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Is Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) taking over the role of global jehad from Al-Qaeda, with ISI blessings?

US looking for Osama in Hindu Kush mountain range, Pakistan.

The fight for the control of the mindless fighters – the Taliban will begin shortly.

Al – Qaeda (AQ) had money and ideological base, which the ISI used in its favour to learn and perfect the art of global jehad, by playing second fiddle to it. With the US baying for the blood of top tier AQ leadership, the Pakistan Army has come to the understanding that cutting off AQ might not be a bad idea at all. The US will be happy, and probably get off its back, and if Pakistan does ultimately manage to sell the idea of “Good Taliban” to the Obama administration, it will be the proverbial icing on the cake.

Pakistan is under attack for its role in the 26/11 attacks as well as instigating the BDR mutiny in Bangladesh. Given its penchant to forget immediate important issues when a new toy is dangled in front of USA - and Pakistan has seen this happen many times with USA - Pakistan feels that this is the right time to distract both US & Saudi Arabia and give them what they both want - top heads of Al Qaeda. And Pakistan feels, probably rightly, that heat of 26/11, collusion with LeT will be overlooked if it delivers on Al-Qaeda.

The pincer attack on Pakistan to root out Al Qaeda actually comes not from the US but from its trusted ally - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The effort is being led by Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi intelligence chief and he has visited Islamabad, Delhi and Kabul in January 2009. Osama bin Laden has become the mortal enemy of the Royal family of Saudi Arabia and they are putting the proverbial cock-screw into Pakistan to flush out the top heads of Al-Qaeda, preferably dead.


Keep in the back of the mind that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have had a deep strategic military relationship for decades and today have an unacknowledged NUCLEAR partnership to provide the kingdom with a NUCLEAR DETERRENT on SHORT NOTICE if ever needed. This is a Brookings Institute report.

However, current President Zardari has put a spoke in the seamless relationship between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan by his various acts. In a very high-handed manner, Zardari withdrew the hunting privileges of two Saudi princes located in the district of Dera Ghazi Khan in southern Punjab. To add salt to the wound, the facility was given to a rival sheikh from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The action was taken at a time when Pakistan badly needed Saudi oil on deferred terms due to soaring prices, and the UAE was in no position to fill the gap. Islamabad now enjoys very good relations with the UAE - which is unable to help Pakistan - due to the family friendship between the Bhutto family and the UAE's rulers. But Pakistan's relations with Saudi Arabia and its two major allies - Qatar and Bahrain - are at an all-time low because of the insult to the Saudi royal family. (The issue of Zardari's Shi'ite background is a secondary factor.)

However, Richard Holbrooke is busy patching up the differences between KSA and Pakistan, with the blessings of Pakistan Army. And the biggest breakthrough has been to get Mullah Omar on board for talks with US. Meetings are due in Dubai later this month and in Saudi Arabia next month. This development can never be good for India's interests in the region.

SAUDI ARABIA & AL-QAEDA - Where are they today?

Forget the earlier connections and connivance between Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden, the CIA, the ISI. That was for a different war (Afghan jehad to oust Soviets) in a different era. Today, the stakes are different, to say the least. Today, Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda are literally mortal enemies.

In March 2008, the top Saudi cleric, Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah al-Sheikh, cautioned Saudis against giving money to charities or organizations that finance “evil groups” who are known for harming Islam and its followers — a clear reference to al Qaeda and other jihadist organizations.

One of the greatest threats the Saudis pose to al Qaeda is the threat to its ideological base. There are two different battlespaces in the war against jihadism — the PHYSICAL and the IDEOLOGICAL. For an ideological organization such as al Qaeda that preaches persecution and martyrdom, losses on the physical battlefield are expected and glorified. The biggest threat to the jihadists, therefore, is not a Hellfire missile being dropped on their heads, but an ideological broadside that undercuts their legitimacy and ideological appeal.

Many Saudi clerics have condemned jihadism as a “deviance from Islam.” Even prominent Saudi clerics who have criticized the Saudi government, such as Salman al-Awdah, have sent open letters to bin Laden condemning violence against innocents and claiming that al Qaeda was hurting Muslim charities through its purported ties to them.

The sting of the ideological attacks is being felt. In a May 2008 speech, al-Libi addressed the ideological assault when he said, “and because they knew that the key to their success in this plan of theirs is to turn the people away from jihad and mujahidin and to eliminate them militarily and intellectually.” Al-Libi recognized that without new recruits and funding, the jihad will wither on the vine.

In addition to financial and ideological threats against the organization, the Saudi assault has also gone after al Qaeda where it lives — in Pakistan.

A weak and threatened Pakistani state means that before working with the Pakistanis on the Afghan Taliban, Riyadh has to help Pakistan combat its own Taliban problem, which the Saudis currently are attempting. The Saudis obviously have much to offer the Pakistanis, in terms of both cash and experience. They also have the religious cachet that other Pakistan allies, such as the Americans and the British, lack, giving them the ability to broach ideological subjects.

However, as is the case with the Afghan Taliban, the Saudis will have to get the Pakistani Taliban to part ways with al Qaeda and are working hard to drive a wedge between Pakistani militants and their foreign guests.

(Note: Precisely where Mullah Omar comes in as the Afghan Taliban and lo and behold - these are ISI assets. India should fine tune its approach and stop being mute and incapacitated spectator.)

As stated before, Bin Laden, al-Zawahiri, et al., are well aware of these Saudi moves, which they see as a threat to their very existence. When asked in a November 2008 interview what he thought of the Saudi efforts to mediate between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and the Taliban, al-Zawahiri responded that the Saudi efforts pointed out “the historical role of saboteur played by the House of Saud in ruining the causes of the Muslim ummah, and how they represent the agents whom the Crusader West uses to disperse the ummah’s energy.” Al Qaeda has already launched a sustained stream of ideological attacks in an attempt to undercut the Islamic credentials of the Saudi monarch and the Saudi clerical establishment.

Hence, there is a clear and present danger to Saudi interests being attacked in Pakistan sooner than later.

Al Qaeda has faced several reverses across the globe and its ability to wage global jehad has been greatly degraded. It is no longer flush with billions and the narco trade has moved over from AQ assets to Taliban and Dawood Ibrahim – both ISI assets, with the rest of the narco trade being controlled by Karzai’s younger brother and British / US assets to fund black ops and propping their defunct banks and economy with real money.

In case some of you are still sceptic about the role of contraband drugs - read this "smokey" article "Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?"

