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Is there a Gorkhaland? If not, then why should there be car number plates starting with the alphabets GL plying in North Bengal. Cars belonging to the state of West Bengal start with WB, and these are being erased and re-painted illegally GL. Not only car number plates, but WB is also being erased from government buildings in Darjeeling and neighbouring districts.

“We would continue making the alterations on the signboards. Changes will be made on the signboards of shops and private establishments as well. Also, any vehicle — save a few which we will consider — has to sport ‘GL’ number plate while plying in the hills,” said Binay Tamang, the media and publicity secretary of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM).


What has the government done? District magistrate Surendra Gupta said seven FIRs have been filed against the Morcha for changing signboards of state government offices.

Fantastic, as if this will deter GJM.

That was in AUGUST 2008.


In JANUARY 2009 : (Times of India report) All packets of Darjeeling Tea will henceforth carry the 'Made in Gorkhaland' mark before moving out from the tea gardens in the hills, Gorkha Jan Mukti (GJM) President Bimal Gurung has said.

Addressing a public meeting at Gorubathan last evening Gurung threatened to stop all revenue flow from Darjeeling hills to the state government.

"The Nari Morcha, a GJM frontal organisation, would open counters in tea gardens to sell tea so that no revenue flows out from the hills," the GJM president said.

He added that soon Darjeeling tea would be auctioned at Pintail village in a DGHC guest house on the outskirts of Siliguri. The present auction houses are situated in Siliguri and Jalpaiguri in Dooars.

Meanwhile, normal life was affected in Dooars in Jalpaiguri district following indefinite bandh call given by Akhil Bhartiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad.

Special Inspector General of Police Zulfiquar Hasan said that adequate police arrangements have been made in Dooars. Yeah right !!

First the political parties try to garner votes by creating vote banks based on caste / creed / religion / ethnicity - not knowing that this tinderbox is waiting to implode on India one day. We are seeing the signs of dangerous implosion of Islamic population in Assam, Kerala and Bengal where vast stretches of land has been rendered a no-go area for local police and rules are based on Sharia. This is not a dramatization - read my earlier article or you are free to google the incidents that rarely make it to newspapers for fear of inciting "violence".

On September 1, I wrote: Beheading, Lashkar camps in Bengal - what next?

In January 2009, on news I heard that 5 Hindu fishermen were hacked to death by Muslims in Kerala. I am yet to see it being carried by any mainstream newspaper. What is the problem in stating the truth?

Gorkhaland, is part of the series of blunders, that state and central governments have played on and against each other for cheap political gains. The casualty has always been the State and the country.

Groups will try to gain political seats as that means an assured business of votes and money. However, if religion and secessional undertones are intertwined with overt political objectives, the writ of the state starts to suffer if not dealt with evenly and firmly.

Either that, or Pakistan will fuel these "groups" with money, arms and logistics as it always has - to break up India. Insurgencies provides the easiest platform.


The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 37 of 1967 penalises advocacy of secession or questioning of India's "territorial integrity". Use it along with other coercive means.

If not get ready of this:




Anonymous said...

BuA - This is your Bengal, isn't it? Frankly, other than a few, most Bengalis and Assamese are very lazy people - hence Islamization by sword was the easiest on the poor people of this region. And now they have turned towards Mecca and not India.

Gorkhaland is a "money" issue. Give them money and they will remain under control.

Anonymous said...

We either stop 50+ insurgencies in India or stop the source of funding - ISI.

Barring a few, over 90% of insurgies in India are funded by ISI, some are genuine grievances.

Hence three steps:

1. Blow of ISI building
2. Attack Pakistan along Rajasthan corridor and POK
3. Block Karachi port.

War is the only option, unless we want to remain trapped by the Milibands of this world who only want a "stunted" India subservient to them.


To Anon @ 5:42 AM - "who is not lazy?"

If you read Amartya Sen's nobel prize winning treatise - you will see he draws an inference on productivity of a person to his natural surroundings. By natural surroundings - it means the vagaries of nature (rainfall etc), fertility of land etc.

The easier for him to grow crop, the lazier a person / culture etc.

This is neither an excuse or justification. This is a global reality. Some cultures are different where such laziness and lack of work is exploited. But that is another "thesis" altogether.

HOwever, yes, otherwise you are right. Islam came to Bengal by a few Muslim horseback riders who just went insude one of the many scattered kingdoms of Bengal - the king was settling down for a lavish spread and his guards were having siesta.

