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There should be an Indian response – a) quick but well thought out external response and b) the time consuming internal response to the attacks on Mumbai.

This article will deal with India’s options on the external response and I invite readers to post their views / thoughts as to India’s options.

Keep in mind the macro picture:

1.This attack on Mumbai was done by Paskitan Army in conjunction with ISI, SSG and other commando apparatus for training, Lashkar e Tayyiba, Dawood Ibrahim & others.

2. These terrorists were not your “run of the mill mindless terrorists”, these were commando terrorists that have seen the merging of Pakistan Army with Al Qaeda, Taliban and other terrorist organizations. Pakistan Army uses these “deniable” operatives for pursuing its foreign policy agendas

3. There are 2 Shias that Pakistan wants to avoid – Barrack Obama and President Zardari. ISI operatives tried to kill Bill Clinton – the plans were found out by mistake when fire broke out in Manila apartment where the plotters were. And ISI is already plotting to kill both Barrack Obama and President Zardari. (ISI might wait out to see if white supremacists can do the job for them – in case of Obama)

4. Pakistan dearly wants to stop attacking its embedded soldiers in Taliban and wants to get away from the thrashing and backlash it is getting from Taliban in NWFP areas. To stop these "jehadists" from imploding into cities of Pakistan, it desperately wants to employ its soldiers to the “peaceful” Indian front. (Pakistan has factored in the fact that India’s military is not going to cross the LOC for an all our war - a few hot pursuits in POK at most - BASED ON EARLIER ASSESSMENTS AND CURRENT ASSESSMENT OF INDIA'S POLITICIANS).

President Zardari was clearly out of the loop on this one. There is a battle going on (as usual) between the civilian and military relationship in Pakistan.

Condoleezza Rice pressed on President Zardari to send the ISI Chief to India, but he was snubbed badly by Pakistan Army and Zardari had to hastily rescind the decision. (Much like the earlier abortive move to place ISI under Interior Ministry). She failed in Pakistan and is now coming to India (on 3rd Dec) to cool down India.

Bush successfully cooled down India after the Parliament attacks, and hopes that this time too he can be successful.

Hence, what are India’s options – external actions:

War is not an option now. You do not fight a war on terms and dates set by your adversary. This is much the case this time – a challenge has been thrown to India. If this was asymmetrical warfare from Pakistan, our response should be equally “unique”:

1. Stop water flow to Pakistan from Kashmir. Bleed them and make their land dry
2. Close air / road / rail links to Pakistan
3. Recall Indian Ambassador and stop issuing visas
4. Target killing of Hamid Gul, Mahmood Ahmed, J Nisar, Dawood Ibrahim, Hafiz Sayeed
5. Missile attack on POK training camps of jehadists
6. Blow up Karachi Stock Exchange
7. Blow up Gwadar port - completely
8. Naval blockade – before Kargil war was stopped, Pakistan Army had just 7 days of fuel left. Ensure a similar situation by blowing up of oil dumps.
9. Clearly tell Pakistan, that no troops are being amassed at “present”. Operation Parakram has taught Indian army the drawbacks of time sustained troop buildup. It can today, go for, debilitating strike into enemy territory in a very short period of time.

Last point comes under US pressure to ensure that Pakistan does not move troops from Afghanistan border. Reasons have been stated in earlier article.

Pakistan will surely up the nuclear ante. Time we stood up to that and say, no issues, you drop one bomb and we will annihilate Pakistan (remember our Army General who said this).

Pakistan cannot feed 160 million hungry mouths today – how can it feed 300 million mouths by 2050? Hence India – Pakistan war is INEVITABLE at some point. The longer we wait, the higher will be the casualties. Hence, we will wage war, but at a time of our choosing and it is NOT NOW.

What can you do?

For starters if you are living abroad, then start referring to PAKSITAN as TERRORISTAN. At every conversation with foreigners drill down this new name for our neighbour. And when you come across a Pakistani - after the courtesies are exchanged ask about the safety of his family in TERRORISTAN - the idea is to use psy ops on the Pakistani emigrate population.

Stop calling terrorists - mujahideens or fidayeens. They do not need "romantic" overtures. Call them "takfiris."



Let me end by giving two statements made by US President (incumbent and to be), that was laughed at, some time back:




Anonymous said...

Why did you omit Bangladesh in your latest writeup ? These buggers were as involved as the Pakis especially in the marine part of the operation. And do these ingrate Bangladeshis remember 1971 - when India liberated them from genocide by Pakistan ? Why do we continue to fool ourselves that things will become alright is the biggest question of them all...

Anonymous said...

