Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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Hafeez Saeed is released, engineered by Pakistan. And why are we feigning to be surprised? Did anyone of us seriously believed that Pakistan has had a change of heart and is going to go after its own assets that it created to fight proxy wars in both India and Afghanistan.

Pakistan did what we all expected it will do – continue to finance terror, obfuscate terror dossiers handed to it, stall investigations, lie blatantly and to confuse the agenda go off tangentially to a topic known to provoke India – Kashmir (as was done when Prime Minister of Pakistan talked on Kashmir on the day Hafeez Saeed was released).

For an excellent analysis, read LONG WAR JOURNAL article - Pakistan releases LeT leader.

Interestingly, Indian Express reported (May 31) : “For the first time, the Pakistan Government on Saturday (May 30th ) admitted that Jamaat-ud-Dawa, blamed for the 26/11 attacks, has “prima facie” links with al-Qaeda, as it justified the detention of JuD chief Hafiz Saeed and another top leader after the Mumbai terror strikes.

Submitting his arguments on Saeed, the founder of Lashkar-e-Toiba, and Col (retd) Nazir Ahmed’s petition against their detention, Attorney General Latif Khosa told the Lahore High Court that the Government had received “evidence” that showed the JuD “prima facie has links with al-Qaeda”. Khosa said the Government had “classified information” that would justify their detention.”

Not that it mattered much, as Times of India on June 3rd reported: “The weak case that Pakistani authorities presented to the court point towards the essential ambiguity of its anti-terror commitments and underline a self-evident truth that Islamabad only acts on any Indian concern under pressure. Now that it has been seen to take on the Taliban in Swat - a pressing US concern - it perhaps feels it can ease up elsewhere. Also, given Pakistan's deep links with jehadis, it does not find it easy to take on all such outfits at the same time.

Pakistan's military establishment simply does not believe it can roll back its leverage against India through infiltrating jehadis into Kashmir even as fronts like Hurriyat keep the separatist movement going and groups like LeT and its jehadi twin Jaish-e-Mohammed are key parts of this strategy. Despite important LeT figures like Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi, a close aide of Saeed, being in direct contact with the Mumbai attackers, Saeed has been able to walk free.

The detention of the man who has preached jehad against India, inspiring thousands of youth in Pakistan's Punjab to volunteer on tours of duty in India was termed as unconstitutional by the Lahore court. Indian authorities were appalled as they said Pakistan facilitated his release by not pursuing the case against Saeed, who was placed under house arrest on December 11 last year in the face of extreme international pressure.”

The important point is not what Pakistan is doing, but what can India do?

Let’s look at a recent attack in Lahore. Orbat.com reports quoting Manjit Bajwa

Pakistan Inter Services Intelligence’s Section K, responsible for handling Khalistani Indian Sikh separatists, suffered 100% casualties in the Taliban attack on Lahore. The section is housed in the front of the ISI building, which is adjacent to a police station. Of its strength of 36, ten were killed and 25 injured.”

What India needs to engineer are such black ops or help people to execute command that will be surgical in precision. Hafeez Saeed should be a marked man and he is out in the open – I see no reason why that murderer has any reason to live.

While Americans are pincer poised on the Haqqani group (responsible for Indian embassy bombing in Kabul with help of ISI), India should seriously look at eliminating D Company – notwithstanding the enormous clout Dawood has with Indian politicians and police and also with CIA, Dick Cheney black ops team.

India should eliminate Masood Azhar, the perpetrator of Indian Parliament attack, again with the help of ISI and JuD + LeT.

To understand the kind of leverage India has internationally, read this >Economic Times article - Britain has put a roadblock on India’s efforts to get Jaish-e-Mohammad founder Maulana Masood Azhar on the UNSC terror list. India’s request to put the JeM chief along with Lashar-e-Taiba intelligence chief Azam Cheema, who is an accused in the Mumbai train blasts, on the list has hit a hurdle after Britain asked for a confirmation of the evidence provided by INDIA.

Ok, China has raised similar apprehensions, but it was expected. But the question is why did UK raise concerns?

Remember David Miliband’s last visit to India where he tried his surreptitious best and with a boyish charm his face exudes,to set forth Kashmir as an agenda. Of course the kick he received in his backside from India, he will not forget in a hurry!

