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There are lots of future scenario maps doing the rounds. Probably its best to understand the rationale behind them. Since LeT fired the first salvo in its quest for Islamization of India with the audacious commando raid on Mumbai – its better we start here.

"Pakistan is a country for Muslims of the subcontinent. Therefore, it is incomplete without Kashmir," Hafiz Saeed, founder of the LeT (Lashkar-e-Tayyiba). "Pakistan is also incomplete without Hyderabad, Junagarh and Munabao because these [erstwhile princely] states had announced accession with Pakistan, but the Hindus subjugated them," he said. "That is why it is our duty to free these states from Hindu subjugation and assure their Muslim population that they will become part of Pakistan. This is our agenda for Pakistan's completion. We will continue to propagate it in India through speech and writing and take these states back through jihad. There is no need for friendship with India.THERE CAN'T BE ANY PEACE WHILE INDIA REMAINS INTACT. CUT THEM, CUT THEM - CUT THEM SO MUCH THAT THEY KNEEL BEFORE YOU AND ASK FOR MERCY".

In 2004 Hafeez Sayeed commented: “The Jews are the worst enemies of Islam. Therefore, there will be no pro-Muslim change. The US economy is worsening. The US is no more as powerful as it used to be. I see a good change in future. Muslim countries will have to unite. If they unite on one platform, they could cause the US's disintegration.”

The ISI which helped create LeT finds mention for its complicity in the Mumbai attacks in this New York Times article.

Let us look at LeT’s mentors’ vision of Pakistan that found its way into newspapers in Pakistan – two maps – Pakistan in 2012 (MAP 1) and Pakistan in 2020 (MAP 2).

MAP 1: PAKISTAN 2012. Click on map for enlarged view.

In 2012 map,it shows the whole of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi; and parts of Uttranchal, Himachal (the northern tracts that feeds the Chenab), Andhra (Hyderabad section), Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh as the "new Pakistan". This will be brought about INTERNALLY by incessant jehad started internally by the madrassa educated students who are nothing but jahidis in the guise to bring about this reality.This will be facilitated by groups like INDIAN MUJAHIDEEN - who have already co-ordinated with LeT for the Mumbai attacks.. At the same time, EXTERNALLY India will be wreaked militarily by Pakistan, because of cheap military hardware and ammunition bought by our corrupt politicians. If one were to read the recent CAG reports you will find the DEEP HOLE we have dug ourselves militarily – and the fault lies entirely with our political class. Yes, we have the bravest soldiers and pilots, but they need the proper gear, the proper military hardware.

We have great intel, but we lack a NSA like facility. India has great scientists (look at ISRO), soldiers, intel officers – but we keep getting stymied due to our short sighted and extremely corrupt politicians. India is shining (whatever it is that is shining) is solely due to the efforts of the private sector – one has to congratulate them.

India today is just not ready to wage a war. Times of India reported : “If you thought the Indian airspace was impregnable from aerial threats or the country had adequate number of submarines to take the fight to enemy shores, think again. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has now punched big holes in these two critical defence areas."

And if we continue to have corrupt officials for a few more years – according to Pakistan the “new Pakistan map in 2020” will look like this:

MAP 2: PAKISTAN 2020 Click on map for enlarged view.

By this time, barring a few states in South Indian (note – they are called Disputed territories) – the rest of India is under Greater Pakistan and Bangladesh merges with it - AND 1971 IS AVENGED.


For a full English transcript of this conversation - go to Comment # 6 in this post.

You can take a look at the India map as it is today and then look at the Pakistan vision of 2012 and 2020.

Let us look at this from the population angle which I stated a few articles back – let me take out some pertinent statements from there. This population angle is the impetus that gives the conspirators in Pakistan ammunition for their dreams.

Let us look at India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Even though Bangladesh was part of Pakistan in 1947, for reasons of statistics, I am taking it as a separate country. I will show the population that was there in 1947 and expected population of these countries in 2050. All figures taken from World Bank.

PAKISTAN: Population in 1947 = 30 million. Expected Population in 2050 = 300 million. A 900% growth over 103 years.

BANGLADESH: Population in 1947 = 32 million. Expected Population in 2050 = 280 million. A 775% growth over 103 years.

INDIA: Population in 1947 = 345 million. Expected Population in 2050 = 1630 million. A mere 373% growth over 103 years.

Both Pakistan and Bangladesh have overwhelmingly Islamic population, hence growth is wholly attributed to them.

In case of India, there is a difference of Islamic population growth rate and the Hindu population growth rate. Muslims in India accounted for 9.9% of India’s total population in 1951, 10.8% in 1971, 11.3% in 1981, 12.1% in 1991. (CENSUS FIGURES - ACTUAL FIGURE HIGHER).

Let us look at the scientific data, and try to figure out when India’s muslims become 25% of India’s total population. Will come to why this 25% is important.

Total Indian Population in 1991 = 816 million.

Indian Muslim Population in 1991 = 101 million (12.1% of total).

% Increase in Total Population since 1981 = 23.8
Increase in Muslim Population since 1981 = 32.8

We now make a few rough, order-of-magnitude calculations of the numbers involved and their actual consequences. Using t for time, with origin at 1991, T for total Indian population and M for the population of Indian Muslims,


Solving for t, we get t=7.81, which is about 80 years i.e. 2070.


It is reliably argued that when the Muslim population of India will reach 25% of the total population, there will be a second partition of India. (The first one gave birth to Pakistan (east & west) and split of Pakistan in 1971 gave rise to Bangladesh). Pakistan has not forgotten the humiliating defeat of 1971 and every passing cadet takes an oath to avenge the defeat. However, the main plotters in Pakistan who are in their 60s and 70s will be all dead by 2070 - hence the hurry to bring in the break up of India and see the contours of the Caliphate in their lifetime.

With Pakistan army now embedding its soldiers in the ranks of LeT, Taliban and Al Qaeda for deniable operations in other countries, Pakistan today has now the most potent deniable ops. The complexity of Mumbai attacks has shown the commando training these LeT men received – but for all practical purposes they were trained by ex-Pak Army commandos and ISI handlers making the mix severely potent and showcased the lack of preparedness of India to deal with this sophisticated assault. This assault was for PAKISTAN MAP 2012.

What really is the aim therefore of these assaults, other than moving the Pakistan Army away from Afghanistan that will allow the Taliban and Al Qaeda to wreck havoc on ISAF, NATO forces in Afghanistan? It has already started blowing up convoys that feed the NATO – these Taliban are completely under the control of ISI and the message Pakistan is sending to USA – “do not mess with us or we mess with you”.

QUESTION: CAN INDIA NOT ACTIVATE CHABAHAR PORT TO SUPPLY NATO? IRAN today will not allow this - maybe a new dispensation in Iran will.

The larger picture is the dream of Islamic Caliphate and these maps will show you the actual plan. The first shows the Arab view which leaves India out of the Caliphate - Map 4. However the Pakistan vision of Caliphate includes India - see Map 5.

span style="font-weight:bold;">Islamic version of Caliphate


However, away from these Islamic plans, Ralph Peters in his seminal work - BLOOD BROTHERS has devised a mid-east map based on ethnicity that is at par with the Neo-con vision. This “future map” - THE AFTER VERSION is a fair map, the Baluchis and Kurds get their fair due. Pakistan is left with a thin silver colored country, de-fanged of its nuclear assets.


For India, if neo-con future map comes to fruition it will be saved - however this does not look LIKELY.

If not, India has a very tough and long battle ahead of it, to see to it that the Pakistan vision 2012 and 2020 does not come about.

And we are dreaming of friendship with Pakistan !! There should be no dialogue with Pakistan. Read this excellent article by Kanwal Sibal (ex Foreign Secy, Govt of India).

Incidentally, has anyone noticed two curious incidents: Cricket and jehad terror (timings) and Pakistan Army border training and jehar terror (timings). It’s not coincidental at all!

This is something that I received in mail and I thought of sharing as it is unique (FOR FUN ONLY)

Look at the pattern below followed by terrorists:

13 May -------- JAIPUR
June -------------------
26 July------------ AHMEDABAD
August ---------------------------
13 September------------ DELHI
October -------------------------
26 November--------------- MUMBAI
December ----------------------------
13 January ----------------- Where Next?

Next might be: Lucknow/Kanpur. Then Goa….

(To me Kolkata looks like the straight line viewed from a different angle - however this theory is good for visuals only. To think that the terrorists actually thought out a pattern aka the "Freemason way", will be shooting stars - though not a PENTAGRAM).

If this happens, it'll complete a pattern…. Symbol of Jews….Blasts resembling killing jews….starting from the country which projects itself as global-conglomeration of all religions.

As someone said, you can be gracious from a position of strength, otherwise this graciousness will be interpreted as “sign of weakness".

The enemy is steadfast in his vision and objectives and he is driven by the vision of Greater Pakistan as shown above in short term (MAPS 1 & 2) and the Caliphate (MAP 5) in the long term. Let us not kid ourselves that this is a fairytale - at least the jihadists do not think so. Make India prepared for this fight - we are ready, we just need the right politicians. And if not, we will ask the Military to take over.

To my White Anglo Saxon Protestant (W.A.S.P.) American friends in the "think tanks" get this for real - Pakistan is not interested in only Jammu & Kashmir (J&K). They want the whole of INDIA. If we even dream of parting with J&K - we will make the Pakistan map 2020 a reality.

Politicians giving appeasement to "groups" and indulging in vote bank politics – wake up and see the Greater Pakistan maps, wake up and give our fighting forces the right hardware. You are ensconced in your "Z" category vacuum and money stashed in Cayman / Swiss banks - you are hereby being warned and put on notice.


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Anonymous said...

Scary ................

Anonymous said...

Someone plz give a transcript of the video - in English here. Thanks.

vignesh said...

Yeah nice video...some one needs to send a couple of nukes up tht ma fokkers ass....
son of a gun.

Max said...


Firstly thanks for this wake up call. Hopefully the correct people read it (in time).

