Monday, February 9, 2009


Prevaricate(verb) – speak or act evasively or misleadingly.

Pusillanimous (adj) – lacking courage, timid.

Two words that came to my mind the moment I saw the news tonight (Times Now, 9th Feb) where the Pakistani guest (PG) was facing off ex-Indian diplomat G. Parthasarathy. The conversation went something like this:

P.G – Pakistan’s dossier is ready but only just. We have further questions to ask India. After all, we were not called at the site of the incident (26/11), nor did we question Ajmal Kasav.

G. Parthasarthy: Pakistan is lying. They were invited and were granted consular access to Ajmal Kasav but Pakistan till date have been denying that Kasav is a Pakistani even though their Geo TV interviewed his parents. (Parthasarty missed the point about the sacking of Durrani on this count).

P.G. – The basic contours of the report to be handed over to India will state three things:

1. 26/11 was planned outside of Pakistan in an European country, a country which is itself a victim of terrorism.

2. The money for 26/11 came from a rich Middle eastern nation.

3. Indian RAW had advance knowledge of this attack and still did not do anything.

G.Parthasarthy – All this is to whitewash the real perpetrators. Why does not Pakistan look at where the terrorists came from? Why have the families of all 10 terrorists (of 26/11) been shifted and hidden? Indian government does not have the gumption to take strong diplomatic action. They just blow hot and cold. I would want an immediate withdrawal of High Commissioner from Pakistan and the Pak High Commissioner should be sent back.

BuA: In Indian leadership lost opportunities I wrote:

India cannot afford another weak kneed Prime Minister at its helm, who should read “Foreign Affairs for Dummies” before taking on the wheel of the nation. Foreign leaders have assailed Indian leaders in public and private (Kissinger tapes etc) and this was not without reason.

India’s defensive stance in the global platform was built around non-alignment and non-violence, as if that would give India a high moral ground. The question people forgot to ask: High moral ground from whom – from the marauding Chinese, expansionist Russia or the interventionist USA? Or were we trying to impress the plethora of smaller African and South American nations whose standing in the international forum counted for nothing. Nobody likes a weakling – they are not given respect.

India today, deserves respect.

India today, has to chart its path out from the venomous snake pits of jehadism, Chinese and Pakistani confabulations, global economic meltdown and other myriad contentious issues – and for that we need a strong Prime Minster.

We have had eminent leaders with global perspective whose vision has been world betterment. Whilst the cause is certainly noble and I salute it, India has had to sacrifice its ‘strength’ on the socialist alter.

In the article : With limited military options what can India do – I laid BARE the duplicitousness of our PM and Foreign Minister and wrote

1. India planned to attack at terrorist camps surgically. With most of the camps emptied out, these strikes would have been only symbolic. The aggressive stance of Pranab Mukherjee and the submissive stance of Manmohan Singh is calibrated to fit the proverbial "bad cop good cop" game theorizing. Indian elections are due in 2009 and if the Congress party is not seen to do anything, then their election prospects will be "doomed". Notice, how AR Antulay keeps his job, just to pander to "vote bank politics"

2. India asked USA to get Pakistan's approval for the surgical strikes, so that Pakistan does not retaliate. It is precisely for this reason Adm. Mike Mullen went to Pakistan to ask Pakistan to lay low when India strikes at terrorist training camps of LeT and others in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and near Lahore. It seems the civilian government gave its nod for "limited" Indian attacks in POK but not in mainland Pakistan, which includes areas near Lahore.

3. Mike Mullen fails in this as COAS Kiyani made it clear that regardless of how the civilan government chooses to respond to the US request to allow Indian ’surgical strikes’, Pakistan Army will not accept any Indian intrusion. The scrambling of jets over Lahore and Islamabad was part of this and the armed forces are alert and ready to defend against any Indian action.

Kiyani is also said to have told US Michael Mullen that in event of any aggression from India, the US and NATO can ‘forget about’ using Pakistan territory to supply their forces in Afghanistan as all resources will be diverted to defending against India on the eastern border.

Mike Mullen tells India, he fails in his effort.

We are thinking the US will solve our problems for us. Why ? Read this article : So you think the Americans will help India – WAKE UP !!

Two things need to be done immediately.

1. Snap diplomatic ties

2. Render Indus Water Treaty null and void and squeeze the Chenab tap from Himachal (far away from Pak army / airforce reach)

And lastly we need to get rid off this present government who has tried to hoax us by playing this game with us. Must say, Pranab Mukherjee does put up a good act. With elections coming, there will be sabre rattling, but no action on the ground. This government does not have an appetite for a war.

We have given too much time to one dynasty - one family, who has put our name and pride down the gutter.

Will not dwell on this much in this post, but I want to point out I have nothing "major" against Congress Party per se - except for two "major" issues: i) dynasty politics - much better people are not elevated to govern and ii) vote bank politics - will keep all these for a later post, before the elections
. At the same time these pseudo-rightwingers like MNS and Ram Sene attacking and behaving like louts deserve thrashing and jail sentences. We have every right to drink in moderation or move around with our girlfriends - holding hands if need be, as long as we maintain decency and I must say this - have not seen an indecent couple loitering around in Indian roads - ever!)

Last but not the least - LOOK WHO IS THREATENING INDIA NOW


"India should know that it will have to pay a heavy price if it attacks Pakistan," Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, believed to be al-Qaida's military commander in Afghanistan and ranked behind No 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri. The Mujahideen will sunder your armies into the ground, like they did to the Russians in Afghanistan. They will target your economic centres and raze them to the ground."

Oh by the way, Pakistan Army claimed to have killed Mustafa Abu al Yazid just 6 months back to the US - and probably got cash for it too !!

TALIBAN (LeT, Lashkar e Jhangvi etc):

Baitullah Mehsud announced full support to the army against archrival India if it makes any aggression against the country. “Thousands of our well-armed Mujahideen are ready to fight alongside the (Pakistan) army if any war is imposed on Pakistan. Baitullah Mahsud said, hundreds of would-be bombers were given Martyrdom jackets and explosives-laden vehicles for protection of the border in case of any aggression by the Indian forces. “Our Mujahideen would be in the vanguard if fighting broke out. Our fighters will fall on the enemy like thunder."


