Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Vickers is a former GREEN BERET (elite US Special Ops) and he also holds MBA from Wharton School (Pennsylvania). He is not only brawns but comes with serious strategic brains.


Vickers was the principal strategist for covert CIA operations in Afghanistan that resulted in the defeat, and subsequent break up of the Soviet Union. If there is one man who can be credited for the break up of Soviet empire - it is Vickers.

His greatest influence was in the precise way he reassessed the potential of Afghan guerrilla forces and prescribed the right mix of weaponry to attack Soviet weaknesses. (According to me, he is simply an asset of platinum class for any country to have - period.)

At the height of Afghan operation, he was giving strategic and operational direction to 300 unit commanders, 150,000 full time and 500,000 part time fighters ("mujahideens"). He co-ordinated the efforts of TEN countries and oversaw an annual budget of US $ 2 billion.

From 1973 to 1986, Mr. Vickers served as an Army Special Forces Non-Commissioned Officer, Special Forces Officer, and CIA Operations Officer. During this period, Mr. Vickers had operational and combat experience in Central America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, and Central and South Asia. His operational experience spans covert action and espionage, unconventional warfare, counterterrorism (including hostage rescue operations), counterinsurgency, and foreign internal defense.


Michael G. (“Mike”) Vickers was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict & Interdependent Capabilities) on July 23, 2007. He is the senior civilian advisor to the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Defense on the capabilities and operational employment of special operations forces, strategic forces, and conventional forces. He is also the senior civilian advisor on counterterrorism strategy, irregular warfare, and force transformation.

Special Operations Command (SOCOM) which is part of the portfolio that Vickers handles is based in Tampa, FL. It's annual budget is US$ 8 BILLION and more than 60,000 covert and overt personnel are on its payroll. Vickers also sits on 3rd floor of Pentagon "C" Ring.


Mr. Vickers is the co-author of The Quadrennial Defense Review and U.S. Defense Policy, 2006-2025 (QDR) in which he states Pakistan and terrorism is the near term threat to USA. The longer term threat to US are CHINA, INDIA and RUSSIA. (INDIA - a serious economic threat to US, specially after the economic meltdown)

Hence, in the immediate term, Vicker's attention will be on PAKISTAN & AFGHANISTAN - an area he knows well. After all he created many of the mujahideen cells and was its paymaster. All the major Taliban leaders, who fought the Afghan jehad against the Soviets, have deep respect for Vickers and all of them are on "FIRST NAME" basis with him.

He controlled them (ex- Mujahids and today's TALIBAN etc) at one time - hence the question is - how does he "control them" today?

This will have a bearing on "incidents" in India to drive the goal which Vickers has in mind. With a budget of US$ 8 billion and 60,000 assets (most top of the line special ops), it is in India's interest to embed its interests with Vickers.

Terrorism in and from Pakistan / Afghanistan has many masters and many loyalties. How Vicker's plays his cards will have a serious bearing in the geo-political situation in Central Asia and India and Pakistan in particular.

"I am just as confident or more confident we can prevail in the war on terror," said Vickers.

To get an insight into Michael Vickers - read this transcript from Military Strategies for Unconventional Warfare.
Here Vickers states : "Again, Pakistan is a critical ally in the war on terror, but life’s not perfect. But again, what’s the alternative—invade the Northwest Frontier Provinces? Good luck. You know—and so there’s a—you know, there’s a time and place."

(My question - Is this time and place NOW?)

We all know of Charlie Wilson's war. Well, Washington Post calls it "Sorry Charlie, this is Michael Vicker's war."


If I wish to achieve something, do I do it directly or do I make events happen to reach that desired objective and remain far away hidden from the events?

Let us assume that X wants to tap into Central Asian gas reserves and Pakistan is NOT proving to be an IDEAL AND A PLIANT PARTNER for that. President Musharraf played ball for most part but proved deceitful in handling terrorism. A little terrorism towards India was "par for course" but global jehad to hurt interest of X was not on. To clip the wings of Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto was brought in to keep Mushrraf in check. As soon as Benazir arrived in Pakistan, X got in touch with ex-contacts who hated Benazir and had her killed (gun shots as in a commando for VVIP killing) in a clinical fashion (these contacts were jehadi contacts - who then outsourced this killing down the line)

Revise back to the motive: Mr X wanted an "ideal and pliant partner" in Pakistan.