1. Your commentary on map 1 (2012) is not really accurate. It shows the whole of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana and Delhi; and parts of Uttranchal, Himachal (the northern tracts that feeds the Chenab), Andhra (Hyderabad section), Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh as the "new Pakistan".

It clearly shows their ill intentions, which is exactly what their "Quaid" Ali Jinnah had when he formed Pakistan. Lucky for him he had a bunch of illiterate Muslims to kiss his arse. It's only a matter of time before Pakistan turns into history.

2. I gotta repeat myself here, India was partitioned only once. It is not the case when you say "there will be a second partition of India".

3. Ralph Peter's map looks really sweet. Hopefully the US will use it as a model of the divide and rule poilicy they advocate so much in the middle east (for their interests). But a major flaw in it is that Northern Areas of PoK gets integrated with Afghanistan. Since when has Afghanistan claimed that area? It's an integral part of India.

(Unfortunately I couldn't understand what the moron in that video was ranting as I don't know the language)


@MAX - I have incorporated the states you mentioned in my article for Map 2012.

However, I have said that when the Muslim population will reach 25% overall in India - there will be a second partition. Which means, I am saying that till now, there has been only ONE partition. The second is "yet to occur".

I think I will add a last line for the "drunk on power" WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) think tank "gurus" who want to say the solving Kashmir will solve the India - Pak issue. How WRONG they are.....

Yes, I think I should give a gist of what Zaid Hamid (Owner of right wing Pakistan think tank BRASSTACKS is saying)



Q) I have a simple question – is it a necessity that we (Pakistan & India) continue to fight with each other at every step? Is there no possibility of following a peaceful path?

Answer by Zaid Hamid: India, these days, are providing us with sweet comprehensive solutions – that we should foster harmony, peacefully intermingle and co-exist, to come together to create a unified country and increase the welfare of our populace. This will also result in pooled resources and there will be no need for expenditure on arms & weaponry. We will live with complete peace in this region and our unified presence will lead to the emergence of a new world power.

By God – this is exactly what we (Pakistanis) desire too! We too want to merge with them (India), enjoy peaceful co-existence, not to be burdened by any problems, fights, wars with each other.

But we have just one demand – and we will agree to all their (India’s) demands, surrender before their will – if they will fulfill only one singular demand or ours.

Our demand is – that this larger unified territory be called PAKISTAN. And by God, this “Greater Pakistan” is an assured reality.

The rationale of this lies in the historical assessment of the two countries’ ability to rule. We have observed their (hindu ) ruling prowess and also noted the ability of Muslims to rule. And we can concur that if we need peace in this unified land, then Muslims must rule!

Because we have ruled them (hindus) for over 1000 years and understood that under their rule – Muslims cannot survive.

Surely if they (Indians) are sincere about their pledge and need for peaceful integration and co-existence – then let them for a second time unite with us.

This larger entity we will call Musalman …. Oops .. Pakistan. The voice of Radio Pakistan will broadcast from New Delhi. And then we will live in peace.

Not a moment before that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks B.U.A.

I cannot actually believe that this guy (Zaid H) has said all that.... A few months back I will have called him a crackpot - but not today.

He is actually saying exactly what the LeT is advocating. Probably you will notice the same sources of funds going to Zaid's "communications cell" as "Jamaat ud Dawa's" educational cell - same Saudi charitable sources. I will not be surprised.

Anonymous said...

I was once in Kuwait airport awaiting a flight back home. I happened to spot a few Bengalis who were holding Hare Krishna bags and some of them found seats next to me in the Airport. I assumed they must be from Kolkata - maybe because of the Hare Krishna bags. As our flights were delayed and we had nothing much to do, we happened to strike up a conversation. Very soon I came to know they were Muslims from Bangladesh. They were on their way back from New York to Bangladesh via Kuwait. The Bangladeshi guy was telling me there is no difference between Hindus and Muslims and that he was a Muslim. Secondly that the partition was a big mistake. "Oh ! I thought, maybe these guys want to be integrated with India after all !!!". But somewhere doubt persisted. So i asked him this precise question. His reply -" Forget it. We are an indepedent country. Why should we go back to India. What I wanted to state was that West Bengal and Assam should join us so that Bangladesh will become more powerful and can withstand the might of America." I just left him there and wandered off in disgust.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what China feels about Map 2020 ? Does it realise the grave it is digging for itself by supporting Pakistan and Bangladesh. Does it understand what it will have to deal with if Hindu India goes ? I dont think so as these guys are just as shortsighted as wannabe superpowers who think they can foment trouble and then get away with it. Just like US thought. Or even Indira thought while fomenting militancy in Punjab.

Anonymous said...

I have a few Pakistani friends in US - the relationship suddenly turned tenuous after the Mumbai strike. We (the Indian community) are more or less unanimous that we can be friends with most of the Bangladeshis here but Pakistanis are a different kettle of fish. They suffer from serious complex - at work places we are far better qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

It might sound racist, but just like the Blacks have a knack of screwing up nation building (See Africa), it seems these Muslims also screw up nation building (they are all tribal and testosterone driven society having no place for democracy or women. Under them only a jungle rule is possible.

And India should rid this scourge for world betterment.

Otherwise the Statue of Liberty will have to wear a veil.

Max said...


Sorry for the oversight (regarding partition). This time I stand corrected :).

Thanks a million for the translation of that video. I can't believe that cracko says this kinds of things. No wonder this is the first time I've heard of Zaid Hamid and Brasstacks. Zaid's theory only contradicts the entire notion of Pakistan's back bone: The two nation theory, where Muslims and Hindus cannot live together as one nation (irrespective of who's ruling), and that's why Pakistan was founded. 60 years down the line asshole Pakis are saying they want merger, but under a Muslim ruling coalition. This is exactly what Gandhi offered Jinnah, who turned it down. It's too good that jinnah got what he wanted, and Pakistan is off on its own. Or else India will be bogged down by all the problems Pakistan is facing today.

You see, this is the crocodile Pakistani mentality. Pakistan today comprises of people who have a disturbed thinking. These are people who are never happy with anything and everything. And this has been the mentality of the Pakistanis eversince it was formed. This was the exact mentality the pork eating, whiskey drinking Jinnah harboured.

These are people where you give them an inch, they want a yard. Give them a yard, they want a mile.

In the 40s pork eater, whiskey drinker Jinnah fought for Pakistan, convincing his minions that Muslims and Hindus can't live as one nation. He strenghtened his points by quoting the socio-economic disparity between Muslims and Hindus. He got what he wanted. 60 years on they are still not happy with what they got, they want all of India. Even if you give them all of India, they'll grumble not enough and will want Ughyur, Nepal, Lanka etc. Why, give them the whole world and yet it won't be enough for them.

I don't blame them for thinking in this manner. They have clearly been trashed. Defeated. Crushed by India; contrary to what they dreamt 60 years ago. Today Muslims in India are far more succesful than Pakistanis (what an irony). Azim Premji, the world's richest Muslim entreprenuer has more money than what the whole of Pakistan has in foreign reserves. So put in this situation, of course the only thing they can do is rant, nag, complain and dream.

So in the mean time, let them continue with their wet dreams.

Put it simply, Muslims everywhere are never happy with what they have. There's no peaceful Muslim majority country or Muslim minority country. When minority, they fight for "rights" because they are always the most backward community. When majority, they fight each other. Sunni vs. Shia vs. Ahmadi. Even animals are better than them.

To Indians: make sure even the most remote possibility of this coming true gets nipped in the bud. The first step is crushing Islamists in India.

@ Anon,12:56 AM

You're absoulutely true. Pakistanis, where ever they are, how educated they can be (spare a few), have an inferiority complex. I've met them in one too many countries. Eventually it will boil down to India bad, Kashmir, BJP etc. They are low life people with defeatist mentality, who simply love to rant; and have wet dreams all day.

Anonymous said...

zaid hamid has just used mumbai attacks to stir up his popuarity. pathetic loser with LeT thinking

Anonymous said...

''emergence of a new world power.''

lol right now india is steadily becoming a new power to reckon with while pak is a failed state. merge with them and we will become a new ''world loser''


Anonymous said...

Hindus cant even talk of their rights ( of retaliation, of compensation, of having a central religious body like Islam or Christianity has, of getting support from corporates etc etc ) in their own country. So what fight are we discussing here ? Its obvious that the war to islam is but lost. Its a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

5 Traits of a Pakistani

(1) Gelled Hair
(2) Awkward gait of walk - legs moving like a woman, while the chest is jutting out like a man
(3) Extremely anglicised accent ( even though he / she has spent not more than 7 days abroad
(4) Immersed in conspiracy theories
(5)Think of themselves as james Bond's brother

In short you guys are right - they have a major identity problem

Anonymous said...

Also when a Pakistani meets an Indian he / she tries to shock the latter with some point of view / insights etc. And struts around with a know-all attitude. However go to his home and you will rarely see a book - 99.9999% of Muslims do not study anything else other than their religious textbooks and the maximum they read is the sports page of a newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Avid Historian

We are not a nation of defeatists. We can and will / must prevail. We only have to look at our history to realise that we were the wealthiest nation on earth and that perhaps the bravest. Cultured and brave. Stealing was unknown to us. We all learnt these things from the British.


" I have travelled across the length and breadth of India, and I have not seen one person who was a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such caliber, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and therfore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will loose their self esteem, theeir native culture, and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.

Anonymous said...

You are reporting the same shit your govt. was spewing out of its ass dancing around by lifting its Sari, while the operation was 'still' going on. Keeping that Clown Act in mind do you expect us to take your shit seriously?

Also, what were the terrorists doing booze and drugs in their bags? Why were they jacked up on LSD, Coke, and Booze? You know very well these are not the traits of the Mujahideen, someone who is going to give up his life for Allah and hoping for heaven, will he do such things?

Also i love mentioning this particular clown act again and again, that the terrorists came back boat from karachi under the nose of the WHOLE Indian Navy/Coast Guard (which shows how incompetent they are, if those terrorists really came by boat) with a motherload of RDX and Ammunitions.

