Sunday, April 4, 2010


Syed Saleem, whose reports have so far been uncannily accurate, reports that: "The Dagestan blasts, like the Moscow suicide attacks on Monday, were carried out by the Chechen resistance movement, but the careful selection of a particular target, and through that an attempt to kill other and bigger targets, carries the hallmark of al-Qaeda's Lashkar al-Zil. The Lashkar al-Zil was reorganized after the arrival of Ilyas Kashmiri's 313 Brigade in the Afghan War theater in 2005-06"

Read the full article here: Ilyas Kashmiri strategy behind Dagestan blasts.

Where I differ from Syed Saleem is he apportions blame to Al-Qaeda. I blame Pakistan Army (read earlier article). After all, Ilyas Kashmiri was a product of Pakistan's elite commando unit - the SSG. He took money from Prez Musharraf for beheading an Indian soldier too. The question is - the footprints of Pakistan Army will become clear. But is anyone else playing the Pakistan Army ?

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Kyrgyzstan's President Mr Bakiyev fled to Jalalabad Pakistan. Any significance if you decipher him choosing Pakistan specially Jalalabad as a hid-out?