Ahmed Shuja Pasha declared Baitullah Mehsud as a TRUE PATRIOT.

Excuse me, were you not fighting against him and calling him a terrorist? Apparently not - the "deception" continues.

Al Qaeda + Taliban(& LeT etc) + ISI = TRUE Face of Pakistan ARMY. They are one and the same - the three muskateers.


We need a government that will give us the “FINAL SOLUTION” (= extermination of extremism) that will lead to peace and stability in the region.



I am copy pasting two replies I received in my "Chabahar" post - as it was quite "succint" and has relevance here.

N. Khan, Lahore said...

The Zergham-Dilaram road was supposed to have been opened amid much fanfare by Prime Minister Singh who had been planning a secret trip to Kabul to meet with the “Mayor of Kabul” Mr. Karzai. Well it didn’t happen as planned. Prime Minister Singh is recuperating from a heart bypass surgery and Mr. Karzai is about to be replaced.

The road that was supposed to have heralded a new area of influence in Afghanistan is a sad state of disrepair and is unusable. The insurgent forces have targeted the roads and the supply chains. This is how they won the war against the USSR. They are using the same tactics against the NATO-ISAF occupation.

The road a symbol of US-Bharati and Bharati-Afghan cooperation is already a skeleton of what was planned. Neither ISAF nor NATO dare use the road.

Iran is least interested in any venture with Bharat afer Delhi stabbed it in the back by throwing it to the wolves of the IAEA and then firing an Iran specific satellite for Isreal. Delhi Tehran relations are on ice and have been in cold storage for a few years.

The Bharati plan to link Chahbahar to Kabul has failed due to a few reasons.

1) The “Taliban” (and 38 other anti-occupation forces) now control about 70% of Afghanistan.

2) ISAF and NATO does not control the famous Ring Road around Afghanistan

3) The Bharati built Zergham-Dilaram road has fallen into huge pothole og Afghan politics. It cannot be used and many of the bridges have already been blown up

4) Delhi and Teheran have fallen apart and there is no incentive in Iran to guve Bharat access to Kabul and beyond.

5) Instead Iran is working with Islamabad on building the Iran-Pakistan pipeline.

February 8, 2009 11:02 PM

Anonymous said...


Well, you copy pasted what Rupeenews said:

1) The “Taliban” (and 38 other anti-occupation forces) now control about 70% of Afghanistan.

- True but these Taliban forces are highly factionised and not a part of any steadfast union. There is a loosely joint coalition between some Taliban groups but again they are extremely loose and war often erruptsbetween them. To complicate the matter Taliban from being an Islamic grouping is now becoming more and more fanatic in terms opf ethnicity. We're seeing a rise in Tajik Taliban. Then there are the Pashtun warlords that claim almost all of Pakistan and 3 provinces of Pakistan. On top of that the Baluchis allign themselves differently although some Baluch groups are alligned to the Tajiks and a fewer number to the newly derived "Punjabi Taliban" that keeps appearing in Pakistani media. Each of these Taliban groups are not fighting for a single course but for ethnicity, intertwined with Sharia and their own customs - all of which make them very very messy. And its because the Pakistanis are not dealing with one or two organised Taliban groups, but many scaterred and messy ones with loose bounds around them, they seem to blame all strikes in Pakistani soil on RAW, who they believe India has penetrated. Of course I'm not ruling out that as since there are virtually 500 Taliban groups, it wouldn't be too difficult for the Indians to penetrate a fair share that's of use to them. One may say the Taliban disrupted the road progress, but the disruption was at best on par with that incurred on infrastructure development by non hostile states like South Korea and Japan.

2) ISAF and NATO does not control the famous Ring Road around Afghanistan

-Who does? As I said above its a loosely knit group of warring lords who all proclaim themselves as Taliban.

3) The Bharati built Zergham-Dilaram road has fallen into huge pothole og Afghan politics. It cannot be used and many of the bridges have already been blown up

-The road was only recently opened and as a TV station editor I edited an entire 6 hours of footage by my colleagues on the ground who covered the event of the construction of the road. The road looks surprisingly good. They visited most of the crucial links of that road and although they face problems such as theft of metal surbs, guards and lighting, the road itself is in a spanking new state.

4) Delhi and Teheran have fallen apart and there is no incentive in Iran to guve Bharat access to Kabul and beyond.

-Not really. India made the vote not favouring Iran in 2005. One year later India was awarded the bid to develop Chahbahar.

2003 - According to unconfirmed Indian reports, an accord signed between India and Iran on January 19 will allow New Delhi to use Iranian military bases in the event of a war with Pakistan. The agreement will also boost Indian armament exports to Iran and base Indian intelligence, security and military experts in Iran to train their Iranian counterparts. Appropriately, the “strategic alliance” came just days ahead of the January 26 visit to India of Iranian President Mohammad Khatami.

Indo-Iranian ties are too strong to be hampered by this vote because India has vast investments in Iran. Here's one example: Reliance, Indias largest company has been a major supplier of refined petroleum products for Iran. Reliance at times has provided as much as 30 per cent of Iran's need for imported petroleum. Other companies that supply to Iran include ONGC and Bharat Petroleum. Iran in return has provided India with large gas exploration blocks.

Plus Chahbahar route not only enforces and consolidates Irans position with the US it also makes US dependant on it. Iran is happy to do business with India so long it doesn't hurt its interest. And business with India has never hurt Irans interest.

5) Instead Iran is working with Islamabad on building the Iran-Pakistan pipeline.

Well Iran never said it doesn't want to supply to India. Iran has been inviting and is inviting India but Indian government is faultering because they don't want to be in Pakistans grip as far as energy is concerned. Its nothing of concern. Whoever wants gas, Iran will supply be it Pakistan or China or whoever.