This is the same Shit that the Americans were spewing out that the 'terrorists' nto anyone elses, but the terrorist's passport flew out of the plane that hit the twin towers, thru balls of fire and landed on the road. And what happened later? the world know sthat 9/11 was an inside job.. Good luck India, the world wont be fooled by your antics, cuz your Daddy. the USA has already pulled this act, and you, its bastard child, doesnt have half the brains as your Daddy, Uncle Sam.

And yes, we live to see Greater Pakistan - our mujahids will beat the shit out of your NSG commandos.

Anonymous said...

1. zaid hamid says he wants greater pakistan. is isnt this contrary to what jinnah fought for, which is a SEPERATE country for muslims? and india a seperate country for hindus. so who gave birth to this idea of "greater pakistan"?

2. zaid hamid says muslims are the best rulers. he says they have ruled india 1000 years. ok zaid, lets not look so far at history, lets look at current situation. Pakistan vs india. who wins? pakistan is a failed state. a rogue state. a crisis state. one of the highest corruption in the world. illetracy and poverty percentage is far higher than india. economic growth is stagnant. another example is bangladesh. look how unsuccesful they are under islamic rule. so it clearly proves in current terms, india is far superior in governing than pakistan. pakistan is a country where not a single democratically elected govt has stayed in power for his entire term. they r talking about governance to us. haha. they cant even look after pakistan properly they wanna handle india and pakistan. wow! what fantastic losers!

3. zaid hamid, before muslim pigs came, india was the richest empire on earth. later ching china overtook us thanks to mughal policy of building mosques everywhere and plundering temples. illetracy grew, so did poverty and stupid rituals like sati etc.

4. in todays world every single muslim country is mired in crisis. all the failed states are muslim countries. and u are talking about muslim governance. fly kites.

5. here is how fair muslims are. they are creating so much noise for an unsed piece of trash called babri. do these fanatics know how many temples have been destroyed by mughals? how many destroyed by themselves? pakis and banglas, if you want statistics, ask me. i will give you.

6. hey listen, india has SMOKED PAKISTAN's ARSE!! now you guys have acknowledged defeat. dont try to act smart by pushing for integration. we dont wanna tangle in the death row pakistan is in.

7. LeT think thay can take greater india. thats why Indira Gandhi has made sure we had nukes since the 70s. because she knew what u had in your stinky minds. we will nuke ur ARSES clean and have back ARKHAND BHARAT. remember, if a merger takes place, india wins because it was never indias policy for merger. neither is it indias policy to "let muslim rule" like it is in pakistan. go study the nature of secular.

Anonymous said...

to anon@ 4:43

ur granma used to wear sari too u son of a bitch (oo sorry, bitch is very smart and loyal.) you son of a swine! be careful though. maybe ur prez eats swine. because ALI JINNAH used to hahahahaha.. and u noe what? ur great granma lifted her sari xposing her ass to be screwed by a mughal. thats y u are a muslim pig.

who ever said hey had coke n booze? if they did, then ask ur army or isi. this is the usual paki mentality. this guy might have just wet dreamt of coke and so he is spewing it out. and greater pakistan? not great what greater? its SHITER pakistan.

americans r our daddy? LOL musharraf SHAT IN HIS PANTS when bush told him pakistan will be bombed to stone age if he didnt work with US. and thats why u hear of bombings on a daily basis in pak.

HAHA US threatened PAK to act within 48 hrs if pak didnt (on mumbai attackers) and no balled pakis arrested LeT and JuD people in that time... even america was so scared of indian attack on pak that it pressed for this action... cool huh! we have shown u how powerful we can be. so its not our uncle sam boy, its ur uncle sam.

remember in the longer part of India's history she has been ENEMY with USA. USA tried to send nimitz to give nuke scare in 71 but even with US, CHina support, pak still lost the war. so india got no reason to fear uncle sam. uncle porki is the scardy cat!

so learn some facts man

like wat somebody told. muslims never read anything but sport and quran. it explains how emptily u talk.

pls open up ur mind a lil. close those qurans. goto wikipedia n press muhammad. you will see lots of muhammad pictures. thats the first step.

Anonymous said...

wow so its clear

60 yrs down the line they have run back to us. surrendering before our will. WOW!

just give another 15 years. they will be on the brink of destruction and they will beg us to take them back.

again we say no. we wait another 10 years, they will be no more. than we move in and grab the land without the poeple. it will be a museum. abandoned town museum.

Anonymous said...

If all Indians go and piss in Chenab, it will flood Pakistan. Lets form a commitee and do that.

Anonymous said...

All Muslim states are failed states. The ones that are surviving are simply due to oil. Once the world moves to other forms of energy, Islam is doomed. So its an energy issue really. The only 3 Muslim country or place that I admire are Dubai / Oman / Bahrain :-

(i) they are building a non-oil economy

(ii) they are truly secular. Its very admirable.

Rest of the Muslims are just bloody arrogant religious bastards and pigs...

Anonymous said...

anon@7:42 AM,

yes we shd do that. especially ask the people with aids and other diseases to do the pissing.


you guys have always had great imagination. ok since 48 war (we both got a share of kashmir), tell me, has india lost a single inch of kashmir to pakistan? while pakistan has lost around 1000 sq mi (~2500 sq km) of Kashmir to india. All this despite the fact Pakistan had been arming conflicts for decades and spawning terrorists for their "kashmir cause" (which is actually a mask to get Kashmirs water resources). They have not been able to take a single inch of Indian Kashmir in 60 yrs. Shameful. and now the shameless ducks wanna take hundreds of thousands of sq km. of Bharat in 10 yrs. Funny little freaks.

try to recover your lost territory before going for any more.

hey remember, the 2500 sq km is only about kashmir. excludes another 140,000 sq km of bangladesh which we liberated from you guys.

everybody know pakistan only wants kashmir for its water not its people. if pak really wants to look after welfare of PoKashmiris, then why is "azad kashmir" the POOREST region of Pak? Indian Kashmir however has less poverty than Maharashtra. we r building dams, trains, roads for kashmiris. they have their own state govt. unlike "azad" where everything is controlled from islamabad under "ministry of kashmir affairs".

if you realllly want and advocate "self determination", then first u free the Pushtuns and Balochis who have determined they want a independant nation then talk about kashmir's self determination.

(guys, pakis feel sore b'coz they got the rotten parts of kashmir. no rivers, less population, not fertile areas. india in contrast got the BEST areas like kashmir valley, jammu etc. pity them.)

Anonymous said...

Hinduism is the only Polytheist religion which withstood the onslaught of all the Monotheist religions - Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. All the world's earliest religions fell and died away ( became reduced to an extremely small number ).

Which idiot claims that Muslims ruled India for a thousand years ? Must be some stupid illerate Pakistani fed by their propanganda machine. They ruled parts of India and there was no 1000 year period. These bastards love the term 1000 - 1000 stories in Arabin nights etc etc. The only person who ruled India properly was Akbar and guess what - he propagated his own form of religion called Din - E - Ilahi, which was formed from Islam, Hindusim etc. It worshipped the sun instead of the Islamic obsession with the moon. No wonder these guys are lunatics.

Anonymous said...

dubai, bahrain and oman are able to grow rapidly because oil money. if not they will be in same league as yemen. these 3 countries cant make a single motorbike (not that pakistan can anyway). can u tell me 1 big multinational manufacturing ./ services corp from those countries?? NO.

everything import / beg from US.

lets see what happens once their oil dries up.

i noe people from these countries are much less fanatic than porkis, but they got less brains. sheikhs are really useless. all they know is smoke hookah (which originated in India) and chew Qat.

Anonymous said...

But still these people are not against Hindus and hold Hindus in higher esteem than Pakistanis....

Anonymous said...

Pakistan should:
1: put U.S and Indian government on the Axis Of Liar list.
2: declare India a terrorist state.
3: ask OIC to declare CIA a terrorist organization and that it must be banned.
4: ask OIC to declare George W. Bush a warmonger and should be put on trial.
5: ask OIC to declare Israel an illegitimate state and that it has no right exist.
Long Live Pakistan, Pakistan Army and ISI

************** said...

Anon above (a numbskull paki):

Pakistan is a single testical country (that 1 testical was given by China in the form of nuclear weapons). OIC is a grouping of 57 member states, all of which have absoulutely no balls, except Pakistan, with only one ball (which is extremely weak).

All those declarations are as good as you writing down those on your house wall - yes - i mean no body will give a damn; not even your best friends like Saudi, China etc.

Why? All your best friends (spare China) depend as much on the US as Pakistan does. The only reason why Pakistan is still sustaining today is because of US aid. Pakistan has a secret US airbase for launching UAVs in Swat. This is a well known fact. Saudi (Islam's holiest land) has a US airbase in it ROTFL!!!

You think they gonna give a DAMN? Bengal tiger said before "because of the Bosnia airlift, US President Bill Clinton threatened to Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that Pakistan will be declared a TERRORIST STATE if Sharif did not remove Javed Nisar from top post of ISI. Which Sharif did and averted his nation from being called a Terrorist State"

Now USA gave 48 hours warning for Pakistan to act (Pakistan denied), but Bingo - LeT and Jamat is sealed!

Faggots. USA threatened to NUKE INDIA by sending a Nuclear acc during 1971 war but India was undetered and beat the shit out of Pakistan. Niazi (who had aspired to capture Kolkata) ended up in Kolkata alright, only in the Central Jail ROTFL.

USA threatens PAKISTAN and withing 24 hours they have acted! If they give a nuclear scare faggot pakis would jump in the sea i think LOLL

This is the BEST of the BEST:

Long Live Pakistan, Pakistan Army and ISI"

All the muslim countries will SPIT on PAKISTAN face.


