Monday, May 25, 2009



I had conducted this interview with Dr. Wahid Baloch so that all of us can get a first hand report on the issues that plague Balochistan. Whatever we read in mainstream media, glosses over or does not report at all the scale of atrocities that Pakistan Army inflicts on the Balochis while robbing / stripping them literally off their assets.


Populated by fiercely independent Baluch warriors, Kalat retained much of its independence from the British. Regarded as too wild to tame but a useful buffer against Russians, the Baluch were allowed to keep their sovereignty.

Just six months of independence, the Pakistani military stormed in and forced Kalat to cede to Pakistan. Baluchi separatists have since fought five insurgencies to try to claw back their independence from Pakistan’s central government, which has responded with massacres, large scale disappearances and torture, inclusive of local rulers like Bughti, a secular soft spoken; Oxford educated leader who wanted independence from Pakistan and as such was assassinated by the Pakistan Military.

Read this statement by ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION - PAKISTAN: Fingers point at state intelligence agencies in the killings of three Baloch nationalist leaders.

Main worry is that the continued repression of the Baluch, coupled with the de facto silencing of their tribal leaders, is forcing many formerly secular separatists into the arms of the Taliban / Al Qaeda instead.

Until recently, The Taliban have held little sway over the Baluchi tribes. But Islamic radicalism appears to be spreading through the region. Taliban leaders recently announced the creation of a new group, “Tehreek-e-Taliban Baluchistan”.

The shift to Taliban is not large scale, the Balochis themselves are largely secular, have a royal gait and demeanor. We now delve into the interview to make sense of the constantly shifting landscape to the west of India.

Q1. Please introduce yourself?

My Name is Wahid Baloch. I'm the president of Baloch Society of North America, an organization dedicated to highlight the plights of Baloch people in Iranian and Pakistani occupied Balochistan. I'm a US citizen, originally from Balochistan.

Q2. Can you please tell me your organization's aim?

Baloch Society of North America is the first Baloch political organization that was created in US on March 2005. The aim was to educate the American people and the world community against the Pakistani and Iranian illegal occupation of Balochistan and exploitation of Baloch resources and to bring their human right violations in Balochistan into the world notice. By doing so, we have done a great job in such a short span of time.

Q3. I have a flag here (dated 1893) which depicts Balochistan as a separate country? How did it become part of Pakistan?

Balochistan was never a part of India but was separate country and it had enjoyed bilateral relationship with British Government. When British left the Indian subcontinent, Balochistan emerged as an independent state on August 12, 1947. Pakistani army, after 7 and 1/2 months, attacked the sovereign Balochistan and occupied it on March 27, 1948 at gun point. Since then Balochs are fighting for their independence. The war of independence continue as we speak.

Q4. Why do you then consider the "occupation of Pakistan" illegal?

As I said, Balochistan was an independent free sovereign state even before Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947. Baloch people were not a part of Indian Muslim League's movement to create Pakistan. Balochistan was forcefully annexed into Pakistan against the wishes of Baloch people. Pakistan is in violation of international law for its continuous illegal occupation of Balochistan and exploitation of Baloch resources without Baloch consent.

Baloch do not consider themselves as Pakistani. We are a secular nation. We should not be forced to live in with Islamic terrorists and extremists in Pakistan. We have nothing in common with Islamic Pakistan. Our culture, language and traditions are completely different from that of Pakistan. We are fighting for our freedom that Pakistan has taken away from us.

Pakistani army has committed war crimes against the Baloch people in Balochistan. These war crimes include indiscriminate bombing women and children, use of chemical weapons, rape, torture, murder, disappearances and displacement of thousands of Baloch people, testing its nuclear weapons in Balochistan, rendering hundreds of miles of Baloch land into waste, leading to the spread of diseases such as increased number of abnormal birth defects and glaucoma due to spread of radio active materials. Thousand of nomadic lives have perished because of the effects of the Nuclear holocaust. These and many other crimes are well documented by independent human rights organizations. They all constitute crimes against humanity and call for international intervention and action that is long overdue.

Q5. Under the terms of agreement, Pakistan was to reimburse proceeds from gas sales which originated from Balochistan. Has Pakistan honored this commitment?