In future in case India has to cut water supplies to Pakistan, Pakistans natural response would be to cut natural gas. And thats why the government barged ahead to sign the nuclear agreement so that none of this situation needs to arise. And right away it has ordered EPRs from France and is starting up its FBR next year. Note that the agreement provides India legal provisions to stockpile nuclear fuel for the entire life of the reactor! And an EPR has a on-paper life of 75 years (thats how much fuel India can stockpile) although theoratically it may run for no more than 50 years. That's 25 years of excess fuel!! India has already signed agreements with South Africa, Kazakhstan, Russia, France and Canada for uranium fuel. Within the next 10 years India's thorium reactors should go critical and that leaves it with massive energy reliability in addition to the stockpiled uranium (India has enough Thorium to last it for at least 5 centuries). Such being the case it's wise for India to hesitate on this raw deal that only increases your country's hold over ours. Once we gain energy sovereignity (through nuclear means / stockpiling) we will be self sufficient without having any country controlling a trigger for water or energy.

To Pakistanis: advice: find an alternative way to supply yourselves with water. Because if India shuts the floodgates you're doomed. We know what happened when India just partially closed it for few hours losses worth crores were incurred on you guys. But sorry to say you cannot find an alternative route for water supply.

Anonymous said...


An angry article from you. Not without reason tho.

Anonymous said...


Your weak kneed politicians are now really going to piss in their pants.

A top al-Qaida commander, who was reported killed in a US drone strike last year, has appeared in a video warning India of more

Mumbai-style terror attacks if it tried to attack Pakistan.

"India should know that it will have to pay a heavy price if it attacks Pakistan," Mustafa Abu al-Yazid, believed to be al-Qaida's military commander in Afghanistan and ranked behind No 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri, said in a 20-minute video in Arabic received by BBC.

Yazid, who the Pakistani military said may have been killed in fighting last August in the Bajaur tribal region, said: "The Mujahideen will sunder your armies into the ground, like they did to the Russians in Afghanistan.

"They will target your economic centres and raze them to the ground."

What say BuA??

TTV INDIA said...

@ Anon above. And your happy about what this bugger all Mustafa has to say. Shows how Human(e) you are. Anyways thats not what I am here to post about.

@ BuA. Correctly said by someone as an angry post by you. Yes, we are a nation failed by our leaders but, also equally important to not (and not ignore) is the fact in the past 20 years (post Rajiv Gandhi) India has had some decent Govt.who may not have been extremely successful (PVR, AVB, and Now MMS) in their times, but laid the road to a better country in future. The times our Fathers and their fathers did not enjoy. The infrastructure, the growth, the opportunities. While I agree that the basic needs of a sense of security lies short. But, then, can any country as big as ours and having the worst neighbours, manage it. Mostly people talk about Israel (the only country probably having neighbours dirtier than us) being infected by the same virus and still repulsing and surviving with an aggressive attitude. Yes, we lack in the aggressive attitude vis a vis Israel, but then you also have to compare the size of Israel to us. Am not trying to save any party whow ruled us. A weak kneed leader is a weak kneed leader. If MMS was weak in the Knees, then so was AVB and so was Indira (as per one of your articles BuA). For one, I would love to have a Narendra Modi as my PM (ignoring what party he belongs to, or his acts of 2002) purely based on his management skills and age on his side. But what has his Party done? The same mistake that Congress committed with Shivraj Patil as the Home Minister. @ 82, how long does the man have anyways? A few more years, AAj Gayaa ya kal pataa nahi. AVB is already on the Ventilator and if Both the old war horses are gone, there would be none left with them. Their infighting is getting more and more obvious. Rajnath and Advani Factions toeing separate lines for the forthcoming elections, losing Rajasthan, and retaining the states only based on the performance by second rung leaders.
On the other side its the Same with MMS, with his second By Pass, Sonia has caused a blunder by nominating him again. You are right, there is introspection required within the Grand Old Party and they need to rethink their strategy rather than depending on Dynastic Functioning. But that will not be possible. At least for the COngress, they have experienced and smart guys in their team, with PC, Pranab, Kamalnath, Kapil Sibal, Etc....MMS has not opened his cards yet, whether he will be open to the Hot Seat again or will consciously choose to use his health as an excuse to EXCUSE himself.

If you ask my view, simply put, If Narendra Modi is the PM candidate for BJP, I (a staunch Congress Supporter) will not think twice before casting the ballot in his favour, but with Advani, am batter off with whatever the grand old party has on offer for me. Period.

TTV INDIA said...

@ BuA... Please excuse the Spelling errors. Wrote that in haste and while doing a host of other things at the same time on my system.

Anonymous said...

@ BuA,

You ended your article stating "We need a government that will give us the “FINAL SOLUTION” (= extermination of extremism) that will lead to peace and stability in the region"
Do you think TTV India's suggestion that Modi be made PM is an entirely justified one? Agreed that he does have the Management skills & 'age' on his side, but if we were to simply ignore his acts of 2002, would we not be at the risk of becoming a Nation with an extremist bent?


TTV INDIA said...

@ SM
Even for me it is difficult to ignore the past of Narendra Modi (infact I have mentioned that I would consciously ignore it and that am a staunch and heavily biased towards Congress Individual). But one thing that I feel may not let him function as freely as he does in Gujarat is that, at centre the pressures would be diferent compared to what he faces in Gujarat (which also means the chances of his failure at centre would be higher due to inexperience). He will not have a clear majority like in Gujarat, he would have to use his skills to manage a coalition which will definitely keep his Safforn Colors under control. Also, the eyes of internationak community would be on him which would make his existence a bit more difficult and he will be forced to shed his right wing uprbinging. But none the less, his diecision making skills and speed of doing things can prove a boon for us, as the prolonged modernisation of the ARMY can take place quickly. Late... breaking for lunch right now....

Anonymous said...


a very angry post and you have every reason to get angry.

Last nite, I was watching the same prog on times now.

26/11 for me was more like an attack on our country and our way of life.

India's Plan B. If we dont have one, then lets face it, we are bunch of spine less people.

I personally think, the current congress or any future government will not attack pakistan just because of Vote Bank politics.
they can only talk.

Modi is a very good option as a prime minister candidate.

If we try to forget 2002, which i think we should, then he is the right person to do the job.

If not now, I believe we can look forward to a day when Narendra Modi is the PM with people like Arun Jaitely leading the home ministry. [this is gonna happen.after lk advani atleast]

The current congress government needs to take some action. [In short..spill some paki blood.] else thye will not come to power.

I am betting on the fact that we will see higher percentage of voter turn out this time around AND if the congress government continues behaving in a spineless manner, they are going to lose it all just because they want to garner some Muslim votes.