Just a few horsemen and an element of surprise - saw Islam "riding into Bengal"

Max said...

"Gorkhaland" is in a very crucial area that cannot afford to be given seperate statehood. It seems to me ISI, the Chinese and Bangladesh (perhaps even Nepal!) have a finger in this as it will only work to their benefit.

Why can't Indian politicians just plant some weapons and drugs in the houses of those Gorkha movement leaders, arrest them for it and seal their party? We have to start moving iron style if our soft democracy doesn't work. We don't need to look too far for such lessons. Chanakya's Arthashastra has some excellent policies our politicians can make use of to this day.

And yes I agree. The other way is to pay out the "Gorkhaland" leaders. It will result in silence.

Anonymous said...

ISI is milking out the "chicken neck" of India.

This should be clear and given the pathetic state West Bengal and its pot bellied police are in, this state security being a state subject is pure bunkum.

National security, in this case, over rides the state security and this needs to be nipped in the bud.

And NOW !!!

Anonymous said...

i hear that it is a ploy by the upa govt to create this gorkhaland thingy. because wb is not a secure state concerning national security. the proposed gorkhaland lies at a crucial area and wb govt is known to be soft on the chinese. any future indo-chinese war will definately be centered on this chicken neck area with china trying to cut india into 2. wb govt, during this point [may] come up with some unfavorable moves to please their chinese masters, such as providing intelligence of indian positions etc -since its within the wb state. at the same time any govt proposed move to create a seperate state would not have a basis if the people in question are quiet. so what i hear is this gorkhaland insurgents are planted to fight vigorously for their own state -which will be granted eventually as a 'no choice' measure by WB pressurised by federal govt. the govt of this new state (dominated by GJM) will in turn be expected to be firmly in the fist of RAW, IB. it is simple. india dont want the chicken neck to be ruled by an uncertain govt, a problematic state riddled with bangladeshi infiltrators. it needs to be a seperate, heavy militirised entity -and for this a new state should come into being -a state that will be warm in allowing to build roads / military setups with little or no red-tape as compared to wb at the same time will have less if not any trouble from 'sensitive elements' like china govt and muslim immigrants [note that this chicken neck area has 5% bangla immigrants / muslim but growing and the stupid commie govt of wb is sitting n looking - so a new state under proper influence must be formed so the neck does not have disease of banglas]. also this strong gorkha sentiments will be used to drive out any bangladeshis in that area, turning it into a buffer zone-for in case bangladesh and china turn against us one day to wrest the neck. in short, india wants utmost control of sensitive areas and is not willing to gamble having it under the control of the hostile govt and environment of WB.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above:

Actually a very interesting analysis and wholly possible.

Only the point that Bengal commie govt may help the Chinese in case of war is way off. But RAW wanting a buffer of Hindu Gorkhas under its ambit is possible.

True or not, a brilliant and plausible idea.


To Anon at Jan 19, 6:31 AM,

True or not, a very good analysis and point. Worth pondering about.

However, there could be natural "tendencies" to merge with Nepal and then there is the lure of "Maoist" influence at a later date which might make it ideologically closer to China.

DO not know if RAW will want to play with an uncontrollable fire ...Not worth their time and effort other than to cause minor irritant for short term gains.

Anonymous said...

i was anon@6.31

it is not about commies technically helping chinese all out in case of a war - but in terms of gathering information unwittingly. let me give an example. as you know construction of intrastate roads and other infrastructure come within jurisdiction of the state govertment. assuming wb govt may wanna construct a road in this area, tendencies are they may give it to a chinese company upon accepting some yuans and some chings. the central govt can not over rule the state govts decision in this respect if the state has regularities on their side, such as lowest or best bid by that of the chinese company. i dont think i am dealing with small children here to go on to explain how the state can 'regularise' bids or assist the bidder of their preference to make all appear clean. in short the chinese can gain easy inroads into this dangerous zone with cpi in power. and cpi is set to rule wb for the foreseeable future.

as you know chinese working on any project such as telecoms and infrastructure in sensitive areas is a risk on national security -something cpi are not concerned about as how they have never clarified their stand on arunachal pradesh, aksai chin and the mcmahon line seperating india and china.