****** said...

anon 8.54

"But still these people are not against Hindus and hold Hindus in higher esteem than Pakistanis...."

yes 100% true. i saw that whe i worked in abu dhabi for 2 years. they must be duely credited for that. and i dont blame them. pakistani workers are the stupidest and laziest pigs. when wife becomes pregnant (once a year usually), they will take leave 2 weeks. wife sick, leave. father sick, leave. and when u dismiss them they say u r anti pakistani.. bla bla..

even the banglas are better. i was a safety manager there and saw. the worst are the pakis, followed by banglas, indians... sri lankans are the better ones. so of course anybody will hate them. lazy freaks.

Anonymous said...

yaa rite. v r seeing how well muslims are ruling their countries.

Anonymous said...

Take the oil away and see for yourself how well Islamic countries are faring. 1 : 120 :: Pakistani : Indian === such idiotic unfounded notions can stem from wooly idiotic brains such as that of a Pakistani. These Pakis are treated with contempt in the Gulf.. less than that of human beings.. bloody gutter people all of them.. Most Arab firms are headed by Indian Hindus.. Most.. Why ? Yes Arabs are maybe not so good at making cars themselves but definetely they know money and they know the difference between a Pakistani fake and an Indian

Anonymous said...

Paki is a slang term in UK where I live


Guys, I have decided to keep all comments intact - including slangs, F words et al, it adds aggression and color ... after all this is a forum to vent anger / frustration and also impart / share knowledge. I must thank all of you that you have kept this interactive and giving views from across the globe.

Just one note and I see that this has been adhered to - we can abuse the "people", "govt", countries etc but let us not abuse the "supreme being" (if HE/SHE exists).



INDIA is a smart nation, we have brilliant bureaucrats as well as armed forces - and time and again I will mention it is the "spineless and corrupt" political class that has "screwed" India.

However, I was very very happy to note that India has "renewed" its friendship with Russia. We need Russia - plain and simple. For armaments, for logistics, and indeed it has been an all weather friendship. Also it gives India a lever to "tighten" the Americans, if US suddenly turns "tail" which they are often wont to do.

Americans like "strong" nations / "strong" leaders - good or bad does not matter to them as long as nations are strong and can take decisions and there is a chain of command that can be "used". They will like Military leaders in Pakistan for precisely this reason - and look at the "pitfalls" these Military rulers have created for India.

We need Americans too - but not at the expense of Russians.

India is a proud strong nation and its time we behaved as one

NATO countries like Germany and France have bowed to Russian and not admitted Ukraine and Georgia into NATO - much to the annoyance of US (actually a section of USA). But countries have their own vision and over time US too will get used to "strong" countries around the world.

Anonymous said...

Guys ... go to his blog too ....

Anonymous said...

first of all please dont censor comments unless they redicule one's religion. other than that all foul words should be accepted.

and thanks for the translation of the scum that porki is talking in the video.

i juz wanna ask:

This larger entity we will call Musalman …. Oops .. Pakistan.

is this ..oops Pakistan thingy done purposely or accidently, and whats the meaning of a country called Musalman?

please... i really cannot a single word of it... so i dont know the contect.. i am a Tamil hence I only know Tamil and little bit of Malayalam... i dont know a word hindi other than namaste, shukria... and daniabad and pyar..

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous at 11:08

I love that guy (syed jamaludin)!!!



split up pakistan

to anybody who has blogger account, could u please ask him to open up his blog to anon comments? i will be the first person to voice my support to his course!! now his blog has ZERO comments.

i am sure we can make him happy, isn't it?

lets show him that the indians are behind his noble cause.

Anonymous said...

....and i fully agree that pashtuns, balochis and kashmiris will never be at ease until pakistan splits... and if they are not in peace, then the whole of pakistan and india wont be at peace.

Anonymous said...

Which idiot claims that Muslims ruled India for a thousand years ?



I think the Musalman ...oops Pakistan was made inadvertently. However, it shows Zaid Hamid's mental makeup, which has no place for any other religion other than Islam.

He wants to call the "larger" entity Pakistan as it sounds "kosher" today. At some point - the idea would be to impose Sharia over the entire entity. So, do not be under any illusion about his or LeT's intentions.

In fact, these guys have been trying v hard to force Sharia down the throat of Pakistan - they have tasted success in NWFP areas of Pakistan. They want to gobble up the entire Pakistan and then carry on their gory advance - if we do not stop them.

But we will stop them. :)


I am more or less convinced of the following issues:

1. Afghan jihad and Russian defeat spawned a whole network of terror alliances that got a fillip from the Soviet defeat.

2. The terror networks were then sewn together into a cohesive unit by ISI for deniable operations worldwide.

3. Pakistan Airforce runs the Saudi airforce and to some extent the UAE airforce too.

4. Pakistan Army contributes greatly to the UN peacekeeping force that allows it to travel to global hotspots and make a "egg drop" there for future jehad or "trouble".

5. From Europe to Asia, and to 9/11 the fingerprint of ISI is "SIGNIFICANT" - so much so, Al Qaeda is now a mere puppet to ISI.

6. Destroying ISI will not end terrorism. If you are to assume ISI as the head of the octopus, then its 8 tentacles have to be cut too - eg Lashkar e Taiba, Al Qaeda, Dawood network, SIMI & Indian Mujahideen network, HUJI & JEM & Lashkar e Jhangvi, the TALIBAN etc etc have to decimated at the same time.

7. There is no way the civilian govt in Pakistan can do anything about it and the Pakistan army spawned this baby - ISI and ISI then spawned the terror groups - which makes Pakistan Army the grandfather to these terror groups. Expect no help from them.

8. INDIA has to act and act unilaterally. Maybe US & Israel will help, maybe not. Russia is the other party that seethes at the mention of Pakistan - after all the breakup of Russia started from the soil of Pakistan and it is they who created Balochistan Liberation Army. Rope them in. India has to dramatically increase COVERT ops in Pakistan - 1000X times than what it is or is not doing today.

9. These mujahids are drunk on power of the Soviet withdrawal and the discomfort they are causing the US and ISAF forces in Afghanistan. In a hit and run warfare behind rugged mountains, it is one thing - it is another to fight a war - across desert / sea and plains.

10. INDIA HAS NO OPTION BUT TO GO TO WAR WITH PAKISTAN - SOONER THAN LATER. Till then - ensure Pakistan boils from within.

11. Make Pakistan boil from within by asking it to attack these terror groups it has spawned through the UN / US pressure. Attacking Taliban is already creating a backlash in Pakistan but not inside Punjab (Pakistan's Punjab province). Attacking Lashkar e Taiba and Jamaat ud Dawa will ensure that these "terrorists" will set its sight on Punjab and make it burn.

12. Let us see what role CHINA plays in this - when the Jamaat name is taken to UN. It has already refused to take it forward 3 times - this time it might be hot for them too.

Anonymous said...

My 2 bit on this subject :-

1) All major religions need 1500 - 2000 years to cool down. Probably Islam will go that way as well unless control of Jihad goes in the hands of those guys who are supposed to regulate it - meaning the highest authorities of Islam. Otherwise every Tom, Dick and Harry oops.. Rahim, Ismail and Murtaza will foment religious tensions to recruit people to fight their personal wars. And people are ready to die in the name of the Almighty. Especially in screwed all terroristan or pakistan as it is better known, where there are scores of brainwashed people ready to die. After all probably death is a better alternative than living conditions there.

2) China is defintely the biggest unknown factor. This nation which I once used to look upon as something great has sharply come down in my esteem. These idiots are actually that - a bunch of arrogant idiots. Can they even imagine to deal with Islamic India ? They will have a hundred revolts all over China. It is better that we force a dialogue with Islam before we wage a war with them.


Jinnah a complete motherfucker did not know that he was creating a terrorist state, though we as indians should thank this ass hole that he created pakistan.... on the ideology that hindus n muslims cannot co-exist..... Look at what has become of pakistan now...completely failed state..same could have happened of india if we had co-existed.Muslims are a problem all over the world..Infact i think its muslims that cannot live with hindus or any other religion....see even with israel or U.S(pakistan,s master)all pakis are tail wagging dogs in front of U.S THEY LICK u.s' ASS AS THEY GET FUNDS FROM THEM . I am a great admirer of Gandhiji but i feel let down by his decision to let muslims stay in india(when the fact was that they got pakistan as well as to stay in India too)India's progress will be hampered by this decision forever.Now this son of two baaps with no testicals hamid says of taking over India under pakistan... Guys wait for another 5 yrs pakistan will be a completely disintegrated .India can win war with these KATLYAS in no time.But alas our CHAKKA POLITICIANS do not have those balls to do so.I would like to get my frndz to comment on this thought of mine now

1.I think god & devil both exist on earth

2. God accepts & respects other belifs but Devil (MUSLIMS) hate & disrespect other religions.

3. God has many forms but do you think devil has only one form ---ALLAH???? as devil only accepts its own presence & religion that of evil ..same as what all these radical muslims are preaching & following?

4. All over the world MUSLIMS are a big problem because of their ideologies that allah is the only almighty & all other religions are fictitious.That every 1 must become muslim or perish.

5.From all above do i conclude that ALLAH is the name given to DEVIL????

6. Look at what the followers of ALLAH are doing just demanding a seperate land all the time in name of majority & then increase population in other country & then again demand more seperate land....& then kill if your demand is not fullfilled.


Anonymous said...

yes they are a pain on everybody's arse. jinnah was a stupid mofo who loved ham sandwiches and whiskey (maybe even pot).

islam is babarian. u can wait 150000 years also they will be the same (they may no longer exist though)... sikhism is a much newer religion and yet they are not as bad.

they think only they can be fanatic... they r testing the patience of other religions.

i call on all hindus, christians, jews, buddhists, aethists and all other faihs to join hands to wipe islam from theface of this earth!!!

-Jason K. Smith, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

This projection possibly is based on the assumption that ordinary Hindus don't do anything and continue to believe on the corrupt Hindus and pro-terroristan supporters in the govt. machinery.

So as ordinary Hindus, I reckon we need a multi-pronged strategy to keep the muslim population between 10-15%. These 10-15% are important (instead totally eliminating them) as we could use their numbers as ransom to get oil (until it runs out or deter muslim aggression) After that operation "Muslim-Kush". We haven't really used this as bargaining chip so far.

