Thursday, November 27, 2008


This was a classic commando raid replete with beach landing et al. It had all the markings of a thorough Pakistani SSG trained operation – which makes it a Pakistani Army action.

This was not your ordinary terrorist operation – our NSG commandos can flush these “terrorists” out in 10 minutes flat – no more. What Mumbai saw, was a sophisticated assault by Pakistan on India.

The total number of terrorists who came to India are rumored to be 40, of which 29 are Pakistani and the rest from Bangladesh. About 20 came in a week before and the rest a few days back from sea. A couple of them were in India for some time, having found jobs in catering divisions of hotels that were attacked to facilitate arms storage and logistics through service areas. Not all, I expect, will be commando trained - neither will the majority be ex-army / commando embedded in LeT (Lashkar e Tayyiba). What is interesting this time - India has captured one terrorist alive and though badly injured, apparently he is being made to SING and SINGING he is. :)

Let’s look at the footprints of a classic commando raid : It had stealth “undetected” entry, speed, precision, accuracy, cohesion, ferocity and aggression, clarity of thought and action, planning and reconnoitering, dry runs and degree of resistance.

What gave them away too was weapons handling, the way to hold and fire assault rifles, the way to throw grenades etc. Like a good martial artist knows another good martial artist, our NSG and MARCOS commandos knew they were up against (mostly) SSG trained commandos.

Whatever our media tells us or puts a spin, make no mistake, this was an out and out classic commando raid.

They took down a NSG officer and a few commandos.

Hence these “terrorists” were not the ordinary terrorists one encounters around the world. They received 3 months standard high end commando training by SSG trainers. A few could have been terrorists drawn from the usual basket, but the best of the best to have to pass the gruelling commando course. Normally, these small groups of commando saboteurs are led by SSG Major and I will not be surprised to see one in this raid too.

These commando terrorists did not hide their faces, and it looks like they wanted to convey a message that they were commandos. Which gives rise to the question – Pakistan wanted to send a message to India – what could that be?

ISI Chief and Gen Kiyani are coming to India(NOW IT TRANSPIRES, THEY ARE NOT AND ARE SENDING "REPRESENTATIVES" (yawn !!). Expect nothing much out of this. The old story will be played out. India will offer “proof of Pakistani involvement” and Pakistan will deny it.

I am making a couple of brazen statement here.

1. Gen Kiyani was involved in the Indian embassy blast in Kabul. He is involved in the Mumbai blasts too. Captured Pakistani terrorists have sung praises of Gen Kiyani for being one of the best “teacher” and a “motivator”.

2. The lines have blurred between Al Qaeda, Taliban and Pakistan Army. The Pakistan Army is heavily embedded in both Al Qaeda and Taliban. Earlier Pakistan Army used to lead raids in other countries through the garb of these mujahideen fighters, now it leads as well as runs these from within. These soldiers have gone “native” and dress and move as Al Qaeda / Taliban.

3. A highly trained SSG commando killed Benazir Bhutto. Those in the know say that this tall lithe man stood and fired three steady shots, and after each shot unwaveringly brought the firing position back to same spot to fire again - hallmark of a commando trained for VVIP killings.

4. Killing of 10 French soldiers in Afghanistan and Samba infiltration in India bore all the hallmarks of a SSG commando operation.

Pakistan army is completely at odds with the US Agenda in Afghanistan and does not want to fight the tribals / Taliban in its north west. Because it is akin to fighting one Pakistan army regiment with another and Pakistan army cannot carry on the sham attacks on Taliban for too long. If attacks carry on any longer, these Tribal militias and Taliban operatives that are not drawn out from Pakistan army, will feel "betrayed" by Pakistan Army's offensive on its cadres (already being felt) and this will lead to disastrous destabilising consequences within Pakistan.

It wants to divert the army's attention back to its eastern borders with India - and the Mumbai attacks would increase the Indian threat perception which will entail Pakistan moving its army divisions from Afghanistan border to the Indian border. This will allow Taliban (aka Pakistan army embedded in Taliban) to freely move and mount operations in Afghanistan against NATO / ISAF forces. How convenient?