although by virtue the cpi government may not want to "assist china over india's integrity", their actions of giving in to other "communist brothers" in an economic front will have a bearing on the future.

also as you know CPIM is government always at odds with whoever the ruling party is, friend or foe, be it BJP or Cong, whoever. they stand on different ideologies and we dopnt see their integration with mainstream politicians for the foreseeable future. to add on our screwed up politicians always prioritise their survival over national security, more so cpi.

hence gorkhaland is actually a positive move to wrest cpi (china's ally's) control of this vital area to make it a part of a new state that will be friendly with the security establishment and will dance according to a set out rythm by these establishments. a unfriendly government is undesirable to rule such a key area under any circumstance.

a docile party interested in just the welfare of that one state with no further aspirations will be needed. something like Sikkim - Democratic Front for Sikkim does not bother anybody as all they are interested in is the welfare of Sikkimese [or so they say].

about Maoist ideology spread i belief the architects and engineers of this arrangement (if any) would have drawn out contigencies that look over this possibility. but as i suggest above such ideologies usually only arise when a party has larger aspirations -such as to make in roads into other states or perhaps be a dominant political force in the country. in my view GJM does not have such a foresight. All they seek [and all they are made to seek] is the welfare of Gorkhas and Gorkhaland sovereignity within the country of their area. as long as they have their state, you would not hear of them. if they ought to be the dominant / monopoly political player in their new state alone, they ought not to change their goals into more aggresive ones like maoism as long as they remain the ruling party in the state.

Also this is not short term gains. We still don't see a worthy government in sight to effectively deal with the influx of virus [aka bangladeshis] into bengal, assam and other eastern states. as such it is their duty to set a stage ready for any eventualities that may occur in future.

Bengalis like the one owning this blog i presume may feel sore losing a greenlung of territory with economic importance, but for national security we should be ready and willing to compromise and i hope this sentiment prevails in the hearts of all my indian brothers.

Anonymous said...

...and sisters

Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:43 & 10:51 above:

Something serious to ponder about. Let me give you a leg up on the intra state road politics of WB that I saw from close quarters.

The PWD and road building dept outside of Kolkata rests with RSP & CPI (not a part of CPIM but communist brethren). And they too can fall under this bracket.

As in ports and airport handling firms, contractors of certain countries are kept out, wonder why roads of bordering districts are not kept out.

As it is the Chinese have flooded Kolkata market with mobile phones which have fudged IMIE numbers - no unique mobile handset numbers - making tracking near impossible. 100 phones can have the same IMIE number and they are freely available in Fancy Market - a market in Kolkata which is run by smugglers who "again" happen to be Muslims and illegal contraband in bulk comes through containers in ports where handlers and kingpins are all Muslims.

Imagine what India is open to. You want to guard western borders - fine.

What about the porous Indian borders?

What about the open illegal operations in Kolkata port?

And yes, yuan and chings go a long way in gettin any deal in commie Bengal.

Anonymous said...

well i am not a bengali firstly but i have seen one too many blogs of this kind - bengal in danger.

isnt it up to the bengalis to get cpi out for bjp or somebody apart from cpim? y are bengalis always? dont you know that a party sitting too long on reign spells complecancy?

throw the fucks out. bengalis are smart people sa jagdish bose etc. i dont need to teach u guys. ultimately we should not think whats good for bengal or tamil nade but whats good for india!!

so the right thing: vote them out

note: but that doesnt mean vote in mamata and the bitches trinamool. they will spell doomsday for bengal-----mark my words.

as i said i have never even been to bengal neither do i have great affinity for tata but even i feel the heat when i think about how trinamool and mamata robbed your state of a golden economic feature - the nano plant - which is foreseen 2 be the most common car in the coming decade. well yes it has found a new home in modi sir's gujarat, a deserving location, as a consolation.....

Anonymous said...

TO Anon above, I am Anon at 7:41 PM.

I know you are not a Bengali, hence I said, let me give you a leg up on Bengal.

We are victims of TINA - There is No Alternative. Our CM is a communist alright, but not a pragmatic capitalist at heart.

Mamata will spell doom for INDIA - she has tied hands with Naxals and Jamaat for vote bank.

And BJP - well, it does not exist. So, who do we vote?

Its a very sad state of affairs here....

TTV INDIA said...