So what options we could explore for a multi-pronged strategy:

1. We need "Maha-Godhra" - We can borrow Israel's strategy of "Ek ka dus", for every Hindu martyred eliminate 10 muslims. Looking back Godhra was un-coordinated, "Maha-Godhra" should be coordinated and executed with precision. I guess for that to happen as a first step, we need to identify and mark muslim areas (like they did in World War II). This task could be easliy undertaken by local Hindus without any expenditure of money. Each Maha-Godhra should target to exterminate 10,000 muslims. We could initially pilot this in Assam, Bihar and West Bengal to fine-tune the strategy.

2. Again taking a page from world war II, we could use thermal power stations as gas chambers for eliminating large number of muslims.

3. To deter attacks from Terroristan, Bangladesh and China, India needs to urgently acquire MOAB missiles from US or Russia or develop one by diverting funds from ISRO. About MOAB -

Jai Akhand Bharat.




Everything you said is fine - but let me state once more - let us not bring in "SUPREME BEINGS" here - you & I do not know about their existence - plus bringing in religion allows us to lose focus.

There are Muslims and then there are rabid Muslims. We have Azim Premji, Abdul Kalam - who we are very proud of. And then we have Zakiur Rahman, Hamid Gul too - who want to destroy India with terrorism and we should hate them and infact KILL them.

But by denigrating ALLAH we are not doing justice to Azim Premji and people like Abdul Kalam.

Obviously there is something wrong with ISLAM - and it is not ALLAH.

The problem with ISLAM is with the religious "TEACHERS" who spew hatred in the name of ALLAH - those that teach in the madrassas where they teach to 1)KILL ALL HINDUS, JEWS, INFIDELS 2) IT IS YOUR RELIGIOUS RIGHT TO KILL ALL INFIDELS - ALLAH SAID SO. (Actually Allah said to kill in battle field if enemy is not subjugated and never to harm innocents, and never propogate religion by sword and only by love and even then if the person is unwilling to join Islam - let him be."

Unfortunately for us, people who really know the Quran are very few and do not matter. People who read the mis-interpreted version of Quran are many - hence we have this problem today. PAKISTAN is a living version of TERRORISTAN. Yet, when you go to the avenues of Karachi and Lahore, you will be surprised at their affluence, at their secular ethos - but as I said - they are in such a MINORITY today that they do not have a VOICE and they DO NOT MATTER.

If you want to know the DEVILS - look at HAFIZ SAEED of Lashkar e Taiba, look at ISI.

These are the DEVILS - they need to be eliminated.

The MADRASSAS are breeding ground for future DEVILS - eliminate those.

Guys, let's please stay above calling names to supreme beings unless you prove me wrong.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

problem was muhammad. nothing else

Anonymous said...

Exception does not make the rule. APJ Abdul Kalam and Azim Premji are exceptions and not the rule. While I am against denigrating GOD, I am completely in support of this ethnic cleansing of Muslims from Akhand Bharat which includes Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. They have become a severe disease and needs to be cleansed. How ? If someone can guide us, we are all for it..

Anonymous said...

Maha Godhras - exactly what we want. Every year five cities in India to have Maha Godhras where Hindus will have the right to kill Muslims the way they deem fit. Looking at the pictures of innocent civilians in CST, I yearn to cry out - Har Har Mahadeva and wipe out these BASTARD MUSLIMS..

Lets pray to our GODS so that HE sends his messenger to rid us of this Muslim menace.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you start and write in here or anywhere the number of madrassas you have in your state. How it has grown in the last 3 years? And the number of mosques that has grown in the last 3 years? Also the % of Muslims working in dockyards, as fishermen, as owners of carrying & forwarding companies. You will get much of weak linkages and attacks from these centres.

File Right to Information with the Centre - someone in Delhi pls get this done. At least we will come to know the number of registered and unregistered madrassas.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on December 10, 2008 5:46 PM
I think we need to talk mail me on

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous on December 11, 2008 2:58 AM
I think we need to talk please mail me on

Anonymous said...

pakistani bhosdike,
2012 ho ya 2112, bhos jitna tera pakistan....or india ko cover up karne ki baat karte ho...saamne ake ladke to dikhao ... jehad ke naam pe terrorist camp chalate ho...salo pakistan me barish jyada ho jati he to tumari fat jati he or india ke pas ate ho you fucking beggars.....

Anonymous said...

One thing hinduism taught me is to respect al religion. If a person robs you u dont wipe out the entire community. Hindus use to burn widows alive. Every religion has some pros and cons it does not mean we will start hating each other. There are lot more issues in hand then creating "maha godhras". Does anyone of u know that in India still 50% of childred under the age of 5 die every year. Talking abt killing each other can never solve anything. Thats what these terrorist want to do create a rift. We should work together irrespective of being hindus or muslim. Afterall the greatest religion is humanity.

Anonymous said...

@ANON ABOVE - people like you should go to Pakistan. Really I mean it.

At some basic level, explain to me one thing. As BuA has shown, Pakistan's population is growing at 900% and as is Bangladesh's. In India too, the % of Muslims are growing faster.

Does that mean anything to you? Idiot pacifist. Hold hands with Arundhuti Roy and live in Pakistan. Good riddance !!

Anonymous said...

yes u r right..lets kill everyone. Men women children irrespective of what they have done or not done. My neighbour is a muslim he has a 3 year old son lets kill all of them. What a solution and it will be fun too i guess. An eye for an eye and finally we all will be blind.

Anonymous said...

Whether all will be blind or not is not known, but idiot pacifists like you will be blinded first for sure.

Anonymous said...

Look at how they killed innocent people. Have you guys seen the pictures ? So yes if we have a gun in hand, lets wipe out this vicious disease called Islam. Of course if you can covert them to Hindusim, Jainism, Sikhism etc then that is better

Anonymous said...

well, one word for all what has been said by al pakis.... bullshit.
You know so called advoctes of islaam has divided world ibntio tow part's its now islaam V.S rest of world... where you people stand you better know. From condom to cars you are dependent. So stay away from INDIA else neither pakistaan nor your alla will be able to sapre you..

Anonymous said...

can dat video b circulated all over d world??
stupid ppl seeing a stupid dream...
and wait a min...
did anyone read the line<< jews are worst enemies of islam >>
how can u divide world on basis of religion??
its gud v got aware of der intentions on time...

Anonymous said...

i just can't stop laughing...
are u kidding??
are those handful of coward terr are about to win india??
they will again get thier ass ripped

Anonymous said...

are koi to uss stupid ko batao ki ab shenshahon ka rule nahi chalta...
now its democracy...
btw hu said dat muslims ruled for dese many yrs??
idiot creature

Anonymous said...

bhik me mile desh ke aur bhik se mange weopon's pe zyada kude mat maro

An Indian said...

You Pakistanis Dont know how to get fucked...
we will have to show you this by fucking ur sis and moms ass off..

Anonymous said...

Well done.....The way you have paved way for ISI is astonishing and shocking as it is possible only in the stone age or earlier than that. It means that ISI is doing everything and the whole world is looking calmly to it without interfering in its job as it is the sole purpose of the whole world.
My dears....Can you bear the truth just about Mumbai Attacks?????Let me give you some Hints.....

1-Unlike other terrorists, Terrorists in Mumbay has not demanded anything? They don't demand release of their co-prisoners nor demanded
money... why?? what was their target then?

2-Unlike other islamic Jehadis with beard and turbans, why Mumbai
terrorists came with strange look - they wore jeans and T-shirts;
clean-shaved and no turbans nor any sign of muslims terrorists we
normally watch on media?

3-And the Terrorists attackers did nothing specifically for western,
even Israelis, it was sure if they were Jehadists!

4-Beer drinking terrorists; Jehadi are non-alcoholic, however Mumbai Terrorists goes to the cafe and drinks beer before they start firing??

5-Mumbai terrorists immediately find their targets by killing ATS
leaders [Hemant Karakare, CP Ashok Kamthe & Vijay Salskar) in first 15 minutes of the attacks of their terror?
Karakare was wearing bullet proof jacket , he was fired right on his neck!!! he was in a crowded place , so it was not easy to find and identify him.
how they got so much information ????????? why they targeted him!!!!!!
How and why they so specific the clearly chose ATS leaders? And the terrorist immediately ran away, why? & who was that terrorist?
(ATS was investigating about BJP involvment in terrorism, General Prohait , Samjhoota Express Blasts)
http://www.ocnus. net/artman2/ publish/Defence_ Arms_13/India_ Hindu_Supremacis t_Terror_ Network.shtml
http://www.sahilnew news.php? catID=voice&nid=4133&viewed=0
6-Only one terrorist caught lively (?), all others killed as in
every encounter in recent past?

7-Mumbai terrorist are very clear about their targets, they are well
experienced their hide abouts in Taj and other places?

8-Prime Minister, Sonia & LK Advani visits Mumbai, but no clues or no claims about ISI or Pakistan.. However Gujarat CM Modi hurry-up to Mumbai and declares that Pakistan is behind the attack
without any doubt!

Note: no other CMs goes to Mumbai..
And he offers rewards to every military men killed of 1 crore unlike PM and LK Advani? Even he offers aid to MahaRastra!

9-Media was widely reporting that there were IDs of terrorists
recovered which shows Malaysian and Mauritious IDs however such
references disappeared once Modi's arrival!

10-The timing of Mumbai terror is well planned, just before state

11-We are told that they came from Pakistan by sea? Indian military in boards sea were sleeping?? We are told they came by speed boats?
is it possible to travel so long on such boat?

12-It took contineous 60 hours to stop the terrorism! and most of
terrorists killed!!!!!

13)Karkare's wife declines 'Modi's compensation' offer
http://www.expressi latest-news/ Karkares- wife-declines- Modis-compensati on-offer/ 392207/

Mumbai The family of slain Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare has declined Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's offer of monetary help, sources said on Saturday.