It has been a well thought of strategy of Pakistan Army to embed the Taliban and terrorist organizations like Lashkar e Taiyyba, Jaish e Mohammad, Lashkar e Jahagvi with its own soldiers and commandos. These army recruits blend in with Taliban and terror organizations, deemed to have gone "native", maybe without the knowledge of Taliban / terror organizations who are just happy to have received high class "recruits".

Pakistan Army, through ISI, now draws back its own cadres from Taliban and these terror organizations for special operations around the globe. For Mumbai attacks, Lashkar e Taiyyba was chosen - but the actual foot soldiers were ex-army soldiers including SSG commandos (leading the charge) already embedded in these organizations - as well as a few battle hardened fidayeen terrorists. These LeT "terrorists" were given rigourous training by either current or ex-SSG commando trainers (sufficiently bearded to evade detect) who will probably be known as Gen Saab or Gen Mohd (aka John Doe).

After training, the underworld network of Dawood Ibrahim takes over the logistics of ferrying these so called "terrorists" to India and within India. The arms shipment is taken care by a specialized unit of Pakistan Army that affords it complete deniability.


1. Stop Pakistan Army fight its own cadres in the Taliban along the Afghanistan border where it is actively engaged in destabilising Afghanistan.

2. Create sufficient terror in India to increase the threat to Pakistan from India

3. Shift the Pakistan Army regiments from Afghan border to the Indian border thereby facilitating active sabotage of Afghanistan and ensuring the defeat of NATO / ISAF forces.

4. That Kashmir elections are going on, gives it a perfect cover. People may mistake that this was a LeT operation for Kashmir. RED HERRING.

5. There could be some "terrorists" with foreign passports. Jews were targetted and killed. This to show that this was an Al Qaeda operation and create sound bytes for the media. Make no mistake - these people were trained in Pakistan, and they were part of Pakistani army operation.


What next then?

PM Manmohan Singh is in a bind. He has to take a TOUGH stand (ELCTIONS on the horizon, and few state elections underway) and might have to request Gen Kiyani with folded hands to co-operate : in other words, to allow India a few cross-border hot pursuits, to bolster his party’s soft image before elections (which I DOUBT will be granted. Pakistan may ban LeT and place Hafiz Sayeed in a plush AC accomodation "house arrest" till the heat dies down and it will continue to feign ignorance about whereabouts of Dawood Ibrahim..

INDIA, as usual, will be shortchanged. Expect nothing more than that.

Pakistan has played its card well, and as usual India has NO answers to give.

We do not have national database of criminals, no digital imaging / fingerprinting recognition software, no video surveillance, no dedicated centralized terrorism fighting unit of an adequate size, no uniform “patriot act”, no dedicated helicopters / gunships for ATS, no regular training for ATS, not adequate body armour, antiquated weaponry, no bi-partisan electoral support wracked as it is with vote bank politics – and if we are not a soft target, then what are we?

On top of that, ISRAEL has slammed INDIA for ham handed approach towards rescue operations. I agree. The way media was given latitude to cover the events live was shocking to say the least, it could have given inputs to terrorist inside.

I wish to end with a text message I got from INDIAN ARMY:




Anonymous said...

It has been an unending series of horrific acts for the past 34 hours and more, and the initial shock and sadness has now given way to anger. Anger at our Nation, our PM - for not projecting strength to the world outside, anger at ourselves for having been unable to do anything to save those young inncent lives lost.

Anonymous said...

I am only waiting to see the Indian response. It's last chance to redeem honor.

urbanadder22 said...

When compared with the reaction in the United States right after
9-11, India is a beacon of preparedness and quick reaction.

In the U.S. after 9-11, there was a lot of running around like chickens with their heads cut off, a rapid flying out of the Saudi "royals," and the President of the United States running to a mosque, standing there with his shoes off, declaring that it was not Moslems who were to blame for crashing planes into U.S. buildings but "Terrorists" and that Islam was a "Religion of Peace."

