. Don't you think this is just fair, Islamically speaking? - as you claim to be a very good Muslim?

Only when these are settled, could we talk of peace and reconciliation. Our hearts and minds will burn for ever, for what Pakistan army did to us in the name of Islam and the so-called Islamic brotherhood, which were just the tools of exploitation and oppression for the simple-minded and gullible Bengali people. We shall never ever let this happen to us again.

To the Pakistan army, India is the eternal enemy. This is not true for us. We can, and we are, living quite amicably with India. We never forget the help Indian government and the its common people accorded us generously when Pakistan army was killing us. Please know that India is not our enemy, it can never be. We shall, for ever, remain grateful to India and its citizens to let us survive when your Islamic brothers were slaughtering us.”

BuA: In my numerous trips to Dhaka, the above sentiment is nearly all pervasive and being a Bengali myself, I speak the same language as Bangladeshis. And during my work, I wanted to meet the person I will vilify shortly, Salahuddin Qader Chowdhury – however he just refused to meet me after he came to know I was from India.

In that fight for freedom there were elements in Bangladesh that sided with the Paskistan Army – they were Jamaat e Islami, Al Badr & Razakars amongst others.

The Razakars were officially created by the Pakistani military and trained and paid by the government of Pakistan should not be forgotten - and will become an important element in any future genocide trial.

The history of 1971 and the Bangladesh Genocide is under attack from revisionists and genocide deniers. The victims of this attack will be the younger generation of Bangladeshis unless there is an attempt to preserve that history.

: (1970) They are paid Rs. 3 a day (25 pence at the official rate) and receive seven days’ training which appears to consist entirely of learning how to shoot a police Lee-Enfield rifle. Their work consists of “security checks” - guiding the West Pakistan troops to the homes of supporters of the Awami League. They are supposed to be under the orders of local `peace committees” which are selected by the military authorities on a similar basis of “loyalty to Pakistan”. These people are, in fact, representatives of the political parties - were routed at the last elections, with an admixture of men with criminal records and bigoted Muslims who have been persuaded that strong arm methods are needed to protect their religion.


NOVEMBER 8, 1998 could well be a turning point in Bangladesh's history. On that day, Kazi Gulam Rasul, a District and Sessions Court judge of Dhaka, sentenced to death by firing squad in public 15 former Army officers, the "self-confessed killers" of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, 23 years after the country's founding father was assassinated in a military coup that overthrew Bangladesh's first Government. Mujibur Rahman was brutally murdered along with 26 others, including his wife, three sons (one of them was just 10 years old), two daughters-in-law, brother, close relatives, political associates and security men in a pre-dawn attack on August 15, 1975.

The historic verdict, which was delivered after 17 months of hearings, came at the end of an agonising trial. The "Bangabandhu murder case" - as it is called - was filed in October 1996, more than 21 years after the assassination took place and four months after the Awami League Government led by Sheikh Hasina, one of Mujibur Rahman's two surviving daughters, assumed office.

The shame that accompanied the killings was deepened by the proclamation in 1975 of the Indemnity Ordinance by the military government of Khandaker Mostaque Ahmed, who appointed himself President of the country following Mujibur Rahman's assassination. The infamous Ordinance was incorporated in the Constitution by President Gen. Ziaur Rahman. The Ordinance granted indemnity from prosecution to those who plotted for and participated in the bloody political changeover.

However, the Shiekh Hasina Government, after it assumed office in June 1996, sought the opinion of a panel of judges and legal experts and cleared the hurdles in the way of prosecution of the plotters. In October 1996, cases were filed against 19 persons in connection with the assassination. All but one of the accused were former military personnel.


Sheikh Hasina, one of the two surviving daughters of the assassinated Mujibur Rahman is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh today, having secured over 2/3 majority in the Parliament. She wanted to put on trial the 1971 collaborators.
If one looks at the collaborators – they were Bangladeshis who sided with Pakistan Army.

Hence, Pakistan has told Bangladesh that the “time is not ripe” for Dhaka’s conducting the trial of ‘war criminals’ who committed atrocities on civilians during the 1971 freedom movement.

Islamabad is very uneasy
at the prospect of the war criminals trials in Bangaldesh and does not want the true story of genocide to come out in public, specially now since it is already in the eyes of the world as a “terrorist” spewing entity and home to Al-Qaeda and Taliban.



Just a few days prior to the BDR mutiny, trials had begun against the JI chief, Matiur Rahman Nizami, and nine others for "carrying out a massacre during the war of independence in 1971".



The Bangladesh Liberation War Documents and a report by the people's commission appointed by the Committee for Elimination of the Killers and Collaborators of 1971 describe in horrifying details some of the brutalities Salauddin had gratuitously committed against freedom fighters in Chittagong district. These include the gruesome killing of 71-year-old principal Nutan Chandra Singha, and assassination of Farooq, a student leader and Dayalhari Biswas, another college student.

Soon after the liberation of Bangladesh, Salauddin and his father were arrested when they were about to flee to Pakistan with a maund of gold. Following a brief detention, they were let off under the general amnesty declared by the Sheikh Mujib government. Salauddin has thrived ever since on numerous heinous crimes. Killing and maiming of political opponents are his favourite pastimes.

In Khaleda Zia’s government, he was an MP. Salauddin Qader Chaudhury lets go no pretext to spit venom against India to arouse communal passions against religious minorities. He is invariably involved in every act of Hindu-cleansing in Raujan upazilla and Chittagong metropolitan areas.

It's an open secret that Salauddin has made a huge fortune through his close links with the criminal underworld and smuggling networks operating in the Chittagong port and coastal belt. Despite his pathological hatred for India, in 1991, he made a frantic bid for the GSA of the Indian Airlines and Air India. His failure to clinch that lucrative deal only sharpened his enmity towards India.

Originally a diehard Muslim Leaguer, Salauddin served as a Cabinet minister in the late Eighties in the Cabinet of Gen. Ershad. He joined the BNP just before the parliamentary election in 2001. His machinations ensured the defeat of the BNP candidate and freedom fighter Col. (Retd.) Oli Ahmed to the unofficial Jamaat candidate Shajahan Chaudhury. Despite this treachery, Begum Zia appointed him her adviser on parliamentary affairs solely for the purpose of using his unending mischief potential against the Awami League. Salauddin has been doing this task most effectively, making it impossible for the opposition Awami League to function in the Parliament.

Despite this un-edifying profile of the man, the BNP-Jamaat government has nominated Salauddin as its candidate for the post of Secretary General of the Organisation of Islamic Countries. This has triggered an avalanche of protests throughout the country. For his part, Salauddin has launched a fierce counter-offensive against his detractors. He has filed two defamation cases against the editors of two respected dailies of Dhaka for publishing criticisms of his nomination.

The Bangladesh intelligentsia has no doubt at all that the Khaleda government has nominated this war criminal for the OIC assignment at the instance of Islamabad in the hope that, should he scrape through, it would enormously increase the leverage of the Pakistan-Bangladesh axis in the Islamic world that can be used, among other things, to discomfit and disturb India.

