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Amercia has spawned "conspiracy culture" into an art form. There are thousands of groups dedicated to UFOs and ALIEN ABDUCTION etc. However, from time to time, in between these millions of conspiracy theories, there are true gems to be found, some that are not even read in mainstream media.

I have come across this US TV broadcast - length 10 mins - which is definitely interesting. I may not agree to all that they are saying, but the panelists are intelligent and make some interesting connections.

Enjoy !!

And from Pakistan, I bring you the views of ultra - right once a Mujahideen - Zaid Hamid. What he is postulating here is that Israel is the scum of the earth and Israel only fears Pakistan as its missiles can reach it. It has entered into an unholy alliance with India and USA to attack Pakistan. Israel's F-16s are now stationed in India, so that when India will attack Pakistan, these Israelis with their F-16s will counter the Pakistani F-16s etc. Before that he mentioned that 2 brigades of Indian soldiers will be stationed in Afghanistan for pincer attacks on Pakistan from both ends. His final comments: If India attacks Pakistan, Paksitan will and should attack Israel with missiles - his contention that if Israel bleeds, it will stop "helping India."

Their analysis: War is inevitable (And I agree).

You got to admit, nothing beats colorful debates coming from left liberals and far right wings. Enjoy these short videos from Pakistan. (Some one pl translate).


Max said...

The guy says Lashkar is killing the Pakistani government? huh? Since when? I've never heard of a Lashkar attack on Pakistani soil before (correct me if I'm wrong). Just a pack of American Sci-Fi, although some parts (e.g. about wanting the world to go to war) cannot be dismissed that easily.


Correct - as I said some of the news is "incorrect". Lashkar has "never" attacked Pakistan (the core Lashkar never did). However, they are threatening to do so - burn Punjab (Pak) which has so far been left alone, if the crackdown on JuD continues. And Pakistan better take that threat seriously - which it is.

So, yes, till now LeT has NEVER attacked Pakistan. However, in pockets of FATA, LeT teaming up with other elements have attacked the Pakistan organ to achieve limited gains of ISI.

But parts of it are "damn interesting".

And the economy of US / Europe is collapsing like a pack of cards. Only people having real "economy" will come out strong. And the Islamic nations, are sitting on oil & gas - that is a fact.



I added two videos from Pakistan - which you might enjoy too.


Max said...



Regarding the 2 new videos, sorry, I don't understand Hindi or Urdu :(

Max said...


Is there any "real" crackdown on JuD? I don't think so. I'm sure the "arrested" bunch would be sitting comfortably in a bungalow with all the luxuries they desire and would have been briefed before hand about the "arrest" arrangements. I'm not convinced that LeT is threatening the Pakistani leadership in any way because they know Pakistan has to do certain things (such as banning JuD, making false arrests, shutting down camps for the moment etc.) considering current circumstances Pakistan is in. Generally anything good for Pakistan is good for LeT and vice versa, so they'll surely be accommodative. Moreover with the army's and ISI's strong hold on LeT, there's no way they'll let Punjab or any part of Pakistan burn.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