I'm not aware of any such agreement between the Baloch leaders and Pakistani Government. Whatever Pakistan is doing or has done with Baloch resources are a clear loot and plunder at gun point. Pakistan owes the Baloch people trillions of dollars for illegally occupying Baloch land, exploiting Baloch resources for the last 61 years and for testing its nuclear weapons on Baloch soil without the Baloch consent. Pakistani army must leave Balochistan peacefully without any further bloodshed . Balochistan's sovereignty must be restored as an independent secular state according to the international law as it was in 1947 prior to the Pakistani occupation. Pakistan must pay restitutions to thousands of Baloch families whose loved ones were killed, tortured, murdered, jailed or made disappeared by Pakistani army and its ISI.

Q6. In your quest for freedom struggle, how do you get to aim to fight Pakistan forces, which is one of strongest in the world? How would term the success / failure of the movement till now?

A strong or big army can not be defeated merely by being strong militarily alone but it also needs the will-power and determination of people too. Baloch people have demonstrated that will-power and have grown stronger and stronger everyday in their determination to defeat Pakistani and Iranian occupying forces. Baloch people may have lost few battles due to the lack of training and resources and lack of international help but we have not lost the war. The war for freedom continues and with everyday, Baloch's will to liberate their land from these occupying forces is getting stronger and stronger. Every Baloch is determined to fight to the last drop of his blood to free their land from the Pakistani and Iranian occupiers. We ask all the freedom loving Nations to support Baloch peoples in their just cause.

Q7. Pakistan claims that yours is a terrorist movement funded by outside countries (namely USA, India and even Russia). Your views.

Pakistan can calls us whatever she likes, but the fact is that we are not terrorists or separatists. We are freedom fighters, fighting for our freedom that has been taken away from us by Pakistan and Iran.

In fact, Pakistan and Iran, both are itself terrorist states and are sponsoring global jihad and Islamic terrorism. Pakistan is the epicenter of terror. Wherever there is a terrorism, Pakistan's foot prints are found there

Q8. In this link (CLICK HERE), it is mentioned that Akbar Bugti died from a shell that backfired. Your views?

These are Pakistani propaganda to mislead and hide the facts. Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti was killed along with his companions and body guards by Pakistan's army in a massive military operation by Pakistan's army on August 26, 2009. Baloch Nation lost a great leader but his great grandson Brhamdagh Bugti is still with us, fighting for Balochistan and we fully support him.

Q9. Pakistan is today facing an existential threat from Taliban, who too are entrenched inside Baluchsitan. How to aim to "cleanse" Baluchistan?

Taliban were created by Pakistani ISI and they have been nurturing and supporting them all this time. It will be naive to believe that Pakistani army will ever take any action against its own created ideological friends. It is no secret that Taliban's top leader Mullah Omar is hiding in Quetta with full ISI knowledge and support. As long as Pakistan exists Taliban are going no where and they will continue to bleed the NATO forces and Afghanistan, and the dream of a peaceful democratic Afghanistan will remain a distant reality.

In order to eliminate Taliban, the main sanctuary, Pakistan, must be be eliminated first. Their safe heavens inside Pakistan must be dismantled and their main sponsors and financier Pakistani Jihadi army and ISI must be defeated.

Let's not be too enthusiastic that Pakistan Jihadi army will defeat or eliminate its own created Taliban. Taliban are a big asset and a great source of income for Pakistan's army. I suggest the American and NATO forces in Afghanistan to take the matter in their own hand and go in into Balochistan along with secular Baloch on their side to finish Taliban sanctuaries by themselves.

A peaceful Balkanization of Pakistan on ethnic lines and creation of an independent Democratic Secular United Balochistan is the ultimate answer. This will limit and weaken both Pakistan and Iran's quest in their nuclear adventures and reduce their capablity to support and spread the Islamic extremism and fundamentalism in the region.

We will stand with the NATO forces and world community to do the job that needs to be done. Nothing else will work. Let's not waste time and money on Pakistan any more. This terrorist country with its pan-Islamic terrorist ideology should not have been born to begin with. This country is a curse for the entire region. It is the most corrupt country on the face of earth


Q10. Gwadar is a port built in Balochistan with help from China. If we give you the hypothetical situation that Balochistan is liberated, how would you want to use the port? Will you allow Chinese navy berthing rights in Gwadar?

We will use the port to benefit our people. We will facilitate the trade and business of South Asian countries to promote peace and friendship among nations in the region. Currently China is working with Pakistan to crush the Baloch freedom movement. We are not against China but China must stop supporting Pakistani army against Baloch freedom fighters. A free united Balochistan will extend a hand of friendship to all of those Nations who have helped us to liberate our land from the Pakistani and Iranian occupiers.



marty said...


You got the "geo politics" bang on. Balochistan is the flavor of the year and they will get their independence!