Anonymous said...


U got it right. This had signatures of SSG "behind the enemy lines - urban target" raid.

They expected to get back alive....

Anonymous said...

"fired three steady shots, and after each shot unwaveringly brought the firing position back to same spot to fire again"

pls xplain.. dont understand

Anonymous said...

its high time we vote this govt out.

i only which MODI can be our PM.

the guy has balls to bluntly blame pak

only a person like him will get even with pak

anon @ 7:52, no way they expected to get out alive

they were drugged into believing that

do u think its easy to escape a city of 14 million after that carnage?

no matter how well trained, even if they come with bazookas and tanks, its common sense they cannot escape

neither did pak expect any one to be captured, owing to their skill and bravery

and they were ordered not to surrender and fight till die

Anonymous said...

i'm same as anon above

i meant to anon @ 4:02 am

not 7:52


Anonymous said...

they were clearly meant for suicide - fight till they DIE. nothing else.

Revealed by captured terrorist: retaliation for Islmbad Mariott strike

motif: bring down Mumbai's icon, the taj palace hotel

Anonymous said...

hye, u were right. Indian express says "Pak may relocate 1 lac army personnel to Indian border"

Anonymous said...

Issue 1 ) What is the Indian govt expecting from Pakistan. That they will own up to this heinous act and ask for forgiveness. What the hell is our govt up to - when can we see some concrete action like wehave seen from the Americans and Israelis - did they wait for confessions ?

Issue 2 ) Take a look at the Muslim reaction - completely defensive and using their religion as a shield to state that our religion does not ask us to kill innocents. Fine but to me they are useless in terms of doing positve for our country but quite good at cornering gains for themselves. Starting from independence when hardly any Muslim of any note fought the battle of independence ( except in forming committees )to the situation today where not a single Muslim has come out to fight against the terrorists, the theme is the same. They just come to clear their names and then they will ask for their spoils as well. High time we simply said - Enough is Enough and give back Kashmir into the hands of the Hindus to whom the place originally belonged and from whom the place was wrongfully taken by the Muslims...

Anonymous said...

Dear Begal Under Attack, What do you think about Barrack "Hussein" Obama ? Do you feel he will live upto his promises of attacking Pakistan or he will also hobnob with them ?

Anonymous said...

This is a very important article - explains a lot about the attack, and why Pakistan did it.

Link this/Post this link to most major western news sites and newspapers, so that the message is heard in the west.

Anonymous said... was joint venture of RAW and MOSSAD to blame pakistan and new usa president to take action against pakistan..even if it was a job by pakistani jihadies,have to say they done bloody good job,SSG trained young boys blown your so called black cat coward commandos,with cheap weapons and comman so have to say.pakistan zindabad...

Anonymous said...

You got the commando part right, but this was no SSG operation.

It was a Mossad operation to create war between India and Pakistan - too much Moslem population for Israel's liking. While India is attacking Pakistan, Israel will attack Iran.

Anonymous said...

Pakistanis are master fibbers. Completely backboneless and live in their own world of lies. The fact of the matter is we only have allowed these bastards to get away with their shenanigans so far - our politicians are the one to blame for this. Further with the backing of thier Chinese masters they have become so audacious. Little do these bastards realise that the day of reckoning is near - even if India were to do nothing look at what has happened to them . Their country is in shambles economically, their home grown jihadi population is on the verge of a major civil war. And these people come and tom tom bravery - bunch of chicken shits.

Anonymous said...

What did I say about Muslims -

(1) That after every crime they will hide behind their religion and use the numbers and the weapon of fatwah on their side to cow down people

(2) That they will use every opportunity to corner gains for themselves.. They just want more without having to do anything to gain it.. they just exploit situations to corner the gains..

The two pakis who commented on this site are doing exactly the same.

Anonymous said...

If anyone had any doubt that local Muslims are all secular they must go through the following article :-

Muslims are non-secular by all means and must be banned from our secular country. For them, their religion is all that matters... so for them to wear secular credentials is like a wolf wearing a sheep's clothing and nothing more....