Benazir would never have been that ideal and pliant partner too. But a dead Benazir and now we are talking. A dead Benazir complicated the situation for President Musharraf. Musharraf was cunning and a "good man for Pakistan" but no match for machinations of "X". Hence, Musharraf, after coercive tackles, gave in and paved the way for President Zardari & PM Gilani. And boy, "X" could not have asked for a more "pliant" partner(s).

We may say that ISI killed Benazir, the Al Qaeda killed Benazir, Hamid Gul had Benazir killed - all / some may be true. But then who gave the orders and where did the money come for this? Ah, we reach our elusive "X".

In Mumbai (26/11): The role of LeT, ISI and Pakistan Army is unfolding. And yes, they were involved, without a doubt. They were the foot soldiers, facilitators and HAPPILY carried out this assignment. But where was this planned and for what purpose? I had surmised, that this was to bring in GREATER PAKISTAN, to cut India deeper - but can it be the whole truth? I do not think so.

Imagine if "X" wanted India to attack Pakistan for a limited war - so that Pakistan Army would vacate the Afghan border and come to Indian border. This will be a nightmare scenario for the British / US / ISAF forces as this will lead to choking of supply lines leaving these forces with just 2 weeks of rations and fuels. However, this might be precisely what X wants. With India not playing ball - not mobilizing its Army and threatening Pakistan Army - maybe this is not going the way X planned it. Now what?

I leave the analysis and brain storming to the readers / viewers.

Initial mission accomplished Mr X. Or is it just the begining?


To - Michael Vickers: I know you will be reading this post. You hate to come to the limelight and I was just doing my duty. I have no information that will "cause you harm" hence I hope I too will come to "no harm."


Anonymous said...

Just how are you so sure about this X and how do you know that Michael Vickers will be reading your blog?

If your hunch is even slightly true, it is very very scary indeed.


Anonymous said...

To our Hindu brothers and sisters :-

Do you want your daughter to marry Maulana Masood Azhar ? Do you want you son be called Zakiur Rehman ?

Intolerable : Right ?

The Hindu Muslim war - Let us take it to its logical conclusion... Even Krishna needed to be groomed. So the CHOSEN ONE needs to be groomed. The Chosen One will rise from one amongst us. In 30 years oil in Muslim world will cease to be a major source of income. That is the right time to strike them and sound their death knell. But if and only if we all do our sacred duty of educating our children about the Muslim evil.

Let us look at the selfish Muslim :

(1) To gain independence, Hindus gave their lives. Muslims formed committees so that their interest is preserved.

(2) Hindus laid down their lives fighting the terrorists in Mumbai. Which Muslim laid down his life fighting the terrorists ? Which Muslim went ahead like Tukaram did and caught hold of the machine gun barrel of Ajmal, pointed the same towards his chest and said - yes kill me, so that Ajmal could be captured by his colleagues. But I could Muslims coming with Quran to teach us that Quran stands for peace - meaning we cannot be doing this. I mean - what could be more ridiculous ?

(3) Out of softness we gave them Millions of Square Kilometres of land - Pakistan & Bangladesh. What did we get in return - not even a bloody inch in our own country for our pilgrims. Amarnath Yatra example.

And now they want more - nothing surprising if you ask me.

(4) BJP was in power. What happened - did we see Uniform Civil Code or did we see Ram Janmabhoomi temple ? Nothing !

Hence I do not think there is one amongst us adults today, who can strike down the Muslim menace.

Hence we must build up the next generation on a steady diet of extreme hatred towards Muslims. Today its difficult to wage a real war as the whole system will work against us as we ourselves have been brought up to respect elders and respect other religions and faiths.

My advice : Respect all religions except Islam. This one is a rogue religion and needs to exterminated.