But this will benefit USA directly and maybe INDIA indirectly. The way I see it, gas sales from Iran to India via land route is gone - unless India starts paying the US agencies !!!

Get my point :)

Anonymous said...

A free Balochistan is good only for the US. India only gets a rabid Pakistan Punjab with nukes.

Akshit said...

I had conducted this interview with Dr. Wahid Baloch so that all of us can get a first hand report on the issues that plague Balochistan. Whatever we read in mainstream media, glosses over or does not report at all the scale of atrocities that Pakistan Army inflicts on the Balochis while robbing / stripping them literally off their assets.

It's of, not off.

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Anonymous said...

Balochistan was never a part of Pakistan - and they will continue to fight for its independence.

Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) was in fact set up by KGB + GRU. India came much later in the picture (as always). Today US, IRAN are trying to influence this region both for their benefit.

Probably the single biggest gold deposit in the world lies in this region - a mouth watering prospect for any superpower or "regional" power. The gas extraction, pipeline economics added to that makes for a feast.

Pakistan is not going to let go of this in a hurry. There will be peace deal with Taliban in SWAT. And there will be pipeline deals again with the TALIBAN and the current US Administration run by "JIMMY CARTER - aka OBAMA".

CHINA owns a part of US thru its T-bills and US will become subservient to Chinese interests in this region. This will the begining of the end of India's strategic interests in the region.

China is entrenched in BURMA & PAKISTAN. It has meddled in NEPAL thru Maoists. It may well take over a major port in SRI LANKA (whether its GWADAR in BALOCHISTAN (Pakistan) or HAMBANTOTA in SRI LANKA). And now CHINA + PAKISTAN + US making INDIA irrelevant in AFGHANISTAN.



I agree - however I see India losing out diplomatically due to intransigence of its actions and moves in the region.

Whether this new stronger govt in India can go in for a course correction is to be seen.

An independent Balochistan is in India's interest and also in the region's interests.



That sentence is a bit tricky - I played with of and off and settled for off.

Being a preposition it connects nouns (hence of) or adverbs (hence off). Depends on how you read the sentence as both are right, depending on which way you read it.

But thanks for pointing it out.


To Anon @ May 26, 2009 9:52 PM:

There is a saying in Balochistan that a Baloch child may be without socks, but when he grows up every step he takes will be on gold. Reko Diq is proof that the barefooted Baloch do tread on gold.

1. Balochistan is rich with gas, natural resources and some of the rarest mineral reserves. Large portions of two proposed gas pipelines – one between Iran, Pakistan and India (IPI) and another between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India (TAPI) – would pass through Balochistan. International powers like the United States, China, Iran and India are already looking to this region for increased access to gas and use of Balochistan’s Gwadar port, at the entrance of the Persian Gulf, for international trade.

2. Reko Diq, an ancient volcano in Chaghi, Balochistan, literally means “sandy peak”. However, this is something of a misnomer. It should be called Tangav Diq, or gold peak, because below the sands, according to development expert Syed Fazl-e-Haider, lie “12.3 million tons of copper and 20.9 million ounces of gold.”

Sharminda-e-nawazish-e gardoon na manda amm
Gar chaak dokht, jamma ba mazd-e-rafoo girraft.

(Should I acknowledge the favour of his darning of a tear?
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Anonymous said...


There is no way IRAN will allow space to UNCLE SAM in Balochistan.

Its own territory will be compromised in such a situation. The US is to its west in Iraq, to its east in Afghanistan and now to its south east in Balochistan will be a disaster to Iran.

Together with Russia, Iran will thwart this. Unless Iran gets guarantees from Russia + US.

Reconciler said...

What are the actual chances that Baluchistan will be independent anytime soon?

How would you suggest, the circumstances for independence should be?

Great Article, arousing my interest in this secular people of Baluchistan

Anuj said...

I like the effort/comments you put in Ahmed Quraishi website. I mean these guys actually beileve all that they write is true .. I find it really funny to think of someone leading a life like that :). Awesome job .. ..


Last night I saw something ethereal on TV.

No, it was not the sight of a flattened ISI building in Lahore!

It was Champions League Final match between Barcelona (Barca) and Manchester United (Man U).

Iniesta, Messi, Xavi played some scintillating football laced with pure skill to subdue Man U. A match not to have been missed!!

Will come back to this topic and comment in a cpl of hours !

marty said...


Have you noticed how Pakistan & China together have outsmarted India in its own neighborhood?

While you all are talking of imminent collapse of Pakistan, it has quietly given its MBT and ammos + USD 200 million to Sri Lankan army to defeat one time Indian proxy LTTE.