Anonymous said...

@ TTV India,

Thanks for your answer, and I quite agree with you there that should Modi be the PM, his right wing wings would be somewhat clipped.

But I will have to say this: Currently Modi may be in favour amongst many because of his work skills. But whoever comes to power, will at some stage end up resorting to Vote Bank Politics because that is the only way they'll remain in power. That is the sad truth for ultimately, its all about the chair!


Anonymous said...

haste makes waste bro. if we attack pak will only benefit them. short term repercussions is good, long term is bad. relax. in the mean time vote in BJP for the elections.

advani is already 81 with health probs and i dont know how long he will last, while it is reliably speculated that he will be strongly advised by Modi, his close pal. why theres no reason to question modi ascending the throne once advani dies. isnt he the most effective bjp man there is?

jai hind.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of : Die Endlösung (your comments in parenthesis notwithstanding).

Kannan,India said...

Congress shamelessly used intelligence agencies to stay in power, remember how Pranab mukerjee got the number exactly right even before all the vote of confidence. First they subverted President's office,then Governer's office.,judiciary, now they are at their game with the last pillar..i.e. Election Commission.

I hope Congress is wiped out and its UPA allies becomes road-kill this election time. I think when it comes to security, with all its flaws, BJP is the best.Last time,in state elections, I didnt vote coz BJP sided with Tamil Nadu on Mullaperiyar issue..
(which will kill as much people as detonating a nuclear warhead in Kerala if the huge dam bursts).
But, this time damn my house and our people..I am sick of ManMoron Singh and secretive Madam humiliating least not at my expense...

Ray Lightning said...


Nice that you have kept yourself abreast of the nuclear power happenings which are critical to the energy security and prosperity of India. Some corrections

1) India has enough Thorium fuel to last several tens of thousands of years (not 500 years), when run in fast breeder reactors. Nuclear fuel is not an issue at all, and for all purposes, nuclear power should be considered a sustainable source of energy.

2) India's signing of the nuclear deal with the USA is bound to be a strategic advantage for future cooperation in the development of fast reactors. Though India is one of the world readers in this field, USA is definitely much ahead and has prototyped much more advanced designs (such as the IFR). On the other hand, India has some of the best and longest experiences worldwide in running fast reactors.

3) Nuclear weapons, for all that we care for, are token measures and are not relevant to the security issues that we face from Pakistan (which are mostly terrorist strikes and covert operations).


I was angry and remain so, but my actions will not be dictated by emotions - there will be hard military logic in whatever actions I take, if I were in the military.

First I am glad that Al Qaeda gave the treat. Second I am glad that ISI has outsourced the killing of Kasav to Dawood.

I am glad, because, if this should wake up our corrupt weak kneed politicians.

The above threats were always there and Pakistan probably got assurance from Dawood that he can get Kasav killed (which will then be blamed to India) - hence the reply has been delayed (guessing here).

The Indian think-tanks have gone on overdrive to state that the so called threat from Al Qaeda is a cry of help from Al Qaeda to Pakistani citizens - so that Pakis do not turn these Al Qaeda elements over to USA. Even if partially true, can we really be that naive and sit back and think that nothing really matters !!

India should be purged of the most "corrupt" of the politicians and the country should be governed by the people who love it most and protect it with their blood - our ARMED FORCES. Yes, I am recommending a military takeover for a period of 1 year - so sort things out both internally and externally.

Most of you think BJP will be like a magic pill. I very much doubt it. They had 5 years - did any major military strategic purchases take place?

Whether Pakistan has nukes or not, whether they will use it or not, any which war gaming scenario they will lose and lose badly. Only in covert and through terrorism Pakistan gets the upper hand in bleeding India.



China eyes the rapidly unfolding situation in the Afghan war theater can be assessed by the Chinese Communist Party officially inviting an eight-member delegation of the Jamaat-i-Islami's leadership led by Qazi Hussain Ahmed to visit China. The JI is the main Islamist political party in Pakistan.

"The delegation comprising the Jamaat-i-Islami's top leadership led by its chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed departed from Islamabad. They were officially invited by the ruling Chinese [communist] party," the JI's chief spokesperson, Shahid Shamsi, confirmed.

This is a visible Chinese bid to strengthen its relations with possible new players in the region. The JI is ideologically part of the global Islamic political movement and is very well connected with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world. China wants to keep in touch with this important movement.

In the late 1980s, on a trip arranged by Pakistani intelligence, Qazi Hussain Ahmed visited China to convince the Muslim separatist movement in the country to stop its insurgency.

In Afghanistan, the JI has a deep-rooted connection with the Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar as well as ideological and friendly relations with the Jamiat-i-Islami Afghanistan led by Professor Burhan-ud-din Rabbani and the Ittehad-i-Islami Afghanistan of Professor Abdul Rab Rasool Sayyaf.





A.B. said...


Things to make you stew a bit more. India did not attack Pakistan because it could not. SIMPLE.

The parliamentary standing committee on defense said in its 2008 report that 13 billion rupees remained unspent in 2005-06, 30 billion rupees in 2003-04 and 90 billion rupees in 2002-03. These were funds which were supposed to modernize India's armed forces. In total, 210 billion rupees has remained unspent in the five years (2003-7), as deals were scrapped or delayed due to controversy and kickback allegations. The slippages led to a year-end surrender of funds in 2007.(BUA - armaments were rusting)

India did not launch a military strike against Pakistan following the Pakistan-linked Mumbai terror attacks last November because army commanders told New Delhi the country lacked enough artillery to defend its territory. Last month the army made a fast-track order of 4,100 French-origin Milan-2T anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), as the indigenous Nag missile is yet to be operational. The 6 billion rupee order for the Milan ATGMs has been on hold for a while, like other military orders. (BUA - India did not have the FIREPOWER)

India's defense expenditure for 2008-2009 dipped below 2% of gross domestic product for the first time in decades, an amount less than the global average of around 2.5%, and which lags behind America's 4.1% and Pakistan's 3.5% (BUA - Where is the will?)

DPP (Defence Procurement Procedure) had been revised for the fourth time in 2008 and it still requires further refining," said Sashi Kant Sharma, the director of General Acquisitions at the Defense Ministry. (BuA- Red tape will kill India before Pakistan can).