The rift of the Taliban base is not yet apparent and even today there is a close co-ordination between Al-Qaeda, ISI and Taliban. It is the last tango, before one of the two major controllers – ISI & AQ – fight it out to gain supreme control of the Taliban.

For Al Qaeda – it is an existential threat. Pakistan, FATA is its home base, and should it be ousted – it has nowhere else to go home to. Hence it has only one hope – to take over the Pakistan State, take over the nuclear bombs – which it views essentially as a Sunni bomb and not a bomb for the Muslim ummah (causing heartburn to Iranians who need to have the Shia bomb to counter this Sunni bomb).

What will serve AQ’s purpose is to cause enough internal disequilibrium in Pakistan that it implodes from within. Two of the recent spectacular acts of Al Qaeda has been – Marriott bombing (which could actually have finished off the top level of Pakistan’s civilian leadership as well as the military) and the recent attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers. It is well known that Lashkar e Jhangvi (LeJ) operatives are subservient to Al-Qaeda masters.

For ISI – it is an existential threat too. If it does not root out Al Qaeda, it may be declared as a “terrorist spewing entity” and have its activities curbed by designs and circumstances beyond its controls. It’s most potent ally – the Lashkar e Taiba (LeT), has been caught red-handed for executing the Mumbai attacks. ISI cannot eradicate the LeT, it will then cede to AQ elements – and lose Pakistan to a more radicalized version of Islam that will lend itself difficult to control. ISI wants these Islamist elements permanently focused on both Kashmir and Afghanistan, so that they do not target Pakistan.

However, this cannot be the case. These mindless warriors of Allah – have been indoctrinated to fight and fight without question. Anyone with Koran and cash – can influence the different Talibans – to fight their wars, to blow themselves up for pretty much any reason, anywhere.

Here comes the problem. The US has pretty much read the riot act to Pakistan military regarding its double game on supporting Taliban and wants actionable results. If Pakistan Army goes along with this war on terror and fights the Taliban in FATA, it pretty much plays into the hands of Al Qaeda. AQ has always stated to its fighters that this Pakistan Army has been fighting the infidel’s (USA’s) war and it is the duty of every Islamist to defeat this treacherous army. Osama Bin Laden did speak as much (if they are authentic tapes) about the right of every sovereign Pakistani to overthrow Musharraf as we went about attacking Lal Masjid and camps of Tehrik e Taliban. Incidentally, Pakistan Army had to retreat twice as Baitullah Mehsud’s men scored spectacular victories over the Pakistan Army.

AQ has put all Taliban under its control under one umbrella for better co-ordination. On February 23, 2009, “under instructions” from Mullah Umar and “sheikh” Osama bin Laden, the three feuding warlords of Waziristan — Baitullah Mehsud, Maulvi Nazir and Hafiz Gul Bahadur — announced reconciliation and merger under the rubric of Shura Ittehad Mujahideen (SIM). They also issued a pamphlet that vowed the targeting of Al Qaeda’s three enemies: “Obama, Zardari and Karzai”. (Note: Kashmir, India is missing, as it mostly has been for Al Qaeda)

Putting it simply: The Taliban assets aligned with Pakistan Army and ISI are called the GOOD TALIBAN and the Taliban assets aligned with Al-Qaeda only are called the BAD TALIBAN. In reality, there is no such black & white divisions as recent attacks have shown the joint operations synergies between ISI assets and Al Qaeda assets.

However, if the US buys into the Good Taliban theory of the ISI, Pakistan Army will surely go in for the kill and take over the Al Qaeda leadership bases in NWFP and FATA. At least it will have enough incentives to do so – but easier said than done.

It is not beyond AQ’s scope to stage even more dramatic explosions / disruptions in Pakistan or even in India, to cause conflict to break out between India and Pakistan. Things are very fluid and it is ultimately the battle of Al-Qaeda to survive and thrive in Pakistan.

Hence one can ask – why do joint operations if the ultimate aim for ISI is to take over from Al – Qaeda?

First, ISI cannot just walk in and take over from Al-Qaeda. Most probably it will be Lashkar – e –Taiba (LeT) that will be given the task of taking over the mantle from Al-Qaeda, thus ISI becomes the de-facto owner of the global jehad franchise.

Second, there are deep and good relations between ISI and AQ. And ISI is not being able to understand the contours of staying power of the US Army in Afghanistan. ISI will calibrate its policy of supporting AQ and Taliban accordingly. Whatever happens, ISI will never sever its relationship with Taliban.

It is interesting to note that global jehad has not only been Al-Qaeda’s philosophy but Lashkar-e-Taiba’s (LeT) too. Before the Markaz-da'wa wal-irshad, the Lashkar's religio-political wing, was banned, its website regularly carried the view of its founder. Saeed's view of LeT's mission was quite unambiguous. He argued that Kashmir was the "gateway" to India, much of which comprised "lost Muslim lands". He saw jihad in Kashmir as a religious duty and fully identified himself with the 9/11 mayhem that Osama bin Laden wreaked.

Aligned with the Ahl-e-Hadees sect, Lashkar was founded in 1987 by Saeed, who incidentally was also trained as an engineer like Osama and many other prominent jihadis, and who drew his inspiration from the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood — an organisation that saw Palestine as an Islamic cause way back in the 1930's. In collaboration with ISI, Lashkar built up an impressive Kashmir portfolio with recruits chiefly drawn from Pakistani Punjabis, Pashtoons, Bangladeshis, Arabs and south-east Asians.

But its vision has NEVER been Kashmir-centric as it bids to re-establish Muslim rule from Morocco to Indonesia and also eyes north Australia as part of its likely domain.

Not much different from Al-Qaeda’s philosophy. And this suits ISI very well.


It took the US a long time, a very long time indeed, to understand that “ISI in in complete co-ordination with the Taliban.” That was CIA written report – dated “Summer of 2008.”

J. Michael McConnell, the Director of US National Intelligence was stunned into silence as a 2 star Pakistani general gave vent to his frustrations and stated “WE MUST SUPPORT THE TALIBAN.” Mc Connell was left wondering what happened to the $11 billion in aid to Pakistan that his country gave to fight the Taliban – it was answered by Obama when he famously said – Pakistan has used all that money to prepare to fight India and not the Taliban.

So, what did the 2 star Pakistan General say to McConnell?