Secondly use conversion - let us cleanse the Muslim population the disease of Islam that they are carrying. Convert them back to Hinduism , I say. And let us not be apologetic about it. I know there is no provision in Hindusim for conversion but there was an exception : ISCKON - how was it done ? Believe you me, conversion is an extremely powerful tool.

Anonymous said...

US is no friend of India. Lets understand that first. Go there and earn your dollars - fine. But shake hands with Israel.

Anonymous said...

@BUA -- Great stuff. Keep writing !
Michael Vickers ki ma ki sala. fucking americans have fucked up everything on this earth in a major way. One day will come when India will fuck the happiness of america. I am 100% confident of this. these white guys have looted us so we have every right to bring that loot back home. so guys go ahead and earn your dollars and send some back home

@AH -- right on spot. i will also bring up my daughter on a helthy diet of anti-Muslim tirade, I dread she will fall for some cunning fox like Rizwanur Rehman.

Anonymous said...

Without US's desire, it is not possible that India is in such a bad situation. We should never shake hands with Michael Vickers. Lets treat our enemies as enemies. And screw their happiness.

Anonymous said...

Michael Vickers, if he is involved, I am sure wanted to harm Pakistan more. After all, as the article states, he wants to wage a war on terror.

Strange, coming from someone who invented terror. After all BuA writes he created the Mujahids - which makes him a formidable player.

BuA - there is more to the story - why would Vickers do it? Please write it - I am damn eager to know.

How Bombay attacks will help Vickers' in his war on terror.

Brilliant analysis on Benazir and are you alluding to the hand of Vickers there???

Anonymous said...

TO Anon @ Dec 17 12:10 AM - I disagree with you completely. We MUST SHAKE hands with Vickers.

What is his objective - It is to end terror.

What is our objective - it is to end terror.

Reason enough to shake hands. Maybe Vickers wanted India to tighten its terror infrastructure with better laws and better forces - something it is doing after the hit. Who knows?

But yes, we should shake hands with VICKERS.

Anonymous said...

US means no harm to Pakistan. It is just making the right noises and at the same time handing over donation after donation to Pakistan so that they can break up India. Cant you all see it so clearly ? Why did US stop us from removing their Atomic base ? Why did they stop us during Kargil war and also during our attack on Parliament ? Why the hell did they stop our hand now ?

Anonymous said...

To Anon at December 17, 2008 12:14 AM

No way ! Shaking hands with Vickers is a sure sign of weakness. What are you afraid of ? That he will take out India ? Its entirely laughable. You think a guy like Vickers will do what you want him to do ? he will simply shake hands and do what he wants to do. And if that goes against what you want, so be it.

Anonymous said...

We should do what we feel is in our interest. And that is to wipe out the Muslim menace. If we expect US to do stuff for us - pls. forget it. Their objectives will change in an instant leaving you high and dry. Has it not happened once too often ?

Anonymous said...

BuA - I am a bit confused.

You wrote : "Imagine if "X" wanted India to attack Pakistan for a limited war - so that Pakistan Army would vacate the Afghan border and come to Indian border. This will be a nightmare scenario for the British / US / ISAF forces as this will lead to choking of supply lines leaving these forces with just 2 weeks of rations and fuels. However, this might be precisely what X wants."

If "X" is Vickers then he is American. In that case, why will Vickers want that Pakistan troops vacate Afghan border and create a "nightmare scenario" for British / US forces there.

Why will be work against the interest of US ground forces? Unless this Mr X is not Vickers.

Please remove this confusion. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Let's face facts. You can't fight both Pakistan and USA at the same time.

1/3 of our aircrafts are not air worthy. There are gaping radar holes. Our Navy lacks the offensive punch - though it is good enough for Pakistan.

I tend to agree with Anon @ 12:14 AM - USA has time and again stopped us from attacking Pakistan's nuclear assets. That is something to ponder about.

I say, we go after Pakistan today and worry about USA tomorrow. Not together.

Anonymous said...

Why is the question of fighting USA coming at all? It was a special ops / covert operations. We need to given our reply strongly with covert ops too.

Vickers is our friend for NOW. As long as he helps in the fight on terror - he remains a FRIEND.

But if he is involved in any way in the Mumbai blasts, he has had it. No way will I look upon it as a helping hand to make India stronger. Bull shit argument.