He had the temerity to call the then opposition leader and now Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina as “bua” = housemaid.

He is the mafia owner of the port of Chittagong and runs a racket on illegal arms through his transport company. The last "ENORMOUS" haul of illegal shipment of arms in Chittagong port was pinpointed to him. The Hindu newspaper reports: The cache included 690 7.62 mm T-56-I sub-machine guns (SMGs); 600 7.62 mm T-56-2 SMGs; 150 40 mm T-69 rocket launchers; 840 40 mm rockets; 400 9 mm semi-automatic spot rifles; 100 `Tommy Guns'; 150 rocket launchers; 2,000 launching grenades; 25,020 hand grenades; 6,392 magazines of SMG and other arms; 700,000 rounds of SMG cartridges; 739,680 rounds of 7.62 mm calibre; and 400,000 cartridges of other weapons. Most of the arms and ammunition were reportedly of Korean, Italian, Chinese and American make. (And this was only part of the huge cache that were caught, the rest suspected to have reached its destination).

Independent media investigations also revealed that a labour leader linked to Jamaat-e-Islami, a major constituent of the ruling coalition, had employed workers at the jetty of the state-owned Chittagong Urea Fertilizer Limited (CUFL) to offload the arms from two fishing trawlers and a local Bangladesh National Party (BNP) leader supervised the clandestine operation. BuA: This was none other than Salauddin Qader Choudhury.

Interestingly the Chittagong City Mayor and Awami League leader A.B.M. Mohiuddin Chowdhury alleged that Indian insurgent groups ran "at least 50 to 60 camps" in Bangladesh to train militants. Addressing a media conference on April 10, the Mayor claimed that the weapons were sent by the U.S. and Pakistan "to arm Indian rebels camped in Chittagong Hill Tracts" (US & PAKISTAN ???)

Amerian Chronicle reporting on the arms haul points out : "...former advisor to the Prime Minister, Salauddin Quader Chowdhury might have been involved in the arms hauls. But, none of these figures could ever be interrogated by the members of the investigations authorities, as they all are extremely influential politically in the country."

It was his fleet of trucks that were caught ferrying arms to ULFA and other terror groups in India’s north eastern corridor. No wonder, he was ISI’s favorite man in Dhaka.

He was also a “collaborator” in the 1971 and Sheikh Hasina surely would have targeted Salauddin first (the comment of bua would have instigated her no doubt).


The defense of border falls to BDR and in pay terms they draw a far lesser salary than Bangladesh Army. During Khaleda Zia’s regime, the BDR was infiltrated with fundamentalists owing allegiance to Jamaat e Islami, AL BADR, HUJI-B and other terror organizations – and overseen by Salauddin.

Seeing the trials of “war criminals” as an end of the road, both Pakistan Army (whose image will be tarnished) and Salauddin (who will get hanged, if found guilty) found common ground to stir up trouble in Bangladesh using lower level BDR recruits owing allegiance to it and using the discontent on the pay disparity as an excuse (valid, as it was).

Both Pakistan and BNP and Jamaat from time to time tried to kill of Sheikh Hasina and this was one more attempt. That Army Chief Moeen Ahmed may himself have been a target in this mutiny - for being "SECULAR" - is not ruled out either.. However this failed in the final objective and full scale of Pakistan’s links with the “mutiny” is yet to come out.

Anup Chetia, the jailed ULFA leader in Dhaka, is set to be handed over to India. Surely this could be bad news to Paksitan, as Chetia will be made to showcase the close relation ISI had with ULFA and other terror groups.

What is yet to come out is the dubious role the Bangladesh intelligence agency the DGFI played in the BDR revolt. The DGFI has sold itself lock, stock and barrel to ISI. Efforts are on to cleanse the rot, though. Read this excellent blog : DGFI & ISI plan to capture Bengal (West Bengal, INDIA) through vote machinery.

For an excellent perspective from Bangladesh - do go to these "important" blog - Shada Kalo (White & Black) & SUCHINTA (Good Thoughts).



Anonymous said...

i m a bangladeshi and i HATE pakistan. seriously.

MK, Dhaka said...

I am from Bangladesh too, and trust me the honeymoon with Pakistan is all but over.

If I get to see any Pakistani, I will myself lynch him to death.

TTV INDIA said...

@ BuA,

That there was more to it than meets the eye, was evident to a sane mind. The reasons cited for what happened in Dhaka can never happen in a country like Bangladesh. Firstly, that the backwardness of the country is such that anyone having a steady flow of income however less it may be, itself should be a reason to be happy. So when BDR Jawans cite the reason that the pay deficiency is the reason for them to hold a Mutiny and kill their superior officers, it does not really seems a valid reason to me at least. The attempt was clearly to eradicate someone which either was successful or failed miserably. If it was the DG BDR, then the mutiny is successful, and if was as BUA suggested, to get rid of Sheikh Hasina, then it is a massive failure.

So another Failure for ISI if it was involved. It seems to be losing its touch and sheen. Probably too much talibanised and madarsaa trained elements in its cadre ;). Good for India and Bangladesh though. I think it would be good if INdia takes a slightly lager interest in the economic and general development of Bangladesh now with Shekh Hasina in Place.

Anonymous said...

This was pure and simple targetted killing by BDR on officers that went after Jamaat - as many as 30 such officers were first gunned down.

The dirty hands of Jamaat are all over the officers and their families and they will be have to pay for this.


The Telegraph newspaper UK carried an article : Pakistan in the frame for Bangladesh uprising. It clearly mentions :

"As the scale of carnage and the cruelty of the mutineers has emerged – including harrowing reports of the wives and children of some of the officers being mutilated – serious doubts have surfaced over whether such brutality would have been carried out simply over a pay dispute. The death toll is expected to rise further as investigators search for 70 officers who are still missing.

Investigators are expected to probe the extent of militant penetration of the Bangladesh Rifles by al-Qaeda linked groups like Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, and also whether the uprising was linked to the prime minister's plans to establish a war-crimes tribunal to put on trial those who collaborated with the Pakistan Army in Bangladesh's war of independence."

Anonymous said...

A simple solution for RAW - if it has to regain any credibility - unless their aircrafts are still not being flown by the Chief's wife for "visits to temples":

1. Kill Salauddin Qader Chowdhury in Bangladesh. Even B'desh will be happy.

2. Kill Dawood Ibrahim in Karachi using some Pushtun elements aligned with Ahmed Shah Masoud. Of course both Pakistan and political class in India will be unhappy with this.

Do it !!

Sreeram Chaulia, NY said...

The first indication that the BDR revolt was politically driven comes from its timing. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had barely settled into her post, taking oath of office on January 6 after her Awami League party swept the general elections which had been long delayed due to military intervention.

Already, hints are emerging that the BDR mutiny enjoyed the secret backing of some Bangladesh army officers who had been sidelined by Army Chief Moeen Ahmed. Ahmed is widely seen as a secular officer who clamped down on the fundamentalist outfits that had been close to the previous civilian regime of Begum Khaleda Zia, the leader of the Bangladesh National Party (BNP).