The General started making the case that the real problem in the tribal areas and in Afghanistan was not Al-Qaeda or the Taliban, or even the militants who were trying to topple the Pakistani government. The real problem was India, which he said, was secretly manipulating events in an effort to crush Pakistan. “We have to watch them at every moment.” With alarm the 2 star General talked about how the Indians were opening consulates around the country and building roads. What the rest of the world saw as desperately needed nation-building program in Afghanistan, the Pakistanis saw a threat. The General continued, “The Indians will surround us and annihilate us. And the Indians, in their surrounding strategy, have gone to Afghanistan.” Those newly built roads, he seemed to suggest, were future Indian invasion routes. The Indian consulates were a den of spies. The real purpose of Indian humanitarian aid to Afghanistan was to run “operations out of Afghanistan to target Pakistan.”

He continued, “In the long run, American will not have the stomach to bear the burden of staying in Afghanistan. And when American pulls out, India will reign. Therefore Pakistan will have to sustain contact with Taliban, as it’s a friendly government to Pakistan.”

Therefore,” the General concluded with a flourish, “we must support the Taliban.

Note: This was not an off the cuff statement by a marginalized General, it dawned upon McConnell that this was the stock staple of the entire Pakistan security establishment. They are not at all serious about the Taliban threat emanating from the NWFP, and are in-fact fuelling the Taliban insurgency to gain Afghanistan as Pakistan’s 5th province and Kashmir as the 6th province.

Late June 2008, NSA intercepted messages that ISI officers were helping the Taliban plan a big bombing in Afghanistan. US made the decision to send deputy director of CIA Stephen R Kappes to Pakistan with the evidence and demand a cessation of the connections to Taliban. Kappes made the trip but arrived too late. On July 7th 2008, the Indian embassy in Kabul was bombed, killing 54 people including India’s defense attaché to Afghanistan. For Americans, this was the “aha” moment – there was a sense that there was finally direct proof. New York Times carried the article: “Pakistan aided attacks in Kabul, US officials say.” One could not get more blunt than that. Incidentally, Pak Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Kiyani is on tape referring to Maulvi Jalaluddin Haqqani’s Taliban as a “strategic asset.”

US then concentrated on this Pakistan-Taliban collusion and came to startling complicity (Pak-Taliban) and treachery (Pak-US). Musharraf who promised to close the worst of the terrorist spewing madrassas, “never took the slightest steps to do so.” – Well, they should have known that Musharraf remains a die-hard Deobandi (see previous article).

NSA started picking up intercepts that Pakistani raid parties were giving advance warning to the Talibans of their arrival. “It was like, ‘Hey, we’re going to hit your place in a few days, so if anyone important is there, you might want to tell them to scram.’” But, leave a few weapons around, Haqqani’s operatives were told, so that it would not look as if the Pakistani Army had come up with nothing. They needed a few trophies to bring back. “Oh, and they warned them that there would be a lot of smoke bombs and stuff, but they shouldn’t worry too much.”

What India knew all along, the US came to know too, but it was way too late in the day for getting a crash course on “Dummies guide to collusion of Pakistan Army, ISI and Taliban.”

Interim conclusion 1: There is absolutely no way Pakistan Army and ISI will let go of their strategic assets – the Taliban. There is also absolutely no way Al Qaeda will let go of their strategic assets in the tribal areas. The ISI continues this wink-wink relationship with Al-Qaeda – but for how long? The US may at some level tolerate Pakistan-Taliban complicity but will abhor Pakistan-Al Qaeda complicity. And then there is considerable pressure from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Pakistan to root out Al-Qaeda from its safe zones. Hence this Pak-AQ relationship will be and is actually under CONSIDERABLE STRAIN.

Question is : Why did the Kashmir centric LeT, that ISI had formed ostensibly to wage jehad only in Kashmir, turn its focus from only Kashmir to global jehad? Did the ISI foresee that it may well have to give up Al-Qaeda heads to US and save its precious assets (Taliban, LeT etc) and also the global jehad space for itself?

The answer lies in the taste LeT & ISI received by conducting global jehad under the Al Qaeda banner, which has been dealt with in details in two of my earlier articles: ARTICLE 1 (ISI & AL-QAEDA) & ARTICLE 2:


Pakistan wanted to conduct business with the oil and gas rich Central Asian regions. However 30 trucks from Pakistan on their way from Quetta that carried symbolical merchandise to Turkmenistan were hijacked by local Afghan Mujahideen. Pakistan Army, ISI and transportation mafia got in touch with Mullah Omar and utilized his “services” in rescuing the Pakistani convoy. That started off the Pakistan Army – ISI – Mullah Omar and the Taliban saga.


Shamil Basayev, the then “young” Chechen field commander (year = 1994) caught the attention of the Pakistani intelligence stationed in the neighboring oil rich Azerbaijan, where about 1500 Afghan mujahideen under the command of Pakistani officers were fighting Armenians to reclaim for Azeris the rebel Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh. In April 1994, ISI arranged for Basayev and his trusted lieutenants to undergo intensive Islamic indoctrination and training in guerrilla warfare in the Khowst province of Afghanistan at Amir Muawia camp, run by Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. In July 1994, Basayev was transferred to LASHKAR e TAIBA (LeT) camp in Muridke to undergo training in advanced guerrilla tactics. In Pakistan, Basayev met the highest ranking Pakistani military and intelligence officers: Minister of Defense Gen. Aftab Shahban Mirani, Minister of Interior Gen. Maseerullah Babbar, and head of ISI branch in charge of supporting Islamic causes, Gen. Javed Ashraf (now all retired).

That same summer, Pak backed Taliban offensive against the government of Iran backed President of Afghanistan, Burhanuddin Rabbani, threatened to cut the Chenchen drug trade. After personal intervention of Gen Babbar and the ISI, Taliban and government forces allowed shipments of Chechen drugs through their lines while they were slitting each other’s throats. (Keep this in mind to the current situation).

One of the most prominent Pakistani nationals Abu Abdulla Jafa, along with Basayev and Jordanian born Afghan veteran Khattab organized a terrorist academy in Chechnya. The ISI also deputed 9 trainers of the rank of Captain and subedars (NCO) to train the Chechen guerrillas in urban and mountain warfare.

Abu Abdulla Jafa was a career officer of Pakistan’s elite Northern Light Infantry Brigade and the tactical mastermind behind Basayev’s invasions into Dagestan. (NON-STATE ACTORS ???)

Fighters from an ISI battalion of Afghan mujahedeen stationed in Peshawar were also dispatched to Chechnya in late 1994 to bolster the Pakistani-Chechnya detachments. In 1997, several hundreds of Chechens were trained in ISI sponsored camps. These training programs continued till 2001. Islamabad continues to support the Chechen rebels.

