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There was damning evidence linking ISI with Al Qaeda and 9-11. In fact, there has been serious evaluation and part of US Intelligence even stated that ISI masterminded 9-11, Al – Qaeda was a mere facilitator.

A few comments here, as I will deal with this in details in a later blog.

Arnaud de Borchgrave, editor of Washington Times stated: “ Former Pakistani intelligence officers knew beforehand all about Sept – 11 attacks. They even advised Osama bin Laden (OBL) and his cohorts how to attack key targets in the US with hijacked civilian aircraft. And bin Laden has been undergoing periodic dialysis treatment in a military hospital in Peshawar, Pakistan.”

CIA officer Gary Schroen who spearheaded US’ search for OBL in Afghanistan stated: “ISI officials – probably at the colonel level, are very well aware of OBL’s presence in Pakistan tribal areas. Musharraf was so afraid of the internal political consequences of finding OBL that he doesn’t want to know his whereabouts. I think the philosophy of the Taliban, this fundamentalist view , is popular there. So Bin Laden, I think, strikes them as heroic. He fought a jihad against the Russians, and he’s bloodied America’s nose time and again.”

THE MOST DIRECT LINK- WHICH FBI CONFIRMS: ISI wired money to 9-11 lead hijacker, through Omar Sheikh. Why then is Omar Sheikh not being dealt with when he is already under sentence of death? Astonishingly his appeal to a higher court against the sentence was adjourned for the 32nd time and has since been adjourned indefinitely. This is all the more remarkable when this is the same Omar Sheikh who, at the behest of General Mahmood Ahmed, head of the ISI, wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta, the leading 9/11 hijacker, before the New York attacks, as confirmed by Dennis Lormel, director of FBI's financial crimes unit.



When Mahmood Ahmed, head of ISI, was exposed by the Wall Street Journal as having sent the money to the hijackers, he was forced to "retire" by President Pervez Musharraf.

Bruce Reidel, the then National Security Council senior director for South Asia in the Bill Clinton administration stated: “If there was a state sponsor of al-Qaeda, it was the Pakistani army, acting through its Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)".

The following report was received by the 9-11 commission from “the” anonymous well connected Pakistani source : “The core issue of instability and violence in South Asia is the character, activities and persistence of the militarized Islamist fundamentalist state in PAKISTAN. No cure for this canker can be arrived at through any strategy of negotiations, support and financial aid to the military regine, or by a regulated transition to democracy. The imprints of every major act of international Islamist terrorism invariably passes through Pakistan, right from September – 11 ( 9-11) – where virtually all the participants had trained, resided or met in, coordinated with, or received from or through Pakistan – to major acts of terrorism across South Asia and South East Asia, as well as major networks of terror that have been discovered in Europe.”

Given that the 9-11 commission had extra-ordinary proof to implicate ISI and Pakistan for 9-11 along with Al-Qaeda, the final report does not find any reference to either ISI, Pakistan or indeed Saudi Arabia.

What transpired?

It seems the Pakistan foreign office paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to lobbyists in USA to get the “anti-Pakistan” references dropped from the 9-11 inquiry commission report.

Pakistan weekly, THE FRIDAY TIMES claimed, its story is based on disclosures made by foreign service officials to the Public Accounts Committee at a secret meeting in Islamabad (March 2006).

The sensational claim was – “some of the 9-11 commission members were also BRIBED to prevent them from including DAMAGING information about PAKISTAN. The disclosure sheds doubt about the integrity and honesty of the members of the 9-11 inquiry commission and, above all, the authenticity of the information in their final report.”

The report quoted an officer as saying that dramatic changes were made in the final draft of inquiry commission after the lobbyists got to work.


According to the report, the lobbyists also helped Pakistan win sympathy of 75 US Congressmen as part of its strategy to guard Islamabad’s interests in Washington.

This resulted in a complete U-Turn and Pakistan emerged as front runner in the fight against terrorism and US pumped in Billions of dollars to a doddering Pakistan economy on the brink of collapse.

Did not the 9-11 commission members have a patriotic duty to find the truth? The answer to that is NO. There were many skeletons in the closet.

Andrew Rice, chair of the 9-11 commission Committee of the Sept 11 Families For Peaceful Tomorrow organization is among millions of terribly frustrated Americans and he stated: “This official 9-11 commission was “fixed in” from the beginning.”

A senior EU Diplomat stated: “They (the 9-11 commission) seem to be interested in putting up a good show as a coverup; and of course they’re very worried about damage control.”


This commission comprised nine men and a woman, five Republicans and five Democrats.

Chairman Thomas Kean: His was the case of most devastating conflict of interest. The US $1 trillion lawsuit filed in August 2002 by the families of the victims of Sept 11 included TWO FORMER business partners of Kean – Saudi Billionaire Khalid bin Mahfouz (brother in law of OBL) and Mohd. Hussein al-Almoudi. Mahfouz transferred millions of dollars from a Saudi Pension Fund to bank accounts in London and New York linked to Al-Qaeda. He is also the former director of BCCI – the Pakistani bank in the centre of $12 billion bankruptcy scandal and terrorist links.