One must remember and recall, that BJP government’s greatest folly had been to release Massood Azhar and Omar Sheikh in Kandahar. It is well known that Omar Sheikh is a British Intelligence asset. During the Kosovo and Bosnia wars, British and American intelligence used ISI, Omar Sheikh, Al-Qaeda to send in Islamic warriors from LeT etc to fight the Serbs and Soviet backed assets.

Even after the Kandahar release, Omar Sheikh went to London twice from Pakistan to visit his parents, and while a red corner notice was put against him, Omar Sheikh was not even detained in London airports.

So, why is UK getting all shy on Masood Azhar? Is Masood Azhar also a British intelligence asset if not a collaborator? After all UK used to channel militants through them for the Kosovo war.

Interestingly, and I have stated this before, two notorious pan Islamic organizations are headquartered in UK. Both have Islamic Caliphate as their agenda - same as Al Qaeda's and LeT's.

1. Tablighi Jamaat : perhaps the largest Islamic “teaching organization,” was named for the Bali bombings in 2006. The organization—influenced by a branch of Saudi Arabian Islam known as Wahhabism—has already been linked to two of the July 7 London suicide bombers who attended a Tablighi mosque at the organization’s headquarters in Dewsbury, in northeast England. The jailed shoe-bomber Richard Reid is also known to have attended Tablighi meetings.

2. Hizbut Tahrir (HT): an extremely active and dangerous Islamic group also headquartered in Britain. HT is funded by various Saudi charities, and is most active in Central Asia. Another preachers’ group, openly promoting a worldwide Islamic Caliphate from the mosques of Britain, HT is ostensibly a non-gun-carrying group. But, at the same time, one of the most violent terrorist groups that function in Central Asia, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), recruits exclusively from the HT. HT is also active in Chechnya, although its headquarters are in Old Brompton Road in London.

I will have to go back to a new angle here and come back to the main story. Let’s just take the Kosovo liberation. Why on earth would Christian majority countries like US / UK and NATO members help carve out an Islamic enclave Kosovo from former Yugoslavia and use terrorist assets like LeT that were supplied by ISI, Al-Qaeda?

Kosovo has no oil. So?

But its still about oil. Confused?

When Kosovo broke away from Serbia and declared its independence, it was instantly recognized as a state by the U.S., Germany, Britain and France.

Kosovo does not have oil but its location is strategic as the trans-Balkan pipeline - known as AMBO pipeline after its builder and operator the US-registered Albanian Macedonian Bulgarian Oil Corporation - will pass through it.

The pipeline will pump Caspian oil from the Bulgarian port of Burgas via Macedonia to the Albanian port of Vlora, for transport to European countries and the United States. Specifically, the 1.1 billion dollar AMBO pipeline will permit oil companies operating in the Caspian Sea to ship their oil to Rotterdam and the East Coast of the USA at substantially less cost than they are experiencing today.

Brown & Root Energy Services
, a wholly-owned British subsidiary of Halliburton (remember DICK CHENEY – well he was CEO here and held shares) completed the original feasibility study for this project.

The report stated the this pipeline will "provide a consistent source of crude oil to American refineries", "provide American companies with a key role in developing the vital east-west corridor", "advance the privatisation aspirations of the US government in the region" and "facilitate rapid integration" of the Balkans "with western Europe".

Behind the idea of that "grid" lay a go-for-broke militarization of an energy corridor that would stretch from the Caspian Sea in Central Asia through a series of now independent former SSRs of the Soviet Union to Turkey, and from there into the Balkans (from thence onto Europe). It was meant to sabotage the larger energy plans of both Russia and Iran. AMBO itself would bring oil from the Caspian basin to a terminal in the former SSR of Georgia in the Caucasus, and then transport it by tanker through the Black Sea to the Bulgarian port of Burgas, where another pipeline would connect to Macedonia and then to the Albanian port of Vlora.

Incidentally, Halliburton was also granted a contract to service US troops in the Balkans and build "Bondsteel" in Kosovo, which now constitutes "the largest American foreign military base constructed since Vietnam".

And coincidentally the AMBO pipeline just runs along Camp BONDSTEEL

“The AMBO Trans-Balkans pipeline project would link up with the pipeline corridors between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea basin, which lies at the hub of the World's largest unexplored oil reserves. The militarization of these various corridors is an integral part of Washington's design."

This is a topic worthy of a separate article which I will put up soon.

Some of you may ask me what has Hafeez Saeed’s release got to do with Camp Bondsteel?