Basayev formed common cause with ISI and Al-Qaeda – establishing independent Islamic regimes in Muslim majority states of Russian Caucus. Pakistan’s overall strategic goal in Central Asia is intricately linked with the oil / gas resources in the Caspian Sea zone.

And CIA is not averse to the idea. Remember how US tried to broker oil deals through Unocal and Taliban – well, the idea continues in the different context today. Today, it is perhaps the turn of the “Good Taliban” who will grant the US access to the rich Yolotan-Osman gas reserves and beyond and Pakistan the warm water ports.

Other than Chechnya, we have over these articles, seen that ISI has sent terrorists from the cadre base of LeT, LeJ and HuM to the following countries – sometimes taking the lead role, in other instances playing second fiddle to Al Qaeda:

- Kosovo
- Bosnia
- Bangladesh
- India
- Bali / Indonesia
- Russia
- Europe
- Philippines
- Burma
- Somalia
- Malaysia etc etc.

Interim conclusion 2
: ISI has played an important role in global jehad especially by sending operatives from LeT. It is also noted that most of the bigger terrorists have learnt their craft in LeT training centre in Muridke. Hence, LeT is the most potent jehadi force under the wings of ISI. LeT is both subservient and compliant . Hence, ISI will not at all crack down whole heartedly on LeT, even after its role on 26/11 becomes clear.

The above is borne out from the recent changes on the leadership of LeT – more Kashmiri veterans are being inducted as LeT tries to show the world that is a Kashmir centric force and not a global one. But we know better !

The dream of Pakistan to turn LeT into a global clone of Al Qaeda is not without perils. Complexity arrives in the form of Iran and India – both of whom are averse to Taliban / LeT and such Sunni forces. Then there are the Baluch nationalists who can also offer warm water port through Gwadar, if they manage to become an independent nation. And Iran and India joint venture at Chabahar is just a few kilometers away from Gwadar.

Bottom Line: There is no way Pakistan is going to fight the Taliban or crack down on LeT.

If we now logically look at the evolving scenario in the future -ISI might as well serve AQ heads up as fodder food to the US predators and special forces. Curiously enough there are articles on Osama bin Laden doing the rounds. New York Daily news asks: Where is Osama bin Laden? US zeroes in on Chitral, Pakistan.

What does Chitral newspaper have to say on this?

One comment from Chitral: "Chitral is a land of barren mountains with 400000 population. Any stranger in this area is traced within 24 hours.In case CIA and Pentagon have kept Osama alive despite his kidney failure in 2001, he will never, never take refuge in barren rocks amongst peaceful people."

The commentator above refers to "in case CIA & Pentagon have kept alive ...." finds a curious mention in French newspaper Le Figaro. The French version can be read by CLICKING HERE.

Some of the important translated points from the above article: "Gravely ill, enemy number one stayed in an American hospital in the [United Arab] Emirates at the beginning of the summer. Suffering from a kidney disorder, Osama Bin Laden stayed at the American hospital in Dubai, from July 4-14,2001, where he reportedly met an official of the CIA, according to a witness, a professional partner of the administrative management of the hospital. Coming from the airport in Quetta, Pakistan, the man who since the Sept. 11 attacks has become public enemy number one, was immediately transferred on arrival at the Dubai airport. He was accompanied by his personal physician and loyal lieutenant, who could be the Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahari, four bodyguards, as well as an Algerian nurse, bin Laden was admitted to the American hospital, a glass and marble building situated between the Al-Garhoud Bridge and the Al-Maktoum Bridge. Each floor has two VIP suites and about 15 rooms. The Saudi billionaire was admitted to the very famous urology department of Dr. Terry Calloway, specialist in kidney stones and male infertility. Reached by telephone, several times, Dr. Calloway did not want to answer our questions. According to authorized sources, Bin Laden had a mobile dialysis machine delivered to his hideout in Kandahar in the first half of 2000."

For India – Pakistan / ISI / LeT / Taliban aligned to ISI present a clear danger to India. Their designs and actions have stated as such and their actions will continue to get bolder. Already, the investigations of 26/11 is starting to fade away into the icy windy trails of Chitral.

Al-Qaeda/ Taliban aligned to Al-Qaeda are more a clear danger to the Western world, especially to US / UK. They are not interested in Kashmir or India.

And India knows that US and its allies are presently cutting deals with Pakistan so that Al-Qaeda, the most potent threat to it is wiped out from their bases in Pakistan. However, that will hardly help India as US has shown time and again, it was willing to wink at LeT’s Kashmir role as long as it did not pain the Americans.

It is therefore time to think what is good for India – to do things out of the box, away from executive glare, and help forces that are threatening Pakistan and not India.

Even for a moment assume that due to “external” help, Al-Qaeda and Taliban aligned to A-Qaeda are in a position to take over Pakistan – it might actually serve India well.

How ?

For starters, such a scenario will be the ultimate nightmare scenario for the US / western allies. It will mean that Al-Qaeda will be taking over a country with nuclear warheads that will surely threaten the US / European mainland.

And what do you think US / UK / NATO do under the circumstances?

They will take the “tabletop exercises” of securing Pakistani nukes to the next logical step and take over the nuclear assets of Pakistan, so that it does not fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda.

For India, Pakistan is denuded of its nuclear arsenal.

And that, for India, one major Indian military objective achieved !!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm !!!! Is all I can say .....

TTV INDIA said...

"The Mindless Warrior".... well put BuA. There are certain points in this one which seem repetetive, but there are also some interesting points.

This brings us to one main question, how long will we keep looking at others to do our work? How long are we going to let these buggers get stronger than ever before?

Anonymous said...


It seems that the world has chosen - that Pakistan will once again play an important part and Taliban will get legitimacy. Forget India, I am wondering how Iran will view all this?

With China buying up companies have dual usage and US and Europe is ok with it, the world surely has changed.

And India, once again, is sitting and wondering what to do. What ????

Kannan said...

I think the Obama snub to India is a good thing. Now, out of US umbrella, our politicians will turn to our intelligence and military to do the job. US-India strategic relationship was a wild goose chase..the best and friendliest administration..the Bush administration ended its term with a total of $10 billion dollars to Pakistan in terms of military aid. How can Obama do worse than that.Now the Predator strikes are getting more intense and frequent in Pak territories is the indication that Obama has read through Pak double game. Between, we have to put some serious money into covert operation to shake up Pakis. An independent Baluchistan before fully-fledged commissioning of Gwadar should be our primary goal.

Anonymous said...