Ahmed made a commitment to roll back the "Talibanization" of Bangladesh, which was going on for several years of Begum Zia's rule. The latitude and state legitimacy that Begum Zia showered on the Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) and Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) had given Islamists free rein to terrorize Bangladesh's Hindu minorities and enforce strict moral restrictions on the country's majority Muslims and secular intellectuals.

During Begum Zia's second term in office (2001-2006), a large swathe of the Bangladesh army was infiltrated by JI and JMB elements to strengthen the permanent Islamist constituency in the country's most powerful institution. Many rank-and-file and non-commissioned officers of the Bangladesh military today have Islamist educational backgrounds because madrassa (Islamic school) graduates joined in large numbers and brought with them a fundamentalist fervor that coexisted uneasily with the more secular top echelons of the army led by Ahmed.

There is every possibility that the BDR mutiny in Dhaka was backed by "pro-Islam" army officers. This is why it is being rumored that Ahmed will have to carry out yet another purge within the army after the failed uprising.

From the very beginning, the "pro-Islam" segments of Bangladeshi society and the army had sympathies for Pakistan and opposed the independence of Bangladesh in 1971. The JI leadership was at the forefront of mass atrocities on behalf of the Pakistan army on the eve of Bangladeshi independence. When the secular Hasina returned to power in January, she implemented a bold initiative to seek war crimes prosecutions with UN assistance of the JI figures who spearheaded the killings in 1971.

Just a few days prior to the BDR mutiny, trials had begun against the JI chief, Matiur Rahman Nizami, and nine others for "carrying [out a] massacre during the war of independence in 1971". Hasina's steps against the fundamentalists were based on detailed investigations and a collection of documents over a long period by non-governmental organizations and associations of former freedom fighters. That the JI and JMB would hit back in the form of terrorist attacks or serial bomb blasts in the country was expected, but few thought that they could attempt a mutiny through sympathizers in the army and the BDR.

Although all evidence suggested that the attacks were the handiwork of the JI and the JMB, the BDR insisted that the blasts had a sinister foreign hand. The BDR's forces were also been involved in a major security incident along the border with India in 2001, when 16 Indian soldiers were killed. The shared perception of Indian intelligence agencies is that the BDR's lower rung cadres, who executed the massacres in last week's failed mutiny, were completely under the JI and the JMB's ideological sway.

General Ahmed himself was not present in the BDR headquarters when the mutiny broke out, but he was a likely target of the plotters because of his perceived secular and pro-India character.

The assessment in India for the past two years has been that the caretaker government under Ahmed's supervision was cracking down on the "pro-Islam" juggernaut that had gone on the rampage during Begum Zia's rule.
The master plan of "Talibanizing" Bangladesh with state power and the backing of religious sections of the army and the BDR fell flat when Ahmed shepherded the transition to democracy in December 2008 and installed the secular Sheikh Hasina in power. The election of Hasina was a severe blow to jihadi sections in Bangladeshi society, the army and the paramilitaries who were intent on Islamizing the country along the model of Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. If there was a combine which badly wanted to stage yet another coup d'etat, it was this coalition of "Islam-pasand" ("Fond of Islam" in Bengali) elements desirous of a counter-revolution against Hasina's government.

Hasina's government and Ahmed's army are obviously going to try to get to the root of the matter in the following days, and they will probe Indian "leaks" of a Pakistani hand in the affair. What is certain is that the BDR putsch had grand religious and geopolitical causes which are far more profound than the relative trifle of a salary raise.

Anonymous said...

I just do not understand that why Bangladesh got satisfied after getting East Pakistan from Pakistan,In my opinion Bangladesh is still incomplete, till the time West Bengal,which is part of india is united with East Bengal.Bangladesh must struggle to re-unite into one entity.This should be the ultimate aim of all Bangladeshi people.

Anonymous said...

History repeats itself.....

This is the result of not destroying the Rajakars and others who killed you brothers and sisters.

India should take a leading role here. We should support a secular and healthy BD for our interest as well. Not let BD to be another Afghanistan/Pakistan/Sri Lanka/Nepal.

RAW should work here.... just like 1971...

SmarterOne said...

@ anon March 2, 2009 8:19 AM

u shud thank India for even having wt is called BD tday else West Pakistanis wud've killed every bengali in east pakistan.
Such a shame tht u comment like this instead of being grateful. Either u are a paki or some leftover by the pakis.
But we still hope sense prevails & BD progresses into a better country. BD can be a better partner to India than any other country in the region if only Islamic fundamentalism doesnt ruin it as it did pakistan.

Anonymous said...

@ anon March 2, 2009 8:19 AM

Of course he is a Pakistani. See the first line - he states: "I just do not understand that why Bangladesh got satisfied after getting East Pakistan from Pakistan."

He seems uncertain whey Bangladesh got satisfied .. Of course he is not a Bangladeshi then. Hence he is a Pakistani since he is at a loss why BD should be happy at separation. Note - he mentions - EAST PAKISTAN.

And then talks about getting W Bengal into Bangladesh. No Bangladeshi as such wants this - but Islamists and Pakistanis want a chunk of W Bengal into Bangladesh.



Sri Lankan cricketers shot at in LAHORE, ostensibly by the Taliban (which Taliban, who, why? - not known).

The sub-continent is on fire, as the ants which were nurtured are trying to climb out of their safe and hidden confines from below.

Anonymous said...


Pakis were planning to send across several thousand terrorists to Kashmir thru POK.

Guess they too needed a diversion .....

Anonymous said...

Well, the attention has clearly been shifted from the BDR massacre to Pakistan now.

Who gains from the attacks on Lankan cricketers?

Its always the gain - short or long term. Or has the confusion created great enough to start the next objective?

TTV INDIA said...

There are a series of public awareness adverts doing the rounds these days on various TV Channels here. Its the project is named "Bell Bajao" or something like that. It is focussed on Domestic Violence in India and how can it be limited by neighbours of those who indulge in such Domestic Violence. The simplest solution given is to go and Ring a Bell of the household where you see/hear any sort of Domestic Violence. Interesting is'nt it?

Now lets just try and change the Neighbours House to Neighbouring Country. That Pakistan is in a mess and at war with itself, that Bangladesh has just had a mutiny by its Border Guards, and that Srilanka is on the verge of Victory against the LTTE in norhtern parts. Can India press the Bell Button? Does it have this option? Does the neighbouring doors have any door bells? Does it make any sense to you? Well to me it does.

Today's attacks on the Srilankan Team in Lahore (which incidentaly is just 45 Kms. from Wagah Border, Amritsar) is the closest that it can get for domestic violence in the neighbourhood. Moreso, because it is this very city where Banners/Posters of Taliban pop up each morning which the Authorities make no waste of time in erasing. That the Taliban are against any form of entertainment and also education for girls makes it even more dangerous. Add to this the fact that it is an Urban Location unlike Swat. And we all know the new face of terror in urban locations with the Batla House and SIMI linked terrorists being suave, educated and tech savy. So are we seeing a situation where the Taliban are trying to put a seige to Islamabad? They have got SWAT up northwest of Isloo and Lahore which would roughly fall south east of Isloo, seems like a strategic tactic to create seige and cordon off the Capital of Pakistan. Karachi as it is virtually lost as per their own police.