The army has been looking to import 400 artillery guns from abroad and manufacture another 1,100 domestically, without success.

Several experts' reports, including at least one by the independent Comptroller and Auditor (CAG), have highlighted the inadequacies in India's main battle tank (MBT) fleet - the main strike force of any army. Almost all of India's MBT fleet are of Russian origin.

The CAG report focused on India's deficiency vis-a-vis Pakistan, as the more immediate threat, but also deficiencies with regard to China are too glaring to even be addressed. It clearly pointed at tank, upgrades and technology transfer issues with Russia.

Russia had been delaying technology transfer on the T-90s, which has in turn pushed back production in India. India purchased 310 of these tanks in 2001 and in 2007, and signed a contract for another 347.

Pakistan has a crack fleet of about 1,300 Chinese and Ukrainian tanks.

Experts have also highlighted India's inadequacies in missile attack capability when compared to Pakistan's China- and North Korea-backed program. India's efforts to test a nuclear-enabled BrahMos cruise missile failed last month. ’ Among India's ballistic missiles, only the short-range (150-350 kilometers) Prithvi is battle-ready. Though India has successfully tested the longer range (700-2,000 kilometer) Agni missiles, they are yet to be fully operational and are still being tested.

The truth is that India can only use airforce to deliver nukes, India has no missile platform for the same. While Pakistan has both the options (if the nukes are with them and not the Chinese).

PRASUN - You are free to evaluate this and prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

While I am not in the favor of any political party when I am posting this comment, but please tell me why so much hulla ballu was made when N. Modi made a statement that Mumbai attack could not have been carried out without inside support. From day one I believed of this theory. The present government is so obsessed with minority vote bank, that I personally feel that negligence have been made during the investigation of Mumbai attack. Why has there been no significant arrests made inside our country, which could have led to significant leads. The investigation is moving in only one direction i.e. Pakistan. A retired commissioner of police made a revelation during security awareness week, in our company that innumerable sleepers cells are operating in the country which have the potential to create 100 such incident. Why the present government is so soft, are they waiting for such incident to reoccur or wasting time praying so that such incident don't happen.

I have become an addict to your blog & my knee shakes with apprehensions whenever you make a new revelation. Don't you think government have such think-tank who give The government the correct inputs so that government move in right direction.

Anil Kumar


Dear Anil,

I wrote in an article on the Indian hand in 26/11 way back in December'08.


I wrote:
Syed Saleem Shahzad, reporting from Pakistan, is claiming that the Mumbai attacks relied on local Indian al Qaeda linked militant group – Indian Mujahideen specially Abdus Subhan Qureshi (Tauqir).

It seems Tauqir had “information” that the Jewish community centre that was attacked, was being used by Israeli intelligence services – Mossad. The killers used the most brutal method of killing the Israeli citizens.

What is alarming to learn is that Tauqir had planned other attacks on Indian strategic targets immediately after the Mumbai attack, but Kasab’s (the lone terrorist alive) arrest prevented this from going through.

The Russian intelligence, is however pointing out that DAWOOD IBRAHIM's network could have played a far bigger role than Tauqir's Indian Mujahideen.

Anonymous said...


India not not have the "ball" or even the "brains" to manufacture "opportunities".

It seems DRDO (Dumb Research Dumber Output) is a mirror to India's failed planning.

TTV INDIA said...

@ BuA, Angry you should be. Anger is good. It is an emotion which has the power to keep us alive. Indians seem to have lost their anger in their struggles to earn their daily breads and their small cars, and their LCD/Plasma TV's and their 11% HL EMI's. It is good to see someone angry at the state of affairs.

You idea of 1 year military rule, seems to be a copy of a certain Muhammed Amir, the current Fav of AQ. Emotional outburst at best. No dictatorial rule is good. An Army knows only BUllets and Missiles and BLOOD. They will not be able to govern us. Had that been the case, Pakistan would have been the best governed state of the world about 30 years ago.

My Point here is that power corrupts. Anyone who has powers is bound misuse it in some form or the other due to some ulterior motives of personal corrutption of mind. So I strongly we feel we are better of with whatever democracy we have. It least its ours.

And would like to correct you. BJP had an over five year rule last when they came to power.

@ Kannan.... Well if you think COngress is bad and BJP is good, then please be advised that BJP is worse off than any secular party. It is party that pretends to be secular. So think twice. What did it do when the Parliament was attacked? AVBmoved the army to the western broders and pissed in his pants. And the PM in waiting screwed up the Agra Summit. That he just wants to die a PM or Ex PM is all that he cares for. With the Left going for Maya ki Maya, and BJP undecided over Terror or Ayodhya as their Manifesto, what are you left with? Think about it.

Anonymous said...


I am sure BJP cares two hoots about Ram temple agenda (at least the senior cadres). LK Advani could not care less whether it came up or not - all he is interested in knowing is how much is the "Ram Temple" issue worth in votes and seats. If he gets to know that this will catapult him to be the next PM he will go for it, and if not he will not.

So much for his "fervour".

Religion is the opium for the masses. It has never been for the leaders unless you are a religious leader like Khomeini etc.

BJP with Modi > Congress with Rahul Gandhi

BJP with Advani < Congress with Pranab M

How about this?

Did Jaswant Singh make money out of the Kandahar hijackings? - in the sense he kept a lot of the "ransom money" for himself, and handed over the balance (the amt demaded) to Taliban in Kandahar, while ISI agents went about their work from the airport towers in Kandahar.

Every party is corrupt. But which one will be better. I will wait for Congress announcement. If they are even thinking of putting that kid Rahul as a potential PM candidate, I am not casting my vote for the Congress for sure.


OK let me clear the air - I am really not in favour of a Military rule. But one day I was in my "thinking mode" and realized that India is surrounded by "military kingdoms" in the sense either military is ruling it directly or indirectly. China is whole different matter though PLA and the Communist party are intertwined.

In the sea of scheming generals, I only saw self centered, greedy and corrupt politicians of India. All that is fine, as long as we kept the military and its purchases out of the ambit of corruption. But that was not to be - due to corruption and plain short sightedness, we have made our military vulnerable to attacks. We have not solved our internal "issues" and have spread our military thin on different outposts - a fight that could have been won if different factions sat down and there was a genuine power sharing.