BuA - u r getting wicked .... :)

"due to “external” help, Al-Qaeda and Taliban aligned to A-Qaeda are in a position to take over Pakistan – it might actually serve India well. such a scenario will be the ultimate nightmare scenario for the US / western allies. It will mean that Al-Qaeda will be taking over a country with nuclear warheads that will surely threaten the US / European mainland... and take over the nuclear assets of Pakistan, so that it does not fall into the hands of Al-Qaeda."

Having worked for over 20 yrs in Yankee land, you are spot on one thing. Nothing moves them if it is not in their "supreme national interest." And something like this will neatly fall into the box marked - "supreme national interest."

Go Al Qaeda !!!! (cant believe I am actually saying this, though) !!!


India got a rude shock on learning that the OBAMA administration has directed US co GENERAL ELECTRIC (GE) to stop ALL WORK on the gas turbines engines which power the warships.

It seems OBAMA admin is reviewing its military ties with different countries.

However, this has hit the already delayed plans to induct INS Shivalik and INS Sahyadri.

While GE has told INDIA that it will take 3 months to resolve the export control imbroglio, this episode clearly puts a BIG QUESTION MARK AGAIN on USofA as a reliable and long term defense supplier.

Do not be surprised if we come to later on that there was a Chinese pressure in all this. As Anon @ 3:43 pointed out, China has the cash today and before the value of the cash falls, it is buying up assets around the globe - specially companies which have DUAL USE technologies. As US moves closer to CHINA, as it really has no other option, we will see such Anti-India moves couched in diplomatese "reviewing military relationships" etc.

India should also start playing hardball with US. Our domestic economy is our biggest asset and we should be smart about using our power. India should learn a trick or two on handling the US from the Chinese, the Pakistanis, the Iranians and even the North Koreans.

Anonymous said...

1. whats the difference between taliban an al qaeda? al qaeda was an organized group that conducted the 9/11 attacks amongst several others. After US bombardment of Afghanistan, elements of al qaeda and other sympathisers as well as local mobs and unemployed youth took up arms for cash and the fun of it and are broadly known as Taliban by most of us. Is Taliban a organization with boundaries? No. If I for example, go to Pakistan or Afghanistan and blow myself up somewhere, I will be branded Taliban. Same goes for al qaeda. Al qaeda was a close knit group until the stop of free flow of funds and support, US bombardment and Pakistan's chicken and egg game. LeT on the other hand is a well organized group with no "stray dogs", or perhaps not significant quantities.

2. Saudi Arabia - anything said will remain a strong ally with Pakistan. As the article linked suggested, the ties are too intimate. Both countries are in a tough spot now, but not a dangering one. The good guys (india, russia, israel etc.) should work to break these ties. Pakistan will lose their last clinging rope. Obviously although India has close relations with UAE and Saudi also, the 2 would side Pakistan in any conflict, something India should take into consideration when shaping their policies.

3. About Saudi and al qaeda - well in my opinion Saudi's stand against al qaeda is a cover which is not being genuinely taken per se by the side of the al qaeda. remember, bin laden group is possible the largest conglomerate within the Kingdom, with interests largely in construction. They are well linked to the who's who. Don't you think the Bin Ladens could still be supporting their children, with government blessing? Ok even if Saudi govt is AQ's enemy, very strong elements within the Kingdom are not.

4. Even at the end of the day if Saudi and all its elements are indeed anti AQ, the world should realise that it will be temporary. Muslims are mindless chickens and link everything including their rear ends to Islam. Look at how Bangladesh embraces the country that inflicted wounds that will never heal on it? Hence nobody should expect a Saudi settlement of the problem.

5. I like the Sunni vs. Shia bomb part. Instead of fighting them, let them fight temselves to death. So simple. Remember if Iran gets the bomb, it doesn't affect us. If Pakistan breaks up / Talibans come into power, it would be easy for any country to control them, like how it's easy for anybody to get what they want from Talibans. Getting them o attack Iran wouldn't be too difficult and it would be a good way to annihilate Pakistan.

6. I thought you said that the Sri Lankan cricket attack was the work of the Army, or its elements. Which is which? You also actually said that Let, Taliban, al qaeda and all these pack of pigs are one in previous articles. I have always disagreed. They may be one from a aerial view, but they are actually out there to get each other. At least most of them.

7. Kashmir - No true Islamic element has been against Kashmir other than Pakistan. Actually Muslims have problems far and wide, all over. And when a problem surfaces, they simply link it with Islam as a binding force, as they are dry of intellect to proceed in a more systemic, cognizant method. Its the same from Israel to Chechnya to Kashmir. In Kashmir, only Pakistan and Pakistan alone is responsible. About warlords in the Pak-Afg border, all are Muslims, but yet Islam becomes the motto of the fight although the true reason is cultural, territorial and monetary.

8. Lashkar - "its vision has NEVER been Kashmir-centric" ; incorrect. They were formed as a Kashmir centric group, but ventured into other "markets". By dipping their hand in too many pies before tasting the initial one, LeT is now lost within itself. It's exactly what'd happen to a company which diversified from a simple business into a global conglomerate even before breaking thru its original business. No matter how resource rich it is, it will doom. The world knows Pakistan is not resource rich. They are lacking, seriously, until they are big time debtors today. So LeT will be down the drain sooner or later. It's already been flushed. What I mean to say is LeT was Kashmir centric, but stretched itself too much out of eagerness (or possibly got stretched by the Pak establishment), it's hard to mend itself.

9. Pakistan officials are in a limbo, and when stuck you need a punching bag to release depression. Who else but India. So they spew out what they can in the given time on India, as much as the 2 star general, or even people like Ahmed Quraishi and Zaid Zaman do. (wait, why all are AQs? -- Ahmed Quraishi - a ISI agent, Al Qaeda, even AQ khan lols)

10.USA / UK dont care two hoots about Indias problem. Why would they? However their insecure position now on our arch enemy makes them easy for us to get things done.


TO ANON ABOVE - Giving you point wise reply:

1. There is surely a difference between LeT and Taliban and Al-Qaeda groups. While LeT is purely an ISI driven organization, the Taliban are a motley crew. However, for ease, the world has put the Taliban into 2 divisions – the Afghan Taliban and the Pak Taliban. The Pak Taliban are aligned with Al Qaeda.

Eg: aliban commander Hakeemullah Mehsud has been leading operations against NATO's supply lines in Khyber and Peshawar. Hakeemullah is a senior lieutenant of Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud and the cousin of Qari Hussain, the notorious Taliban commander trains child suicide bombers in South Waziristan.
Hakeemullah has become an influential leader in Pakistan's Taliban movement. He also commands the Taliban in the Kurram and Arakzai tribal agencies. He declared Sharia law in Arakzai n January 2009. In Khyber, Hakeemullah has rivaled the Lashkar-e-Islam for control.