Million $ question, can India Ring the Door Bell? And how? Does it make sense to ring a bell in the first place?

TTV INDIA said...

@ Sreeram. Great peice of Info. hanks

@ BuA - I couldnt agree more. The entier episode in Lahore is just a hogwash to divert attention from elsewhere to this theatre. I am surpirsed that the Talibani's could get a high security Benazir down but could not get a Single Srilankan Cricketer seriously inured enough, that too wih Grenades and Mortar Attacks thru ROcket Launchers and stuff. Was it intended to be that way? Purely because of the international attention it would garner and if any deaths, it would be like the repetition of the Jew Atheletes killings at olympics? Something that just does not seem right here.

fa said...


sorry to say, but the attack on sri lankans is most likely to be orchestrated by indian agents, to tarnish the image of pakistan and discourage any team to tour pakistan in the future. there is footage of the gunmen, and they dont look like taliban at all.

moreover, what would the taliban have against the sri lankans? If the target were english or australians, who have forces in afghanistan, one could understand it.

TTV INDIA said...

@ FA

Ummm... Is it not a fact that the Taliban oppose entertainment of any form and that Cricket and Football and other such sports are also opposite of their ideologies. And if you are saying that the Taliban come with specified Uniformic appearance, then you are mistaken my friend. The one's who executed 9/11 were not the rustic, uneducated average joe villagers, they were educated, technologically superior and from extremely good and decent families. Same was with Batla House inmates of Indian Mujahideen. Terror cannot be classified and recognised as simply are you have mentioned. Blaimig RAW and India for everything is nothing but denial.

fa said...

'Blaiming RAW and India for everything is nothing but denial.'

And yet most indians blame every domestic terrorist attack on LeT, ISI or even the Paksitan state rather than many local terrorist and/or separatist organisations. Is that not denial too.

it is a known fact that there are indian agents in pakistan. I was saying that it was 'most likely' that this attack was carried out by them as this attack fulfils indian objective of making pakistan look bad in the international arena. simulteneously, no international cricket will take place now in pak for years to come.


There are many theories on the attacks on Sri Lanka team in Lahore?

1. Was it RAW? Very unlikely as it has nothing to gain to cause any more turmoil in Pakistan as it is already under a turmoil. And we really do not want to destabilize the civilian government - the ISI & Pak Army might want it, but certainly not India.

And recent attacks in Pakistan have all been pointed at the Taliban and 80% of these to TTP of Baitullah Mehsud.

2. Was it ISI & Pak Army though LeT / other terror groups. Perhaps. It does want to destabilize the civilian government in Pakistan. It does want to steer the international attention away from the BDR mutiny in Bangladesh where it is going to be held responsible and Pak Army does not want to get itself dragged for genocide in 1971. But will it go about killing Sri Lanka cricket team for the above objectives - highly unlikely. Probable, but unlikely.

3. Baitullah Mehsud & TTP. Most likely. Remember a few days ago the Americans used drones to attack Baitulah Mehsud's hideout in Sararogha -tribal South Waziristan region.

This was after the supposed peace deal. You don't go on attacking after making "peace".

This was Baitullah Mehsud coming back at Pakistan - for helping drones, stationed in Pakistan, to attack Baitullah. They are anyway against music, cricket, entertainment - hence to them whether it was a team from Sri Lanka or Timbuctoo makes little difference, as long as Pakistan is being taught a lesson.

There could be other conspiracy theories and it will be "wrong" to stick your neck out and take a name.

I still think, the best candidate behind this, is TTP- Baitullah Mehsud. He has the resources, the reason and the grouse !

TTV INDIA said...

@ FA;-

"And yet most indians blame every domestic terrorist attack on LeT, ISI or even the Paksitan state rather than many local terrorist and/or separatist organisations. Is that not denial too."

Yes, And it is wrong. Yet we do it. But, the fact that the Govt. of India was blamed more for the attacks, the Intelligence failure and lapses on part of the machinery was questioned more by the people of India, that the Politicians of the country were made to answer and in some instances even thrown out of their houses and areas after the attacks, The Home Minister was shown the door becuase of public uproar over his failure, A chief Minister of Kerala was kicked out by a Martyred officers father, if you have not seen the pics of Protests by the Indian Masses post 26/11, the do go and chek them, it was not against ISI, it was against the Politicians. This my friend is the main difference.

While like any other community, Indians are culpable of Denial. And also Blaming others. But, what stands out is the fact, that the masses have questioned the system. They have blamed their Govt. for letting them down. This is where the Indians standout vis-a-vis Pakistani Population.

Nava said...

MK, Dhaka said...

If I get to see any Pakistani, I will myself lynch him to death.


Another lunatic member of Bangla Talibans!

It’s not Pakistan which pays/decides their low salary and allowances.

P.S. injustice is the cause of every mutiny

Anonymous said...

Imagine if the Indian team had actually gone as per schedule (which did not go and Sri Lanka went in its place and paid the price) - and imagine if it were Dhoni or Tendulkar who got shot in Lahore?

Can you guys even imagine what would have happened?

Now, ISI will target the 20-20 IPL games in India. It knows that RAW did not carry out the Lahore attacks - so what. Pakistan Army & ISI are unnerverd at the hike in Indian defense spending and would like to see its economy collapse... simple as that.

But what would have happened if it was Dhoni / Tendulkar or indeed any of the players getting shot like that in Lahore?

Anonymous said...

LTTE attacking the Sri Lanka players ... bull shit.

The LTTE will have to fly to Pakistan, set up logistics and hubs, and get inside information from Pakistani security teams which was responsible for the transportation and secrecy concerning the Lanka team movements.

Looks very far fetched. And the tall people and the gait seen on TV footage are not like that of the average Sri Lankan.

It's not LTTE !!

Kannan,India said...

It could be a contract hit by LTTE..
Jehadi commanders are there for hire and LTTE maintains relationship with jehadi organizations and ISI for its smuggling network. Remember Sea Tigers gave training to Al-Qaeda to carry out USS Cole attack and trains our Maoists in sharpening their IED and ambush skills.
It also could be quid pro quo as B.Raman suggested in his blog. It might have been and parting shot to Sri.Lanka before being finally put down. Also notice that though the ambush were professionally done, they didn't stand and fight like Lashkar-e-Toiba and jehadis normally does, they ran away..Major could be a contract hit. It doesn't make any sense to hit Lankan team for jehadis.
Or it could be Pak Army-ISI's design to further humiliate Zardari Govt and it also serves the purpose of diversion, as there would be an international sympathy. So they could show they are 'victims' when international aid donors tells them to do more on terror. This also helps to deflect its subterfuge in destabilizing Bangladesh.