Sir, I am an avid historian. We Indians ( read Hindus ) have always been soft after winning a war and that is the reason we are in such a pathetic state today. We need to take extremely strong steps after winning a war so that the enemy cannot raise its head once again. We need to act NOW! as you said, we need to do some very serious disease cleansing and we need to do this very well. Otherwise history tells us that if we do not learn the lessons from the past 1600 years, we will be doomed to repeat them. Lets look at three examples of where we went wrong :-

Example 1 ---> Remember the first Afghan invasion in India - Shamsuddin Ghori or better known as Mahmud of Ghori who defeated Prithviraj Chauhan. It is little known that Prithviraj had defeated Mahmud of Ghori 7 times ( 7 TIMES IS NOT A JOKE ). And what did Prithviraj do every time he won - RELEASE MAHMUD GHORI with full honors. And on the 8th time when PRITHVIRAJ lost, what did he get in return - he was taken a prisnor,his eyes were gouged out etc. Had Prithviraj did this to Mahmud of Ghori the first time round, we would have had a different history altogether.

----> Example 2.. The Guptas such as Skanda Gupta had kicked the shit our of Huns and even had converted a large number of them to Shiva worship. A number of these Huns used to live in Afghanistan. When the Gupta empire weakened, the Huns used to attack repeatedly. Surprise of Surprise - the later Guptas also used to kick the shit out of them. But every time, the Guptas pardoned them. Finally one of them - MihirKula overcame the Guptas. Yashovardhana Gupta then lured Mihir to an island and had him captured. What did he do them ? Can you believe this - he asked his mother and his mother said to let him go. So off went Mihirkula back to Afghanistan. These people later converted to Islam. Had the Guptas gone and sat on Afghanistan then we would have a safe border today.

---> Example 3... Babur could have been easily defeated by the Rana of Rajasthan.. But the treachery by the Senapati ( whom Babur bought off just before the war ), saw the Rana getting massacared by his own retrurning troops..

I guess the lessons from history are clear enough... a few individuals for their sake has let down India in a very bad way and we have compounded matters by not taking action especially when we were the victors.....

Today we need firm action... But where is that ?

Anonymous said...

If you close waters, we will come and bomb the dam ... and you will attack us with what --- Migs the flying coffins .... ha ha ha ha ha

Max said...

In my opinion, only option 1,2 and 8 are feasible at this point of time, yet damaging enough. India should start out with option 1 and 2, and later if needed, introduce option 8. Nuclear threats wouldn't frighten India. They have much more to lose in case of a nuclear war.

Anonymous said...

where do you read about ISI plots to kill Zardari and Obama?

Anonymous said...

avid historian,

the 1st story (example 1) reminds me of indira gandhis return of pok as a gesture of 'everlasting peace'

Anonymous said...

lol paki, bomb the dam, and india will grow, afghanistan will grow, iran will grow, pakistan - no more

Anonymous said...



@ ANONS & MAX - Thank u as usual - the contours of the plot are coming clear. It had clear ISI had, its external wing who was a LeT hand, a businessman in Karachi and another businessman in Colaba, Dawood, ex-Pakistan army & SSG commando trainers and lastly and probably the most damaging - Pakistan Navy complicity. It is being ascertained that GPS guidance was given and tracked by Pak Navy. New blog on this.

A short story on ISI. It was ISI that plotted to kill Bill Clinton along with Pope John Paul II when they were visiting Philippines. It was Ramzi Yousef (remember him - the first hit to Twin Towers) and others - all ISI & Al Qaeda mixed together. The plan was thwarted at last moment due to a fire in their apartment in Manila, but not before Ramzi & team managed to cause explosion in Cebu Mall, to the Miss World paegent and Greenway Belt theatre. As a precursor to Operation Bojinka Ramzi managed to bomb an aircraft when he placed a bomb below his seat and he hopped off at Cebu. Intrguing and interesting.

What ISI thought here was that Indians would capitulate like they did in IC 813 - they would give safe passage to the terrorists and release some jailed "terrorists". They had plan B too, in case this did not happen - RDX to blow up portions of Taj / Oberoi and in ensuing mayhem pose as tourists / students (Indian student ID already given to them) and walk out and return to Pakistan by sea.


To my Historian friend: I need more historical contexts - need to refresh as history is repeated. I am a glutton for information - hence please feed me as much information as you can on Indian history which can be contextualized to the present circumstance.


Anonymous said...

islam is a pandemic that has to be irradicated

Anonymous said...

From Avid Historian

More examples our 2000 years of continued idiocity ? When we won Independence in 1947 we were offered a permanent seat on UN Security Council. We refused the seat on the ground that we are Non Aligned. Whom did we give this seat to - we recommended who this seat should go to. Can you believe it - We INDIA, recommended that the seat should be given to China ? Amazed !!! And when the time came for us to get the Nuclear deal for India, what did we get from China - a kick up our ass...they did their best to stall it in closed door meetings.

When Bangladesh was getting hit by a wave of genocide by Pakistani soldiers, India liberated it in 1971. And just today a bunch of Bangladeshi militants probably blew up a train in Assam. Why ? Because they want West Bengal and Assam to join them. After Islamisation, of course. That is what is called proper payback and gratitude for you.