India, if you are weak, you will be attacked from many sides.


Oh boy - I've had it. So many questions. Let me get to them one by one.

1. Anon @ Dec 16, 11:38 PM - I am very sure of Mr X - just not too sure who he is. And it is not Kiyani as he too is playing ball to a bigger game. The second part is easy - Michael Vickers will be a name that will be flagged off by NSA - the huge listening post of US. And it will find its way to Vickers.

2. A H - I will reply separately to you. Agree with you wholly though.

3. Anon @ Dec 17 12:10 AM - Of course there is more to the story. Will write about it in the next 2 blogs (if no other major incident occurs in the meantime). Whether I am alluding to Vickers being the person behind Benazir's assassination - No, I can never be sure. But can he do it - Yes. Will it serve US interests - Yes. Hence one can at best, make a guess. But one cannot state a fact based on a guess, however intelligent it may be.

4. Anon @ Dec 17 12:21 - Please wait for my next 2 blogs. Even then, I cannot tell you, that I will be able to clear your confusion.

Guys, my limited job in this article was to hold up the face of Michael Vickers to you. He is an enigma and by now, you will realize, the immense power he wields and what power he has over the Afghan mujahideed and by default over the current Taliban. That he has been totally IGNORED by our media, is shocking.

Anonymous said...

BuA - first rate!!

I loved the take on BB murder - makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

not only conversion to hinduism but also buddhism, jainism etc. which is also offshoots of hinduism / indic religion. buddhism can be the weapon b'coz it also preaches monotheism - in line with islam. or perhaps sikhism, which forbids idol worship. it would be more easy for them to digest these religions. more people have to access websites like Faith Freedom International and Answering Islam. already thousands have converted after reading these websites (mostly to aethism) including many from hardline islamic nations like pak, iran etc.

Anonymous said...

Hats off !! Never heard of this guy and he sounds like the "man on a mission."

I agree, let's hedge bets with him for now but be on guard.

I know the Americans inside out - there is no love / hate - relationships are based on respect.

And strength of resolve and conviction of deed will get us respect. I am not seeing any yet --- but definetly we are going to the right direction.

Anonymous said...

It seems Pakistan has at most three, and most likely "two" serviceable 20 KT warheads. That is ALL !!

We have listened to enough of their bull shit and bullying and nuclear blackmail.

Time to finish off this menace once and for all !!!!

And if Vickers joins us, well and good, and if not, we go alone.

Anonymous said...

@BUA - Vickers may be a very important man - but he is an important man to USA and also to Pakistan and Afghanistan as his "mujahids" are calling the shots in various "terror" organizations.

Ever heard of a Hindi phrase - "police se na dosti na dushmani accha hai" (Neither friendship nor antagonism with police is good for one's health).

We must ensure that Vickers does not become important to INDIA. Then it starts becoming a MAJOR problem !!!

Anonymous said...


After reading the article, I had gone into introspection. Some things to my mind are now absolutely clear. They are as follows :-

(1) There is definitely an X out there. Who feels 100% confident that Islamic terrorism is a short term affair and sooner or later it can be tamed. Such arrogance in thinking befits an American, and further X must be from US because who else will have access to such money and such influence.

(2) But why Islamic terrorism as a tool ? Simply because Muslims are easily swayed in the name of Allah and are ready to give up their lives. This everyone knows very well. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can start a Jihad using the name of Allah - it is just that simple.

(3) Tool against whom : Today India. Tomorrow China.

(4) Why ? - Because while US propagtes free trade and fairness etc, it would like to do so while remaining Numero Uno. Russia is no longer an economic threat - I mean Russia will not overtake US economically, at least not in the next 30 years. But China and India can and China is much tougher nut to crack.

(5) So what is the lowest hanging fruit ready to be devoured ? India of course with its bankrupt politicians and vote bank politics to boot. So attack India using Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. India is most susceptable to Islamisation.

(6) In the meanwhile - feed the Muslim Uighurs in China with hatred while at the same time push China and Pakistan closer. One call from George Bush and China agreed to the Indo-US nuclear deal -- and you think US has no influence on China ? IUS firms reeling from lack of orders will have secure 500 US Billion Dollars worth of order from Indian Nuclear power plants.