Modi on Friday visited the residences of Karkare and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, who were killed while fighting militants on
Wednesday night.

Modi also announced that his government would give Rs 1 crore to Maharashtra for the families of policemen killed in the attacks.
Karkare's widow and other family members have declined Modi's offer, the sources said.

The fact is that not only media but such blog masters have kept you people in complete dakrness. Just think about one more thing....
After the attacks, all the hotels started working, media only visits the same hotel while it has forgotten the railway station. Why?

On the basis of these evidences, just tell me is ISI still behind these attacks or there is someone else inside INDIA......

Lastly when Minister for minorities Mr. AR Antolay raised the question about Karkare's death, who was the first to raise the objection and force him to resign from the post?

Anonymous said...

If things are going like this,,then another ussr will occur in india . she will break into pieces,, after that ten Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is not enough to rejoin....

muslims means united that we must think........bcoz they are once in every week....that matter is lacking in our religion....

Anonymous said...

The map 2012 and 2020 are a best day dreams. My dear Pakistani friends; I'ld like to remind you that your country is always a looser at war fields. But you all should not forget that you all are and your country also born from INDIA. So it will be Great Indian Democratic Republic instead of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. this is the map of India before 1947. So be assured there will be no more Pakistan in world map.

Anonymous said...

The way you portrayed your maps are can never be achieved even in your dreams.

If you want to publicize your blog,try some other ways. Don't hurt the peoples feelings.

And I couldn't control my laugh after seeing the maps.



I am not here to publicize my blog. I am a very patriotic Indian. If you could have read the article properly, you would have got it.

So, what is the purpose of giving the two maps.

For one - the maps are not mine as you can see - these are flags drawn by elements close to Pakistan Army and found its way into Urdu newspapers in Pakistan. The idea is to showcase the thinking from across the border.

Two - It shows to readers in India what they do not know. That our "neighbors" are actually dreaming of eating us up or breaking up and we are trying to do a Peter Drucker on them "How to win friends and influence people".

That I have been able to show it to readers in India is my aim and I am glad that the few people who saw it will think it through and probably pass it around.

Anonymous said...

An Indian God man envisioned the demise of Hindustan back in 1999. He was not clear about the Breakup of Hindustan. Could be due to the cast system or other religions demanding a separate homeland.

Anonymous said...

just predict what would be the strength and might of Indian force in 2012 and its economy. The huge educated polpulation (young and energetic, intelligent) would be an asset for a great nation to rule in next century. We would definitely require more land, so we will acquire whole of Pak and bangla desh in few decades. The game called pakistan is finished almost we need to close tat black chapter in the great history of India. India without the land of Sindh and Punjab, Bengal is incomplete as our civilization starts from Indus valley, Sarswati river and the ganges..Throughout the history, there have been barbarians and they are gone forever in due course of time. Just think what these jihadi paople were in 600 AD? All were religious hindus and budhhas who were brainwashed and tortured to follow this satanic religion. We are sure we will see US and India bombarding mercilessly over the Pakis in few years....and Pakis taking reugee in India and asking for mercy...But the solution is not forgiveness but to nuke them to stone age, so that these cave people go back to their ancient homes and rest in peace....

Anonymous said...

one day it is gona be true and for that wait a little when these we found our true leader we wil sweep you from india like a dust

sudeep said...

This only reveals that you are brain washed porki asshole

Anonymous said...

America fuking the ass hole of whole muslims...... what u say over this comment u motherfucker ass hole..... randi ki nasal...........

Anonymous said...

either u r from pakistan india bangladesh nepal burma or any of south asian country try to get it my friends ..... fighting is not the solution for anything .... we the youngsters are doing the same mistakes which our elders did by fighting... we all should be proud of our own countries and respect each others too.see other continents y there countries dont fight ? still all the white people r playing same old fashioned therapy "DIVIDE AND RULE"... we keep fighting and they keep getting what they want. please think with broad mind like a true youngster with 1mesage "PEACE RULEZ"...

Anonymous said...

Its a Good Dream to watch pakistani's..but be assured tht you are gonna see this dreams only while sleeping...Because when u gonna wake up...ur asses will be tied with missiles and gonna be ready for the BLAST IN YOUR ASSES...Pakistanis are biggest assholes on this earth...and i bet....pak will be eradicated in few years itself....

As when they themselves doesnt have food and clothing for themselves...what r they gonna do by having more parts of the world...

Ask your ALLAH to give you some brains...if not ask our BHAGWANS to lend some to ALLAH for their followers...

Anonymous said...

I think the food grown in pakistan uses pig dung as manure....tht can be only possibility for having such a brilliant idea....Pakistani's-----Smell pig dung-----and get your brain perfect..or else....we will get you all fucked by pigs....

Anonymous said...

Okay, I would like to say paranoia to sum up this fantasy report, but really this is obsession with insecurity and hatred.

You must really not know your own country and its' capabilities if you think Pakistan is able to do any such thing.

The only reason for making up such a paranoid fantasy is to instill more hatred towards Pakistanis which you have been doing ever since we separated.

When will you let go of history and just learn to move on??? Sure there're extremists who may have crazy ideas but what can they do??? Didn't you have Sikh extremists commiting plots to make their voices heard in the 80s??

If you think Pakistan has the power to do all these things then why on earth haven't they been able to make any advances on Kashmir in the past 60 or so years???

Stop spreading lies and insecurities to people, things are bad enough as they are.

For your information, the only defence Pakistan may have against India are their nukes and civilian population if armed against an invasion.

Just read and compare the Pakistani and Indian military on wikipedia or something.

The truth is that you Hindus have always hated us Indian Muslims (Pakistanis) for cutting away from you in religion and land, having shared some blood. And because of this shame that you feel you have the idea that Pakistan needs to be crushed, that its' existance is illegal or something.

Anonymous said...

Btw, those above maps showing Pakistan expanded into India are just bull. Are you Indians really thsi brainwashed???

Pakistan has enough problems with terrorists, the Western front, corruption and what not and you think they're preparing to Invade India??

Anyone can make up those mapdrawings in an imageediting software.

My suggestion is that look outside the Indian media.

Anonymous said...

" January 19, 2009 6:03 PM
Anonymous said...

just predict what would be the strength and might of Indian force in 2012 and its economy. The huge educated polpulation (young and energetic, intelligent) would be an asset for a great nation to rule in next century. We would definitely require more land, so we will acquire whole of Pak and bangla desh in few decades. The game called pakistan is finished almost we need to close tat black chapter in the great history of India. India without the land of Sindh and Punjab, Bengal is incomplete as our civilization starts from Indus valley, Sarswati river and the ganges..Throughout the history, there have been barbarians and they are gone forever in due course of time. Just think what these jihadi paople were in 600 AD? All were religious hindus and budhhas who were brainwashed and tortured to follow this satanic religion. We are sure we will see US and India bombarding mercilessly over the Pakis in few years....and Pakis taking reugee in India and asking for mercy...But the solution is not forgiveness but to nuke them to stone age, so that these cave people go back to their ancient homes and rest in peace....

Lol, see?? This is what I'm talking about. Btw look up Bhaghwan, Hindu gods, Jinns and Satan. You'll be surprized to see how much they have in common :)

Anonymous said...

you disgusting piss drinkers are so closed minded its not even funny.

us pakistanis would not hesistate to launch our far superior nukes on u cow piss drinkers. we will wipe out alll of hinduism, whereas muslims live everywhere from morocco to indonesia. remember ur shock at how we developed a terrain hugging cruise missile; the babur. also, let me remind u that the ISI with saudi money caused collapse of the "super-power" USSR (india's dearest ally). now you just wait and watch as we systematically wipe out hindus and your wet dream of akhand bharat. your stone gods can't save you.

as far as we talk about military, we liberated a portion of kasmir in 1947/48. we didn't really want bengal (hence only 50,000 tropps sent there as compared to coward hindus sending 400,000 troops, because u know 1 muslim is good ennugh to take down 5 hindus, so to be safe u sent 10 times as many troops. iqbals vision was homeland for muslims in NW India. so you will see...

also, the arabs love us. they give us free oil worth $5million daily, and we train thier army. why do u think our nukes are known as the islamic bomb. you disgusting fleas will be wiped off the face of the earth. and india shining? what shining?? more poverty than pakistan. less GDP per capita (adapted for purchasing power parity) than pakistan. and not to mention asia's largest population of homeless. and also asia's largest slum as soon as you land at bombay airport.

ofcourse we are better educated than you; modern medicine came about due to Ibn Sina's work in what is known as the Canon of Medicine. Go look it up on wikipedia if you want.

also let me remind you of how Mohammad ibn Qasim, Mohamad Ghauri, Mahmud Ghazni and the Mughal Kings raped your wives and daughters and destroyed your idols. yet they were successful. for really if your gods were true gods, would they have let Mahmud of Ghazni destroy the Siva-Linga of gold and gems and use its remnants in the steps of a mosque, with muslims stepping all over it and "desecerating" your holy god.

also explain to me why you worship siva's dick?? maybe your moms and daughters are truly lil sluts who just love to suck cock (from my experience in london of hindu girls truly they love sucking cock...dirty bitches). us pakistani boys love planting our flag on the dirty pussies of ur hindu bitches

Anonymous said...

i love it when us muslims sacrifice cows during hajj. we say " in the name of Allah, the most merciful and the most beneficial" and then we slit the throats of your cow "Gods" and eat them in lovely biryani.

also, sindh is a part of pakistan. the people of sindh are muslims. i am a sindhi, and i will never let you disgusting indians take over. we will fight to the death. as we didn when you wanted to have lunch at lahore gymkhana and dinner at karachi gymkhana. we drove you out and sent you packing. don't dare touch. and yes, after bombay all this bullshit about taking out targets in pakistan. we would have loved to see you try. only you don't have the balls (tattas, testicles, cahunas) to dare take any action. watch. we will find all you hindus in every corner of the planet and destroy your stone gods.

i remember the story of the hindu kid at the american school in jeddah. we reported his family to authorities for worshipping hindu gods in saudi arabia. haha so funny, watching them sell everything as quick as they could and move to dubai. stupid litlle dirty cunts, if u hate muslims so much, why come to middle east?? you want oil money?? well u can have it as long as ur women spread legs for our muslims cocks.

nbsons said...