Anonymous said...

@KANNAN - While the contract hit by LTTE looks most promising and I will give an earlier episode of LTTE+ISI connection in trying to kill Sheikh Hasina (now PM of Bangladesh), I have a 6th sense that this was ISI trying to discredit India - maybe they will now show Indian guns, Indian rocket launchers etc - that would be a Class IV attempt to get back and India but I will not put it past the ISI coz their pants are on fire and on Pak Army who are frothing at the failed BDR mutiny attempt.


There was an attempt to kill Sheikh Hasina (now PM of Bangladesh in 2000) in concert with Harkat-ul-Jehad of Bangladesh, LTTE, ISI honchos and the agents in Nepal.

The LTTE was hired as they were dependable and a complicated plot comprising of American connections of ISI and a firm in Kolkatta was hatched.

There was a meeting on June 6, 1999 at St. James Court Hotel in London, and the group hatched the final assassination plan. A decision was taken to pay LTTE $10 million for theirsuicide bombers. LTTE was the perfect organization for this and it would leave no trace either. Also since the LTTE would be from the Indian sub-continent, they could easily look like Bangladeshis! The Quid-pro-quo for LTTE was that if Khaleda Zia came to power, the LTTE would get use of some of islands in Bangladesh. They had used two islands (Qutubdia and Sonadia) earlier too as their godowns and safe houses earlier in 1994 too!

They would store their arms in these two islands for their assaults in Sri-Lanka as well as sale to other terror groups in India.

This meeting was attended, among others, by a famous London-based radio broadcaster of Bangladeshi origin who had taken part in the 1975 coup as an Army officer.

The meeting was also attended by a former Pakistani Army officer and a frontman for the ISI, Col. R.M. Ahsan, who owns Ahsan TradEx, a Karachi-based export-import firm, and Lt. Col. Khondakar Abdur Rashid and Lt. Col. S.H.M.B. Noor Chowdhury.

A decision was also taken to use Kolkata as a mid-transit point to bring the LTTE suicide bombers into Bangladesh and also to route the money to LTTE management. They recruited in a Kolkata-based computer firm owner as their agent. The modus operandi was over-invoicing - the terror team would buy software packages from the computer firm at "very high rates" and the "extra payment" or the over-invoiced money would be routed to the LTTE.

The meeting took another crucial decision. A back-up plan was formed lest the LTTE bombers failed. It decided that a huge RDX blast would be triggered in one of Hasina's public meetings. The job was assigned to Harkat-ul-Jehad, an Islamic funadamentalist organisation based in Bangladesh.

So how could the LTTE folks get the Bangladeshi visas with Sheikh Hasina's Government still in power? An official in the Bangladesh High Commission in Kolkatta was used. The official rules for High Commission visas says that only residents of West Bengal and the Northeast can get their visas from the Bangladesh High Commission offices in Calcutta and Agartala. The other applicants from other parts of the country have to apply to the High Commission offices in New Delhi. This rule was bended to get the visas to the suicide bombers.

They applied for visa as Shiekh Thaslim -- claiming to be a 22-year-old married Tamil girl with Khozikode as her permanent address -- and Subhalakshmi, also claiming to be from South India.

The third LTTE member entered into Bangladesh through the porous Northeast borders without any visa with a Bengali pseudonym -- Mahua -- for carrying out a "recce." "Explosive jackets had already reached Mahua by that time," the NSI official said.

Now LTTE was merely an execution machine, which worked for money and not for their passion on Jehad! So they required money. The payment to the LTTE was routed by a former military officer, Col. Munirul Islam Chowdhury "Munna", who ran a software company in North Virginia in the US. The deal was:

Munna would "buy" software from the Kolkata-based computer major and pay in dollars. The owner of the Indian firm would be paid well in excess of the value of the purchase with clear instructions to pass on $10 million to the LTTE contacts through another "over-invoicing deal."

Now, this group had not figured out that the Western and Indian sleuths were behind on them. Munna's movements were closely monitored by the Indian and Bangladeshi intelligence agencies in Kolkata where he stayed in Hotel Rutt Deen and Hotel Hindustan International (Room no. 615). When RAW discovered the plot, they had merely three days to decide on how to stop the money from reaching the LTTE.

Two days later, the owner of the Kolkata-based computer firm died in a road accident. The money, instead of lining the LTTE coffers, still remains frozen in Indian Bank, since no one else is authorised to withdraw it. According to Indian intelligence sources, this is the reason for the LTTE's decision to back off from the operation.

The plot had been foiled!

The Bangladeshi diplomat, who had helped the the plotters in Kolkata, was later summoned to Bangladesh where he was interrogated by the NSI between July and October 2000 "for maintaining links with the assassins of Sheikh Mujib" and was kept under "virtual house arrest." His role was found particularly dubious in issuing visas to highly suspicious people.

The actual folks were nabbed too:

Subhalakshmi was arrested at the Kolkata airport by intelligence officials.
Sheikh Thaslim was caught in Khagracheri in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh and
Mahua was nabbed in Bangladesh's Khulna district.



The Lahore attacks are overshadowing the BDR mutiny - but I will not post an article on it at present as I think the greater story is Bangladesh. The BDR Mutiny was Pak Army & ISI sponsored through Jamaat (Bangladesh) and its allies.

While there are many theories, one of the major ones taking ground is that this was done by LeT / HuM under directions from Pak Army & ISI to:

1. Showcase Pakistan as a victim of terror to the world

2. Deflect heat from 26/11 as well as the BDR mutiny in Bangladesh

3. Teach the civilian govt of Zardari that it can attack him at any time / place of choosing

4. Lay grounds for a military takeover. It seems Kiyani in his recent visit to US has told that Pak Army will take on Taliban better if the Army were in control.

Knowing the desperate situation that America / NATO is in Afghanistan, wonder what kind of a deal has been struck?

However, the civilian govt in Pakistan may yet come out with truth. The similarities with 26/11 were "striking" - wonder why that part was thrown at our face?

Remember, LeT said that if it were to be attacked, it will make Punjab (Pakistan) burn. Was it Lashkar's warning to Zardari - who is undertaking a crackdown on LeT. This could not have come about without ISI / Pak Army backing though.

Why Sri Lanka cricket team and cause such an international spectacle? Why take the team hostage?

Just for military coup and the fact that LTTE - India hand can be made to fit in. Remember how Pakistan tried to fit in the 26/11 attackers with the "saffron bands" and tried to pass them off as Hindu terrorists - till Ajmal Kasav got captured and even till the end tried to deny that he even was a Pakistani.

I await the drama of Lahore to unfold too - and lets see who all blame India etc even before investigations are over?



1. There were protests outside the hotel a week before the attacks on the Sri Lanka players. These attacks had a prelude, a warning. Karunanayake said, "Even last week, there had been a protest outside the team hotel and a player told me they wanted to return, but were told to stay on."