Here's how my own scripted conspiracy theory will be put to action (LOL) over a two-month period: India attacks Pakistan-based terrorist camps and related logistics installations conventionally, Pakistan retaliates by attacking Israel with about six conventionally-armed Ghauri-1 missiles (as the M-11s, M-9s and M-18s with nuclear warheads will be in Chinese custody and therefore will not be available for being fired against Israel--therefore that's why I guess Pakistan bought the Ghauri-1s from North Korea afterall!). But regretably, the Ghauri-1s flying over Iranian airspace are able to reach only the West Bank and this results in hundreds of innocent Palestinians being killed indiscriminately. Immediate eaxmination of the Ghauri-1's debris confuses the Israelis, Palestinians, the Saudis and the US, with the Saudis and the Arab League along with the Palestinian Authority eventually 'reaching' an informed conclusion that the Ghauri-1s were in fact Iranian Shihab-3s (there's no external or internal difference between the two anyway) and that the Iranians launched them to punish the Palestinian Authority and Israel together for butchering Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Tensions rise further as the infuriated Saudis and the Arab League (dominated by Sunnis) conclude that this is in reality the long-predicted conquest for dominance of the Islamic 'ummah' by Shia Iran (with the support of Hezbollah and Hamas and the Iraqi Shias). This in turn ushers in the climactic clash between the Sunnis and Shias (as predicted by the Holy Prophet in his Hadith), with the Shias from Iran and Iraq converging under the crossed swords (in Baghdad that was built by Saddam Hussein) and jointly attacking Saudi Arabia in order to march to Mecca and Medina and free them from the clutches of the Sunnis. The desperate Saudis consequently turn to the Pakistan Army and Bangladesh Defence Forces for desperately needed infantry reinforcements, due to which Pakistan has no choice but to send about five infantry divisions to Saudi Arabia. This in turn tilts the operational balance of power in India's favour and India in turn mounts a limited high-intensity operation under which the Pakistan Army's two armoured divisions are totally decimated by IAF airpower and limited offensive campaigns by the Indian Army's armoured forces, while Brigade-level Indian Army's heliborne and para infantry forces, over a 72-hour period, capture Gilgit and Skardu and consequently begin airlifting two infantry divisions aimed at re-liberating the Northern Areas. This objective is achieved over a three-wek period and results in the creation of a four-faced border junction involving China, India, Afghanistan and Tajkistan. Both China and India then decide that through this area will pass the gas pipelines from Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan before being bifurcated into two final destinations: one towards China's Tibet Autonomous Region and another into Jammu & Kashmir. End of story.

To Max: Sometime back you told me you were a NRI. Then how come you can't understand Hindi or Urdu? I'm baffled, honestly (LOL).

Prasun K Sengupta said...

Addendum to my above posting: Both in the Deosai Plains and beyond the Wakhan Corridor, both India and Afghanistan next discover substantial deposites of oil, gas and rare minerals and consequently, along with a willing China, decide to exploit such geological reserves on a collective and equitable basis. Consequently, two demilitarised but highly secure SEZs are created. Thus begins the new great game, with these SEZs also being utilised to cater to the enormous consumer requirements of the populace of the Central Asian republics. China and India now call the shots and become Central Asia's strategic economic stakeholders and security umbrella guarantors for the years to come.

Prasun K Sengupta said...

Yet another Addendum: Following the conclusion of hostilities and the re-drawing of boundaries due to which both Azad Kashmir and the Northern Areas are now part of the re-unified Indian state of Jasmmu & Kashmir, a major archeological discovery takes place quite soon after the conclusion of hostilities, which reveals that Jesus Christ, contrary to popular belief, was not resurrected after his crucifiction, as per popular belief, but was instead 'resuscitated' and he succeeded in escaping from the clutches of the Jews and Romans and migrated eastwards, eventually settling down in Kashmir and living on to a ripe old age of 120. He was eventually buried in a mausoleum which today is a mosque. His 'wife' Mary Magdalene was buried earlier in Muree, while his mother was buried in Kashgar, as claimed in some ancient historical records now existing within the four walls of an erstwhile 'Royal Library' in Nepal. As time goes by, historians begin to connect all the dots and reach the conclusion that it is due to such earlier suspicions about the existence of such a possibility regarding Jesus Christ's whereabouts, the Western world led by secular but Christian-dominated nation-states, along with Russia and Israel, had always tacidly supported India's legitimate claimover a unified J & K State, especially those areas that bore the footprints of Jesus Christ, since both the Jews and Christians would never condone the possibility of such areas belonging to any Muslim-majority country hellbent upon spreading the gospel of global Islamic supremacy.

Kannan,India said...

BuK and Prasun are freaking me out..;-)
Can't you ppl write some good short story for kids(with of course CIA,Mossad,RAW etc) rather than push it down on susceptible blog readers. This type of blogs and Alex jones will radicalize whatever sane Pakis left in Terrorist State of Paki-land (TSP) and their diaspora(sleeper cells).

RAW cannot do a decent truck-bombing of a Pakistan Embassy..let alone one in India.Shame on them. All they do is bribing American Senators which hasn't produced any significant results. We have RAW,DIA,MI,ARC,NTRO,E-22 what the f*** r all these f**kers f**king doing..