If you look at it from micro perspective – then nothing. However, if you have the larger geo-strategic consideration in your perspective, you will get to see the larger picture – the dalliance of West with Islamic extremists and continued second class treatment to India and its concerns (which in reality is a function of India's toothless posturings in international fora).

While India has to look at Western countries playing the oil game, it has to look at China too as it tries to encircle India – be it in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Indian Ocean.

Adding complexity to this scenario is a weakening US and a rising China. India is rising too – but is it rising fast enough to contain and thwart designs of our friends and enemies in the region?

Racist Australia has understood that the US power is waning in the region. Brendan Nicholson writing in Australian newspaper THE AGE (2nd May) writes: “AUSTRALIA needs to massively bolster its military capacity to deal with the rise of China and the possible decline of American influence in the region.

"We must never put ourselves in a position where the price of our own security is a requirement to put Australian troops at risk in distant theatres of war where we have no direct interests at stake," the Defense White Paper stated.

It details the purchase of a massive list of military hardware expected to cost more than $100 billion. The weapons include a new generation of very long range submarines to provide "strategic strike" with cruise missiles and 100 state-of-the-art Joint Strike Fighters.

The paper points to China as a possible threat in a future world where the power of Australia's key ally, the United States, gradually declines.”

The world knows that US power is waning, its economy in tatters and the real unemployment rate in US is actually 20%.
My sister who is in Sloan Business School (MIT) gave me a link to read up – THE BASELINE SCENARIO – to understand the crisis better. This site is run by people in MIT.

The rationale for writing this, it is high time India realize that US needs India far more than India needs US. With Obama trying to put in hardliners in proliferation team, the US-India nuclear deal is in for hard times. Not that it matters to India much – India will simply move its business elsewhere.

India better get ready for a tenuous relationship with the US. What this means is its time INDIA stood up on its own feet and behave like a regional superpower. It has the economic strength, the smart military power and coercive diplomacy as its assets – which it must use.

Pakistan gets better of the TAPI vs IPI game:

While the US is pushing for TAPI (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project, Russia & Iran are gunning for IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline. TAPI will give a profitable reason for US / NATO to sit tight in Afghanistan.

The bigger game is Nabucco pipeline which would require gas from either Turkmenistan and / or Iran. While Russia and US are playing a deadly game in Turkmenistan, India was warned off Iranian gas by the US. Like a puppy, India heeded.

Pakistan upped the stakes and went in for IP (Iran-Pakistan) pipeline.

Tehran Times (May 25th) reports: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his Pakistani counterpart Asif Ali Zardari inked an agreement in Tehran on Sunday finalizing the deal to transfer gas from Iran to Pakistan. India has not participated in the last several rounds of talks, but Iran has encouraged India to rejoin the process.

Both Russia and China are jumping in delight as Iranian gas goes to Pakistan and then onto either India or China means one thing - no surplus gas for Nabucco. That leaves the playing fields of Turkmenistan. And if Turkmenistan gas is snapped up by Russia rendering the Nabucco pipeline bust - does it make any "economic" sense for the US to hang inside Afghanistan?

Also read my earlier blog: Russia moves in to the Iran - US game

The last 20 years, India has lost ground heavily. The next 2 years it has got to correct this – and if not, India has to bid its status as a regional superpower goodbye.

India has to make one reality happen in these two years – It must get is border to touch Afghanistan and cut the land access route of Pakistan and China. Whether US / UK / NATO likes it or not, it is in India’s interest to get back its own territories.

No use worrying about Hafeez Saeed and Lakhvis till that time !!


Osama bin Laden's (supposedly) tape sent to Al Jazeera. Bin Laden accused the United States, Israel and India of conspiring against Pakistan, accusing Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari and army chief Gen. Ashfaq Kayani of fighting against Islam instead of against Pakistan’s true enemies — namely, India.

This statement plays on the fears of many Pakistanis who view their country’s eastern border as a much larger strategic threat than its internal militant Islamist problem — the same argument the Pakistani military makes to Washington for its resistance to redeploying troops from the Indian border to deal more effectively with the jihadist threat in the west. By playing on this fear, bin Laden is trying to undermine the Pakistani government’s judgement and prevent the application of more military pressure to jihadist forces in the west.

US & INDIA - dealing with the Muslim Obama:

I have already mentioned that dealing with US will become tenuous - if Obama has his way.

Barack Hussein Obama will be giving an important speech today to the Muslim world - we must pay heed to what he says. In a article on 1st November, I wrote about Obama's Islamic roots : Barack Hussein Obama was born a Muslim - so what?