On the other hand, there are Afghan Taliban aligned to Pakistan and ISI – firmly rooted to the cause of erasing the Durand Line and ruling Afghanistan (Mullah Omar et al.).


A senior official in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province wants the Taliban to integrate into the security forces in the region where the government ceded to the Taliban's demands to implement sharia, or Islamic Law, and end military operations. The official also described the Swat Taliban leader as a "good human being."

Syed Muhammad Javed, the Malakand Division Commissioner, has proposed that the Taliban provide recruits for the police and the paramilitary Levies force. The Malakand Division is made up of the districts of Malakand, Swat, Shangla, Buner, Dir, and Chitral.

Boggles the mind, does it not? That is the difference I am talking about.

2. Agree, but the good guys as you call (India / Russia / Israel) cannot and do not have the leverage to break the Saudi – Pak relations. Saudi’s security is intricately linked to Pakistan.

3. Bin Ladens do support their children and indeed there are Saudi financiers to Lashkar e Taiba too. However, on a macro view, the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda are not in the best of terms at the present moment, to put it mildly. There have been numerous attempts in Saudi Arabia on the Royal family members by Al Qaeda, so this relationship is pretty much on the docks. However, there are powerful people within the kingdom who are aligned with ISI and LeT too.

4. Based on above, do not agree with your assessment.

5. Getting a Shia bomb is a good thing, if the world overlooks the Sunni bomb (with my apologies to Israel). But the moment Iran will have the Shia bomb, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have openly stated that they too will pursue the nuclear option. The recipe for Middle East will be disastrous. However, I am past niceties and could not be bothered any more if any other part of the world is on fire. Our own backyard is on fire, and US is largely to be blamed for this.

6. I have said that the attack on Sri Lanka team was the work of Lashar e Jhangvi, who are closely aligned with Al-Qaeda. Even today, there are operational synergies with Pakistan Army. Look at the co-ordinated set of events in the neighborhood – 26/11 Mumbai, BDR mutiny in Bangladesh and Lahore attacks on Lanka cricketers.

7. Agree

8. Agree – however its vision today is “not Kashmir centric”. Probably should have mentioned that.

9. Agree. Pakistan Army used the Indian bogey to try to motivate its soldiers to attack Baitullah Mehsud. This is how it worked – Pakistan Army was faced with internal rebellion as Muslim Pakistan Army (esp the Pushtun base) did not want to fight Baitullah Mehsud. Hence, Pakistan Army told its Army that Baitullah Mehsud is being funded by RAW to get its Army personnel to attack Mehsud and not have “desertions”. It worked initially till Pak Army actually got walloped not once, but twice by Mehsud’s forces.

10. It should make it easy for us, but we are not very good in coercive diplomacy, are we?

Anonymous said...

Taliban to join Pak paramilitary force and police --

Wow !! What the hell is happening there ?


I have incorporated a "TIME" article in the article. This deals with "economy of drugs" - sometime back I wrote on UK being the biggest drug runner in 19th century.

Well, read this TIME article: Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy?

Will give you an idea of the state of the economy and state of "desperation". And yes, you can draw some conclusions of your own regarding "putting real cash back into defunct US / European banks and economy by indulging in Afghan opium trade."

Anonymous said...

not just afghan and pak taliban, BUA. now the dear unc sam got more divisions to wreck pakistan - a favor for us. now got even punjabi taliban, pashtun taliban, uzbek taliban... soon will be sindhi taliban to counter punjabi taliban

Anonymous said...

what anon earlier said is true, while BUA is wrong to say al qaeda is alligned with pak taliban. Mr bua, pak taliban is not a single grouping. there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of "groups" randomly attacking, bombing etc. who are all grouped and ganged by USA as Taliban. Those who are within Pakistan are pak taliban, and same with afghanistan. Its just like saying "in mumbai, gangsters are related to xxx". Who are "gangsters"? There are hundreds of gangs in mumbai, all with different and wavering thoughts and motives. same goes for taliban. some are hard pressed allah warriors, while mostly are uneducated depressed fools who are having a jolly good time with guns in their hands shooting and screaming in a lawless land. Maybe Al qaeda may be related to some taliban groups, but surely one cannot group taliban as one entity. Taliban = psycho fanatic people who wreck havoc under the name of islam. Going by that definition i guess all pakistanis, esp the higher rank are taliban too!!

Anonymous said...

2. Agree, but the good guys as you call (India / Russia / Israel) cannot and do not have the leverage to break the Saudi – Pak relations. Saudi’s security is intricately linked to Pakistan.

--> well look at these two links: == . the = on the left is Pak, on the right is Saudi. Now the good guys gotta drive a wedge between the two, e.g. == becomes =||=. Yes Russia, israel and india cannot do that easily. Whats the other option? == becomes =|| (i.e. annihilate one, there will be no link)!!. Russia can gain good leverage over Iran, Israel would be obliged to poke fire to get USA to try break pakistan, and India can be a key ally in the gam. I hope u understand my symbolism.


To the 3 Anons above,

I am pretty much certain that while the Taliban cannot be grouped in black and white (Pak Taliban and Afghan Taliban) because there are several shades of "grey" in between - a fact I acknowledged when I wrote in this article - "pretty much some of these "mindless warriors of Allah" (as I referred to Taliban) are available to anyone with Koran and cash to blow themselves up anywhere what so ever. However, there are points of reference required, a BASELINE scenario - as we call it. Hence a broad grouping is required for the (X,Y = 0,0) point. That is where the broad grouping of Pak Taliban and Afghan Taliban comes into being - a fact that is being used by intelligence arms across the world and even in "influential" think tanks.

Even US intelligence source stated - which I have written:

"as is the case with the Afghan Taliban, the Saudis will have to get the Pakistani Taliban to part ways with al Qaeda and are working hard to drive a wedge between Pakistani militants and their foreign guests."

So, there is a homogenous grouping available (in the heterogenous grouping) to be called Pak Taliban and Afghan Taliban. And I used it too !

And yes, I agree very much that most of the higher echleons of Pak Army is already Talibanized - have stated so in all my articles. I have consistently maintained that Pak Army - ISI - Taliban - Al Qaeda- LeT - LeJ - HuM - JeM etc etc are more or less aligned.

The larger question remains : As India sends probes to mission and discovers new bacteria in upper stratosphere and helping the global economy - where does Pakistan stand?

