Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In my article BRIGADE 313, I reported what every news article reported that the dreaded ex SSG Pakistani commando turned terrorist mastermind Ilyas Kashmiri is dead.

It seems that he is alive and kicking !! More later as the story develops.

MUST READ : Saleem Shahzad's article - the man who met Ilyas Kashmiri: Al-Qaeda's guerrilla chief lays out strategy.

Also read Bill Roggio's Long War Journal article: Ilyas Kashmiri survived


gandhi said...

its already on long war journal , its was first broke out by asia times online. look for wednesday article, brigade 313 commander is alive and kicking

Anonymous said...

Quite an interesting article on Asia Times. This guy Illyas Kashmiri is also quite a daredevil character. However what I fail to understand is why Indian govt let him go ? What is perplexing is our govt's feeble response to all this nonsense. Maybe it was waiting for the Karma Chakra to take care of Pakistan and whoo man - what is going on in Pakistan now gives me very big pleasure. These Muslim kuttas should be shot dead in cold blood. They are the real followers of the satanic Prophet Muhammad. That is the correct spelling of that satan by the way. Not Mohammed etc..

Anonymous said...

Muslim kuttas - sahi hai. Pagal kuttein hain sab ke sab.

Anonymous said...

Why brush the whole community thus? See where the problem is. The problem is only with :

1) Deobandis
2) Wahabbis
3) Salafis.

Eradicate this minority in the Muslim community and 98% of all terrorism will stop. Its as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Muslim kuttas will always have Deobandis and Wahabis with them. I know majority of them are very good human beings but what is the guarantee that these poisonous elements will not arise again. First is how do you eliminate these extremist elements and secondly after eliminating them, how do you ensure that they do not arise again. The answer has to come from within Islam - from Saudi Arabia in particular. That they will not allow Jihad without the sanction of the King of Saudi Arabia - can they do this ? If they can then yes there could be a solution. Otherwise the world is hurtling towards the war of civilizations. The Taliban trying to bring back feudalism while the US is trying to usher in modernity.

Anonymous said...

The basic question is this : How do you prevent petty politicians from invoking name of Allah to convert thousands of innocents into blood thirsty dogs of war ? Who has the answer to this.

Anonymous said...

The real satan is China. The day we recognise this, will we be able to answer a lot of queries. Such as : why is Pakistan so full of poison against India ? Ans :- China. China has poisoned Pakistan against India with its break India ideologies. It has convinced Pakistan that it used to rule India and all such nonsense. Problem is Pakistan swallowed all of it. Hindus and Muslims have lived side by side for centuries. Who divided us once more - the answer is China. China has played the dirtiest tricks imaginable on India. Like BuA has stated in one of his earlier artciles, we must somehow being Russia as a safeguard against Chinese aggression. Fall of Russia and rise of terrorism are probably something which happened in tandem.

bilal gazi said...

My dear friends, do u feel proud while defaming ISLAM. it is because you don't have a concept of this religion. you think of muslims only as terrorists then what about NAXALS, LTTE, SIKHS IN PUNJAB SOME 20_30 YEARS BACK, HINDUS IN JAMMU WHILE PARTITION OF INDIA, WORLD WAR 1, WORLD WAR 2,,,....are the muslims again responsible for the same? NO, it is actually misconception among common masses regarding this religion. it doesnot hurt me that you abuse us and our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD(PBUH),i feel hurt that you IGNORANTLY passed your comment.
Yes it is true every muslim must be a 'MUJAHID'.JIHAD does not mean to kill innocent people but fight against social evils and for self defence. In QURAN ALLAH says "THE ONE WHO KILLED AN INNOCENT,IT IS AS THOUGH HE KILLS THE WHOLE HUMANITY". if there is a muslim fighting for his personal interests,it is not JIHAD. JIHAD is only for ALLAH and should be done as such ALLAH told.
So PLRASE stop defaming this religion and TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT.

Anonymous said...





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