Attacking Pakistan now will be playing into their hands. We should and will attack at our own time and bidding. Any Indian attack will have 2 desired consequences:

1. Pakistan will draw down its soldiers from Afghan front (which it is itching to do) to Indian front

2. All terrorist factions in Pakistan will become united for a joined fight against common enemy - INDIA

THe threat of nuclear war will close the war prematurely with both sides claiming victory - hardly a desired result.

As I mentioned in the article - the Pakistan Army gameplan is already playing out as perdicted - first move the army from Afghan border to India. ( So predictable)

India should go in for immediate strike at these places:

1) Lashkar e Taiyyba recruitment centre at Muridke and assasination of Hafeez Sayeed

2) Targetted killing of Hamid Gul, Mahmood Ahmed, Javed Nisar, Dawood Ibrahim - car bombing whatever...

3) Close trade from Kashmir into POK. Close Samjhauta Express and bus services - seal borders on both sides of India.

India needs its Phalcon AWACS to arrive.


clemenza said...

Hey Bengal Tiger,

I agree with your theory. If they know so much, how come no action is taken?

Anonymous said...

Dear Clemenza, We are posting our views in sheer frustration here. Our govt in India is so pathetic that all we can do is fume in anger. At least this blogsite is giving us some input as to what we are actually facing / staring us. Our inpet govt is unable to furnish even the most basic of information. We hope that one day, someone will arise from this nonsense and liberate our beloved country and make a strong and united India once more//////

Max said...

Well I feel there's no need to gather troops at the border and make it into a year long standoff like 2001 - 2002. At the end, what would we acheive? Loss of money and possibly lives. And Chinese would use that opportunity to increase infiltrations.

The best thing is cut of water to Pakistan, as against the Indus Water Treaty ONLY IF our intel can gather significant and undisputable proving Pakistani hand.

Then, until they meet our demands, we keep the flood gates closed.

What could be the implications to that? What can Pakistan do?

Anonymous said...

Repeat question:

Dear Begal Under Attack, What do you think about Barrack "Hussein" Obama ? Do you feel he will live upto his promises of attacking Pakistan or he will also hobnob with them ?

Anonymous said...

For the past many weeks, the biggest story in India was involvement of Indian Military Intelligence officers in orchestrated acts of terrorism against Muslims to create a Hindu-Muslim riot situation as well as to create a justification for war against Pakistan. Many Indian army officers were caught
and Indian Police was forced to work deeper into finding more BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS terrorists in Indian military and Intelligence setup. This story had created a serious panic in Indian military and their Fascist patrons in Hindu Zionists. Something had to be done to divert the attention of the world and Indian public from acts of terrorism by Hindu Hardliners. .....Then comes the Mumbai Massacre.

Even when the shootings were going on in hotels, Indian media and army were blaming Pakistan for the attacks. The game is clear and sinister. The Indian Intelligence have diverted the global attention towards another issue where they would blame Pakistan for this slaughter and use Barack Obama's doctrine of attacks on Pakistan to encircle Pakistan from both sides. It is such a shame that Pakistani media is not highlighting this issue and is only repeating what Indians want the world to see and

There is no such group in India as Daccan Mujahideen.

In the coming days, Pakistan should prepare for a high risk threat response as Indians would go to any limit to open another front against Pakistan to divert the local and world attention from their internal fascist elements in Hindu Zionists and military intelligence

Anonymous said...

only days ago, for the first time, the reach and influence of indigenous Indian terror groups was being registered for the first time, with the arrest of two serving senior Indian army officers with links to Hindu terror groups involved in major terrorism acts; acts that were blamed on Muslims. And now suddenly we have a spectacular incident, too sophisticated for any foreigner to execute without massive facilitation and support base, where allegedly Muslim terrorists have left behind an ID card and a cell phone with a SIM card originating in a 'neighboring' country. How convenient. They should have checked better since they could have also found an ISI staff card on one of the dead terrorists. There are close to 100 groups in India, of all shades, fighting the Indian state and people, including Hindu terrorist groups. India should get its own house in order before blaming 'neighbors'. This coming from a country where close to 600 Christians were killed just a couple of months back by Hindu groups, and 2500 Indian Muslims were burned alive in the 21st century's first incident of genocide, in 2002 and where Kashmiri, Dalit, and other minority women are raped everyday as part of Hindu religious oppression.