Sad But true.... Did not read the article in ints entirety, but I think the Govt. is so obsessed with the K Issue that it has virtually neglected all other such movements. And this ignorance has given these movements a chance to not only survive, but also penetrate and stand on its own feets now. GL is one such movement of the many.

My view of getting rid of these things;

A) Identify such movements, give them all a simple notice to stop all such activities which are anti India and passing a law treating all such movements as acts of treason and against the constitution of the country.
B) Inform the world community through UN about taking steps neccessary to eradicate any movements that seem to be aimed at disintegrating India. Mind You, Just inform the world community. This does not mean seek their permission to.
C) Take the sternest possible action against all such insurgencies and divisive movements, with a strictest penal actions against those movements which are using Religion as a base (like the Bajrang Dal, SIMI, Khalistan Movement Blah Blah Blah...)
D) Keep the Political setup out of all this, just like the way it was done in Punjab, By Mr. Gill.
E) Make it clear to the world that any act which is detrimental to the integrity of India, is going to be detrimental to the world peace. (Similar to what Pakistan is doing now with its Nuke Threats holding the world to ransom).
F) Usher and shower all these state and regions where these movements are rampant and apparent with development, growth and industrialisation. It will bring jobs and prosperity to the lands, which means that the people would be busy and have lesser time getting involved in such criminal acts and organisations.Povert is the key reason for such diversions of minds which comes out of idleness. Remove the Idleness by providing work through developmental activites, and these forces and sources die in oblivion.


TO Anon at Jan 19, 8:41 PM:

I share some of your concerns regarding CPIM of Bengal which is why I had written an article - Is CPI-M the Chinese Party of India - Marxist. The link is :

Also Mamata is a disaster for India because she has joined hands with Naxals and Jamaat.

One link :

Second link:

dont vote mamata said...

vote her and you will lose the rest of bengal

-fortune teller

Anonymous said...


Bengal will sooner or later will be a state broken. You have > 30% as Muslims who are closer to Bangladesh than to India. Districts bordering Bangladesh have Islamic demography > 50%. Consider these gone over the next 10 years - the candidates will all the MLAs and MPs who will be Muslims with ISI backing.

Compared to that, I think if there is a break up in the North aligned to non-Islamic forces - like Gorkhas - then it is better.

Not getting broken is best - but if Bengal is to break - better it stays with "entities" that are and will be under the Indian writ.

rohit singh said...

Dear All

gorkhaland is becoming dangerous issue now , only solution is to merge it with sikkim .
all over india , goods produced are labeeled made in india , or produce of india ,

GJM should clarify what are rthey seeking , a separate state or country

it is going to be very serious issue , need to be on high alert

Anonymous said...

Anon above... what??

Merged with Sikkim - wow, now we are going from wishful thinking into the realm of absurdity.

Anonymous said...

i hope our new home minister can expel the pathogens in our society - bangladeshis. losing "gorkhaland" is a sentimental thing for bengalis, the area is beautiful but if its for national interests i am with india

Anonymous said...

Today, as I was coming down from airport in Kolkata, right next to the ITC hotel are some picturesque waterbodies.

I saw bearded vagabonds, cleaning their clothes in those waters, their naked children running amok -and I can bet that they are from Bangladesh.

Slowly they are taking over our footpaths, our waterbodies are getting murkier and our shanties grow unabated.

The situation in Kolkata and Bengal is indeed alarming. One needs to be here to see it.

A group of Muslims held the city to hostage a few months back when they ostensibly came to "protest" about Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen. It was a ploy to show their strength and Bengal and Kolkata has been warned.

This is a powder keg. Gorkhaland is due to an impotent government as Bengalis are more or less lazy - their business are run by Marwaris, the taxis run by Biharis. They'd rather sit at home and sleep. While Muslims from Bangladesh and Gorkhas in Darjeeling plot away.

Anonymous said...

no merger w/sikkim. we need several individual buffers in this area. anyway gorkhaland is not seeking independence. just statehood.

Anonymous said...

@ how come Sikkimis annexed by India illegaly ?

goutamendu said...

i think it's only some powerful men at the hills whose are doing all these nonsense works for their own benefits....i am sure about it that what they can say here low rate of devolopment at the hill region & doars....ok it's a problem.......but seperation can't be it's solution.....u can fullfill all ur demands in legal way too.....we all d countrymen r wd u......dese things going to effect our national integrity....we all want to stick many local pepole want this seperation ????????

Anonymous said...