Comment to Times of India
By Nasir Soofi July/24/09

I follow news the world over. I have always thought the Indian people to be smart & have mature thinking. But when it comes to Pakistan you people have proven yourself to be "Makkar & Dhokabaz".

Kashmir was promised self determination by Nehru that never happened, this is the major bone of contention between Pakistan & India.
Each time the issue is brought up the answer is we will talk "after the next Mango season".

You guys also incited/fingered the East Pakistani population into a total revolt. Now you folks are doing the same thing in Baluchistan with the help of (25) consulates on the border regions of Afghanistan.

I want to remind the Indian people about 1962 war with China When your "Tabla" was being beaten Pakistan did not take advantage of the situation & march into Kashmir.

Understand the Muslims ruled over you guys for (1000) years does not mean the revenge has to be taken on Pakistanis. Pakistan is here to stay so is India so watch & be nice & act gracefully like a "So called next Super Power" although with (800) million of your citizens living under $2/day.

Do not wait for the day when the Lashkars of Pakistan numbering (5) millions are let loose on India & cause havoc.

Long live "Dhotis" & "Pan walas"

Waqas Ahmed said...

INSHA ALLAH, we will have a Greater Pakistan

Anonymous said...

you all indians n british are mother fucker.. asshole son of bitches yes in 2020 GREATER PAKISTAN WILL COME

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Pakistan ...
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vich u neva gEt ....
ur mOther ix a randi ...
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nOt a big deal cox u r pimpx by ur birth ..........

Jibran Ahmed Sheikh said...

bomb Dehli just like Hitler the Great bombed London!
2 Squadrons of JF-17s will be enough for carpet bombing

Jibran Ahmed Sheikh said...

I didnt like the way Hitler the Great executed Jews in gas chambers - its not painfull. When we'll capture India - Our Army Dogs will be set free to eat indians alive(not before fucking Katrina Kaif and all those bollywood sluts & indian BHABIS) their private parts & reproductive organs will be used as animal feed in the Zoos of Karachi & Lahore. Indian girls will serve as slaves & cock suckers in the alleys of Peshawer and when our Pathan brothers will insert their cocks in the tiny holes of Indian girls their screams will be so loud that they will shatter all the monkey, elephant & other cartoonish idols on the planet.

Ash Bandy said...

you all fuckin muslims especially muslims of pakistan dpn't you guys think of big coz you guys have achieved nothing, you and your allah will go to hindu hell. remember hinduism/ sanatan dharma is the oldest religion and it knows all the future. understood you motherfuckers

Ash Bandy said...

One more thing the fundamentals of hinduism are opposite to islam and vice versa, so we can't go hand in hand so The Darwins Theory applies here. The fall of one would give a chance to live for the other. That's the bottom line. If you guys believe that in hindu scriptures allah was in qustions then you guys should follo Hinuism

Anonymous said...

balkanization of India is coming soon but Pakistan is not behind it. Pakistan only want world and UN to stop the suffering of Kashmiri people and peaceful resolution of Kashmir.
Pakistan doesn't care if People of Assam, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu doesn't want to be with India. Even Andhra Pradesh was not part of India. Indian are weak when it comes to their history, just look at the map of 1901,these princely state were not part of India. India never existed as it does today, there has always been many states, like kerala, tamil nhadu, kashmiris and others.

India is a loose skeleton that is held together by hatred of Pakistan which Indian politicians have been churning out for the last 62 years. If you remove the Pakistan's fear factor, Indians will fight each other like stray dump dogs.

Anonymous said...

Ash Bandy,

Hinduism is the oldest religion is the fucking joke. That's what you monkey and Elegant wants you think.
Have you study any other religion?
Stop worshiping SHIVA's Dick and stop drinking Cow's urine and starting reading as$ole.
You worship the tree because COW eat the tree we eat cow so you should worship us.

Khalistan said...

Shahrukh Khan said...

ASH Brandy,

This is for you

Bangla Supporter said...

Greater Bangla Movement to unite West Bengal, Bangladesh and Assam.

New Middle east map said...

timkhan1 said...

This will happen in near future, Pakistan believe it incomplete without New Delhi rest of India.

Although the future prophecies state Pakistan will be going great before it wage big war in the future.


muna said...

step back world pakistan is coming for uuuuuuuuu

Haroon said...

well you must watch documentry THE FINAL SOLUTION which is offically ban in india but you can find in youtube

Anonymous said...

you must watch THE FINAL SOLUTION a documentry which is offically ban in india, which was made by indian

raj said...

lol.........paki piggies. Ur country will not be in the world future ............

fahad said...

tm or tmhara bagwan...............
pather or pagal.........

fahad said...

muslims ne hamesha india walo ko haraya hai wo jang ho ya mazab

isoni said...

person who had given this blog is mad because he dosn't know about india much he is just living in his own world and "pakistan a country" this word will be history soon

fahad said...

kisi ne map bna dia apny sy or pagal indian ny uss pr yaqeen b kr lia............pakistan kbi b nai map sy mit skta......its a challange of muslims for all indians..........

mohammad ali said...

indian sirf chodein gy.. ham ko chaer kar tum ko kia milay ga.. aram sy gao nacho mouj karo.. ham sy soviate union nay takar li ajj uss ka nam laynay wala nahi bacha .. tum indian jitna marzi hangama dal lo.. jitna marzi propaganda kar lo.. gand tumhari hi phaty gee.. i challenge u.. ager yahe raviya raha tumhara tw yad rakho beta jee.. na ham gujraat bholay hain na ham bangladesh bholay hain.. bhut hisab chukta karein gy.. tumhari badnseebi shuro ho jay gee jab tum ham sy takar lo gy.. jab bhi ay hoo.. moun kala kar k isreal, united nation aur usa k lun par bhait kar ronay lagtay hoo.. khair histry batay gee.. and tum rrooo gy uss din ko jis din tum paida howay thay.. indian mother fucker .. live long pakistan

Anonymous said...

u mother fucker hindus...
We r going to fuck ur mothers asshole...
U barstards,sons of whores...

Anonymous said...

Pakistan is not a failed state, in fact India is. India treats its minorities like garbage and specially Muslims who have many sanctions on them and cannot even purchase land in Mumbai because of this. Pakistan will free those Muslims and Inshallah we will take our revenge from you losers. Just wait and see how we rule over you again...

Americano said...

This "revenge for 1971" bit reeks of the same meme that the nazi's used to rally fearful folk to their side during the pre-Hitler Germany.

This whole Hindu vs Pak sounds like a Hutu vs Tutsi conflict megafold.


Anonymous said...

who this bloody mother fucker is saying that he will disintegrate our india. these idiot pakistani are just bloody beggars

Anonymous said...

mother fucker pakistanis they are just jumping on the back of america, they would not get anything else rather to clean our asses................

Anonymous said...

behan chod,kutto,harami de pillo, chako pakistaniyo bapu da raj samjhya hai sara india pakistan ch milaoge.bhan chodo dekho ta sahi indian army kive toda bura hal kardi hai..jini jaldi hunda hai india chon apna safaya kar taan si punjabi di awaaz ch.te hun suno angrezi ch mother fuckers who the hell do you think of yourself..salo never forget you are the son of india and son is son and never can become father of his father..........ok

shekhar said...


Anonymous said...


READ THIS said...


here's something juicy (must read):

to the muslim faggot who talked about hindu urine drinking... read ur hadith and see what the pedophile MUHAMMAD said:

Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 590:

"Narrated Anas: The climate of Medina did not suit some people, so the Prophet ordered them to follow his shepherd, i.e. his camels, and drink their milk and urine (as a medicine). So they followed the shepherd that is the camels and drank their milk and urine till their bodies became healthy. Then they killed the shepherd and drove away the camels. When the news reached the Prophet, he sent some people in their pursuit. When they were brought, he cut their hands and feet and their eyes were branded with heated pieces of iron

also see: Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 82, Number 794



and he probably copied it from the HINDUS, but because cows were scarce in the desert, he opted for Camel.

So paki faggots, go and asslick that pedophile fucker muhammad. drink camel urine. import it from saudi. hopefully it makes u PORKIS smarter

sandeeptripathy said...

I really wanna see whether Pak has this much guts to invade India.Bloddy bullshit.first get ur independence from the United States then challenge us.......
Fuck Pakistan.....
got to hell......

Anonymous said...

At least you don't have to be scared.I wonder why people of such a country having above 1 billion population waste their time on surfing idiots stuff. That map looks like a joke to me but it could be a reality; in a way; because your country probably, has strategic water gifts for 2012 2020 for pakistan. Hope, hope; both fail.. But something is really cooking!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Why no body talks about the rapidly spreading virus of the Muslims in India. They are multiplying like mosquitoes in sheets of dirty water and garbage. Somebody should contain this spread on immediate basis.Parts of mumbai like kurla,mumbra,sion,byculla,Kalyan are already islamized. What is the governments action plant to contain the spread of these viral mosquitoes....

Anonymous said...

Why no body talks about the rapidly spreading virus of the Muslims in India. They are multiplying like mosquitoes in sheets of dirty water and garbage. Somebody should contain this spread on immediate basis.Parts of mumbai like kurla,mumbra,sion,byculla,Kalyan are already islamized. What is the governments action plant to contain the spread of these viral mosquitoes....

Anonymous said...

Indians should do to the Muslim population, what Mahinda rajapakse has done to tamils of srilanka.

Anonymous said...

All Muslims may(?) not be terrorists but all terrorists are all muslims..

God only can help control the epidemic of islamization of the world. Worlds many good relegion were wiped out because of islamic viral spread.

Indians should unite in wiping out this dangerous spread of Islam. Islam spread like cancer and destroys the nation. If we are willfully avoiding this virus, then it will take a toll on us heavily...

