Friday, February 6, 2009


Two important decisions that Pakistan will take in the week (one already taken):

1. Freeing Abdul Qadeer Khan.

Known for his nuclear proliferation, Khan walked free from the “house arrest” in a pre-arranged deal reached earlier with the Musharraf government. That AQ Khan was not responsible for the logistics of the “nuclear” trade was well known to the intelligence community. The entire deal was swung by Pakistan Army (after all PAF planes were used too) in a quid pro quo deal with both China and North Korea.

If A.Q. Khan was not released, his elder daughter who had earlier ferreted out papers which implicated the Pakistan Army and ISI in the clandestine nuclear “Wal Mart”, would have released them, causing severe embarrassment and worse, international sanctions on Pakistan.

At a time, when it desperately needs cash, Pakistan would have buckled under.

From China, Pakistan received ready made nuclear devises and China even tested one for the Pakistanis at Lop Nor. From the North Koreans the Pakistanis received missiles which were just painted over with Pakistani colors.

North Korea received nuclear technology and parts. China received the superior Dutch enriching technology which AQ Khan stole.

Lashkar e Taiba and A.Q. Khan:

In April 2001, the Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) held its annual public meeting in Pakistan. Pakistani nuclear scientist A. Q. Khan attended the meeting as an honored guest. Accompanying Khan at the podium was Sultan Bashiruddin Mahmood, another Pakistani nuclear scientist who had met with Osama bin Laden the year before. He met with bin Laden again shortly before 9/11 and advise him on how to build a “dirty bomb”.

French journalist Bernard Henri-Levy, the author of a book about Pakistani militant Saeed Sheikh, will later claim in the Wall Street Journal that A Q Khan was a secret member of LeT.

Bernard Henri-Levy goes onto write in Wall Street Journal (9th Dec, 2008):
Far from concentrating only on the cause of Kashmir's independence, and most of all, far from existing only in the notorious and officially ungovernable "tribal zones" on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Lashkar-e-Taiba is an all-terrain group with great political influence. It includes militants in every city of the country: Peshawar, Muzaffarabad, Lahore and even Karachi (Pakistan's economic capital).

Since its creation 15 years ago, the Lashkar-e-Taiba has been linked to the ISI, the formidable Inter-Services Intelligence agency that operates like a state within a state in Pakistan. Obviously, this link is not widely publicized.

However, from the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl to the July 2005 attack on the Ayodhya Hindu temple in Uttar Pradesh, there is abundant evidence that the jihadist wing of the ISI has assisted the Lashkar-e-Taiba in the planning and financing of various operations.

Worse yet, the Lashkar-e-Taiba is, as I discovered while researching and reporting my book on Daniel Pearl, a group of which A.Q. Khan, the inventor of Pakistan's atomic bomb, was a longtime friend. Mr. Khan, one may recall, spent a good 15 years trafficking in nuclear secrets with Lybia, North Korea, Iran and, perhaps, al Qaeda, before confessing his guilt in early 2004.

No, this is not a dream -- it is reality. Pakistan is home to a man both father of his country's nuclear program and known sympathizer of an Islamist group whose latest demonstration (26/11) has netted at least 188 dead and several hundred wounded.

The Lashkar-e-Taiba is, ultimately, one of the constitutive elements of what is conventionally called al Qaeda. For too long we've told ourselves that al Qaeda no longer exists except as a brand; that it is only a pure signifier, "franchised" by local organizations independent of one another. Yet there indeed exists in our world what Osama bin Laden called the "International Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders," which is like a constellation of atoms aggregated around a central nucleus. These atoms find themselves, for the most part, clustered in this new zone of tempests that forms the whole of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.”

Taking it from here: the Bangladesh connection.

Read this very important article: Pakistan's forgotten Al Qaeda nuclear link. The connection of AQ Khan, ISI, Osama bin Laden and charity front Ummah Tameer e Nau (Hamid Gul was attached to this too).

2. It seems that Pakistan is all set to blame HuJI-B elements in Bangladesh and muslims in India for the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, clearly shifting the burden of proof from Pakistan.