Have you read my article in this blog - in October 2008 - Jesus in Kashmir and Ahmeddiyas :


@MAX: I wanted to write an article on this - however let me answer you here, since you have asked.

Also note, I had written before that the Mumbai terrorists were meant to be sent to KASHMIR but were sent to Mumbai by Zaki ur Rahman Lakhvi and the Karachi forward section of ISI(and their handlers - who are they??). THe first part was stated yesterday in TIMES NOW. But I am yet to come to any good conclusions for the rationale for the change of plans (Some wild theories but shall not discuss it here without further information or proof).

On LeT etc:

1) Rewind back to what I wrote in Ultimate Game (3 of 3):

In 1988, Abu Abdur Rahman Sareehi, a Saudi and a deputy of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, founded an organization in the Afghan Kunar Valley which recruited Afghan youths and Pakistanis in Bajaur Agency to fight the Soviets.

Sareehi was the brother-in-law of Zakiur Rahman Lakhvi, (ALLEGED MASTERMIND OF MUMBAI 26/11 ATTACKS) now named by the US Treasury and the Security Council as chief of operations for the LET. Seed money for the training camps was provided by Bin Laden.


Mahmoud Mohammad Ahmed Bahaziq, (described by the US Treasury as the main LET financier in the 1980s and 1990s and now named by the Security Council as a terrorist) was a Saudi intelligence proxy planted in the network. 

He built up his influence in the network with Saudi money and eventually established Markaz Dawa wal Irshaad. The name related to a renowned Saudi office for preaching Islam.


This organization was then COMPLETELY HIJACKED by Saudi intelligence and the CIA and later operated under the name Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

To be fair to USA & RSA (Repuplic of Saudi Arabia), their intention was more to infiltrate the LeT than to use it for terror purposes.(Actually - let me amend it here - they were used for terror purposes too - both against the Soviet Union, India and later on in Bosnia etc - all overseen by CIA & ISI)

CIA and Pakistan establishment never went after LeT - as LeT never attacked Pakistan and any US interests

2) In another article in fact, I stated how CIA airlifted Moro (MILF) jehadis from Dhaka to Karachi under guise of Haj pilgrims. They were sent to Balkan countries to fight the erst Soviet influence.

What I am saying MAX - the LeT was and continues to be infiltrated by CIA and MI6 and of course RSA intelligence. They used "assets" from here for "imperial" agendas and ISI coolly made money and readied a deadly arsenal for India for which these Imperial forces winked at Pakistan.

Max - do you really beleive that US paid Pakistan 10 billion dollars to fight terrorists and Pakistan bought only armaments to fight India and what - USA was fooled. Of course NOT. Many of the armaments were bought from USA.

Let's try to piece this together for now:

1. CIA, MI6 & RSA control LeT. ISI is the main "operator".

2. All 3 intelligence agencies used "assets" from LeT (and other jehadis) to break the Soviet influence everywhere - be it Chechnya, Kosovo, Bosnia etc. For this, ISI was winked for covert ops using these same forces against Indian in J&K.

3. UK took over covert ops of Afghanistan after US walked away from Afghanistan and into Iraq. And UK being past masters of the region - had one agenda - which was an agenda way back in 1930s - that post independence, India shall NOT share any common border with Afghanistan. Hence J&K needs to be kept away from India or at best at the present "situation".

But in all this, several jehadi assets have moved out the ambit of the handlers and US & UK & NATO are staring at an abyss of economic woes and this situation needs correction. The attack on Mumbai will have "serious" repurcussion on business environment in India - a fact that was even commented by Stratfor. HOW CONVENIENT?

Now, the final analysis. UK always wanted a weak Pakistan that shall be dependent on it for its defense - it was a pre-partition agenda but this moved on from UK to USA. The countours remained same.

India was never meant to be strong - or strong enough to challenge the might of Britain.