2. Before the Sri Lanka team came, the Pakistani Punjab Interior Ministry received a letter from the Federal Interior Ministry warning that the SRI LANKAN TEAM COULD BE ATTACKED. It also could be the PAKISTANI cricket team, because MILITANTS wanted to spoil cricketing ties with other nations. WHY SHOULD THIS BE SO? Pro-Taliban cleric Maulana Mohammad Sufi had RECENTLY said that CRICKET WAS ONE OF THE MAJOR DISTRACTIONS IN PAKISTAN THAT NEEDED TO BE CURBED.

3. This was not the first attack on Lahore by the so called Punjabi Taliban (if indeed it was Punjabi Taliban). A little-known Taliban commander based in North Waziristan claimed credit for the Dec. 24 bombing in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore. Known as the "Punjabi Taliban," these groups have been sponsored by Pashtun Taliban groups in the tribal areas. Mullah Nazir, the so-called "pro-government" Taliban commander in South Waziristan, has helped settle more than 2,000 Punjabi Taliban in the Wana region.

4. The News Pakistan in an opinion piece reported excellently : "However, there are certain actions of the Taliban that have me stumped. They have rocketed and blown up CD shops all over, which is correct since they do not pay royalty to the artists for using their music, but why blow up juice shops and ice cream parlours? Is it that the devil patronises such places and is into ice cream in a big way, or is it that we need to redesign ice cream cones and make them less suggestive? Internet cafes are bad news because they encourage learning and hanging a dozen a day on lean days is the Taliban’s way of reducing population. They are also not hot on football because a ball between so many men can only mislead the masses. As for cricket, I doubt they have any affinity for 22 silly men with one ball and six upright wood sticks, two cartoons with two larger sticks in the company of two more silly men. Not the kind of scene that would inspire a revolution."

5. S S Shahzad - whose reporting has been accurate to date writes: "More pertinent is to view Tuesday's attack in the context of the peace deals in the Swat Valley and the tribal areas which have stopped the fighting between ethnic Pashtun-dominated militants and the Pakistani army.

Prior to the signing of the deals, the matter of the release of militants who did not belong to the Swat area was raised, that is, non-Pashtun militants. These included Maulana Abdul Aziz, who was apprehended while trying to flee the radical Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) in Islamabad in July 2007.

However, after deciding on the level of compensation packages for the families of militants killed or injured by the security forces and other matters related to Swat and the tribal areas, the matter of non-Pashtun militants was deferred and the peace agreements were signed.

In effect, non-Pashtun militants have been ignored and the attack in Lahore could be a bloody message to the government that the "Punjabi militants" have the capacity to cripple urban centers at any time and place of their choosing."

Hope this helps for now.... more as truth comes out.

truth hurts .. said...


Sri Lanka cricket team was not the target. The Pakistani cricket team was.

And by Younis Khan delaying the departure, the terrorists struck at the wrong bus. And thus their objectives have now boomeranged as a friendly country was involved.

SmarterOne said...

a 1000 mouths and a 1000 versions. lol.
hey BuA & fellow bloggers
just got my first post (after the welcome note of course) online at IndiaFirst:
Thought i'd wud start with some Indian topic but the event yday changed my plans. plz do view & comment. I've removed moderation so plz dont spam :)

Anonymous said...

Hi BuA,

Yesterday's events in Lahore have stunned us all. Pakistan has become a victim of its own design.For once its sad to see the citizens helplessly deplore their own country. What are your thoughts on this..



@ SM

The Lahore incident is yet to be played out. Suffice it to say, it has a link with Lal Masjid massacre and the grouse Punjab Taliban has with Pak Govt as Pushtun Taliban got money ($6 million) plus a land (SWAT) while they got nothing. However, I will not write much on this, as the way to get Pakistan Army (the main perpetrator as ISI is subservient to it) is to use the BDR mutiny and highlight the savagery it committed in 1971 and take it to UN.

Every genocide post 1970s have been taken to UN investigative agencies - but not Pakistan Army's genocide. It will be a start of the process against Pak Army - the real Taliban. I am not at all surprised with the stage managed flare ups around the neighbourhood - be it 26/11 Mumbai, or BDR mutiny in Bangladesh or the Lahore incident. All calibrated by Pak Army & its extended arm - the Taliban.

Step 1. Take the Pak Army to UN for genocide of 1971 - their smile hides the mask of a genocidal killer. It needs to be unmasked.

TTV INDIA said...

@ BuA - Do you think this will happen? I mean, it is not that the UN did not know of it being a Genocide for all these years. Yet, there was nothing done. And the Big Daddy supported the very army for its own strategic interests. It all seems to be a matter of convenience as far as the western interest goes. When they needed the Pak Army, they let it become a Demon, overlooking all crimes it committed across the region. Probably that too was a part of Strategy, create a goon in the neighbourhood to create unrest and then when he becomes too difficult, put a bullet through his head to neuter him.

I have my doubts whether Shiekh Hasina would be able to do much, without any help. I think India, needs to get out of the IK Gujral Syndrome and start taking control of the situation itslef by a proactive support to all and sundry in the region. Even if it means that we have to get people like Vaiko in Jail to appease a Sri Lanka to get it on our side, Provide Complete assistance to Sheikh Hasina. We need to have our own strategic interests in the region not not toe the ones of Unc Sam or the Queen's country.



Its interesting that I came across an article by K Subharamanyam titled "GHOSTS of 1971" in Indian Express. Read it if you can. Excerpts from there:

"While all genocides after the mid-’70s have been subjected to UN investigation, the Bangladesh massacre is yet to be investigated and fully accounted for. Even the Cambodian war crimes trial on the Khmer Rouge massacres of the ’70s has at last begun in Phnom Penh.

Today the Awami League has been voted back to power with an overwhelming majority. The Government has indicated its intention to bring the collaborators of 1971 to trial. This could not be done earlier for two reasons: first, except for one term when the Awami League was in power, for the rest of the period since 1975 the regimes in power in Bangladesh were collaborator-friendly. Second, the present army leadership, commissioned at the earliest about 1971, is free from the taint of collaborationism. The way in which the army conducted the elections also shows that it has no Islamist, Wahhabi bias. Its leadership has come out strongly in support of the present Awami League government after the uprising; its own assessment of the uprising’s significance does not differ from the government’s. The army understands that the uprising was targeted not only at the Awami League government but also at the army which is today against Wahhabi Islamism and collaborationism. The army clearly demonstrated its commitment by hanging those who carried out the serial terrorist bomb attacks three years ago.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has wisely decided to seek US and UK help in the investigation. That will expose the extremist inspiration for this uprising and the likely external support it received."

TTV - We need to use brains before brawn. And Pak Army needs to be cornered badly with the Bangladesh genocide. It's as simple as that - that should be our DIPLOMATIC PRIORITY No. 1.

TTV INDIA said...

@ BuA

Agreed, and I read excerpts of this article on some blog. Maybe on Vikram Sood's.