Lets look a bit at the religion stuff for some more juicy history :-

When religions first came into this world 5000 years back, they were all Multi-Theist religion ( many Gods per religion ). Whether in Egypt ( remember Ra or Horus, Isis, Osiris etc ) or Greece ( remember Zeus or Aphrodite etc ) or China or India ( our Holy Trinity plus 33 crore GODS ) or Europe. Jewish religion was perhaps the only exception - I have actually very little idea about this religion.

Some 2000 to 2500 years back, we saw the emergence of Mono-theist religions. Christianity was a mono-theist religion and so was Islam. So was Buddhism. Now if you trace the flow of religion, Mono-Theist relgions started wiping out the Multi-Theist Religions. Quite a violent period in history. Islam was spreading and so was Christianity. Islam failed in Europe and was stopped in India. Buddhism was spreading much more peacefully than the other two. Spread of Christianity also had its humongous horror stories - I am sure everyone knows about it.

The only Multi-Thiest Religion that has survived till date - HINDUISM !!! Hindusim also spread in South East Asia - albeit with its local flavor. If you go to Bangkok or Vietnam, you will find striking resemblance of our Gods and also Ravana in this part of the world.

Islam has an agenda to wipe the last surviving Multi-Thiest religion - and it is as simple as that. This war may not be carried out by the friendly Muslim carpenter or Biriyani wala you know or maybe it is, but for sure this is a war that is being fought by a huge number of them.

We Hindus believe in forgiving and forgetting - because it makes us feel safe and great. Muslims neither forgive nor forget nor they care about being defeated. Their only goal is complete Islamisation of the world. They do not attach much importance to a defeat - like we attach disgrace to a defeat and they keep trying till their last breath - e.g. Mahmud of Ghori. On the 8th time he succeeded. Why the hell Prithiviraj let him go after the 2nd time is something so confounding. First time maaf kar diya -- ok.

The Chinese started sending spies to India 1600 years ago. However such was the might of the Guptas that these spies, who came in the guise of learned men, told their Chinese emperors to stay away from India. The Nalanda university in Bihar had flourished under the
Guptas, Aryabhatta had deduced that the sun was at the centre of the universe and the earth reveloved around the sun ( Aryabhatta also had discovered the zero ) - and this is actually a fact - believe it or not ! However Europeans ( I call them systematic and diplomatic looters ) took that part away as well to their credit because we never documented much of these things. India was always the place to be - the place that you wanted as aprt of your emoire - dont forget America was discovered by Christopher Columbus ( ok ok Amerigo Vespucci discovered it first but I am talking of the first proper mission ) by trying to find India throught the westward route and that is why native americans were called Red Indians. Such was the lure of India. I have read some bull shit reports of China having 30% of the world's wealth in 1650 and India 25%, but my very reliable sources tell me India was the richest country on the earth till 1750. And I ahve very good reasons to believe that. No one really cared much about China exept from a few years back when it started churning out 10 dollar goodies at 1 dollar by their army people who have to do one year duty at factories without pay.

In 1600 years we have not learnt our lessons. We had to give away POK after winning a war !!! What did we expect - everlasting peace ??? Really ! A large contingent of the Indian army is posted there today bleeding us completely to maintain whatever Kashmir is left with us. These lessons were so harsh and so cruel - and yet we ignore them. Why ? Why do we let these guys go scot free every time ? Why dont we kill them in the same way they killed us. These bastards dont understand any language other than the one that flows through our guns and through their asses. It is stupid of us to organise Hindu terror forces - we are too naive at this, we will get caught. What we are good at is plain simple good old fashioned warfare - our Kings had stopped the biggest of invaders in plain old warfare. But as usual we denigrate ourselvs and so we make these achievements look small. Kanishka's empire stretched upto Central Asia. His spies were placed all over Kashmir for intelligence.

Hindus are the one who gave their lives for India's independence. Remember Jatin Das - tortured beyond one can imagine. Or Chandrasekhar Azad - Sikhs also joined in with us. Take the first war of independence. It was a Hindu - Mangal Pandey who started it. It was the Hindus who carried it out. Bahadur Zafar Shah was just a namesake umbrella which broke down anyway.

Muslims are like crocodiles - the more you give them, the more they want and one day they will gobble you up.

Lesson 1 ---> We cant live with Muslims in Akhand Bharat - which includes India and Paksitan.

Lesson 2 ---> We need to teach China a lesson. When and how ? I dont know really...But lets have the balls to say that yes one day we will also teach you a lesson to play bloody games with us...

Lesson 3 ---> Whenever we win, lets act like victors and finish off the defeated. Will they let us off if they defeated us ?

Lesson 4 --> The Gulf is a nice place except Saudi Arabia. The people there are like animals. If we find any evidence of Saudis funding terror adventures in India we should take out Mecca in one raid..

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Rama Krishna said...

Aryabhatta was born in 337 kali era.
When Alexander came to India, Gupta Chandra Gupta took over the Magadha Kingdom & shifted capital from Rajgir to Pataliputra. Mihirakula was a Kashmiri Kshatriya King , not a Mleccha. These dates and many more can be found in the research works of Pandit Kota Venkatachalam