A little digression to show the hand of Khalid Bin Mahfouz in India's terrorist funding too. See chart below. Click on it to view enlarged version.

(Note: Bush himself had business links with Mahfouz – various investments in Houston, TX).

Philip D Zelikow – ultimate Bush insider, who worked with Jim Baker. Co-wrote two books with Condolizza Rice. Mr Zelikow, a former academic, once tried to push through wording in a draft report that suggested a greater tie between Osama bin Laden and Iraq, in line with White House claims but not with the views of the commission's staff. Read this Telegraph UK article.

Jamie S Gorelick – very close to CIA director George Tenet. This means no chance for the commission to investigate dubious covert operations by the CIA which may forment terrorism instead of fighting it.

John Lehman – ex Navy secretary under Reagan and served alongside two of commissions’ key witnesses: Secretary of State Richard Armitage and former counterterrorism head Richard Clarke. Lehman is Kissinger’s man in the commission (de-facto Bilderberg group oversight).

It's unlikely fellow members at the 9-11 Commission will ask Kean to reveal to what extent he was aware of Mahfouz's links to al-Qaeda.

As to the 28 pages of the joint congressional committee detailing Saudi support to al-Qaeda, they also seem to have vanished into thin air.

The commission, for instance, also will not investigate the foreign policy that started it all in the late 1970s and early 1980s: the Central Intelligence Agency's (CIA's) full support to the hardcore international Islamic brigades which joined the jihad against the Soviets in Afghanistan - and then turned against the US after the first Gulf War in 1991. This would mean that the commission would have to seriously investigate Secretary of State Colin Powell and his number two, Richard Armitage, key players in those 1980s proceedings.

Former national security adviser to Jimmy Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, also one of the key members of the Council on Foreign Relations, was the mastermind behind the building of an Islamic network in Afghanistan - as part of a huge, covert CIA operation. To a large extent, the modern Islamic jihad exists thanks to Brzezinski. There are four members of the Council on Foreign Relations in the commission. There's hardly any chance of them investigating their fellow Brzezinski.

The commission report was anyway going to get whitewashed with or without Pakistan lobbyists pumping in money. Pakistan just helped itself get a clear name in the bargain. If the BIG BOYS were anyway going to play dirty, why not PAKISTAN?

The US always stated that the warlords in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s tribal areas can be bought by the highest bidder. They forgot the mention that they too could be bought !


The lobbyists not only got the name of Pakistan and ISI out of the final 9-11 commission report, it also helped Pakistan win sympathy of 75 US Congressmen as part of its strategy to guard Islamabad’s interests in Washington. It was a matter of time before the money came in.

Dr Farrukh Saleem, noted economist in Pakistan commented: “ The US Department of Defense has been depositing a cool $100 million a month in our treasury for the last four years. The US forgave $3 billion worth of bilateral debt, and then convinced the Paris Club lender nations to reschedule a large portion of $38 billion bilateral debt on easy terms. Add it all up – and thank OSAMA – for the total bonanza is going to be a colossal $40 BILLION.”

No wonder, in Pakistan, Al Qaeda is known as Al Faeda.
Faeda in Urdu means = BENEFIT.

Readers are free to draw their conclusions from this.

I only wonder, why Colin Powell is a friend of Pakistan (forget the military liking the military – is there a money trail, I wonder?)




Zbigniew Brzezinski: "What was more important in the world view of history? The Taliban or the fall of the Soviet empire? A few stirred up Muslims or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War?"

Senator Orrin Hatch: "It was worth it. Those were very important, pivotal matters that played an important role in the downfall of the Soviet Union."

Osama bin Laden was the creation of Saudi Intelligence (Prince Turki) and CIA.

Dr. Azzam and al-Zawahari had fought for the CIA in Lebanon and Palestine.

Moro Islamic Liberation Front (milf) was funded by Al Qaeda and trained by ISI. These were Islamists in southern Philippines. You would expect USA to take good care of this overwhelmingly Christian island. But its eyes were locked on to Soviet demise and so "anything went". CIA cover flights had flown 200 MILF mujahidden from Chittagong (BANGLADESH) to Karachi (PAKISTAN), in the garb of special flights for HAJ pilgrims to fight in Afghanistan.

Small contingent of US Special Forces helped ISI airlift Pakistani mujahidden to GEORGIA anad adjoining ARMENIA. Some jihadis were also transferred by boat from TURKMENISTAN to SOUTHERN DAGESTAN from where they traversed to CHECHNYA. These were also favourite arms supply routes for the ISI and the CIA.

While Pakistan and Al Qaeda were focussed on creating an Islamic Caliphate, the US need not have worried about as Brzezinski said " A FEW STIRRED UP MUSLIMS" !!