Infact I also had written to Abul Kasem enquiring about the perceptions of average joe Bangladeshi's about INdia and his view was that merely 4 percent are the ones who are anti India and still feel they are East Pakistani's than B'deshi's. If true, then we have a great opportunity to achieve what you suggest. But for that, again we'd need to assure proactive role in this. The only way it is possible is by giving as much assistance to SH by whatever means.

I liked you views on AQ's latest foolishness and BTW this bugger Muhd Amir is also a regular at your blog.

SmarterOne said...

@BuA (reply on yer comment at IndiaFirst)
I agree on all points u made. But the conclusion is more to be drawn by the pakistani civil society than us. It sure is a threat to us Indians but for pakis it is a question of existence. I dont want to have Pakistani refugees in India like we had 'em from BD & Sri Lanka.
It is also going around that another army coup is in the offing in Pak. This attack could also be an attempt to show the world esp. the US and the Paki society that the civilian govt. is doing no good & has created confusion all over and the army could be a better option & will handle things differently & more effectively.


@Smarter One:

If John Mc Cain of Republican Party was the President of USA, then I could have told you with certainty that a military coup was in the offing. The Republicans have a fond relationship with Dictators and spl. with military dictators and Pentagon simply loves the army. They like the single chain of command etc.

And Kiyani has just come back from a US trip and I will bet my bottom dollar that the rules of engagement were discussed thread bare incl, when Kiyani can step in and take over.

Since the US Prez is Obama from Democratic power who generally have aversion to dictators, I do not think Kiyani has been given the OK to take over as yet. Maybe a catastrophic event might catapult him, and going by Lahore attacks - they were not "catastrophic" in that sense.

Yes, they were catastrophic for Pakistan's image, all right - but the world does not give a damn any more about Pakistan's sensibilities.



Why not share the reply from Abul Kasem (if its not private per se).



TTV INDIA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TTV INDIA said...

In Response to my query on the perceptions of Indian and Indians on Bangladeshi's on the street, the average Joe's if we may call them, the reply that I got from Mr. Abul Kasem. Posting his reply to my email here.

Indian Dear Mr. Abul Kasem, I chanced upon you article, "Nights and Days of Pakistan...
Mar 2 (3 days ago)
Abul Kasem Thank you. AK ________________________________ Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 14:08:31...
Mar 3 (3 days ago)
Indian Dear Abul K, Thanks for your response. Though from your article and your repl...
Mar 3 (3 days ago)
Abul Kasem to me
show details Mar 4 (2 days ago) Reply

Dear TTV India;

There is a small section of Bangladeshis, perhaps around four percent of BD population, who are diehard anti-Indian. They will always remain so. They still think they are Pakistanis, and consider that they must emulate the Arabs to remain good Muslims.

The vast majority of Bangladeshis, however, are not anti-Indian. They aways appreciate and express their gratitudes for what India did during our freedom fighting.

There is nothing for BD to gain by remaining in perpetual enemity with India. No responsible government will follow the path of friction with India. It is foolishness for Bangladesh to follow the path of war with India.

Besides, we must not forget that Indians, especially Bengali Indians, are of the same flesh, blood, and temperament. Nothing can abolish this naked truth. We must not forget 'blood is thicker than water.' Tuly, this fact is equally applicable to all the Pakistanis. But, unfortunately, many Pakistanis consider themselves Arabs first. This is laughable, when the Arabs consider the Pakistanis dirty, black, smelly, miskins.



Date: Tue, 3 Mar 2009 10:36:28 +0530
Subject: Re: Read Your Experience on 25th March 1971


Dear Abul K,

Thanks for your response. Though from your article and your reply to a certain Maj Kashif of the Pak Army, your views about India were apparently clear, I am intrigued by certain reports and posts on certain blog claiming that the Bangladeshi's hate India and for them Indians are what they are for Pakistani's, Hindu Zionists..............................

Anonymous said...

We the people of Bangladesh are grateful to Indian Government for providing full support to our independence movement in 1971.But at the same time Indian Government backed out from its promise made with Sheikh Mujeb Ur Rehman that India will cede West Bengal to Bangladesh on its creation.Now the time has come that India fulfill its long outstanding promise with the people of Bangladesh.

SmarterOne said...

@ anon March 5, 2009 9:23 AM

U've surfaced again now in the guise of a Bangladeshi. Who the hell told u abt such a promise? Stop living in make believe worlds u pakis b4 its too late & even the real world gets too difficult for you to handle.

Anonymous said...

lol the pakis couldnt even get a single of them?? lol and they laugh at mumbai. we shot every one of them and captured one also. and that was in a bustling city of 15 mil. this was a WELL GUARDED convoy and 10 attackers? managed to get away after killing 6?




Bangladesh has at last taken the first concrete steps to malign the Pakistan Army for 1971 atrocities. Though a small step - its in the right direction.

1st step taken: Bangladesh has asked UN & FBI to probe the mutiny. Now the curious angle is the UN - and it is the right angle.

You will have noticed I had written earlier that the 1971 genocide by Pakistan Army was not taken to the UN, yet every other genocide post 1970s was taken to the UN. By giving this probe to both UN & FBI, Bangladesh cleverly ties in UN to the next probe - a logical extension of the current probe on the mutiny.

Way to go, Bangladesh !


To Anonymous @ March 5, 2009 9:23 AM - Well Smarter One has replied to you Mr Pakistan.

I have only one thing to tell you if you want to have any credibility. Show me one respectable source to back your "stupid" contention that W Bengal was to be ceded to B'desh.

I am giving you 2 whole days to find out. Best of luck.


TTV INDIA said...


The GH piece deserves some attention here too. Also, if you can mail me the link to it, I would love to share it with some kashmiri's on a few kahsmiri communities that I participate in. Thanks


TTV - I was saving the HK for the next article on Lahore attacks. But let me give you the link.

Interesting is the thing he says about ISI interference in Afghanistan and Pak's dream of making Afghanistan as the 5th province. Insights from an intelligent jihadist, no doubt.

Akshit Seth said...

Hey BuA,
Why are you always so keen to blame Pakistan for every bad thing that happens in the world. I personally know many ordinary Pakistanis and they are good people, as good as one can be.
Yes, I acknowledge the atrocities their tyrants and army have committed in the past and also the fact that Pakistan's government is hosting terrorism on its Awam. Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is mainly due to the absence of Democracy in its true sense that these dictators have been able to seize control of the nation's polity and military on many occasions.
We, as Indians, should promote peace in the sub-continent, instead of instigating violence, through the freedom of expression.


Mr Seth,

Can you give an instance of how I have instigated violence?

If Pakistan supports terrorism and has used it as an instrument of state policy for deniable extremist acts across the globe (this is a proven fact, be it Bosnia, Chenchnya, London, Madrid, Philippines and of course India) - let me know pussy foot around and call spade a spade.

Do your reading and learn about the confabulations and treachery of ISI and Pakistan Army before commenting with a broad brush.