Anonymous said...

Hindu religious oppression - never heard this term. Islamic fundamentalism - this term is around for centuries. So once again we have these fundamentalists trying to teach us moral lessons. Of course given the lame duck government we have in India, its but a matter of time, we will become fundamentals ourselves.


To the Anon who has asked me twice about Barack Obama's response, I will request you to read my article on him in this blog.

I do not think he will do, rather he can do much. He will do all that is good for American consumption and that may not be good for India.

We need to rise above this mentality where we expect "others" to come to our aid. We should solve our own issue.

The best solution I have heard in 3 days is from MAX - why this did not come to my head - stop the waters to Pakistan. It will be deemed an act of war - but then we are in a war - aren't we.

Going out to have dinner - sister in law's birthday. We are not going to be cowed down by these attacks. Will reply to other mails, after return.

Anonymous said...

I was quite horrified to hear about Pakistani flags flying brazenly in Mumbai slums. Refer Simi Garewal's interview in NDTV today. It is quite clear that the Muslims of India ( all of them ) want to join Pakistan. And here is the twist !!! They want to join Pakistan / Bangladesh not by going there but by sitting precisely where they are - Mark My words ! It is wrong to state why the Muslims of India are not going across the border - the answer is they want the border to come to them. I guess while this is an Indo-Pak war but the financier was a Saudi gentleman. It means the war is one of Hindus vs. Muslims. Mark my words - we have to understand this, otherwise if we keep on beleiving in the theory that Hindus and Muslims can peacefully co-exist then we are living in a fool's paradise. We have to solve the Muslim issue or else they will solve the Hindu issue. I bet you this !!!

The Calumnist said...

Interesting. Completely agree. However we need to think more - this looks to me like a move that should logically lead to war in NWFP next summer.

Jai Hind said...

hey pakis / banglas who call us zionists, you believed in 2 nation theory and you got it your way, and have proved to the world that muslim majority countries cannot accept minorities of other races. we on the other hand have graciously allowed islam to flourish in india. you dont need to pick on babri and this and that small issues and say muslim rights are diminished. our prez has been muslim. our muslim population is anything but reducing. now compare that to your non muslim population? to indian muslims who want pakistan / islamic law, GO THERE!! this is INDIA, not any islamic republic. the reason pakistan was created was for fanatical rats like you guys. if you want your stupid laws, compulsory burkas, cannot accomodate non muslims, then FUCK OFF from India, OK? I'm not saying this to all Indian Muslims -some are very good and patriotic, and are an asset to our country. But if you guys support PAKISTAN or BANGLADESH and dont like the indian system, then get lost to where ever the hell u like


To the Pakistani commentators here - I know it will be hard for some of you to digest this simple fact that there was state complicity in the Mumbai carnage. LeT was just the "facilitator" - the real machinations were done by powerful groups from behind.

The game is different not because of the tactics etc used that has been talked about ad nauseum, but the singularly remarkable fact that this time we have captured a terrorist alive. He is giving vital clues and this will bind in the Pakistan complicity before international community. Already British, Israeli, American intelligence officials are interrogating him.

Pakistan, I must say, arranged this elaborate set up smartly and only in the last few days of the incident did our intelligence agencies pick up scents of this act - but not the full picture. Pakistan tried hard to confuse the identity of the attackers by giving them "saffron" wrist bands, Indian college ID cards etc - all this would have confused the public had that one terrorist not been caught alive. SIM / SAT phones are incidental.

More later ....