2008 : India is about to become an economic superpower along with China. Situation inside Pakistan is alarming. And now, Turkmenistan has probably the "largest" gas reserves in the world and the smallest route to warm water ports runs through AFGHANISTAN. And Pakistan is not playing ball with West and by all reasons and rationale it is becoming a satellite of China - a frightening scenario for the UK/US forces.

This UK/US forces also cannot allow INDIA to be very strong to at some stage come together with Russia and China for a regional pact - that will swing the game away from US/UK/NATO to CHINA/RUSSIA/INDIA axis. THe Central Asian gases cannot be thrown away like that.

Also note: US/UK/NATO - wealth is gowing down. RUSSIA/CHINA/INDIA - wealth is increasing.

Hence, situation through Mumbai brought about which will make INDIA attack PAKISTAN which will ensure:

1. Military power of both Pakistan and India are reduced substantially - mostly Pakistan's.

2. Economy of India will take a hit and will not be able to overtake the economy of US in thie century (Mc Kinsey proved wrong)

3. The war between Pakistan and INdia will be stopped well short before INdia makes any substantial gains - after all, the final aim is not to make INdia stronger or for INdia to have a common border with Afghanistan.

I am given to understand that INDIA is fully aware of this. And that US too is aware that INDIA is aware. THis makes for very interesting times.

ADD ISRAEL in this. THis is the only country whose entity is threatened by these Islamists who are used and thrown by the CIA / MI6 / RSA / ISI. There could be "agendas within agendas".

Enjoy the next few months.

Anonymous said...

+++++ +++

Since the theme is conspiracy theory - let me put in my bit.

A)The Mumbai operation duped the Paksitanis into commiting terror where all "leads", "intercepts" etc were tapped into from the very begining to give "cast iron" proof to INDIA.

B) With this proof which will implicate even ISI Chief - S Pasha - his voice is recorded by overflying NSA planes.

C) With this cast iron proof Mr Chidambaram will be visiting USA. However, the purpose might well be to convene an extra - ordinary meeting in Security Council and India will present "iron clad" proof against ISI.

D) Then what?

As BuA said and I echo - enjoy the next few months.

Anonymous said...

it is not RSA. it is KSA, kingdom of saudi arabia.


Anon above:

Yes, it should be KSA. Thanks.


Prasun K Sengupta said...

Relax kannan, I take your views as a compliment. I was just outlining a possible wargaming scenario (one of six, in fact), which as you know ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous. I wish I could share your pessimism about RAW's covert action capabilities, especially since some informed Pakistanis are now claiming that the current turmoil in NWFP and FATA is the result of a combined Christian-Hindu-Jewish conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

I have another Conspiracy Theory - that Pakistan was involved in the Mumbai carnage is extremely clear. The clues were strewn all about the place - left deliberately for India. Why ? Maybe they expected India to retaliate. Who expected this ? If this was US, then Mike Mullen would not have come out sour faced and accepted defeat. He would have come out sour faced and asked India to go on warpath. US would not have asked India repeatedly to act with restraint. Maybe it was China. Why ? When India attacked, China would have secured Pakistan by firing maybe a few nukes. Then using this excuse it would have usurped all of Pakistan in the name of defending the same. Was this the gameplan ?

Max said...


My bad, if I told you I'm an NRI before, I used the wrong word. I'm actually a PIO (person of Indian origin). I have not held an Indian passport. My parents were from India but are no longer citizens. My native language is not Hindi / Urdu.

LOL that's a good conspiracy theory you've got there. You must have been pondering over it for sometime? Anymore addendum?


I don't get you. I asked why must LeT threaten to burn Punjab when these fake "crackdowns" are nothing new to them? There were similar "crackdowns" after the parliament attack. Surely the guys at LeT, being a Pro-Pakistan setup would understand the current circumstances of their masters, won't they? It's fine if you're planning to publish an article on this (i.e. LeT's threat to Pakistan). I can wait for it to be published that's not an issue.



Whatever little I know (and I am not going to write on them now) -

1. LeT has only threatened to burn Punjab (in Pakistan) if these so called "arrests" start becoming serious.

2. For the longest times the US / UK winked at LeT ops in Kashmir and even utilized their "foot soldiers" for ops against Russia. However, this time, the intent from a section of US is serious and that is troubling LeT.