At the very least I suggest you read a new book : "THE INHERITANCE" by David E Sanger. In page 248 it stated: " Musharraf's record of duplicity wa well known. While Kayani (present Pak Amry chief) was a favorite of White House, he had also been heard - over telephone intercepts - referring to one of the most brutal of the Taliban leaders, Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani, as a STRATEGIC ASSET.

After 26/11,where the attack has now been squarely blamed on Pakistan and one of its state sponsored terrorist arm - the Jammat ud Dawa and Lashkar e Taiba, let me ask you Akshit Seth (if that is your true name) that if you are an INDIAN - do you not have a shred on your body that is patriotic and asking me to defend this very PAKISTAN that is out to attack and kill us by a 1000 cuts. Lets not talk of the civil society and peaceniks - please - they count for nothing in Pakistan today. The diplomacy, the foreign policy and the terrorists are run by Pakistan Army. Hence this column of mine is not against PAKISTAN (do not think you have read all my posts) - I am against that part of PAKSITAN that promotes terror in the name of religion and tries to sex it up by giving it a wrapper of "jehad".

In the end let me quote what MJ Akbar stated to a largely MUSLIM audience in a MUSLIM University in India; " Every INDIAN Muslim should offer a special public prayer of thanks to Almighty ALLAH (pbuh) for His extraordinary benevolence - for the mercy He has shown by preventing us (the Indian Muslims) from ending up in Pakistan in 1947."

Hence, my dear chap, QED.

TTV INDIA said...


News for you dude... Guess... you'd already be in the know of this, but here is a link in IBN on BDR Mutiny.

Seems like the ISI has woken up and started its agenda in Bangla Desh. We can see a flurry ofaction now. If the RAW has not really done what it is being accused of, then this is the right time and instigation for it to funnel its assets into Jamaat and break it before it takes this to another level.

Also, really speaking if the allegations are true, then my vote goes to MMS again, for reviving the strengthening our Intelligence Services ;). But I thinks it's highly unlikely that he would have done it at all.

TTV INDIA said...

@ Akshit Seth,

Nice thoughts mate. But unfortunately wasted. I would like to break your assesment of this BLOG in two. The Human Aspect and the Inhman Aspect.

While BuA has never commented, lamented, disrespected, bad mouthedm the common man of Pakistan, the Religious and cultural feelings of Pakistan(i)'s, is it the same we can say about them? I suggest you try and read 2 Blogs and 1 VLOG from Pakistan. Go and read Ahmed Quraishi's blog, and Zaid Hamid's VLOG (Video Log - search youtube and you'd get tons of his videos). These are the one that are extermely uncivil and inhuman to the Indian Society (we are not even talking India as a state here) and its people. The other one is (which is well balanced and human, run by Kalsoom Lakhani, who belongs to the Pakistani Civil Society of sorts). Please read the articles and more importantly the views of all participants there, and also those of Indian's. If that does not change your mind about this blog then nothing will and you'd be what the Civil Society of Pakistan is today.

The Inhuman Part, which is what this blog covers, is the impunity with which the state of Pakistan has positioned itself as a terrorist nation, the brainwashing of its masses against India, the aspirations, the ambitions of ruling India someday, the vision of greater Pakistan spanning from Afghanistan uptill Eastern borders of Bangladesh. The feeling of having lost the land rightfully theirs, once the Mughals got routed.

An ARMY which has its MOTTO as Jihad-Fis-Billah, an Intelligence agency which is more powerful than the constitution itself. The impunity with which a nation holds the world to ransom over the Nukes it possesses. If it is anything to gby, then India is in great danger from such unruly, ungovernable failed state which sees Indian Population as Hindu Zionists. From what I percieve about you, is that you are more concerned about the Human Aspect of Pakistan, while ignoring the InHUman Aspect of it, unfortunately, the Human aspect, is entwined with the Inhuman one in Pakistan.

Akshit Seth said...

Dear BuA,
Read the 2nd comment to this post "If I get to see any Pakistani, I will myself lynch him to death" MK says.
This is a clear example of how blogs such as yours can perpetuate violence. You may be a decent peace-loving person but everybody's not the same. What you write contributes to the culmination of that hatred that has been present in Bangladeshis from ages and this feeling is what results in murder.

SmarterOne said...

Mr Akshit Seth you remind me of the so called "human-rights" & "peace" lobby who have never lost dear ones in conflict. Who know nothing about the opposition & their real agenda but harp on their peace jingles. You are worried of the human rights of the terrorists but never of the police & security forces who fight them to save us. By talking against your own people you try to show the world how geniunely intellect you are.
You say why Pakistan is blamed for everything - coz it is responsible for everything. Everywhere around the world where terrorism (esp. Islamic) is seen, even in China, the roots are in Pakistan.
If u indeed are an Indian and not hiding behind a Hindu name - open your eyes & mind. Start calling a spade a spade or else one day this spade will be bleeding you to death.



Have you ever been to Bangladesh? I suggest that you do so, and speak to ordinary folks there and they will tell you the story of how they lost their loved ones to the marauding Pakistan Army and the Razakars.

It will be foolish to think that any self respecting Bangladeshi will rise in arms against the Pakistanis after reading my blog.

The facts presented here are just that - FACTS. For a more "inflammatory" version - you can google to many Bangladeshi sites and blogs which document the "genocide" in details. And if I were a Bangladeshi, reading those will have made my blood boil. Not my blog, dude !!



Ray Lightning said...


What does the Bangladeshi government of Sheikh Haseena has to fear from this youtube video ?

Heard on Al-Zajeera that youtube (and certain blogs) is now banned in Bangladesh because of this.



As far as I could see, there is nothing to fear from this video. Looks for the govt, rather than against it. I have seen the site of Sajeed Wazeb Roy and his blog is at:

Also connected to his blog is the Suchinta blog:

There are other anti-govt videos on you tube which are pretty heavy stuff - Islamist agenda and their rant against RAW etc. For the gullible at these times, maybe freedom of speech is not the best option in a charged atmosphere. However, that is my opinion only.

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Something on your favorite Topic involving Salah Uddin Choudhury.

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I just read the entire topic and the comments and the words of so-called Abul Kashem's regarding "4% Bangladeshis are anti-indians", and I just laughed. Let me make few things very clear so that this BuA, TTV india, smarterone etc can wake up from their dreams. India supported Bangladesh in 1971 because of India's interest and if india did not helped us, we still would have earned our freedom but it might have taken bit longer. We fought for our independence to have a sovereign country not to bow our head (one on top of our shoulder) infront of India or be a part of India. Thats what 99% of us believe. Those 50% of the rest who believe otherwise are either just morons or are no different than paki rajakars. We believe rest of the 1% who are indian dalals and paki rajakars are two faces of same coin. Paki rajakars fucked us before and indian dalals are fucking us now. And another important point for you people to note: We, the younger generations did not vote Hasina for her affection to india rather we voted her because of the failure of the last govt. Thanks. Bengali-Bangladeshi.

Those who have little knowledge history, they know very well that the "Bengal" included the West-Bengal, Assam and Arakan. All these states should have rightfully belonged to us.

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