Monday, March 22, 2010


With its traditional all weather friendship ties with Israel, the US has courted controversy and ill will in the Islamic world inspite of its close ties with S Arabia, Oman, Kuwait etc. Those were seen by the Arab world as purely a lust for oil.

US’s ties with Pakistan was also a necessity brought about by its proximity to China (Nixon’s famous visit to open up China to US though Pakistan) and then to drive out the Red forces from Afghanistan.

If you read my earlier article on Sir Olaf Caroe, it will become immensely clear the great game strategy has been to never have:

a) Russia come anywhere near Afghanistan
b) India to have any shared borders with Afghanistan

If that were so, Russia would have access to warm waters and oil and gas contracts to not only Europe (which it already does) but to the lucrative markets of India, China and the rest of the world. The Central Asian oil and gas is at stake.

Three important points:

1. Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld wanted to sell US Nuclear Reactors to IRAN in 1976 - and now in 2008 they want to bomb "suspected" nuclear reactors. The greed to give US Nuclear Reactors to Iran - a country flush in natural oil & gas will need a new definition for the word "greed".

2. The then US Assistant Secy of State for South Asian Affairs, ROBIN RAPHAEL went on to state – “The Taliban capture of Kabul is a POSITIVE STEP.” On December 4th 1997, the representatives of Taliban were invited guests at the Texas headquarters of UNOCAL to negotiate support for the pipeline.

3. In Condi and the boys, Russel Baker states: "George Shultz, who was on the board of Chevron, introduced her to Chevron's chairman and CEO, who took her to lunch and, Shultz said, "inside of fifteen minutes concluded that she would make a terrific board member." She was a good choice. Chevron was engaged in a $10 billion oil-field development project with Kazakhstan, and Rice, who happened to know its president, traveled to Kazakhstan for Chevron in 1992. She turned thirty-eight years old that year. In the following year Chevron named a 129,000-ton supertanker the SS Condoleezza Rice."

The US politicians always viewed the world from the narrow context of unipolarity, domination, oil, commerce and ruthless self-interest.

It is these very same principles that it driving its current policies in Asia and the Islamic world. With its superpower status diminishing and loathe to give space to either Russia or China, the US is courting the Islamic world. Also factored in this is the ruthless calculation and a message to the Islamists – this hand of friendship lasts as long as mainland USA is safe from terrorism. Message implicit to Islamic nations is – play your regional games as long as it does not hurt US interests in the region. Which is why LeT is often given a cursory glance by these same US friends of ours.

US is hence, by default, re-setting its ties with Israel and India – its traditional so called allies – democracies in the sea of despotic nations. But democracy means balderdash to the US, as it eyes the globe in its prism.

Hence Pakistan gets pivotal role to Afghanistan, India gets short changed. It tries, a bit late, to talk to Putin and the Iranians to start the old troika support to Northern Alliance elements. India may be a bit late. Pakistan has managed to get a lot of support from many of the erstwhile Northern Alliance groups. Pakistan has managed its relationship with Iran with finesse and its playing the US to the galleries.

India has, by toeing the US line blindly, axed its own feet by supporting Abdullah Abdullah who ran against Hamid Karzai. Karzai was an ardent Indian supporter and India stabbed this good relationship simply to please the US. Our foreign policy is in the hands of politicians who have been bought out by highest bidders and national security is an alien word to them.

Not even bringing to the table discussions on the armaments that US is supplying to Pakistan ostensibly to fight the Taliban, but every security analyst worth his salt knows its ultimate target is INDIA.

So much so that the latest Kabul blasts had US special represenative to Af-Pak Holbrooke commenting : “Indians were not the target of the killing” – when it was anything but so, as later LeT & Pakistan’s role came out (probably with even US blessings).

The US went out of its way to erase the role Pakistan played in 9/11. Read it here: BEFORE THE NEXT 9/11 - PAY THE SENATORS OFF!!


US says it is open to nuke deal with Pakistan - The idea that Pakistan deserves its own nuclear deal to overcome a trust deficit with the United States was first proposed by Georgetown University academic Christine Fair. "More so than conventional weapons or large sums of cash, a conditions-based civilian nuclear deal may be able to diminish Pakistani fears of US intentions while allowing Washington to leverage these gains for greater Pakistani cooperation on nuclear proliferation and terrorism," Fair argued in a newspaper article earlier this year.

Israel gets shortchanged just as the bunker busting missiles were being delivered. Debka reports: Shortly after Vice President Joe Biden's Israel visit ended on March 11 in high dudgeon over the approval 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, US president Barack Obama ordered a consignment of Joint Direct Attack Munition- JDAM already on its way to Israel to be diverted to the US Air Force base on the Indian Ocean island of Diego Garcia. This step is the pointer to a US arms embargo for preventing Israel attacking Iran's nuclear sites. A lot of US angst is happening publicly over Israel’s policy on resettlements etc.

Israel has to deal with Russian misadventure too – regarding sale of S-300 anti aircraft missiles to Iran. Mossad managed to avert a potential disaster in the making had these missiles managed to land in Iran. Telegraph UK reports: “Russia's Kommersant daily cited a senior Kremlin source. The revelation appeared to support maritime and military experts who have claimed the ship was carrying S-300 anti-aircraft missiles for Iran, that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, found out, and that the Kremlin was given time and space to stop the delivery and cover it up in order to save face.

The public posturing and ground realities with two of its closest democratic nations makes it amply clear that US is out to woo the Islamists for its Great Game. And largely India and to a lesser degree Israel will have to fend for themselves in the ensuing tragedy that is yet to unfurl.

When will India learn – US is a mistress that seduces with the promise of a huge orgasm – which never comes and will never in future either!!


Anonymous said...

BuA - The joke is not worth appearing in this blog - kindly take it off


Anon above,

I agree. Have taken the joke off. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Am waiting for the shopping list that will be given to Kiyani tomorrow in Washington. It will become even more clearer then.

It is now beyond a pale of doubt that the US chose not to share the Nov 26/11 attack data prior to its taking place with India.

Anonymous said...


Swapan Dasgupta writes : "To save David Headley, did the US let 26/11 happen"


Anonymous said...

The Americans are bastard .. hope they get many more 9/11s .. only thing being Indians should die ..

Anonymous said...

To Anon above - Why shld Indians die???

Kannan,India said...

There could be another aspect also.
Obama wants to stop Iranian program using force but wants Israel to do it for them. Another wishlist of Obama is to break ties with Israel.
So, if so much hysteria regarding endangering of troops are build up and Iran strikes back on US interests after an Israel attack.
He can conveniently say to Congress and sell it to broader public..Israel is no longer a good strategic partner..
So now Israel is in a catch-22 situation. If it strikes Iran in coming months..Iran will use some coastal defence weapons like Silkworm or C-802 to good effect..
and if doesnt..then Iran will scale up proxy warfare through Hezbollah and Hamas..under nuclear umbrella..