3. The group led by Haqqani (himself an ex- JI) in US are seriously pro- US and anti-Jehadi. And the civilian govt. while pro-US cannot be seen taking steps that will usher in Army rule. LeT sees itself as a pawn in this tussle and hence sent out a "warning" (about burning Punjab) - which they can - should the forces close to US try and win over the civilian govt and "arm-twist" the Pak Army - ISI combine into actually clamping down on LeT.

4. Much like the Pak threat to India that "we too are a nuclear country and should you dare to attack us, we will unleash these on to you - so we will continue to send jehadis into India and there is very little you can do about it" - the LeT has taken a leaf out of this argument and told Pak govt much the same : " we are a very capable jehadi organization and you should allow us to function - we kill for you worldwide esp. in Kashmir and during earthquake etc we were at the forefront of relief - so you cannot stop us and should not stop us. We did not attack interests of Pakistan in any way, in fact we helped the state of Pakistan keeping the fires of Kashmir burning, winning Kosovo and Bosnia away for the Muslims. And now you want to "arrest us " and "seal us", based on diktats of US - you forget it is the same US that used us too in overseas ops to defeat Russian interests. We will not allow that, and if the civilian govt tries to actually implement the US agenda SERIOUSLY, we will BURN "punjab" (much like Pakistan threatening to burn India with nukes). So do not dare to seriously "arrest us". You can go ahead with "token house arrests" and yes while you are at it, bring the choicest "biryanis".

Hope this explains a "bit". :)

Anonymous said...

This guy Zaid Hamid is the ultimate nut job. His head was messed up in Afghanistan ...


To all my friends here, please spare some time:

[hopefully it isnt stale news]

I came upon news about 6 Pakistani websites blocked (in Pakistan), on the grounds of "national security". On further investigation, one of the blocked sites turned out to have something very special: the true face / history of our beloved Zaid Hamid.

Please see the following URL which allegds he was part of a banned Islamic cult and he was known as Zaid Zaman:

Also check out his links with the ISI:


Sontu said...


Where LET/JUD and ISI too failed miserably in the Mumbai Attack Program was ..

1. They never ever dreamt that “”Azmal Qasab/Qasai” (or any one among the rest 9 murderers) would be caught live…instead they expected and were very very sure that Indian Army will pump at least 50 bullets on each’s body and hence the TRUTH behind the Training, Planning, Support and Execution will never reveal to India.
2. They had asked these 10 Hired Killers to wrap on Red/Orange straps (inline with Hindu Activists) to confuse the Police/Investigation agencies initially …till more details would reveal regarding Pak’s hand/support … but there would be nothing concrete as none would be alive (as they expected) to confirm the Pak conspiracy. And this will also create a unrest in India as it would seem Hindu Activists have acted to kill the police ATS forces/officers (they expected ATS officers would lead the battle from the front and will get killed) as they are natural first choice of Mumbai Police Commissioner (BTW WHO was coordinating the fight IN THE FIRST HOURS? Was it the Mumbai Police Commissioner Mr.Gafoor or Some body else ?) to be send to confront to these killers .and this will sparkle the unrest in India ..I think some of Indian politicians (helpers of D Gang and ISI) were already instructed to raise voice and lead the unrest.

3. Please note the timing of the unrest in India
a. Economic slowdown
b. Kashmir election last phase (separatist leaders have failed miserably there too)
c. Forthcoming elections n India and impact on the results..

4. Now again please note few points..
a. The date of the actual attack was postponed from September to 26/11 why?
b. There was a high profile marriage on 26/11 and entire Mumbai Police Top brass were expected to join the party in Hotel Trident (remember this is the hotel, where 2 Terrorists\killers entered around 10 PM)
c. I understood that Mumbai Police Commissioner was pretending to enter the Hotel but actually was waiting at parking lot of the hotel.
d. The planners in Pakistan had advance knowledge about this marriage party and also that the Top Brass of the Mumbai police would be attending the Marriage and hence the Attack date changed? Was this marriage was set up as a Trap?