(7) Then ? Once we have a nuclear and islamised India in next 30 - 40 years, use it against China. Destabilise them. Chinese people are not very different from Indians - no wonder they made powdered melamine which looks like milk powder in feel and texture ( of course it isodorless ).

(8)But this can snowball into a religious fight - sure but then start Islam - Christainity talks. One call to Saudi Arabia and you had all the major clerics in Saudi going off to Vatican for an understanding between religions.

It is true hundreds of thousands of Indians have done well in US, but then most of the other world economies are doing multi-billion dollars worth of business with US. But I guess the main issue is : India is a major threat to US.

My 2 penny worth of advice : Attack Pakistan so that US troops get royally screwed on the Afghanistan border. Just like they are bleeding in Iraq, let them bleed in Paksitan / Afghanistan. Why should we suffer so as to help the Americans ?

Why ?

Anonymous said...


Further to the above, it is but obvious that Muslims are the weapons of choice for the US policy of divide and rule.

(i) Muslims will never ever question Koran. Every religion welcomes it except Islam. Without such debate, naturally selfish people use it the way they want to use it.

(ii) Want to fight a personal war - get US funding, take the name of Allah and you will have thousands of ready volunteers. It is as simple as that.

Anonymous said...

We r stupid people dying for our religions while US is making us dance the war of death. So that US remains no. 1 power

Anonymous said...

AH - BINGO !!!

However, it is not to Islamize India but to put the threat of Islamic Pakistan to downsize India - that is to cut India into smaller entities.

An Islamic India will be a bigger threat to USA - but a Hindu India and that too a broken up India will NEVER pose a threat to USA.

Know one thing - CHINA can never ever match USA in power on the ground. China will be an economic threat, a space threat and a knowledge threat. At most, even a naval threat but that too in 15 years time.

However INDIA is a constant and a huge threat. Together with Iran and Russia, they can strangulate USA moves in Central Asia and they first want to remove the threat.

Anonymous said...

Also AH & others - US is in a recession and these Bush and neo-cons whom Vickers represent are in a tight bind. Their biggest friends are oil & gas industry and also the armaments industry - the so called Military-Industrial complex.

Oil & Gas we are seeing how they are taking over.

But India and Pakistan are one of the biggest defense consumers. Of the $10 billion in aid that USA gave to Pakistan to fight terror, most of that purchase has gone to US companies. And do you mean to tell me that USA was not complicit in Pakistan arming itself to fight INDIA.

And with this terror threat now - India is going to go in for massive weapons purchase. Other than the Israeli and Russian defense contractors, the biggest beneficiaries this time will be USA DEFENSE CONTRACTORS.

I am betting my bottom Rupee on this.


A.H. & Others - thanks for thinking !! I guess, some of us are on the right path.

Max and others - pls put on your thinking caps too. This might be IMPORTANT.

Max said...


I highly doubt USA would be interested in having an Islamised India or breaking up India into smaller entities.

Yes, India with Russia and China are posing a major threat to USA's strategic interest. But can USA afford to take on any of these countries on their own? No they can't. Right now they are not alligned with either.

The need of the our is a strong ally in Asia to counter these 2 other powers, and for this they seek India. Rationally speaking, China and Russia would not make reliable partners for US' interests. India's the best bet. It is the most strategically located. And the first step, of course is to make India dependant on the USA.

I have a vague feeling that USA may be eyeing India mainly for greater access into central Asia. But for this Northern Areas should come into our grip. If that's the case, it would be worth while to play along until our interests are covered.

Now how exactly is the 26/11 carnage related to this bigger plan? I really have no idea. But one thing is for sure: anybody thinking 26/11 is primarily the groundwork to create "Greater Pakistan" has got it wrong. It's something bigger and deeper. There's surely a Mr. X with X motives.

I'll wait for your next posts on this topic before commenting more.


MAX - I am not alluding to an Islamised India at all - I think that might be major nightmare scenario for USA.