If this is true, then the fiction coming out of Pakistan in recent years, will truly beat Aesop’s fables.

HuJI-B, ISI and LeT:

Agents of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s external intelligence agency, under the guise of HuJI-B cadres impart military training for three months to youths of both Bangladesh and India from bases in the Kurigram and Rangpur areas of Bangladesh, near the Coochbehar border.

Similar training camps reportedly also exist in Rangmari, Sundermari, Masaldanga and in other villages, where training is imparted in the use of sophisticated arms and setting off blasts. After training, the youth infiltrate into India and spread to various locations in West Bengal and States in the Northeast region, including Assam.

HUJI-B’s ‘operations commander’ and a key suspect in the plot to assassinate the then Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, in July 2000, Mufti Abdul Hannan, after his arrest in October 2005 admitted to have passed out of the Gouhardanga Madrassa in Pakistan. Police records in Gopalganj district also says that Hannan was trained in the Pakistani city of Peshawar and then sent to Afghanistan to fight the erstwhile Soviet Army.

The HuJI-B reportedly receives financial assistance from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan through Muslim Non-Governmental Organisations in Bangladesh, including the Adarsa Kutir, Al Faruk Islamic Foundation and Hataddin. It is also generously financed by the ISI of Pakistan.

Pratham Alo (Bangladesh newspaper) reported that the HuJI-B used to supply grenades to the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) to carry out attacks in India.

An arrested HuJI-B leader Abu Zandal has told the police during his interrogation in Dhaka that the outfit had sent several consignments of grenades to the LeT operating in India until 2004.

The last such consignment however, could not be delivered as the LeT representative who was supposed to receive it was killed in an encounter with Border Security Force (BSF) near Bangladesh's Kaliganj frontier. Zandal reportedly told the interrogators that the LeT leader Yazdani, who was killed in 2006 by the Delhi Police, used to maintain links with the detained HuJI-B ‘operations commander’ Mufti Abdul Hannan. Zandal also claimed that the supply of ‘Arges’ grenades were being received from a fugitive, Maulana Tazuddin, believed to be hiding in South Africa.

Among the first incidents of HuJI-B's operations in India to come into the limelight was the August 1999 arrest of four persons at Guwahati. The arrested persons were identified as Muhammad Faisullah Hussaini of Hyderabad in Pakistan's Sindh province, Muhammad Javed Wakhar of Karachi, Maulana Hafiz Wakhar of Kupwara in Kashmir, and Qari Salim Muhammad of Muzaffarnagar in UP.

Interrogations revealed that all four had arrived in Dhaka from Karachi and had crossed over into India through the Karimganj border. They left behind a consignment of explosives in a mosque in Bangladesh for collection later, to be used for future operations in India. Intelligence sources used a decoy to bring this consignment into India. It consisted of 34 kilograms of RDX, nine timer devices and 30 detonators. They further revealed that the HuJI-B had recruited and sent a number of young immigrant Muslims from Assam to Pakistan via Bangladesh. Assam Police subsequently arrested Muhammad Muslimudeen, the Chief Organiser of the HuJI. Investigations also led to the finding that the Naib Amir (Deputy Chief) of HuJI-B in India, Muhammad Fakruddin, was an immigrant Bengali Muslim from Goalpara District in Assam and was based in Pakistan.

Waliullah, the 32 + yrs old Pesh Imam of a mosque in Phulpur near Allahabad, had gone to Pakistan for arms training. Waliullah, a former SIMI cadre, was HuJI-B's area commander for eastern UP. Waliullah's interrogation threw further light on the October 29, 2005, explosions at New Delhi. He revealed that one of three Bangladeshis, involved in the Varanasi attack was in fact a part of the team that carried out the blasts in New Delhi as well, along with cadres from LeT.

HuJI-B was actively involved in assassination plot of Awami League leader and current PM of Bangladesh – Sheikh Hasina. She remains their target more so than ever, fuelled by funds and logistics by ISI.