To the Anon above, about Pakistan flags flying in Mumbai slums, I think this is not true, and if true, I will be majorly shocked. It is one thing to fly a Paksitan flag in a remote field in Assam, but in Mumbai.... brazen and foolhardy. About drawing the maps in, I agree with you. Wish you to read the earlier article I wrote - Islamic Population - 900% growth.

Anonymous said...

those who say this is a hindu-islam war, then come and face us like a man, not like a god damn faggot who comes in, hides in hotels and shoots around or blasting here n there. come and face india's army on ur own! declare war on us! one pakistani lal masjib bomber even hid in his mothers burka to escape. if u got the fuckin guts declare war on us. amass your troops on our border. or try and invade our land again (as how your "masters" did before). if we lose we'll circumb to you. bloody cowardly paki-bangla muslim turds

Anonymous said...

yaar, can u provide link to show porki flags in mumbai?? i nvr saw any before. even if there are, where did our dear THACKERY go?

never heard is stupid voice so long.. his city is attacked, and he is attacking non marathis and those who dont have marathi sign boards LOL... come out now THACKERY... marathis have been attacked!!


TIMES OF INDIA NOW REPORTING: A top Russian counter-terrorism expert on Sunday underlined that the Mumbai attackers were not "ordinary terrorists" and were probably trained by the special operations forces set up in Pakistan by the US intelligence prior to the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

maybe he came to that conclusion after reading ur blog.. lol

Anonymous said...

1) Simi Garewal did say categorically about Paki flags flying. This was televised on the afternoon of 30th Nov on NDTV. However this particular part was removed in the late night re-screening on same day - quite a big issue.

(2) Hindu - Muslim war. Yes this is the one. Do we loose it or do we win it ? India belongs to Hindus. Muslims have no place here - they are too religious minded to belong to a secular country like india. Having them as neighbours is also dangerous. Let me give an example - very recently Muslims in Kashmir just refused to even part with 100 acres of land for Amarnath Yatra. What was their logic - that Indian govt will use this to change the religious landscape. In other words - wherever Muslims gain majority, no one else can come in. Think hard about your own city. If there is a Muslim ghetto there, which hindu will go and live there ? This is their version of soft ethnic cleansing.

(3) Muslims - No. 1 opportunist in the whole wide world. They are master exploiters of every situation. Without contributing anything worthwhile they know how to share the spoils. The partition of our country is the best example - I cant recall a single Muslim who fought for our independence. I can recall hundreds of Hindu names who were beaten and tortured mercilessly. The second example is Pakistan getting Billions of dollars of aid for their nuisance value or rather the hope they will contain the nuisance value. Leaving APJ Abdul Kalam and maybe a handful of 2-3 people aside, what meaningful contribution have Muslims really done to India ? Nothing !! Just increased their own numbers and marginalised others. Kahsmir is the best example where they are openly laying claim on that land saying it belongs to Muslims. And that Hindus should be grateful that they let the Amarnath Yatra pass untouched.

As I said before either we have to solve the Muslim issue or else the Muslim will solve the Hindu issue - once and for all...

Anonymous said...

I completely agree - Hindus and Muslims can never co-exist. One has to wipe out the other. The Muslims are waging a slow war - the Hindus are busy making money and so losing the war slowly and steadily.

There are many people who still believe that Hindus and Muslims can co-exist together. This is complete idealism. This can happen in neutral countries but not in Akhand Bharat - which incidentally also includes Pakistan and Bangladesh.

India today is in the bind of (1) Chinese traps and (2) Islamic aggression... Both these aggressions are working in tandem to rip us apart....

TelAvivi said...

I have read nearly all the comments, including the Pakistani and Muslim ones. I am an actual Zionist, an Israeli patriot. I support the people of India, with whom we share much in common. This includes an Islamic enemy which has and intends to decimate us both. It is not limited to that, by any means. Both nations attempt to accommodate minorities that are basically hostile. Both countries tend to react instinctively to 'right-wing' elements. Surely these exist among Hindus in India and among Israeli Jews, but most of these elements would be liberal or moderate within an Islamic context.