Even though I am very late.. but felt I had to share some info with our so called learned friends here...

1. What is Gorkhaland?
A. The demand for Gorkhaland [an administrative set up different than Bengal] is one of the oldest demand for a separate state within India [and not a country]. This demand was first raised in 1907 by Hillman's Association, which was later taken up by subsequent political groups. Hence, the moniker that Gorkhaland is a money issue or a ploy to divide India not only shows the ignorance of our learned breatheren, but also a bias towards Bong chauvinism.

2. Is it constitutional to demand Gorkhaland?
A. The Constitution of India under Article 3 Formation of new States and alteration of areas, boundaries or names of existing States: Parliament may by law—
(a) form a new State by separation of territory
from any State or by uniting two or more States or
parts of States or by uniting any territory to a part of
any State;
(b) increase the area of any State;
(c) diminish the area of any State;
(d) alter the boundaries of any State;
(e) alter the name of any State.

Which means, it is CONSTITUTIONAL to raise the demand for a separate state within India. Gorkhaland is nothing but a demand like that of Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand etc. IT is not a demand for seperation from India, but a demand for recognition of a separate administrative set up within the purview of Indian constitution.

3. Why Gorkhaland?

4. Does formation of Gorkhaland threaten Indian security?
A. No, this "chicken neck" myth has been created by the media and many do not know where "Chicken neck" or what "Chicken Neck" actually is.

Formation of Gorkhaland is actually going to make India more secure by stopping the infiltration of illegal Bangladeshis.

Further, the idea that formation of a new state will threaten national security is absurd. Uttarakhand shares the same geographical dimensions as the proposed Gorkhaland state, if anything our borders are more secure because of the formation of Uttarakhand, as it has prevented free movement of criminals and terrorists across the India-Nepal border.

Final Thoughts:

The proposed Gorkhaland state accounts for over 68% of West Bengal's Natural Resources. Including it's sources of hydro-electricity, timber, tea and tourism. Hence, if Gorkhaland is formed, West Bengal will turn to be one of the poorest state in India [currently West Bengal is THE 4TH POOREST STATE IN INDIA]

Moreover, it is hypocritical that the same Bong' chauvinist pigs who openly supported CHINA in 1962 Indo-China war and proclaimed "China's chairman [referring to Mao] is our Chairman"... claim today that formation of Gorkhaland will threaten Indian national security.

Hope our learned India loving brother and sisters will read the facts before being waylaid by another Bong chauvinist with fear-mongering.

Support the formation of the 29th state of India...

The State of Gorkhaland

Jai Hind, Jai Gorkha, Jai Gorkhaland

Anonymous said...

The state reorganization is ultimately a political decision striking the right cord of regional inhabitants and peaceful coexistence within federation of India. Also, historical context, economic feasibility are important parameters for consideration. While I do agree that the Nepali speaking residents of Darjeeling are by far alienated with the rest of Bengal, but there are several facts look into creation of separate state:
1. Historically Darjeeling was part of Sikkim until it was first taken over by Nepalese Kingdom and subsequently by the British United Kingdom, both of them facilitating settlement of Nepalese in tha region. By this count, Sikkim needs to be part of consultation.
2. Economically, both Sikkim and Darjeeling was intrinsically far more attached to Indian Bengal, than rest of the country.
3. From Indian perspective, the “Chicken’s Neck Region” in present North Bengal, is of utmost strategic importance as it links to Nepal, North Eastern States, Tibetan China(via Sikkim) and Bangladesh.
4. The popular view of rest of West Bengal must also be taken into account. Already Bengalis have gone through huge displacement as part of only two states in India(other being Punjab) gone through trauma of partition on communal lines. Bengalis in India today remains separated in states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, Jharkhand, Orissa and union territory of Andaman & Nicobar Islands forming 8% of Indian population. Should Bengal be divided on cultural consideration, demand of Greater Bengal cannot be ruled out forming uneasy relationship of The Bengalis with Indian Union. Remember among Indian communities only Bengalis have a soverign state in form of Bangladesh. So, as native Indian Bengali, my suggestion is to take a assimilative approach for the situation rather than risking pan-Bengali nationalism. While I perfectly agree with dienchantment of the Gurkhas, I feel both West Bengal and Gurkha nationalists must take a cohesive approach like maximum possible devolution. As far as creation of other states, I am hopelessly unaware of the circumstances under which the demands are being placed and not in a position to put forth my comments on them.