Pakistan is synonymous with jehad, with global terrorism, with nuclear trade - in essence destabilizing the world.

Afghanistan and FATA etc too are synonymous with jehad and terrorism - but with a huge difference - there is no global terrorism. Sharia etc is for internal consumption and who are we to thrust democracy down their throats if that is how they want to live, however appalling it may look to us. Education may change all that, but I wanted to show a diff between Afghan terrorism and Pakistani terrorism.

Does the world therefore need Pakistan?

Ankit, Mumbai (Jai Ho) said...

No BuA - the world does not need Pakistan - as it exists like today.

I cannot see any reason why I should travel there -

1) For tourism - NO (unless they say trekking to Chitral is for free, and if Osama is caught, I get $ 26 million :).
2) For cricket - NO. Well Lashkars hate cricket, football, kite flying, Sufi music, drawing - even SMILING is banned I hear.
3) For education - What education?? - No
4) For cultural exchange - I dont want to get blown up by Taliban for strumming my guitar - so NO.
5) For stealing NUCLEAR secrets - YES. I hear Dr AQ Khan is still open for "business".
6. For getting Taliban to blow up - specially on my boss - YES, I am willing to pay for that. LOL !!!


mijanur rahaman said...

Jehadi Militants’ safe sanctuaries in Pakistan :: A Sunni-Deobandi Group is the main source of Pak Terrorism
By alertpak

Military Supported Sunni-Deobanbdi Power Group is the Main Source of Pak Terrorism.

……………………… A Report of International Crisis Group, Belgium.

New Delhi, March 15, 2009 :: A very much powerful Sunni group of Deoband school is the main source and god father of all Pakistan based terrorist activities with in Pakistan and outside.
All the prime groups of action in the field of terrorist activities in Pakistan grossly rely upon the teachings of India’s Deoband based Dar-ul-uloom Deoband, an Islamic seminary over 100 years.

This Sunni-Deobandi Group had the history of the rise and rise from the eighties with the generous help and support of Pakistani Military force. Now the group is so powerful , they can control and influence the inner mechanism of Pakistan and even the international relationship of
Pakistan with India and Afghanistan including other foreign policies. This Group now operating from and outside Pakistan has the power to cast spell upon the Kashmir issue or various movements of the fanatic Islamist groups everywhere in the Indian sub-continent.

The above picture has been brought to light by a Belgian based research institute , the International Crisis Group in their latest paper on Pakistan. The report captioned as “PAKISTAN – The Militant Jehadi Challenge” says many a crisis over the democratic processes being experimented in Pakistan.

The Report also says that this rise of this Intellectual Group of Islamic Fanatics had their gradual growth record taking full support of the State under Military Regime and the situation on going. This Sunni-Deobandi Group has a close and intimate connection with the Talibanis and now they have spread their strong network beyond the territory of Pakistan. This Sunni group of Deobandi- Jehadis are operating many a numbers of communal conflicts, riots, separatism, explosions and genocides in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. This Sunni groups are the most challenges for the peace process in Punjab, North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Baluchistan. The matter of Terrorist Jehadi activities of this fanatic Sunni-Deobandi group in those provinces and the rate of persecution upon the minorities in Pakistan and the opposition to the Snnis has made Pakistan as an offender to the international community.

The experts on Bangladesh Affairs now reports that the recent mutiny in Bangladesh Rifles had a very evident connection and instigation from the ISI and Jehadi groups under same Sunni-Deobandi school to dismantle a democratic process won over there.

Source : PTI , India under Attack , Agencies.

Militants’ safe sanctuaries in Pak must be eliminated: US Gen

Washington, Mar 18 (PTI) The safe sanctuaries of the militants in the tribal areas of Pakistan must be eliminated to achieve stability and security in the region, a top US military officer based in Afghanistan has said.
“Unless there is a resolution of the militant sanctuaries that exist across the border in the tribal areas of Pakistan, it’s hard for me to envision a degree of stability and security in this region,” US Commander in Afghanistan General David McKiernan told PBS news channel in an interview.

“So, I think that’s why there’s a regional outlook here, there’s an Afghan-Pakistan approach to this insurgency,” he said.

When asked about talks with Taliban, he said the ISAF and the US military favour the idea that if an insurgent wants to lay down the weapon, supports the legitimate constitution of Afghanistan, then that probably is a legitimate reconciliation that should be led by the Afghan government.

Gen McKiernan said he is not sure if the US ever should thought that it would win this war. “This is the region that sprung al-Qaeda operatives that attacked our country in 2001. Al-Qaeda still exists in this region,” he said.

“If we don’t have a successful outcome in Pakistan and Afghanistan that will allow a terrorist organization like al-Qaeda to continue to have effects globally. That’s why we’re still here. As part of that, we are committed to achieving a level of security and stability in the country of Afghanistan,” he added. PTI


Mijanur Rahman,

Thanks for the link. I had written an article on the Deobandi madrassas 4 articles back :

Makes it worthwhile to project the "right threats". In that article I wrote some of the "teachings" of these Deobandi madrassas.

And interestingly, Zia ul Haq and Pervez Musharraf are products of Deobandi schools, and are called hardcore "Deobandis".

Sohail Abbas, a leading Pakistani psychologist, in his recently published study based on personal interviews of 517 mujahideen arrested in Afghanistan and later lodged in two Pakistani jails, asserts that “the figures on rural/urban jihadis become even more interesting as all the jihadis, barring just a few, belonged to the DEOBANDI school of thought”.

LeT = ISI = Deobandis / Wahabbis

Anonymous said...

To Ankit (Mumbai) Jai Ho -


"For education - What education?? - No"

You are a thoughtless arse. Pakistan is the BEST in the world for terror education. It's the Oxford in terror training. All the top terrorists / bombers / shooters / Allah warriors got training in Pakistan!

Have u heard of Saudi trained terrorists or Dubai trained terrorists being so succesful they always appear in US security dialogues and tabloid frontpages?


Zindabad Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

To Ankit (Mumbai) Jai Ho -


"For education - What education?? - No"

You are a thoughtless arse. Pakistan is the BEST in the world for terror education. It's the Oxford in terror training. All the top terrorists / bombers / shooters / Allah warriors got training in Pakistan!

Have u heard of Saudi trained terrorists or Dubai trained terrorists being so succesful they always appear in US security dialogues and tabloid frontpages?


Zindabad Pakistan.

Ankit, Mumbai (Jai Ho) said...