The important points to note:

A. NATO may be shifting logistics out from Pakistan sooner than later and the unintended beneficiary could well be India and Iran (Chabahar port, Zaranj Delaram highway et al)

B. Awami League is in power in Bangladesh. Any crackdown on HuJI-B in Bangladesh, could move the ISI to assassinate Sheikh Hasina ( hoping not to fail this time)

C. Shift the attention and stall time and focus away from ISI. The role of US remains dubious, as it has withdrawn its demands to interrogate AQ Khan.

D. ISI is short of funds and is concentrating on core activities. Hence coffers of Hurriyats are going empty and its offices are getting closed. Which means the monthly pension to the families of terrorists will also be affected. ISI will move core activities to Pakistan Army and LeT.

E. J-e-M supremo Azhar Mehmood is now being sheltered by Haqqani group (the same group that ISI paid to blow up the Indian embassy in Kabul).

F. Jamaat ud Dawa openly held rallies praising the 26/11 attacks in Islamabad, with the civilian government and police watching and guarding.

And all Indian foreign office said: “We are disappointed with Pakistan.”


Anonymous said...

about 26/11 according to PRASUN KSENGUPTA (

While our politicians initially wanted something sensational like that without thinking about the consequences) and had no idea what the end-game would be, like what eventually happened with OP Parakram in 2002, which achievced no decisive results whatsoever, no matter what the NDA coalition govt then claimed. The Chiefs of Staff Committee convinced the PM and the Cabinet Committee on National Security that given the Sectarian divides within Pakistan that was already bleeding the country, any form of offensive Indian military operation, be it limited war or all-out war or even surgical aerial strikes, will only unify all of Pakistan and will prevent the Pakistan Army from bleeding any further in FATA and NWFP. The second thing to be considered was the probable Pakistani response to any Indian surgical air strike in POK, which would have taken the form of Pakistani ballistic missiles being employed against symbolic but significant economic/industrial targets like in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana and UP. This would have been something like the SCUDs used as weapons of terror by Iraq against Iran in the 1980s. That's the reason why, after two CCNS meetings with the Chiefs of Staff Committee last December it was decided that the best way to fight the assymmetric war was to respond with assymmetric means, i.e. strangulating the Pakistani economy by only raising the rhetoric and keeping the Pakistan Armed Forces in a heightened state of alert (thereby depleting their war reserve stocks of POL) by staging unannounced war games, resorting to a few symbolic violations of Pakistani airspace, etc. India thus took a calculated risk with such manoeuvres knowing fully well that this time the dire state of the Pakistani economy would not have permitted them to launch any kind of offensive operations against India. As you can now infer, the need of the hour for India is to develop and deploy on a warfooting a credible theatre-wide ballistic missile defence system that will neutralise any kind of ballistic missile-based conventional strike options that Pakistan now enjoys. In addition, a credible cruise missile defence system also needs to be developed. But the fact also remains that the Indian Army's armoured corps, air defence artillery corps and field artillery regiments are indeed suffering from block obsolescence. I sincerely hope that this time Army HQ does not stage yet another round of farcical trials for 155mm.52-cal towed howitzers, but instead converts them into the requirement for motorised 155mm/52-cal howitzers that can be air-transported by IL-76MDs and even C-130J-30 Super Hercules, thereby ensuring rapid deployment across different theatres of operation. For goodness sake, even Myanmar has such motorised howitzers!!!

(c) Prasun K Sengupta February 03, 2009 10:28:00 AM

Anonymous said...

BENGAL UNDER ATTACK please remove these comments by z. harris that bastard is a bloody no balls nuinsance!! remove them right away dont be a coward to leave them


TO Anon above:

Why should I be a "coward" if I were to leave the comments of Col Patel (who is Jamil Khan = Z Harris = ??).

He is free to comment too, only if he makes a valid contribution. And if not, the Zaid Hamid article is his to vent his frustrations.

I am deleting his message as it is not making sense, his rant has become "boring" too.



TTV INDIA said...

Hav not read this one... Will do in good time today. Wanted to draw your attention to an article on Fall of LTTE on Have not read that either. But would be interesting to see your logical response to it. Also, if you can carry someting on your blog about it since, it is a Geo Political Subject.