Anonymous said...

The previous nicely worded para written by me for learnd fellas..for other not so gentle bretherns I have the below item:

Breakup India into different countries--
1. Progressive states get chance to develop
2. Avoid unnecessary wastage of tax rupees on laggard states
3. Seeing progressive states, so called "BIMARU" states will wake up and all of us will be developed.
4. Better preserve ethnic diveristy
5. Bengal can be reunited as largest country within South Asia.
6. Pakistan will break down
7. Punjab can be reunited

Anonymous said...

And now not so gentle words--

I wonder how can these anti-Bengali Indians can easily forget Bengali contribution to Indian Union:

1. Swami Vivekenanda (Narendranath Dutta) steadfastly championed cause for Hinduism in cultured way
2. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose fought valiantly and found Indian National Army
3. Rabindranath Tagore wrote national anthem (Janagana Mana) for India
4. Bankim Chandra Chatterjee wrote National song (bande Mataram) for India
5. Till 80's Calcutta was to generate revenues for Indian government other than any city/state in India
6. Satyajit Ray won the first Osacr for India
7. Rabindranath won the first Nobel for India

I am hurt these minions chose to be selective for Bengalis saying:

1. Bengal gave away to Muslims
2. Bengal gave away to British
3. Bengal will gave way to Chinese.

Utterly stupid and disgusting!

Anonymous said...

If you look back the GNLF agitation of Gorkhas they never touched a single public property or any individual their direct fight was with govt, unlike today outfit goes for use of any weapons. Nepali or gorkhas today throughout India face discrimination even in siliguri or other parts of bengal , but do you here cases of any bengali or other communities till being under such threat by the neplis or gorkhas. Now break of Indai is not a question Gorkhas are the defenders of the fronties with Sam bahadur (manikshaw) in 8 Gorkha regiment they have demarcated the china and Pak border. British or China could conquerd Nepal or places like sikkim becuse those days why becuse thse gorkhas defended themselves ulike india. In the history of nepal have shared wars with chinese . Now geographically nepal not being a part of china is a plus point for india. With times changing Gorkas were recuited in India and fought many wars for india and butchered pak army . Now even today if you ask which is the only bordeing nation of India with whome we have not sahre a war the ans is nepal. So gorkhas cant deivide India rather they can still defend india against chaina

Anonymous said...

mainly the gorkhas dmand of state is because of
1.identity : they have lived for genration here without statehood.
2.development: Creation of small states like agartala, goa, mizoram , meghalaya etc gave the people to come out of their shell with self recogniton and developmet.
3.crises like every neplai is coming from nepal because of open border which is not true.
4. Lastly they have served the country and continue to do so but they need recognition.

Now if you demand for state its fine you got it , now when i demand i am a terroist , isi pak or chinese spy is this fair as we all live together . This shows how poor our unity is, this is why because we are internally so weakly integrated that any foreign nationa can take esy chances on us. We need to be one and one and recognise our own people.
If u have gave intelligent look at the indo-china places like sikkim nepla were most neplese or gorkhas have settled china could never interfer their in their freedom if fact china and nepal have faced wars and on one occasion Nepal once capture lasha. Concluding : if we still say that gorkhaland is not an 100 old issue of Gorhas or naplese rather an idea of ISI or china than sorry dost 'AAJ AAZADI KE PACHAS SAL BAD BHI HUM PEHCHAN NAHI PAYE KE HAMARA DOST KAUN HAI AUR DUSMAN KAUN.'

Anonymous said...

mostly neplese peopel are hindus except few are buddhist. surely bandeshis wont come to gorkhalan if they a state

Anonymous said...