But who wants to share power?

Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. In India even little power corrupts absolutely.

Since our politicians are going to me much the same - and nothing is going to change, till they are victims of an attack themselves ....

Keep the military clean - keep the purchases clean. And strengthen our military (army specially, as it is the weakest link as far as armaments procurements go).

And lastly, we need to get rid off this "indigenise" everything mode. Some things are better off the shelf - be practical. DRDO cannot be the end all of all that we need.

TTV INDIA said...

Will take one thing at a time. So

@ Anon first. Will come to BuA in next one.

Anon, excellent, could not have been presented better.

"BJP with Modi > Congress with Rahul Gandhi

BJP with Advani < Congress with Pranab M"

Out of the world expression of how things are. Agree with you on all counts that you've presented.

As for casting of vote. You have a right to not to vote for any of the candidates. So rather than not casting or abstaining, I suggest that you excercise you "RIGHT TO NOT TO VOTE" I think it's article 49 of the election commision or whatever of the constitution. Please check up. There is a huge uproar about this as the EC has asked the SC to advise on setting up this button on the EVS machine, which of course the Govt. and the Parliament are unanimously opposing.

TTV INDIA said...

@ BuA;
I agree, if Rajeev Gandhi had the Bofors, then AVB had the Coffingate during Kargil by our famous Union Leader called George Fernandes. Like in a famous qawwalli, "Nangey is Hamam mein sab Hain".

Also, my expression about Power Corrupts was basically to contend that the Army will do a great job if they come to power. Unlike Pakistan, our ARMY is not involved in any day to day running of the country and hence will prove to be an utter failure if given the chance. Also, the Gen who gets power, will also get corrupted with power. And since he'd would not know a thing about running the country and the international affairs and the economic affairs, would turn into a PAWN of the Beaucrats, International Community and the capilatists called MNC's/Corporates etc....

This crappy Political setup suits us fine as for now. Anything else, will block our gorwth path and push us back by over 20 years in a single step.

As for DRDO. I think its an excellent organisation, but then the political setup is stagnating it. We have good scientists who can do wonders. Believe me I have first hand info on this as one of my relative retired from DRDO and at one point in time worked under the Great Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. There is no doubt they can change things and quickly. But the Red Tapism and long haul processes are killing, demotivating and demonising them.

Boils donw back to the Political Will. We should keep our indigenous efforts rolling but, for the short term, go shopping to keep our Forces ready for any eventuality. My View.

TTV INDIA said...

@ Anon- I think Sonia has cleared the air about who is their Candidate. Its MMS all the way. Rahul Has to wait. MMS holds the KEY now as he has yet not said whether or not he is going to continue if they are back in power. I think MMS still carries a lot of respect in the minds of the Indians which the UPA understands well. He at least at this point win them the elections. His Economic skills make him the best man to steer us out in the financial crisis age. PC/MMS and Montek are the best team a country can have on the Economic front. Kamalnath is a great game too, but slightly more corrupt compared to others is my take.

View on Congress;

I think, if MMS excuses himself out of the fray, they still have some experienced yet young guys to run the show. Pranab, Kapil Sibal, Kamalnath, Some Mr. Tiwari (2ic to Pranab), MS Gill, and quiet a few youngsters like Sachin Pilot, Rahul, Jyotiraditya (all of them educated abroad and poltical pedigrees). So a nice mix is what is visible.

Add the UPA members -

Lalu - Excellent job with the raiways. Again first hand info as someone is very close to railway board who I know.
Prafull Patel - Excellent guy, young energetic and excitable. Educated and well connected internationally as well. Defo a PM in the making. Albeit, his party is a single man managed who is more ambitious than ambition itself.Sounds good to me. Unlike the NDA or the UNPA. Which seems like just a lost cause for both.

1543432 said...

dont be too purturbed by al qeada's threats.. they threaten everybody.. USA, UK, France, Russia, Spain.. yet we saw how their leader Osama is hiding underground like a WORM when the US came over to their threat

1543432 said...

heres whee the author's immature thoughts wonder: look up, if we attack pak we will give an opportunity for all the talibans to unite and fight for Islam. while if we leave them alone they themselves will plunder pakistan and pakistanis.

News today (Feb 11 09): At least five people were killed and 10 others wounded Monday in a bomb blast in a troubled town in northwest Pakistan near the border with Afghanistan, police said.

Who did it? Punjabi Taliban? Pashtun Taliban? Sindhi Taliban? Balochi Taliban? Tajik Taliban? And again each of these Talibans are loose groups. For example the Tajik Taliban may comprise of 50 different gangs, each having different ideologies and no peace with each other. and so their warring lust only will scorch pakistan. now if we attack these groups will units and render pakistan strong against 1 infidel: india.

of course the pakistanis created Talibans for this reason: so that india doesnt attack fearing backlash from these Talibans who enjoy popular support in many parts of Pakistan.

but everything is going wrong. talibans are factioning into smaller and smaller new groups each warring with each other and pakistan facing the brunt. if we attack their plan will be back on track. While the Taliban may still be india's reason not to attack, by leaving them alone does not do pakistan good. and thats why assfuck is itching for india to attack... to unite all these taliban morons and to withdraw once and for all from Afghan border.

just for bravado in the global scenario and to impress upon childish bloggers like u who think only an attack will solve all things, do u think it would be in india's interest to give pakistan what it wants?




1543432 said...

PS -- I am just being outright and not out of insult i may have used harsh words towards you. I hope you understand and not make this into an excuse to censor my comment.




I will not censor - after all "erratum er humanum". However, I am not at all advocating an "all out war with Pakistan at all".

My earlier posts were very clear on this. I have stated we do two things:

1. Recall High Commissioner and send the Pak HC packing

2. Reduce the Chenab flow from Himachal to calibrate Pak response.

So, I am not yet "that immature" that I would want India to go for limited war or even the more stupider "surgical strikes". I advocated what B Raman stated - keep Pakistan in perpetual mess, failing yet not collapsing - that is in India's interest.

Of course I know that India going for all out war will "unite" the various Taliban factions. I wrote about it in Taliban & ISI forum.