USA will train its gun for later - however it will start to work on it little by little.

But I am most intrigued by Vickers and his "first name basis" contacts with mujahideens - Talibans today. How does he plan to utilize them. Because all this connection is not doing much good to the ISAF / NATO forces in Afghanistan as it is the Afghan Taliban (Hekmatyar / Omar / Haqqani) who are attacking these forces in Afghanistan. Logically these are the very people will be on first name basis with Vickers as he not only "created" them but were their paymasters too.
A piece is missing - ..

Let me piece together the story and let us discuss them.

Anonymous said...


I have just one question. Why is US not allowing India to take out the nuclear arsenal of Pakistan time and again ?

Look - just to feed their defense industry, will the Americans be willing to arm the crazy mullahs to the teeth. This I do not believe for a moment. That the defense industry is getting some orders is fine but I think the issue is as simple as it sounds - that US wants to desperately retain its Numero Uno position.

Have you ever dealt with a first boy / girl or rather the richest boy / girl in school. Forget that - if you have dealt with a person who thinks of himself or herself as the best, then you will understand. The amount of jealousy that these guys / girls can have is immense. It can be extremely shocking as to what lengths these people can go to ensure things remain as they are as far as their status is concerned. Maybe that is sthe simple case with US.

I really cannot think of any other reason other than this one which will motivate US not to let India attack Pakistan. Equally bizzare is why we keep listening to them - there is really no reason. We can still earn those thoudands of dollars et al..

Anonymous said...


I mean if Central Asia was US target ( and it actually is ), why fuck India ? By screwing India and ensuring that nuclear weapon remains in the hands of Pakistanis, they are increasing the chances of the nuclear weapon falling in the hands of the Central Asian countries - such as Iran. US can never hope to get a more pliant country than India anyway pre 26 / 11.

Rather it is antagonising India now quite badly and people have started asking questions about America's intentions vis a vis India. Nobody would have raised these questions about the US even 2 weeks back but people are raising it. Things do not look very good as far as US motives vis a vis India go.

Do they think Israel can take out any nuclear plants ? Are they banking on this ?

But why screw India ? I mean not allowing India to take out Pakistan's nuke facility is akin to screw India.

Or we are the sacrificial goat for some higher cause of US.

That is the reason why I want that my country rise above serving the US and do what is required for its own good.

Anonymous said...

Just who the hell is in charge in the United States of America ?


Max said...


US has no qualms about screwing others to acheive their own objectives.

India had only actively seeked to take out Pakistan's arsenal in the early 80s with Israel, but this was not wanted by USA because it would have had negative implications on US' proxy war in Afghanistan, that heavily relied on Pakistan. Any such strike would only have caused an all out war between India and Pakistan, and the US knew that Pakistan could not afford to fight a war with India as just a decade ago, it had lost large proportions of its forces in the 1971 war. In the early 80s, Pakistan was still rebuilding their forces. It took them over 15 years to recover from 1971.

A war tilting towards India's favour would surely have increased India's drive to capture the Northern Areas, possibly with Soviet help as the Wakhan Corridor lies just north of the Northern Areas. This would have caused India to border Afghanistan, thus expanding Soviet influence all the way to the Indian ocean. It was this that the US was all out to deter, and because of that they notified Zia of the plans.

Now as they're in control in Afghanistan, and they seek greater access to that landlocked region, and what other nation could be better than India? Apart from being US' gateway, they also look at India to be US' counterweight to the two other Asian biggies: China and Russia; that US has to effectively counter to preserve its superiority.

About America's involvement, everyone can speculate, but nobody (as yet) can produce decisive evidence linking the X factor to either to 26/11 or USA. As what B.U.A said, X is making events happen to reach a desired objective and remain far away hidden from the events. And it's by no means easy to dig out that hidden factor; especially if it's linked to the US.

About being a sacrificial goat, again I repeat myself: the US wouldn't hesitate to screw / sacrifice others for their own benefits. We've seen it one too many times, from Pakistan and Afghanistan to Bosnia and to Vietnam.