I am shri balwindar sing sukbhir
hum J & K light infantry se hai. On june 1996 hum apne kuch platoon ke saath batlik sector 8 may tha. humay order diya gaya ke pooch may hamaray kuch dost terrorist ke saath bhid gaye, tub humay poonch bheja gaya. Hum do platoon bhi un terrorist ke saath nahi jude paye . tum paas may hi aur ek Gorkha regiment8 ka camp laga tha jaha se un ko order dina gaya ke humaray madat ke liya aye. Bhai jum Gorkha humaray saath a gaye to hum sab tut pade or 7 terrorist maray gaye aur 2 terrorist ko gorka ne khukrioi ke bal pe jinda pakad ley aya, jinhay bad may sena medal bhi diya gaya. Bhai hum jantay hai ke hum border par kaisay rahatay hai. kabhi border par ek din raho tub pata chal jaye.
Bengal ke log army may kam hote hai , may ye nahi kehta ki sirf pujab sikh gorkha ya jat hai, bhai hum sab ek hai , hum sab ko apne apne tarikay say aapnay dharam aur vichar ke saath bharat may rahnay ka haq hai. mujhe laagta hai gorkhas ne aapne aur se bharat ke sewa ki hai ab hamay logo ko bhi unko ek samman aur surksha ke saath rahne ka ausar den hoga . jai hind

Anonymous said...

I am shri balwindar sing sukbhir
hum J & K light infantry se hai. On june 1996 hum apne kuch platoon ke saath batlik sector 8 may tha. humay order diya gaya ke pooch may hamaray kuch dost terrorist ke saath bhid gaye, tub humay poonch bheja gaya. Hum do platoon bhi un terrorist ke saath nahi jude paye . tum paas may hi aur ek Gorkha regiment8 ka camp laga tha jaha se un ko order dina gaya ke humaray madat ke liya aye. Bhai jum Gorkha humaray saath a gaye to hum sab tut pade or 7 terrorist maray gaye aur 2 terrorist ko gorka ne khukrioi ke bal pe jinda pakad ley aya, jinhay bad may sena medal bhi diya gaya. Bhai hum jantay hai ke hum border par kaisay rahatay hai. kabhi border par ek din raho tub pata chal jaye.
Bengal ke log army may kam hote hai , may ye nahi kehta ki sirf pujab sikh gorkha ya jat hai, bhai hum sab ek hai , hum sab ko apne apne tarikay say aapnay dharam aur vichar ke saath bharat may rahnay ka haq hai. mujhe laagta hai gorkhas ne aapne aur se bharat ke sewa ki hai ab hamay logo ko bhi unko ek samman aur surksha ke saath rahne ka ausar den hoga . jai hind

Anonymous said...

mr bimal gurung must understand that by naming gorkhaland and and by having a flag doesn't solve the problem if he sincerely wants to solve the problems of the people he should work for them rather then fooling people by tease so called novel thinking.thease type of people are cancer to the society .in a country where people are easily fooled by so called babas and saints there is a new breed of neo pseudo reformist like bimal gurung taking heads up which is a sahme thing for us.

Anonymous said...

I admire the courage of our soldiers fighting a war for rich and blood thirsty political class of India who are intermediaries of global illuminati. Tell me what India stands for? Tell me a good a reason how a Assamese and Malayali similar. Why do you think French and Germans are part of EU but part of different nations? Read history dude.Enough of experiement with India, let's give Bengali's the due repsect and share.

Anonymous said...

i recently visited THE GORKHALAND and was mightily impressed by the way they are carrying out their nonviolent protests in true GANDHIAN style.
the gen area GORKHALAND just cannot prosper or develop under the commies or even the plains bengalis. see the e.g. of Uttarakhand or HP,they prospered only after separation.

Avinash said...

It's an interesting read through. Lots of facts and doubts cleared. Only hope that people do read them with an open mind and evaluate then with a positive attitude.

Anonymous said...

very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

thx everyone on the issue it is democratic india and all have our own thoughts to express..lets talk why the demand for a different state within the indian constitution....let us start with a simple example...there was a contest indian idol where a ghorkha (prashant tamang)from the hills working in the calcutta police got selected in the finals ...there was no help from the wb govt...they did not even claim he was from bangal instead buddhadev bhattachary was rallying for amit paul who was a bangali representing from a different state....this act made the ghorkhalis realise also that they had nobody...they were not bengalis ?????then the question came who are we we are not bengalis?????with all respect to our bong bros and sisters we have nothing against u but we are definately one of u we have to have our own identity...jai ghorkha jai gorkhaland..may peace prevail everywhere...

Anonymous said...

I just need a little explanation, would anyone care to elaborate on the last comment?
I mean, how hard can it be to just be spontaneous. It is. And sometimes you just can't post random shit like this.
In my humble opinion, there's a lot of B.S. on this topic all over the internet. How do I know you are not just trying to sell something?
I'm a little slow, please don't remove my comments or I will get upset.

Reality is that part of the imagination we all agree on.

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