ABC news (June 2nd), reporting in The Emergence of President Obama's Muslim Roots : "Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Denis McDonough said "the President himself experienced Islam on three continents before he was able to -- or before he's been able to visit, really, the heart of the Islamic world -- you know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father -- obviously Muslim Americans (are) a key part of Illinois and Chicago."

Read this Julia Gorin article : Obama's Christian Grandma to make Hajj this year.

Again, if someone asks how does it matter if Obama is a Muslim or not - I will tell them this. It matters. It does not mean he will be anti-India. But he will be pro-Muslims. And in this context, pro - Pakistan. Already the dollars are flowing into Pakistan. Because China owns a lot of US debt, Hillary Clinton, a friend of India, has no choice but to be more friendly to China. The only friend India has in the US are the Republicans and CIA. These will be very difficult times for India.

Already Pakistan is threatening to attack India with another 26/11 - maybe a spectacular assassination of Narendra Modi, certainly bring Kashmir to a boil again. And India, it seems, buckling under force fed "intel", as per Times of India (4th June) - India likely to resume talks with Pakistan.

(Excuse me, did not India say - no talks till Pakistan books the 26/11 accused. And India wants to talk right after Pakistan releases Hafeez Sayeed !)

The article states: "Pakistan may be thumbing its nose at India by releasing wanted terrorists like Hafeez Saeed, but New Delhi is veering around to the view that talks with Islamabad that were suspended after the 26/11 Mumbai attack should be resumed as engagement, however frustrating, would be better than benign neglect of the source of its terror problem. Taking the cue from the boss, the foreign office is trying to find a way to break the ice.

There are two main reasons why India would like to begin talks. First, it might get the Pakistanis to at least attempt to stop the next big- ticket terrorist attack against India. Sources said Pakistan is likely to sponsor another big attack in J&K to push India to come to the table. This is nothing short of blackmail, but India doesn't want to be in a position where it might seem to be succumbing to such blackmail.

Second, Indian officials are clear that the US, waiting for the elections to be over, will soon raise the talks issue with India. This could come as soon as Hillary Clinton's visit to India in July. The government here is keen to pre-empt such pressure tactics.

Prime minister Manmohan Singh might have an occasion to break the ice if he decides to go for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) meeting in Moscow later this month. If Singh attends the SCO, he would have a chance to meet his Pakistan counterpart and could seize the opportunity. "

Interestingly the US too may be overtly blackmailing India. US justifies travel advisory to India. Generally it happens if US receives clear intelligence that their citizens are at a substantial risk in the concerned country or it is a diplomatic tool used by US to make the concerned country (here India) change or facilitate policies which the US may want.

And message we are therefore giving to Pakistan - keep on doing what you do, increase the nukes, we will sit tight and get angry and not talk for a while till you threaten us again.


marty said...


This is a brilliant and strategic piece. What I get is this - if India signs the Iran gas deal, US is gonna be kaput in the region.

But that would mean US will ask its pet dog Israel to attack Iran.

Russia might step in to assuage Israeli fears.

V V interesting. But India still loses out to Pakistan

Anonymous said...


Actually, Pakistan may have been smart about the IPI, the Americans have been smarter.

Jundullah, a powerful Sunni group, whose leader is a Iranian Balochi - Rigi, is based in Pakistan. He is actually a CIA asset used by Cheney to disrupt Iran.

And Jundullah has struck Iran killing 30+ and injuring 200+ in a powerful blast in a Shia mosque in Zahedan, Iran.

Iran closed its borders with Pakistan and has ordered Pakistan to capture Rigi and kill of Jundullah.

Why ISI is not doing that is a mystery! Unless, again, this is a joint US Special Ops + ISI operation.


@Marty: Israel is no longer a lap dog of US - it has a mind of its own. It may attack Iran, irrespective of getting a green signal from US, if Israel believes that Iran has become an existential threat to it.

Interestingly, both Egypt and Saudi might help Israel to bomb Iran - such is the level of Sunni - Shia divide.

I did not get your logic of India losing out to Pakistan - in what way?

@Anon above: The Jundullah hit may well have been a US Special Ops funded ops. But Iran will want to head of Rigi and he lives in Pakistan and hence Pakistan becomes complicit in this, one way or another. That killing will not alter Pakistan - Iran relations much if Pakistan makes a sustained effort at going against the Jundullah.

Kannan said...