About ties with the US, India should not cut it off (CPI(M) style) whatsoever, but thread cautiously. There's a lot to gain from ties with the US. And there's more to lose if our leaders don't know where to draw the line. In other words, we are offered murky water, as such, we should be the elephant (as what we're frequently called) that sucks in only the good water while leaving the dirt behind.

مدونة كشف حساب said...

Master blogger
Call for dialogue and communication between different cultures
On the basis of
Respect for human rights
Respect for other faiths
Cooperation in the defense of rights
White black Muslim, Christian indispensable poor
Defense of oppressed peoples
Cooperation for environmental protection

Anonymous said...

To above

This can only be done by Saudi Arabia. They have called for such a dialogue with Christianity - so they have been selective. Let them also call for a dialogue with the Hindus of India. I am sure we will respond positively. The problem with the Muslims of India is that they are not patriotic - so calling a dialogue with the local guys is meaningless.

Anonymous said...


@ Max -- I am not advocating that we cut off all relationship with US - aka commie style. Neither I am a commie myself and look at their ideology with derision. I have always advocated that we should go and make our money in US. But I am also against anything that will subvert Indian interests to that of the US. No way that is acceptable any more - US will tell us to stop just because it has got its own axe to grind is not one anymore. Dont forget that Americans in their overwhelming desire to screw others have screwed themselved badly. Look at Pakistan and Afghanistan wars, take a look at Iraq - and the picture is clear. Americans are paying dearly for their love of anything subprime - whether it junk bonds ( this junk bond based LBO's ruined US economy 15 years back ) and today it has ruined the world.

If they think they can trample the world, let us not get scared over and over again.

Today Indian may be in a position where US requires it. Tomorrow it may not require India for whatever reason - then what ? Its high time we delinked polical compulsions from business compulsions. I ahve stated before that these flow very separatel - dont forget most American leaders did business with Nazis while at the same time they were at war with them. Same in Central Asia. Same with China. Commerce is a different ball game, politics is a a different matter.

Anonymous said...

The original Muslims of Central Asia, barring those from Saudi Arabia are not much different than us. That I will agree. Most of them converted out of conviction. The problem is the bastardised converts in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh - they are the ones who are the mischief mongers. Also Saudi Arabia is an issue - because until 17th Century, centre of Islam was in Turkey. After Saudi took over that role, they have looked at the extreme form of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Where in the world you do not get citizenship - Muslim countries.

Where in the world you dont require citizenship to be able to anjoy the benefits of a citizen - India.

Most coveted citizenship - US.

US was discovered only because someone wanted to find INDIA from the western route. Except Marco Polo, all major western explorers had gone out to find India. Why ? As per Lord Macaulay, there were no beggars in India in 1836. Go forward thirty years and you have famine and pestilence. Look at what the white man has done to us. We have forgotten who we were and what we were.

Anonymous said...

The game has begun ... as we can see and 26/11 was the first of the many "hits" or "events" that will engulf our region.

Our politicians have done India proud by making sure that Indian army / navy / air-force are handicapped to fight and win with overwhelming firepower. The adversary (Pakistan) is better armed with better equipments - though numerically we are still far ahead.

The enemy has one goal and it has chosen a transition government in both countries (USA & INDIA) and timed the attacks to perfection.

We are dealing with extremely sophisticated operations here and it seems it has a hand of "X".

India is basically "screwed" and someone please go and throw shoes a.k.a. George Bush type, to our ex PM I K Gujral who closed down covert ops capabilities in Pakistan.

Though I doubt very much if India actually closed them down....at least I hope no one really is that stupid.

Anonymous said...

BuA - You wrote some time back that Kolkata and West Bengal will be a major target of these terrorists.

TOI is reporting that 8 HUJI terrorists have sneaked in from Bangladesh with RDX to hit Kolkata etc. This threat looks imminent.

If it is anywhere near the Mumbai carnage, wonder what India will do? Will it sit and twiddle its thumb or as you said "X" is getting impatient that India is not attacking Pakistan?

Well, certainly some one is out to provoke India and MAJORLY.

Max said...


You said it right. As what I said, as long as we know where to draw the line, US relationship will work in our favour.