To Zindabad Pakistan,

Gustakkhi maaf. You are right. I completely forgot about the "TERROR EDUCATION". Actually that was farthest from my mind, as education and terror are so far removed from my reality, however it is a global reality and I accept that.

As I read these articles here, I came to realize that top terrorists, be it Shamil Basayev, or Imam Samudra, or Khalid Sheikh or even Ajmal Kasav - were trained in Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Ankit, Mumbai (Jai Ho),

No worries bro. But if your children or young relatives are planning to persue a diploma / degree / masters or PhD in terrorism, please consider Pakistan.

If they are unsure about their future career, ask them to consider terrorism. Note the positive points about terrorism as a career.

(a) Ready funding for education: government of Pakistan and Saudi are ready to extend full scholarships, regardless of skin color, creed or nationality. An extremely attractive point.

(b) Ready employment opportunities worldwide. More so if you have good command of a language outside Arabic and Urdu, you can get international placements in UK, Australia, USA.

(c) It's not affected by financial or political crisis. In fact when there's financial and political crisis, terrorists are in greater demand!

(d) Ability to become a star! For those dreaming of stardom and paparazzi heat, take this profession. You will be more hot than any Hollywood star. Remember only selected countrymen know hollywood stars like Brad pit etc, while heros like Osama are known in every corner of the world.

(e) One and only profession that guarantees not a retirement scheme, but a deceased scheme - Paradise with 72 virgins at your disposal.

No wonder Pakistan is so succesful

Anonymous said...

1) For tourism - NO (unless they say trekking to Chitral is for free, and if Osama is caught, I get $ 26 million :).

--> Havent u heard of SWAT? its the Switzerland of Pakistan!! But it has one extra feature that Switzerland doesnt have: maximum number of policemen and traditional laws

2) For cricket - NO. Well Lashkars hate cricket, football, kite flying, Sufi music, drawing - even SMILING is banned I hear.

--> Sportspersons always say they wanna "bomb the season"!! Well, where else can they be bombed other than Pakistan

3) For education - What education?? - No

--> World class terror education like no other. Also for terror employment opportunities Pakistan tops.

--> Also our BUA was praising Saidu Sharif Uni sky high that its alumni authored a book that got published by Oxford Uni press. He even got an article based on that person's book! Ask BUA for further details, he may throw some light on more Pakistani world class universities.

4) For cultural exchange - I dont want to get blown up by Taliban for strumming my guitar - so NO.

--> Exactly, that's cultural exchange. like how Indian culture is Dance (Bharatanatyam), Singing (Sangeetham) etc, Pakistan's culture is also distinct: Bombing, incest and burqa! So if u have the balls for a cultural exchange, come over. Don't blame Pakistani culture. Blame your gutless attitude

5) For stealing NUCLEAR secrets - YES. I hear Dr AQ Khan is still open for "business".

--> Why are u jealous India or no other country has nuclear Wal-Mart? In fact AQKhan-Mart has no regional competitors, unlike Wal-Mart having Carrefour, Tesco, Woolworths etc. And does global trading with countries like North Korea, where these American franchises couldn't dream of. In fact AQKhan-Mart's brand ambassador and courier was the PM of Pakistan - late Benazir Bhutto, while the patron was North Korea's great leader Kim! Beat that Wal-Mart!

6. For getting Taliban to blow up - specially on my boss - YES, I am willing to pay for that. LOL !!!

--> Another one of a kind. Go to some stores in NWFP, chose the credentials of your product and it will be deliered the next day! The product? Suicide bombers. High quality, high determination, but low price. No don't worry, it's not some made in China crap. It's exclusively Made in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...


Request you to make an article based on the answers you have received -

Why one should go to Pakistan?

It just might tickle the funny bone ... :). A suggestion from one of your "readers".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11pm

--> Also our BUA was praising Saidu Sharif Uni sky high that its alumni authored a book that got published by Oxford Uni press. He even got an article based on that person's book! Ask BUA for further details, he may throw some light on more Pakistani world class universities.

Maybe BUA is thinking of sending his kids there for higher education.

Bua pls consider Muridke too if ur kids seek some more adventurous education. With guaranteed sponsorship that would come in handy during this economic crisis.

Actually Indians are given preference for Lashkar-ISI Institute of Terror Training, Muridke.

Cant give such an assurance about Sadu Sharid though

Anonymous said...

--> Another one of a kind. Go to some stores in NWFP, chose the credentials of your product and it will be deliered the next day! The product? Suicide bombers. High quality, high determination, but low price. No don't worry, it's not some made in China crap. It's exclusively Made in Pakistan.

However once the product been used it will become the product of no man's land. Non state products. Like we saw in Mumbai.

Anonymous said...

u people are making fun of pakistan as if India is an ideal country without any evil, as if there is no terrorism in india. well keep on doing it, it does not make any difference.

pakistan has problems, but so has India. At least we don't have terrible slums like in india.
As one american expert said' American cities will deteriorate so badly due to recession that they will resemble Calcutta in the future'. lol

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

Really? Have a look at this article by National Geographic:

(if u cant open it make sure there are no spaces between letters in the URL)

It says: "In Asia, Karachi's Orangi Township has surpassed Dharavi"

WOW!! So on top of all those above, Pakistan also has the LARGEST slum in Asia!! It beat India to it!! Bravo Pakistan!! U rule!!

Terrorism in India is the work of PhD holders and other graduates from Pakistani Schools of Terrorism. The last big ticket was by several graduates of the ISI-Lashkar School of Terror, Muridke. Mr Ajmal Kasab, the only survivor is now seeking a lawyer. Perhaps these schools should have a tie-up with some Western institutions and lecture Common Law too, so that arrested graduates can defend themselves.

After all they have to, because lawyers in India aren't interested in representing these grads, and even a legal defence set-up by the state would not ultimately be in kasab's favor. Moreover, once his project is completed, his superiors label him as "non state actors" even though he is ardently claiming his nationality as a pure, proud and pathetic Pakistani.

If u r studying or an alumni of any of these marvelous institutions, do put in this suggestion.

About American cities resembling Calcutta, well, maybe because Calcutta was really bad. Kolkata is growing to be one of India's most sought cities (with some sticky tape around that shd be eliminated like Mamata).

But on the whole, what i can say about graduate churning from Pakistan Institutes of Terror (PIT) are they will reduce Pakistan to Hiroshima very soon!! And Pakistan surely can't grow back the way Japan did. They'll stick there heads in dung!!

Good going Pak. I salute u!!

Anonymous said...

u mean Hiroshima 45? yea. pakistan is on d way there

Anonymous said...

Assfuck Gaylani. yup they r gays

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