Brilliant piece! As for Pak..totally agree that..a "wrath of god" black ops campaign is the need of the hour.I dont buy UK is brilliant enough to get Omar Sheikh & Azhar on its payroll..may be in Bosnia..but every Islamist cocksuckers ended up fighting there..
China is the main problem..
We are totally outgunned and outmanned and overwhelmed with this monster. I dont know if there is a way to handle it right now..
With Manmohanji,Soniaji at the helm forget it..we are doomed one way or the other..

Anonymous said...


Solutions are simple. Its the execution that is so hard. I know that freeing of Hafeez Sayed is just a small manifestation of the huge problem that is surrounding India. Lets look at some of the solutions :-

(1) Cut off water supply to Pakistan. Choke them to death till they hand over the terrorists. Easily done with little international repercussions. We dont even have the balls to do this simple thing. Max had suggested this long back.

(2) Make an open stand on Tibet independence. Irk China.

(3) Make an international case about taking back Pakistan and Bangladesh. After all they were formed on one premise - that Muslims need a place for their own and if they get it then there will be peace between Hindus and Muslims. We know the reality of that lofty goal. These territories are being used to destabilise India, Muslims in reality will never be satisfied - they are always dissatisfied. And the whole world is at work to satisfy them - including Indians.

(4) Abrogate Article 370 and allow non Kashmiris to do real estate dealings. Automatically the Muslim population there will fall there. Such a simple solution but who will tinker with Vote Bank Politics.

(5) Arm, Arm, Arm - Be strong and let the world know it. Send Indian commandos to Australia and London and set them on the unruly mobs. Damn it, defend yourself. Dont get raped all the time.

We need the guy to do it. This guy must have the desire of a Varun Gandhi ( assuming he means what he says ) with the tongue of Rahul Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

This idiot Manmohan and Sonia can do nothing. We will get jolted by bombs and then get jolted by the treachery of US, UK, China, Pakistan etc etc. The world bows to the strong and demolishes the weak. Hindus are disorganised and hence weak. There is ample infighting in Islam but yet they are much more organised ( religion wise ) and hence strong. Sorry if I sound defeatist, but that is the bloody reality.


Kannan: You are right, Masood Azhar is not known to be a western intelligence asset. I put a question to India's IB czar and spymaster MK Dhar and he replied back that while Omar Sayeed was a known western intelligence agent, no such thing is known about Azhar.

I would tend to agree with Dhar. However I think Western agencies outsourced work to ISI who then sub-contracted it to Masood Azhar and their ilk. In effect they started working for the western agencies.

China is the bigger problem. India is quietly upgrading forward bases with not only machinery (incl top line aircrafts) but bolstering it with additional manpower too.

I have a feeling (and its just that at this point), but we may see some "steely" response from the present government for the next big crisis.


A.H.: Loved your concluding remarks. "We need the guy to do it. This guy must have the desire of a Varun Gandhi ( assuming he means what he says ) with the tongue of Rahul Gandhi"

Agree with Art 370, arm arm arm and Chenab water squeeze (suggested by MAX).

I can see arm arm happening and may see Chenab squeeze too. But no chance on Art 370.

Incidentally in an interview Omar Abdullah stated that even if a single party with 2/3 majority came to power in India, it cannot repeal Art 370 on legal grounds.

Any one has clue on this?

Anonymous said...


One of the better articles I read on the Saeed release expose - keep up the good work, blogger.

Anonymous said...

So its all about money honey!!!! Well the Unc Sam has been hood winking us from times im-memorial and thanks to some recent former govt.s, we have also lost few of our greatest allies. Russia being the most prominent amongst them. The most interesting part is where AUSTRALIA has understood that Unn Sam no longer has the teeth to run the globe and has started taking remedial measures. If a white guy does it, then its time that our leadership also takes cue (since the region is historically known to follow the Gora Saabjee) and starts thinking independent of all those. Am sure the think tank would be aware of the encircling by Communists, and to some extent have taken some remedial measures at least in Nepal and to some extent in Bangladesh probably. But in the long term, if we are not willing to take concrete steps now, we'd never be able to survive later. Also, i think we need a strong stick to tackle homeland problems of the NAXALS and Extremists especially in central INdia and North East. North India, namely Kashmir is and Khalistan is fairly well tackled as of now, but the others are not even looked at. To be honest, I do not really expect much from this compromised Govt. (Even with Cong in the Elevated position). Am sure the internal squabble and finding opportune time to get the crown prince on the mantle would be the only key agenda this time around for them. So i dont see much happening really.

