Monday, April 13, 2009


This is a small article before I upload Part 2 tomorrow. This to show the true face of Deoband - the seminary that influences Pakistan Military, the ISI, the clergy and of course the Taliban (who have studied in Deoband seminaries) and other terror organizations.

What will shock many is that these Fatwas are meant for Indian Muslims (sunnis) - and judge for yourself if this is the case, how on earth can you expect these Deobandi Muslims to ever assimilate, be friends with non-Sunnis?

It is impossible and Deoband is largely responsible for creating terrorists amongst our midst and even across our borders.

For a list of fatwas: Click on

A sample of fatwas:

1. (Fatwa: 589/549=L/1429) : One should avoid eating with SHIAs.

2. (Fatwa: 1141/1141=M/1429): Family planning is haraam and unlawful in Islam.

3. (Fatwa: 1414/1183=L/1429): It is not allowed for a woman to drive a car.

4. (Fatwa: 771/730=B): Wearing jeans and t-shirt for women - There are some Hadith that relate curse for such women who adopt the resemblance of men; therefore wearing clothes of men is not correct for women.

5. (Fatwa: 989/844=B-1429): Bohras are Shiah. The beliefs and faiths of Shiah found in their books are against the Quran and Hadith. Therefore, they are not Muslims. It is not correct for a Sunni Muslim to get married with a Shiah or Bohra.

6. (Fatwa: 454/454=M/1429): It is unlawful and haram to eat food items given in temples if it is surely known that the items were offered to their gods and goddesses or the items are impure. However, a Muslim should avoid going into temples.

7. (Fatwa: 518/520=M): One should avoid eating food prepared in a Hindu house; specially the foods which doubtfully may contain haram ingredients or may be offerings of their gods, such food are haram and prohibited.

And this is in INDIA !!


Anonymous said...

shocking, but why am I not surprised. The fatwa mentioned in Point 5 was hillarious.


Anonymous said...

Wait till I take a printout and show it to my Muslim female colleagues at work.

Now I have to ask a Muslim whether he is Sunni and Deobandi or not?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sick, perverted ...

Anonymous said...

and muslim pigs are asking us to integrate with them as a nation... my foot

Anonymous said...

but in a way its good.. let the muslims (bohra, shia, sunni whatever) fight amongst themselves.. and free us from this collective menace