Anonymous said...

so u know he didnt make a valid contribution but one as stupid as himself so u shouldnt wait for commentors to tell u that the comment is stupid before deleting. u must judge for urself i m sure u can decide which is good n which is stupid. i have no problem with pakis critisizing us or debating with us as we can take them on in an exchange. what i cannot stand are BASTARDS like that ZAid Haris Qaidani Khalifah piece of shit who goes around masquarading and disrupting the flow of comments.

Anonymous said...

its good if paki accuse bangla. their warming relations must turn cold

Anonymous said...

and now that son of a bitch goes to "OBAMA & KASHMIR - RESPONSE FROM A "VERY IMPORTANT "US" SOURCE"" topic and starts his nonsense...this is confirm a zaid hamid puppet now go n remove his filthy comments lets just confine that swine to zaid hamid topic

Anonymous said...


From China, Pakistan received ready made nuclear devises and China even tested one for the Pakistanis at Lop Nor. From the North Koreans the Pakistanis received missiles which were just painted over with Pakistani colors with made in China paint


34 kilograms of RDX, nine timer devices and 30 detonators

what was the origin of these components?

HuJI-B was actively involved in assassination plot of Awami League leader and current PM of Bangladesh – Sheikh Hasina. She remains their target more so than ever, fuelled by funds and logistics by ISI.

why Sheikh Hasina? what she did?

NATO may be shifting logistics out from Pakistan sooner than later and the unintended beneficiary could well be India and Iran (Chabahar port, Zaranj Delaram highway et al)

how can India benefir directly from this when both the Delaram freeway and the Chah Bahar port are not on Indian soil?

ISI is short of funds and is concentrating on core activities.

what r their core activities

Finally, what u want India to do? attacking pakistan will only work toward their advantage and united pakistani people. haste makes waste my friend


TO Anon above: Trying to give short answers.

1. Why Sheikh Hasina? B'desh has two main political parties - Awami League whose leader is Sheikh Hasina (SH) and the second party is BNP whose leader is Begum Khaleda Zia (BKZ). SH's father was known as Bangobandu who was in charge of Mukti Bahini who aligned with India and defeated the Pak Army in 1971 and gained independence. On the other side are Islamists like Jamaat who sided with Pakistan Army is the 1971 war. BKZ is part of that group who formed the core of B'desh Army that sided with Pak Army. Hence SH is friendly towards India and is anti-Jehadist while BKZ is pro-Pakistan and pro-Jehadist. In fact during the reign of BKZ, terrorism from B'desh under patronage of ISI increased tremendously. Hence Pakistan has been targetting SH since long and many of her supporters and party members have been killed in blasts intended at killing her.

2. Chabahar - Zaranj Delaram. Request that you please read the article I wrote this month which explains how India benefits. India helped construct the Chabahar port in Iran as well as the Z-D roadway in Afghanistan. For details read : http://bengalunderattack.blogspot.

In fact Intellibriefs too carried this post. CLick:

3. Core activities : No 1. Destabilize India - break up INdia with a thousand wounds. Earlier they were using Pak Army, terror organizations, Hurriyat and other disgruntled organizations within INdia (ULFA etc etc). However, paucity of funds will see them pausing funding to Indian proxy groups other than to SIMI. Looking at more bang for the buck instead of spreading the money around as there is hardly any excess cash with them. There are other core activities too. Please read them here:



What India needs to do?

I could not have said it better.


Anonymous said...

BUA said

On the other side are Islamists like Jamaat who sided with Pakistan Army is the 1971 war.

that is bullshit my friend. ziaur rahman, jamaat's first leader was the one to announce bangladesh's victory. he was commander of mukti bahini. He worked to provide support and resources to the Mukti Bahini guerilla force and coordinate attacks against the West Pakistani army. At a later phase of the war, Zia travelled across the border into India to receive military resources and training for his troops. Zia also helped coordinate the work of Bangladesh's government-in-exile of Mujibnagar.

only later that bastard started to become an islamist (maybe paks bought out his arse) and perseuting hindus, buddhists, christians and the tribal people. now his wife follows his suit.

he was a total traitor. he grew up and studied in Pakistan. then when mujib asked him to come over promising him high position he joined mukti bahini and alligned with india to fight n liberate bangladesh. after that ISI paid him millions if not billions to become their ally and he did.

yeah, he had a tragic death good for him.



Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh and its paramilitary wings styled Razakar, Al Badr, and Al Shams Bahini worked fervently against the country’s war of independence.

For instance, Siddiq Salik, who was serving the Pakistan army as a major in Bangladesh in 1971, in his book ‘Witness to Surrender’ recounts the anti-liberation role of Jamaat, Muslim League and Nizam-i-Islam.

He observed that Jamaat leaders collaborated with them [Pakistan army] not only to advance their ideals of Pakistan as an Islamic state, but also to wreak vengeance on people they were at enmity with.


On 15 August 1975 the then president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman - father of the current prime minister, Sheikh Hasina Wajed - and most of his family members including children were killed in their family home by a group of army officers during a coup. Kondaker Mushtaq Ahmed - now accused of being one of the people responsible for plotting the events that led to the killings - succeeded Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as president.

President Kondaker Mushtaq Ahmed promulgated the Indemnity Ordinance in September 1975, which granted impunity to those involved in the 15 August killings. General, later President, Ziaur Rahman (November 1976 - May 1981) enacted the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution which legalized all arbitrary measures taken by the government between 15 August 1975 (the date of the killing of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family members) and 9 April 1979 (the date martial law was lifted). They were "deemed to have been validly made, done or taken and shall not be called in question on or before any Court, or Tribunal on any ground whatsoever".

Soon after coming to power in June 1996, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed announced that the suspected killers of former President Mujibur Rahman and his family members would be arrested and brought to trial. However, since it appeared that no one could be charged with these killings under Bangladeshi law because of the Indemnity Ordinance, the government moved to repeal the ordinance in the parliament.

Police arrested about a dozen ex-army personnel between August and November 1996, including an alleged coup leader Colonel (retd) Faruq Rahman, and a former state minister, Taheruddin Thakur. They also detained Zobaida Rashid, wife of Lt Col (relieved) Khandaker Abdur Rashid, one of the absconding accused. But most of the coup leaders, who had been given diplomatic assignments by successive governments, had gone into hiding and had subsequently failed to return to Bangladesh. The government sought the help of Interpol in tracking them down and sought extradition of some of the accused.

Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mojaheed told the media that Jamaat did not work against the Liberation War in 1971 and there are no war criminals in the country.

A cross section of people said the comments of Mojaheed were arrogant and deceitful. They demanded trial of the Jamaat leaders who are known collaborators of the genocide in 1971.

ay 55y73n said...

ZAID HAMID the FRUITCAKS stated that KASAB was an Indian Hindu. Now Pakistan themselves acknowledge he is a PAKISTANI and want to charge him!!!

ay 55y73n said...

Ziaur was a COMMANDER of MUKTI BAHINI. The Pak view may be a tainted one I dont know but it was clear he was the commander and he was behind some of the most daring strikes made against the Pak army durung the 71 war. as anon said earlier he is a traitor. soon after independence the Pakis bought him out so that Bangladeshis would bury the attrocities hatchet and concentrate on something binding - Islam.

usually muslims use this to cover up for any mess they do. they say muslim brothers and ok, no issues, everything forgotten, and thats how the whole muslim world is on America's toe today!! the muslim world were themselves the patron of both iran and afghanistan's invasion (saudi, uae, kuwait, qatar, yemen, pakistan - were the main patrons for these invasions - and now are crying foul.)

ziaur was a strong independence fighter but pakis bribed him out and he hopped over with his islamic ideology, and paks made him finish off mijibur with promise to elevate him to president.

thats what i hear from my pov

Stargazer .. said...

Well, let's see what the Pak dossier states today. It is being speculated that they will say it was planned in an "European" country (note: NOT BANGLADESH).

Which means, Pak will try to put a spin on the above and try to say two things:

1. Global jehadi organization responsible (like Al Qaeda etc and wash its hands off and keep ISI clear)

2. Show Kashmir as a grudge and highlight it in international fora.

Let's see what happens.

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