Please read that last sentence again...this includes people like Meir Kahane, who next to Arafat was a peacenik; or even in comparison to a 'moderate' like Egypt's Mubarak.

The Indians are too tolerant. It's not your fault. You have a huge country, and you are perhaps more similar in culture to Indian Muslims than Israeli Jews are to Arabs in our country. Still. This is a war of survival.

The conspiracy theories are interesting. But anybody who wants to go down that road needs to look at the most obvious conspiracy: Taliban-ISI-Saudi intelligence. Who after all sent Bin Laden to Pakistan, exported him with his idealistic friends, spreading Wahhabism but in a 'safe' way for the hypocritical princes of Riyadh?

The sad part is that CIA was in fact involved in this nexus for a long time, and Brits and CIA cooperated as well with Islamist elements in the Balkans. Yet, none of this changes that the Islamists posting here do in fact deflect the responsibility. That is their way. It is just as with Neo-Nazis who deny the Holocaust - to cleanse themselves as they prepare to commit another genocide, if they can.

Believe me, some of us know what Hindus and Buddhists in India and what are now Pakistan and Afghanistan suffered at the hands of Jihadis for centuries. We know. We care. If innocent civilians are killed by Hindu extremists, this is a shame, but Israelis will always support India.

Compared to Pakistan, what is there to choose, after all?


שלום חבר שלי. אני מאוד אוהב את ישראל

Anonymous said...


"There were 24 of us who took one-year training in camps organised by Laskar-e-Taiba (LeT) at Mansera and Muzzarafabad in Punjab province of Pakistan. Ten of us were later handpicked for the Mumbai operation,'' said Ajmal Amir Kasab during interrogations.
According to sources, Kasab, 21, the only terrorist arrested by the Mumbai police, told his interrogators that Abdul Rahman, an ex-soldier popularly called Chacha, had given them training.
The sources said Kasab explained that the training was divided into seven phases. "He said the first phase was of ‘very hard physical training’ of three months which included running 10 to 15 km. The next three months were for marine training like swimming, surfing, diving and boating in high seas. The rest included arms and ammunition training,'' said a source.
After the training was over, they were sent to Mumbai for a "short internship'', Kasab is believed to have told the cops. This was the period when the accused did the reccee of the city and even went to the five star hotels (Taj and Oberoi), the sources said.
Sources said the Mumbai operation plot was planned in Karachi some six months ago.


TO THOSE WHO ARE REALLY INTERESTED ... SSG IS MODELLED AFTER THE UK SAS. Training of SAS was given in details of Andy Mc Nab's book "IMMEDIATE ACTION". Get a hold of this book. The three months is basic commando training and only the best get out.

Pakistan SSG is one of the best units in the world. At some part of their training, the boys who have cleared the initial tests, are told to put their heads about and inch away from railway tracks and he has to stay still as train passes by.

oti said...

@ Bengal under attack,

"fired three steady shots, and after each shot unwaveringly brought the firing position back to same spot to fire again"

pls xplain.. dont understand

another thing, even nsg was modeled after sgs and gsg-9 or germany.

Anonymous said...

i am a muslim and i love india not pakistan. bharat is my home and i will die for it. please hindu brothers, dont let evil pakistanis tear us apart. by the way some hindus are posting hate messages shows they are falling in paks trap. lets stand united as one. jai hind.

Anonymous said...



@OTI - Diff for me to say more than that - just wait till you hear that if was the gun shots that killed Benazir. If you have friends / relatives in the army - find out about commandos trained for VVIP killings - they can tell you about the 3 rapid shots......

Anonymous said...

The flags in Mumbai is the new design of the flag to be hoisted once it becomes Islamic Republic of India.
It seems its pakis answer to Akhand Bharat.

We need a new flag for Akhand Bharat - Hindustan containing Pakistan and Bangladesh. Jai Hind.



@JAY BOLE - Some commentator stated that Simi Grewal stated in TV that a few of these flags were hoisted in Mumbai which I found quite "preposterous and ballsy".

However, if you have a link from where I can view this new flag - it will be great.


Anonymous said...

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