This article of mine, was written in a fit of anger, following the TV program, yet even here I am not advocating all out war.

But covert war - YES. Crushing economic centers dear to Pak Army (NOTE, I SAID DEAR TO PAKISTAN ARMY AND NOT ORDINARY CITIZENS) and their mansions - YES.

Also when I mentioned blow the mansions these Pak Generals own in MACAU - did you think I meant sending Indian Air force to strafe these mansions. Of course not - COVERT ACTIONS ONLY.

That is what I want India should so. Make Pakistan "pay" in monetary terms and squeeze them.

Haste does make waste - and there will and should be cool military logic in steps that India takes. But I want serious covert actions inside Pakistan. More than what is happening for sure !

Ray Lightning said...


I would like to have your comment on the theory that it is the international drug mafia that is responsible for the Mumbai attacks. The theory goes like this.

The drug mafia, as you know, is in direct engagement with the Taliban. Several regions for poppy cultivation and opium production (lying along the Afghan-Pak border) are now under threat due to the NATO offensive. So the Taliban is required to find a safer place for the poppy cultivation, and to keep the drug network up and running. So the calm and relatively religiously peaceful and tolerant region of Swat is being colonized (if you look at it, this operation of the Taliban is not serving the strategic interest of Pakistan in any manner).

The drug mafia want to divert the Pak army onto the eastern frontier and to give them a free reign with the Taliban. Hence the plan for the attack in Mumbai.

What do you think about the merits of this theory ?

TTV INDIA said...

@ Ray

I think either BuA or on some other such blog, I had read an article on D Company getting embedded with LeT. So eitherways, its so entwined now. The D-Co. Cadre are now officially LeT operatives and supporters. Full Marks to ISI for this master stroke of M&A of the two notorious organisations. It shows their business skills which they do with impunity.

Why do you think the Indian Govt. Wants Dawood back?



Of course this is a theory, but partially correct. There are a host of bigger established players in the drug trade. Remember CIA and ISI were the best of chums in Afghanistan and Dawood is world's top 3 drug mafia as per US DEA.

I would suggest you read my three earlier articles:

A) Michael Vickers - a very imp man
B) The Great Game
C) The Ultimate Game

The points I made there and some that I am making here:

1. UK in 19th century built its economy around opium trade and ran its economies around the world. It started here in BENGAL. :)

2. The US too used CIA to ship opium to even USA too in US military planes. (See American Gangster - the movie based on true story)

3. Both these nations are financially screwed. Hence drug money is putting real cash money back in their defunct banks and economies. Note that most of the "off shore" banking channels happen to be British. Why do you think this is so?

4. The Taliban are really bit players. The big daddies are US + UK.

The situation is far more complex that this, though. But if bullet points were needed, I will stop at this.

Maybe RAY, I will write on this.


To my INDIAN / NRI friends,

A word of advice.

Take your savings / Fixed Deposits out of ICICI Bank. If you have taken loans, let them sit.

Keep your money in any nationalized bank or HDFC Bank. Your choice.



TTV INDIA said...

Are you serious on the ICICI thing?? is it due to the 2 resigs in their top management only or is there some other alarm?

TTV INDIA said...

How bout that... Pak has filed an FIR against 3 in the 26/11 case.

Anonymous said...

new army: Gorkha liberation army. instead of checking these menaces our MPs are wooing minority voters bank politics

why brother? said...

Take your savings / Fixed Deposits out of ICICI Bank. If you have taken loans, let them sit.

Keep your money in any nationalized bank or HDFC Bank. Your choice.




No its not for the resignations. Lets look at an important fiscally conservative company like INFOYS.

They used to have Rs 4000 Crs in deposits in ICICI Bank - now it is down to Rs 100 Crs. Whereas the deposits in PSU banks have ballooned and deposits at HDFC Bank is high at Rs 4000 Crs +.

Even if you want to forget the above, know the lending habits of the bank - how they went about giving credit cards / car loans to just about anyone.

In the US market, when the asset bubble burst and home mortgages tanked, ICICI Bank had the highest exposure to these "junk" bonds.

When ICICI was reverse merged into ICICI Bank, there were huge Non Performing Assets (NPAs) which got re-scheduled. Many a trick accounting has taken place.

But if the bank tanks - is the depositor's funds safe. The Govt of India is under no obligation to fund if depositors money goes down beyond the mandatory amount which is insured, which is mostly Rs 1 lac / depositor. However, RBI may not allow a bank of the size of ICICI to tank, and may come good on the deposits of the ordinary depositors.

But I am not going to put my money in ICICI Bank and see the probability of Govt largesse.


Gorkha Liberation Army is a menace in the making - it is the disgruntled poor Gorkhas that have been promised a monthly sum of Rs 2000 per person, and food that is seeing them join.

Qs is who is funding?



make the INFOSYS deposits in ICICI Bank to Rs 10 Crs and not Rs 100 Crs.

1543432 said...


Thanks for your openness. You earned my respect.

Now back to topic. You undoubtedly said that we should cut Chenab waters and snap diplomatic ties. However you, in parts of the article also gave more vocal suggestions, as in -


I also don't see how cutting Indus water and snapping ties would render "extermination of extremism"

As such I highly took your comments to mean that an attack on Pakistani soil is the only solution you seek.

Note that no army chief would allow any sort of strikes within his territory, moreover from an arch rival. Assfuck Kiyani did what was best for his country and for the army. I'm surprised how Pakistan's leaders would allow that anyway. They're pawned.

Noticing the situation now it is now Pakistan that is showing PUSILLANIMITY. India has been strong, saying nothing less than the whole 26/11 ploy was plotted and executed by Pakistanis. By sticking to their guns, Indian leaders have made the Pakistanis come down their virtual ladder. Day by day they are accepting more and more of our claims. Compare that to the first few days after the attack when ISI brought out their screwed up asset - Zaid Zaman! Now the civilian government is accepting what we have asserted from day one. They are bowing to our claims.

In my view Pakistan is showing PUSILLANIMITY at India's PREVARICATION.

Anonymous said...

1543432 above --- read this=

"Former high commissioner to Pakistan G Parthasarathy said, "Pakistan's acknowledgement of reality was brought about by relentless US pressure despite lack of concrete Indian action."