Anonymous said...

hope obama decides to raid pakistan


Anon -

No one is going to come to India's help to clean up the mess in the neighbourhood. The bombing of Tribal areas will leave far more mess and we will have to clean up the mess that the US will leave behind. Unless we make them "stick around" - and I hope our agents now know a trick or two to prolong the stay of USA in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

A few stirred up Muslims are good enough for the American chocolate boys in Afghanistan. See them run ...

Anonymous said...

"I hope our agents now know a trick or two to prolong the stay of USA in Afghanistan."

u hit the nail on its head!

Anonymous said...

100mil/month for 4 yrs = 4.8 bil


3 bil debt


38 bil Paris Club

= ~46 Bil

NOT 40 Bil as you said (was pakistan's gain from 9/11)

but its loss?

US intrusions / bullying / US able to use it as trump card..

so end of the day, US is the winner.

Anonymous said...

why bring in philipinos (MILF) too?? they r so far from russia / mid east!!


indo-pakistan war is brewing. because OGRA website was hacked, pakistanis have hacked some indian sites. some remain hacked, some have been unhacked by Indians.

Check these out:

Anonymous said...

What is the role of Sibel Edmonds.

She is a 33-year-old Turkish-American former FBI translator of intelligence, fluent in Farsi, the language spoken mainly in Iran and Afghanistan, who had top-secret security clearance.

She tried to blow the whistle on the cover-up of intelligence that names some of the culprits who orchestrated the September 11 attacks, but is now under two gagging orders that forbid her from testifying in court or mentioning the names of the people or the countries involved. She has been quoted as saying: “My translations of the September 11 intercepts included [terrorist] money laundering, detailed and date-specific information ... if they were to do real investigations, we would see several significant high-level criminal prosecutions in this country [the US] ... and believe me, they will do everything to cover this up.”

Anonymous said...

Wow...this is indeed some damning news about the Senators..cant wait for it to come out in the open some day - but i fear that it'll be too late by then!

Anonymous said...

good job bro!!!


Hi to all Anons - let me try to answer one by one:

1) The calculations show $46 billion but Dr Saleem stated $40 billion. I will go by Saleem since he is a very respected economist and he might have taken off "postponements, interest cost and made the NPV calculations" and arrived at present value. It would have been a US win, if it could pipelines from Central Asia through Afghanistan to the warm water ports of Karachi. Then $40 billion was "good sunken cost". Here, US (as a nation) got a raw deal, its army now bogged down. And some US Senators incl probably Colin Powell made money from these funds given to the US.

2. MILF - why bring Filipinos in. Well the USA did not, the ISI did and that is another story for blog. It is for the preparation of Islamic Caliphate and it involved ISI agents posing as madrassah teachers in Mindanao etc. In return ISI got warm bodies recruited and run through the jehad factories run by ISI. CIA just facilitated movements of such people so that these "bodies" can fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

3. Sibel is an enigma and it is strange that she is even alive. She has been gagged simply because the information that she has will fundamentally harm the interests of USA. Read just 2 examples of CIA - ISI interference given in the blog - now realize there were 1000 plus such incidents, including embezzlement of govt funds.

4. The news of involvement of Senators etc were made and brushed inside the carpet. Saudi involvement was blown into thin air, but you can see the Mahfouz involvement in terror funding to India. Their hands are very dirty.

an american said...

chilling revelations indeed

Anonymous said...

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SuchindranathAiyerS said...

The question to ask, in any event, is "Cui bono"? Who benefits or benefited is the surest guide to the truth.

Talib means "student" (of the Quean and the Hadiths). The term gained currency when the large numbers of Taliban (students) indoctrinated in Saudi-Qatari-Kuwaiti –Brunei etc Petro Dollar funded Sunni Mosques and Madrassas, all around the World, to carry out Mahomet's injunctions to establish his form of banditry and rapine on the rubble of all civilization began to make their presence felt.

They were mobilized and trained in a US-Pakistan established Military Academy called Al Qaeda (the Base) by instructors recruited from Baader Meinhof, Basque, Irish Republic Army, Ex British SAS and French Foreign Legion mercenaries, Drug Cartels and others by the CIA.

The Pakistan-Arab-Islamic agenda then and now remains to carry out Mahomet's injunctions and establish a Caliphate over the rubble of ALL civilization. The US objective was to get the USSR out of Afghanistan. The Pakistan Army comprises, largely, Taliban, like Musharaff himself. ISIS. Jaish e Mohammed, Harkat ul Mujahideen, Al Shebab, Boko Haram, Indian Union Muslim League, the Pakistan Army and others are different regiments of the same Caliphate comprising different bodies of the same Taliban. The rest is Taqiya, Murram, Kitman, Tawriya (Deception ordered by Mahomet)or whatever.

Daesh (ISIL to Obama, ISIS to the media and Islam as per the Quran and the Hadiths) has repudiated the Taliban oath of fealty to the Guardian of Muqqa and Madhina (The Tent of Saud). Other than this, they are Taliban.

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