I am sorry to state this - but India looks like a weak nation, with weaker resolve and weakest politicians. What is a good Army with these realities?

You have allowed your own neighborhood to have become a playground for your adversaries and expect US to help you in Pakistan. Fat chance. US is looking to help itself and save face. Hence it has now even asked China to arm Pakistan (more !!).

And where does all this leave India? And you think, as I have written earlier, an independent Balochistan will be of any help to India.


Reconciler said...


Well if it helps the Baluchi people, it certainly helps India in the long term. India and a small non-muslim country at its doorstep are natural allies and Baluchistan a possible buffer or second front for Pakistan. Moreover, Baluch resources, currently exploited by Pakistan, would be up for grabs by other parties, who would actually reward the Baluchis.

Reconciler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
marty said...


In the long term we are all dead - remember the famous saying.

I stay here and now, and I cannot see a weak India having any hand in helping Balochistan come about. I remember reading India's ex PM IK Gujral closing down the black ops wing of RAW in Pakistan during his tenure. What kind of asses India elects?

You are a German, I gather. You have fine methods of dealing with dissidents - and I am sure such a fine method will be adopted in a few years from now, when the Islamic army advances towards Europe and Germany with its own 10% Islamic population wondering how to fight / purge these rabid elements. Good luck with that.

Here and now, there is no such hope for India. Now it is ruled by a weak hearted (literally and figuratively) PM. Pakistan is encircling India together with China. What a situation India must be finding itself in - a big nation - full of fat and no muscle.

That is the INDIA we see - FAT, SLOTH, MEANDERING !

Reconciler said...

"In the long term we are all dead - remember the famous saying".I'd like to die knowing that my children and their children will have a non-islamic non-sharia future. That brings a certain flavor to death, doesn't it?

"I stay here and now, and I cannot see a weak India having any hand in helping Balochistan come about. I remember reading India's ex PM IK Gujral closing down the black ops wing of RAW in Pakistan during his tenure. What kind of asses India elects?"I do not know too much about India's political landscape yet, but seeing that South Asia is quickly becoming a major front in the clash of civilizations, this might change. Thus I can't really add my 2 cents worth to Indian politics. I just hope, that India grows stronger and modernizes on its own accord fast. This is the best solution to internal conflicts of terrorism. India should just take care not to fall into the cesspit of political correctness like Europe.

You are a German, I gather. You have fine methods of dealing with dissidents - and I am sure such a fine method will be adopted in a few years from now, when the Islamic army advances towards Europe and Germany with its own 10% Islamic population wondering how to fight / purge these rabid elements. Good luck with that.Thanks, however I do not see the future of my country too brightly either. Let's just say, signs are their that Germans - and the other european nations for that matter - won't be standing idly by as the countries' fat slug politicians are selling it out for the lowest bidder. But we face an uphill battle.

"That is the INDIA we see - FAT, SLOTH, MEANDERING!"

Good luck to India!

Anonymous said...

If India loses this battle with the Islamists - then both Israel and a large part of Europe will be lost to these Islamists - together will Central Asian Regions.

Jamal Nasir Baloch said...

I am thankful to author that they are highlighting the Baloch cause at international level; Free Balochistan will be in benefits of this world because it will play a vital role for world pace and development. Pakistan is making misunderstanding about Baloch cause……….. You should visit occupied Balochistan you will see every Baloch with the slogan of Free Balochistan

Anonymous said...

Mr Baloch,

If we had anyone like Veer Savarkar as PM today, you would have got your Balochistan and India her peace.

Anonymous said...

Did YOU interview Dr. Wahid personally BUA da??


Yes I did !


Well guyz,

Hafeez Saeed has been freed. I guess all of us knew that Pak is not going to do a thing.

The question is what is India going to do?

Some one has come into our house, uninvited, slapped us and killed us - do we remain quiet?

Anonymous said...

Avid Historian

Yes. We will get slapped and we will keep quiet. That is the shame of Indian democracy.

Anonymous said...

Avid Historian

As was expected, Pakistan has freed the murderous dog - Hafeez Saeed. Lets see what our inept Govt. response will be.



Welcome back !!!

The new article is for you !!

Anonymous said...


Jundullah is CIA funded and they are trying to create unrest in Balochistan area which falls under Iran.

Does Dr Baloch have any ties with Jundullah?