Now whether USA is butting in to steal the credit -- maybe.

This was what was said on INdia:

"India's response has to be calculated as well. India would have seemed churlish if it had continued to sulk after Pakistan's admission on Thursday. By terming the development "positive", the government has the opportunity to claim some kind of victory. It's the first time in almost 20 years that Pakistan has admitted to its citizens planning and executing terrorist acts against India."

BUA -- hope to hear ur comments




If I am to attach a modicum of credibility to this blog, I have no other option but to be open. Time and again, MAX has pointed out "errors" which I corrected, which only made my posts "stronger". Hence I welcome any kind of "informed" criticism.

Maybe I will post an article a month on Zaid Hamid, to keep the humor level high.

Back to your observations and my views.

I am clear about something:

1. If foreigners were not killed and there was no sustained pressure not only from US but also from the member nations whose nationals were killed and who filed cases against Kasav et al, PAKISTAN WOULD NOT HAVE ADMITTED ITS ROLE.

2.Of all the agencies, the US played a leading role in providing forensics and high tech signals intelligence evidence.

3. So, this is a victory of sorts for INDIA + US + other nations whose nationals were killed.

4. Trails led to several countries and Pakistani nationals were picked up which strengthened the hands of the investigators in nailing Pakistan.

Here is my question to you. Do you think if only Indian were killed in 26/11 would

a) Pakistan have owned up responsibility
b) US have helped out with forensics etc.

If you can truly say that the answer to (a) is YES, then you have reasons to feel happy.

On your question whether stopping Chenab and cutting off diplomatic ties will stop terrorist activities - the answer is NO. But:

a) Time has come to make the "planners" pay who sit in air-conditioned offices in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

b) Unless they can feel the "pain" the threshold of terrorism in our region is not going to come down.


Hamid mohammad said...


To BuA(the audacious demagog who writes this muck):
Stop defaming our community if you want to live.

Anonymous said...

BuA..sorry had to respond to this.

@Hamid mohammad
Respected sir,

1. I would like to know how you are planning to scrap this blog?

2. What the eff are you doing on this blog?



Hamid Md.,

There are 100s of sites on the net which spew venom on Prophet Mohammad (phuh), there are cartoons of him - do you not think that those are the sites that are actually defaming your "community".

I am sorry, I am not defaming Muslims here, at all. Some of my best friends happen to be Muslims who know and read my blog.

I am against extremism of any kind - and as it so happens most of the extremism in the world today has its epicenter in PAKISTAN.

I am against those elements. So be it.

Care to tell me what "community" you mean - if you mean "Muslims" then you are wrong to blame me, as I am not against it all.

If by "community" you mean extremism then I am guilty as charged.

Yes, the blog can be easily scrapped - one needs to get into it to erase it. Not a big deal. I will save it too.

In the meantime, I have a recent facebook account - where you get in touch in case something happens to this blog. I will let u know of the new blog name there.

No one can muzzle the truth.

Be brave and confront the truth with your arguments rather than your threats.

N.Q. Lahore said...

Hamid Mohammad bhai,

What is the difference between you and Zaid Hamid?

Like Z Hamid, I seriously believe you lack the ability to debate.

Zaid H cannot have a normal conversation because he is so heated up all the time. Indeed he is an extremist, a conspiracy theorist and a man lacking the art of dialogue.

No wonder, his program is BANNED.

You guys take your ideology and live in the caves of Mohmand. Leave Peshawar and Quetta. You are the reason why Pakistan is in such a mess. We are looked upon as terrorists whenever we land in any international airports. Have you recently been to any airport Hamid bhai?

You have brought us shame.

Anonymous said...


I know truth can hurt. Otherwise why bother with what BuA writes.

Which truth are you uncomfortable with? Why are you so hurting?

Anonymous said...

Which HAMID?

Hamid Mohammad or Zaid Hamid?

Or is Hamid Mohammad = Zaid Hamid.

D.K. said...


Hamid Md is not the madcap Z Harris for sure.

However, I think I have hit upon what Hamid Md wants. He is not interested in "qaum" etc. He is pissed coz u have that article on Zaid Hamid.

And as you yourself have mentioned that his "news" on the net is disappearing - I think this is a threat to that. Take out the article and future articles on ZZ Hamid and you will find Hamid Md vanish.

TTV INDIA said...

Much Ado About Nothing!!!!

I think by giving these spammers from the other side too much importance, we are wasting too much of quality discussion time here. Lets forget all these Hamid's & his likes and simply continue with our own pursuits to understand things better. Also, these Hamid's and AQ's of the Muslim world are too shallow and insecure in their own minds, also implied is the fact that they do not possess the intellectual capabilities to think beyond their small amd petty agendas in/from life itself. They are better left where they are, the only derivable value out of them is ENTERTAINMENT. And that we all do. Also, they are good to vent out our frustations at them in these times of Global Recession and Financial difficulties. Lets just keep their use limited to that aspect.

Good work BuA, keep it going.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hamid mohammad,
I am regular follower of this blog & appreciate its effort. If you have anything to say you are most welcome to put your views, we would appreciate it. India is a democratic nation (unlike Pakistan)& everyone has the right to put their view. If you are form Pakistan then that is even better, at least we can get to know what Pakistanis think.But please don't threaten BUA of his live, this is a thing which cowards do.

Anonymous said...

Hamid mohammad.. hahahahaha BLOODY CRUMP Paki. Scrap your stupid head first. maybe this is the same bitch who threatens he will smack PRASUN SENGUPTA with a Base ball bat in Aero India!

low life paki moron. hahaha

Anonymous said...

NQ, Lahore said...

"No wonder, his program is BANNED."

Greetings NQ, is his program BANNED on national TV in Pakistan? Why may I ask? This is news to me. Please elaborate.

Anonymous said...

AND PLS REMOVE ZAID ZAMANS COMMENT FROM THE BELOW GIVEN URL. he only has a VISA on the zaid hamid topic. other places he's a illegal immigrant and comments should be EXTERMINATED.

HAMID Mohammad doesnt look like Z Harris. Its not him i think.

Anonymous said...

nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Murphy said...

And where logic?

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