5. Why US NSA technical intelligence plane was flying over Pak to trap the voice of the planners and ISI Chief at the same time ..was it a MERE coincidence ?
6. Why the all sort of evidences were kept intact /“undestroyed” in the trawler Kuber after they got off from the trawler ..was it intentional ? I would read that this keeping of all the evidences in trawler Kuber, was intentional …may be they wanted to give the Main Message/Hint India ..that this was done on behest of Pakistan..(but no that could have been proved if Qasab/Qasai was not got caught alive by brave diehard Tumble) ..can’t believe that they forgot to clean off all these evidences(they could have just thrown away those evidences in the sea simply and easily) before landing in Mumbai shores…when they have done a very good planning for all stages and activities ?


Ray Lightning said...

Indian apathy has to end

Innocent people are being murdered in Swat. The Pakistani army is acting in cohorts with the Taliban : a targeted massacre of educated and intelligent people is occuring. The very events before their eyes remind the Pashtuns of the Babrra massacre. No one is paying attention !

We Indians betrayed the Pashtuns during the partition, we cannot afford to do it again. The Mumbai attacks were clearly a ploy to divert attention from the murders in the western front of Pakistan. Who is behind this ? The Taliban ? The hardline Islamists ? The Al-Qaeda ? The Pak military strategists ?

It does’t matter. The war in Swat is India’s war.

Letter from Swat :

by Zubair Torwali

The main town of Swat, Mingora, has now virtually fallen to the militants. The police are escorted by army officials and come out from their ‘hide-outs’ only for a couple of hours. One of the busiest squares, Grain chowk, was renamed by the shopkeepers as ‘Khooni chowk’ because when they come to their shops in the morning on each day they find four or five dead bodies hung over the poles or the trees. They see dead bodies scattered along the foot path in the morning. The bodies are usually headless. The practice goes thus with an average of four deaths daily in the square. Similarly on each morning there are found bodies with their throats slit in Qambar, Kabal, Matta, Khawza Khela and Charbagh. This practice has been going on for weeks; and unfortunately does not seem to stop.

Jan 15 is the deadline set by the militants to close all schools, especially those of girls. As the deadline approaches people are getting more and more terrified. The government’s writ is all but absent. Nazims have been killed, women are not allowed to visit bazaars (which are deserted), NGOs have stopped working and children play a ‘Fauji Taliban’ game. The people live a miserable life in the cold. Most bridges have been damaged and beyond the main town phones have been dead for months. Most people live in darkness at night because the fighting has badly affected the power infrastructure as well.

Curfew is imposed constraining the people inside for days on end. And security forces personnel sometimes fire indiscriminately. The residents can do nothing – they cannot protest against the high-handedness of the military or stand up to the militants. The Taliban gain from strength to strength, partly aided by the use of FM radio. Various checkposts set up by the security forces seem to be no little use. Scores of militants entered Kalam last week in spite of six checkposts set up from from Bagh Dahri to Bahrain. It is quite clear that for now the victors in the war are the Taliban – and the losers the people of Swat.

But who cares about that in the rest of the country. The government seems too busy dealing with the aftermath of the Mumbai carnage. That said, the predicament of the people of Swat is worse than even of the people of Gaza. In Gaza the enemy is well known but in Swat the people know not who the enemy is and whom to hold responsible.

The civil society of any country is regarded as a great force to mobilize the general public against the violation of civil rights and liberty. It is considered as a bulwark against the violation of human rights. It is deemed as the upholder of people’s rights where the state fails to deliver. Its mettle was tested in the lawyers’ movement but we in Swat wonder why it is silent now? We hear no voice raise against the atrocities committed in Swat. No civil society organization has its voice against the plight of the women and children in Swat. We have not seen a single demonstration in the big cities against the monster of militancy in Swat, or in FATA for that matter. The media also seems apathetic about the plight. The print media does well to some extent but their scope is limited.

The people of Swat ask you to come out on their behalf and mobilize the general public against the war tearing the valley. We implore you to come out of your drawing rooms and stage protests so that the government does something about our plight.

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