BuA, As for China, as the Ex Air Chief mentioned and later had to retract, there is the key concern. In a new report a coupla days back, SU 30's are being deployed on the eastern Borders, but a laughable matter is the fact that we may not have enough to spare on the eastern Side. The other 200 awaited, god only knows when would we receive the delivery.

I have a firm beliefe that this time around, if a war breaks out between India and any of its neighbours, it will have to fight on all borders. i.e. if we have to engage with Pakistan, this time around every possiblity China may jump in too. Engaging us big time. And god forbid in such a situation, 1.1 mn would be a fairly small number. And i dare not even think of the arsenal. India needs to stockpile like an ant. Ready for the worst season ever.

TTV India


Based on the messages I have received, I have added an ADDENDUM at the end of the article.



Anonymous said...

Dude, here's the simple logic.

US wants to stay in Afghanistan for oil, and kill off Al Qaeda and Islamic insurgents not controlled by them.

For that it needs Pakistan's cooperation more than India's. For that Pakistan needs to be made to understand that there is no imminent threat from India. Only then can Pakistan send more troops to its western borders.

India keeping up the heat and not wanting to talk, US & Pakistan together ganged up on India.

Pak is trying to blackmail by saying it can kill Modi and create serious unrest in India. And killing Modi will not make India retaliate against Pakistan. And Pakistan will not kill of Rahul Gandhi for precisely the same reason.

And US has given the travel advisory.

Attacked from both flanks, India is floundering and has given up the pretense of the tough guy image of not talking to Pakistan till it tackles 26/11. India will bend over its back now to have talks with Pakistan.


Anonymous said...


fhat gayi kya?

Anonymous said...


After reading ur article sumthing struck me.

Is it possible that CIA / MI6 leaned on RAW to release their assets - hence BJP listened to their American master and released Omar Sheikh , Hafiz Saeed etc.

I think this is very feasible. What's ur take?


Anon above:

As a hypothesis - nothing wrong. Very much possible. Which would mean there must have been some degree of collaboration of western agencies with ISI to execute the IA hijacking. It could also have been 100% contracted to ISI.

Nothing can be ruled out.

Anonymous said...


The only real chance India has in case of an all out war, if at all, will come from Russia.

US Support can never be counted on.

However any move to destabilise US or rather neutralise its interest in the region immediately, may seriously weaken India as well, because of China filling the power vacuum.

The only way out for India is to strengthen itself in the current situation. The army strength must be multiplied 3 fold. No mullahs in army and police - but how can this be acheived ?

All Muslims are traitors or rather traitors-in-waiting. They can be counted to create trouble for India, especially when India is weakened. Its in their bloody gene sowed by their ancestors.

Anonymous said...

I dream of the Day when IAF bombs out Mecca & Medinah. Pulverise the bloody pillars of the shaitan with 100 Atom bombs so that no one can go near it for the next 1000 years. This will be just retribution for all the injustice done by Muslims on the Hindus for the past millenium. Our temples were ravaged and still are being ravaged by these infidels. We must avenge these.

Anonymous said...

Agree with AH.

The cause of unrest in many countries are their ethnic Muslim population.

They want their laws, they want to live in ghetto, produce 10 kids and eat into welfare of states, pay no taxes. They are not model citizens and cannot live in harmony with anyone. Sunnis cannot live in harmony with Shias, what will they live in harmony with others.

And there was a Republican Senator in US who said that if there is a nuke attack in USA, he will authorize nuking of Mecca and Medina. Simple !

Now all one needs - is to send a nuke suitcase to US and detonate it.

Anonymous said...

These Muslim buggers are never happy. Always complaining of injustice. And the whole world keeps appeasing them, including people like Arundhati Roy, our stupid politicians etc. Can you satiate a crocodile. Today you give it one piece of meat so that it does not eat you. How long can you give it meat ? One day it will eat you.

Anonymous said...

Kill the crocs !!

Anonymous said...

I take issue with this comment:

" Now all one needs - is to send a nuke suitcase to US and detonate it.."

That is just plain wrong, ok.

The ramifications of an WMD attack, anywhere, would be so severe because it would trigger a world wide war where the end result would be no human life north of the equator for tens of thousands of years.

may be the meek shall inherit the earth then...who knows????

flame away boys & girls

Anonymous said...

The US deserves to be nuked for playing games with India.

You think Islmaists are bad ... you just have no idea ...

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