@Anon-8:41 PM

Indian armed forces are not as well equipped as they're supposed to be, but in case a Indo-Pak war breaks out anytime soon, the advantage is still very much on our side; financially, strategically and numerically.

Anonymous said...

u c, muslims wherever they are are always the worst. they always expect to be spoonfed. and this thing is prevalent in all countries muslims exist, all over the world in all the continents. the only constant is islam, and so that must be the fault. the pandamic. here are examples:

1. India - 13% Muslim are the worst of the lot amongst all the various religious groups in india. Hindus are the vast majority, so lets not count them in, since muslim friends will say 'they are better because of numbers'. then how about christians? they only form 3% of the population and they are as good or better than hindus. sikhs form around that same percentage. bahais are even fewer. jews are negligable. but yet all these minorities are way ahead of the muslims, in terms of percentage / ratio. and that despite the fact large parts of india were ruled by muslims for several centuries. today look at pak and balgla. almost everyone there is muslim. and look how 'progressive' they are. i never heard of indian christians or sikhs or bahais or jews asking for this reservation and that reservation. only muslims are complaining they are left out so india should help them.. blah blah.

2. Malaysia - This place has 60+% malay muslims and balance chinese (buddhists and christians) and Indians (hindus and some christians). and even after 50 yrs of independence, the govt still spoonfeeds malays although they are majority. in all public universities, there is a big quota for these malay muslims. they also get preference for loans, scholarship, etc. and still they are far lagging behind the other races in poverty, economic powress, education etc.

3. UK - Anybody from UK will know how Muslims there are. i'm not too sure of the percentage of muslims there (maybe 5% or 6%) but i have seen indians, chinese, vietnamese, sri lankans there - all are succesful. it only the muslims that do minial jobs like collecting trash, sweeping road and subway etc. and despite the fact that they have been there for 2 generations!! yes! i spoke to a pakistani taxi driver who said his grandfather migrated to UK even pre-partition. and yet he is a taxi driver. and so muslims in UK say they r persecuted and not given opportunities.

to muslims who happen to read this; take it as a cue. opportunities are like the fish in the lake. to catch it, you need to fish for it. you need to try. the fish will not jump into your bag for you to take it home. whats happening now in places there r muslims is other people strive to catch the fish using their rod and bait and donate 1 in every 5 they catch to muslims who are doing nothing but crying b'coz they never caught any b'coz they never tried, but are just reciting quran. and we are giving you that 'donation' so that you will stop crying, as your cries are scaring the fish away and we want to catch more and bigger ones.

Anonymous said...

MAX - that is the problem we have in India - we think we have the numbers and finance in our side.

Do you think Pakistan does not know that?

What happens when in urban centers we have 30 - 50 of the Mumbai type jehadis waiting to "explode" at the first signs of the Indo-Pak war. Do you think rail lines will not be exploded to hurt logistics and supply? There will be "n" numbers of urban attacks from sleeper cells.

I do not doubt that India will win, but the costs have been raised substantially by the adversary, which will deter India time and again. And in a way, dont you think they have won?

Max said...

@Anon - 4:44 AM

A win can only be boasted of if one has acheived their true objectives. Right now, the objectives of this 26/11 attack spans from relocating Pakistan's troops from the Afghan border to a larger US gameplan to acheive a specific agenda. If it's the former, then it's clearly not a win. If it's the later, I don't know the true scope of the objective as yet.

About sleeper cells, that's what ISI has been trying to propogate since the 70s. As what Gen Zia-Ul Haq said, he wanted India to bleed from many cuts. As such, homegrown terrorism is something to worry about and it should be dealt with effectively; but on a Pakistani point of view, the propogation of homegrown Indian terror has not been very succesful. Till today almost every Islamic terrorist arrested has direct links with Pakistan. The terror camps which were located in Karnataka and Bengal jungles and subsequantly annihilated were set-up and closely linked to ISI. Pakistan has always wanted to create an autonomous terror fold within India to acheive its goals, but to date, we're yet to see any truly autonomous terror groups from Indian soil. In short, while we have not acheived our objectives of being terror free (as we can't interrogate every single Muslim), Pakistan has not acheived their goals either.