To ANON above:

This is the reply I received from Dr Baloch's office:

"No. We don't have any contact with Jundollah. We consider Jundollah a terrorist Islamic organization who is being funded by Pakistani ISI and Saudi's to counter Iran as well as to counter Baloch secular movement in Iran. US and Israel may also be using Jondullah card to keep Iran engaged. I think Jondullah should stop its activities and renounce its Islamic Terrorism. Jondullah's activities are detrimental for Baloch Nation Cause and Baloch nationalist secular movement. I strongly denounce Jondullah. Iraninan Occupied Baloch people must come up with a Nationalist secular movement to replace Jondullah. "

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Liberate Balochistan !!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to make some comments for the aloof writer here and the general public at large..... To make sense of this all, we first need to get our historical facts straight. I am NOT a Political Science student, NOR a history scholar. Yet i believe i know more than the self-acclaimed writer and his prejudiced interviewee about Baluchistan.

First of all, there were many Independent Princely states functioning in the Subcontinent during the British Raj. Should i name some of them.... Yes, Kallat but what about the more famous (and later bloodier ones) Hyderabad Deccan, Manavdar, Junagadh, Sikkim, Kashmir.... I don’t even want to discuss what happened to them.....

Secondly, if you check the map of Baluchistan, you will know that Kalat even today is a small region in Baluchistan. It does not form or control or for that matter ever controlled the entire population of the province, which is divided in ethnicities and sub divided into tribes.... So, the people who claim independece on pretext of Kalat (a single Princely State) cannot claim independence of entire province. Consider this, Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan on the extreme western border was a well-established 'hill station' that served as a summer resort for English families. Quetta was under the jurisdiction of the British Raj.

No.3: Unlike India, all of the Princely States that Pakistan acquired after partition were under mutual consent. These included the princely states of Bahawalpur, Hunza and among others Kalat. The meetings between the leaders of these states and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah are all documented and available to public access.

The meeting between the Ameer of Kalat and Jinnah Sahab went underway in the presence of Lord Mountbatten himslef. And the terms of agreement were signed by both sides before Kalat's final accession to Pakistan. There are even photographs and documented evidences of these meetings.

No.4. When Baluchistan first joined Pakistan, it was a barren wasteland ruled by war lords and plagued by pirates. There were no valuable resources discovered then..... I am talking about the late 1940s and early 50s. In those days, the Balochis needed Pakistan more than Pakistan needed them.

Of course, later problems were faced in all the provinces followed by unrest. Balochis being an extreme case had to be dealt strictly. I think we already have fought almost 3 civil wars in the province, during different intervals.

No.5. So, why is Baluchistan so troubled now.... Well that’s because it has always been a troubled place to begin with. The larger Baluchistan includes areas of Iran as well as Afghanistan.... and all these areas have remained troubled for prolonged periods (ask any Irani / Afghani if you don’t believe me)

Pakistan of course got majority of the Balochis and therefore, most of their troubles....

Instead of blaming their problems on the government or the military or even their own sardars/ameers/leaders, the rugged and dangerous Balochis, armed to their teeth, always resort to killing of Punjabis and people of other sects and provinces.

Even today, people of Punjab avoid entering this unruly harsh land called Baluchistan. I personally know some families that reside in Quetta. They are always very cautious and fearful. Perhaps, the writer should meet some to get a grasp of the ground realities of this province.

"jhoot kay paoo nahi hotay" so goes a famous Pakistani saying: (roughly translated as) lies can’t last forever.
Sadly, We all know that there are many propaganda machines operating all over South Asia and your Blog seems to be another such silly attempt. But please, you have to realize that by spreading lies and deceit you are creating an irreversible pattern of anarchy which will consume yourself and your own people. This would be most disastrous to yourself than to anyone else.

- Nabeel

Anonymous said...

I would like to add to my previous comment that the Balochis are nothing even close to secularism. They kidnap and kill on the basis or religion, sect and ethnicity, and have been doing so for quite sometime. Most of them are illiterate, hot-headed and trigger-happy. They have Ameers (Tribal Leaders) who they believe and trust with their lives.... They are like Gods to the general tribal population of Baluchistan. Its these very people that exploit the masses for their own brutal interests.

Moreover, when Pakistan became independent in 1947, its army was joke and almost non existant with little or no means of arms and ammunition. If any one wanted independence from Pakistan then (like they do now), they could have easily achieved it..... But back then no one did.... not even the Bengalis!

What people are now saying about Baluchistan now.....that it was a province demanding independence from day 1... is a joke and most senseless and illogical form of propaganda i have ever heard.

- Nabeel

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Anonymous said...

We will see a new free secular BALOCHISTAN very soon.

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We will see a new free secular BALOCHISTAN very soon.

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