Anonymous said...

Myself Synonymous,
Even after seeing that we stay calm why because India is a country which cannot be invaded by anyoneelse, so do not fear pakistani's couldn't acheive their aim, since the maps are just jokes by an comedy author,

But pls do not scold entire Islamic people since
and if "Islam is followed in right path then there is no need of this misconception..

Anonymous said...

Pakistan will be the super power of the future. Believe me. As Muslims will dominate the world.
Pakistan is the 7 th nuclear state with an incredibley strong army.If pakistan declare jihad in the world. With in no time the pakistani Muslim army from 600000 will reach in millions. India will soon be occupied again by Pakistan like Mughals and arabs.
Hindus have an inferiority complex as they are ruled by Muslims for 1000 years. Soon india will be occupied again. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD.

Anonymous said...

How can they blame Pakistan? Have they seen Pakistan's current condition and in the past few years? I think it's impossible to say that Pakistan will swallow India. And with a president like Zardari, I dont think so! Reestablishing the country will take at least 10 years.

Anonymous said...

khalistan sada desh hai. Sikh bhee azaad ho ga. Yay lanti hindu kay but tutain gaye
Khalistan jay

Anonymous said...

India is being cheated by US. A sudden blow will knock them out for good. I believe we should come out of this bolloywood scienario as the Pakis will destroy us. There hsa been a lot of independance movement going on inside our beloved India

Anonymous said...

Oh my God

Anonymous said...

Ohoo what the pather bagwan will do. He himself cannot even scratch his own head if he wants too. India going down silently.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I beg all Pakistanies not to destroy our mother India. We want to live in peace not another Kargil for us. India will be destroyed if a nuclear war started.
PLease spare us Pakistani bhai. Please

maiymon said...

the one who showed the last pic of article.....that idiot guy doesnt know that its emblem of israel not pakistan its jewish symbol go n check on wikipedia .....its jewish religious proves ur own brother country is killing ur own people in our name.....

Anonymous said...

yes maiymon, you're right. But that guy also has written under the pic that its a jewish sign.

I think this all is the Freemason's work going on in the world. First they destroyed Iraq, then Afghanistan, they also tried Iran, and now it's Pakistans turn. When the country will be destroyed, its India's turn, just watch. Those jews are cheating on our indian brothers. I hope Pakistan&India can live in peace together, coz we have one blood. And how can someone hate the on with the same blood? May Allah protect both countries from evil, Ameen.

Mallie said...

Everyone has the rights to dream.
If Pak try these sort non-sense even his close partner China will not come to his rescue as they themselves struggling internally.
All three nations are facing trouble because of not able to meet the commitments to the public. Of which India is better and Pak is worst. That's it. In the near future i do not think none of these three nations will take a risk as the current economic conditions is not in favour of anyone. Just a creation of Myth only.

Anonymous said...

indians having nothing in common with the west they keep banging on the 'democracy' drum why not give democracy to the kashmiris you are killing everyday? because indians are cowards and liars living under the guise of democracy the west hates india and is only using them for cheap labour from a cheap country

Manish said...

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

I like this site. Really nice place for all

Anonymous said...

Well the subcontinent WAS best ruled by Muslims, anyone with a slight knowledge about the history of the region knows that. The indian got. AND army is full of racist criminals, while the Pak army and ISI has been handling 3 intelligence agencies successfully, i mean they've been trying their asses off, even buying off the politicians, for the longest time and still Paki's manage very well. Very resiliant and they got a lot of stamina. Other than 5% of india, the rest is dying of hunger or under Maoists control (which india hides very well behind bolywood). Chinese love Pakistan. Needless to say Pakistan is WAY more competent and worthy of ruling the whole region and its best for the people as well, both Muslims and non Muslims as the history shows. All the best for the Pakistanis.

Anonymous said...

Good article. Thank you.

Daddy ;) said...

LOL...Bunch of pussies, they just saw one Zaid Hamid talking and they're pissing in their pants!!!
One true muslim > Billion Hindus. Period!

contactos barcelona said...

Of course, the writer is totally fair. said...

Quite worthwhile info, much thanks for the post.

indus valley civilisation said...

saale ,indian people r going ahead of porkistan .so we must not think about it.but i can say definitely that pak is going to merge in to india due to social un rest economic probleme.all pak is ours and it will remain ours not now but soon.u porkis r son of whores who married with invader muslims thats why u r tiny minded. hindues civilisation grown in sindhus river so whole area is ours we will return soon to our fore fathers place ,our holy land then we will destroy all islam expansionists one day .after getting our holy land we will show the world who is ur real boss.

Anonymous said...

Keep on dreaming!!

Seriously I dont see such thing imagined and dreamt by Indians come true in near future. Instead, it is quite possible that India would be transformed into a set of several states (dont forget the case of great communist Power - USSR that had broken into several pieces in a matter of about 10 year 1 on 1 war-like state and that was not an overt operation - it was merely a covery operation that contained at its forefronts ordinary muslims slightly trained by Pakistan Army financed/ coordinated by Americans)

Anonymous said...

Mera Indian hona koi gunah nahi hai
Ha boht bari BADNASEEBI zaroor hai

Ye mere ma-bap k galti k natija nahi hai
Bas pichle janm k karmo k fal hai

I proud to b Hindu
But lanat to b hindustani, why?

Bcoz, india is gr8 bt
indians r kamina,darpok n chor

ab god ne muje is ghatia logo k beech me vej di to me kya karu

Anonymous said...

look.i have read all views of mindless, defeat minded,feared, powerless, war loving, people from across the border at the side of India.U ppl still sing the song of Iqbal,,sarray jahan say prob we r in deep trouble caused due to international involvements but just think, we r nation who caused breaking of Russia and what we can make of u..just dream, but we r peace loving atomic country. U ppl are rubbing your hands like house fly that u NOW cant do any aggression against us.We know how to defend our sovereignty . Dont be so impatient about us. We r friendly and we love our friends like China.We r not coward.We didnt forget East Pakistan and Insha allah, we wil teach u lesson.And about the guy who wrote Jinna as pig meat eater and drinker, just imagine you r cow piss drinker nation, even your ex prime minister WAJPI used to drink his own piss.. Great PAKISTAN IS OUR DREAM . U just give liberty to Kashmir and other regions which u have occupied with ur power.Look into your own collars.what u did with siks in golden temple..The day i near, just wait...

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Anonymous said...

every state of india is like a atom bomb..and when one will explode than every one will explode and than the prediction would come true...pakistan zaindabad...india has no chance..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am a INDIAN muslim and I am Proud to be an INDIAN mera bharat mahan

we have love , effection , peace , kind and more unlike pakistan

please people in pakistan and other muslims who hate others has to realize the value of life and humanity

arey yaar you also a human not a animal ..

love each other help each other live together make smile with all
you can see allah in each and every heart of human ..

Anonymous said...

fuck u u porki ppl, hahahaha wht u think v r scard of u heheheh u ppl r pig shit u don no in india wat ppl r planing in 2012 u will c akanda bharat , u ppl r pigg shit eater n pig sperm licker u better wore burka n stay in side yo house bcoze if all indianz piss 2gther ter wil be tsunami in pakistan shitisthan porkistan

Anonymous said...

Good Article.... we are going to drag indian dogs from kashmir to their barracks inshaalllah very soon. Get reary Indians.

Anonymous said...

Get out from Kashmir or get ready for hell

Unknown said...

I read every now and then that Muslims ruled India for 1000 years. Rubbish. First noticeable presence of Muslim rule (Ghurid) was in 1100AD and was small portion of North India. Delhi Sultanate came around 1300 AD and occupied about 1/3 of India (mostly North). Still 2/3 India was ruled by Hindus. Muslim rules came to Maharashtra and Southern states only in 1311 AD. South India (1/3) under Vijaynagara Empire was under Hindu rule up until 1696 AD. So from 1300 AD till 1820 AD (until Marathas lost against British) Muslim rule was noticeable mostly in North India. In West Chatrapati Shivaji's established Maratha Empire in 1676 AD. It expanded to occupy 3/4 of India in 1760. Maratha empire lost only in 1820 against British. Bottom line is Muslims might have ruled India for 300+ years. Search for But remember that entire Afghanistan and Pakistan was part of Hindu/Buddhist/Jain rule from 7000 BC till 700 AD. 7700 years. As a matter of fact Kushan empire covered Iran as well in 100 AD. All Hindus, please do not teach your kids about this biggest lie. Muslims might have ruled India more than 300+ years. Moreover Pakistanis have Hindu ancestry. 99% of Indian and Pakistani Muslims are Hindu-converts (mostly forceful and lower-caste Hindus). One of the prominent reasons why Muslims were successful against Rajputs, Yadavas and so forth is 'caste system on Hindu culture'. Only Kstraiyas were allowed to be warrior and remaining 3/4 Hindu population didn't fight as they have no military training. Chrapati Shivaji was probably the first Hindu king who gave swords and weapons in hands of Kshtriya, Brahmin, Vaishya and Shudra. The most important thing is eradicate this varnashram (caste) system. Unfortunately, all Shankarachya support it. All Brahmins support it. Mahatma Gandhi supported it (though he was shudra). Until Brahmins share their religious power and Kshtriyas care for others; Hindu society will never be united on the name of religion.

Unknown said...

I read every now and then that Muslims ruled India for 1000 years. Rubbish. First noticeable presence of Muslim rule (Ghurid) was in 1100AD and was small portion of North India. Delhi Sultanate came around 1300 AD and occupied about 1/3 of India (mostly North). Still 2/3 India was ruled by Hindus. Muslim rules came to Maharashtra and Southern states only in 1311 AD. South India (1/3) under Vijaynagara Empire was under Hindu rule up until 1696 AD. So from 1300 AD till 1820 AD (until Marathas lost against British) Muslim rule was noticeable mostly in North India. In West Chatrapati Shivaji's established Maratha Empire in 1676 AD. It expanded to occupy 3/4 of India in 1760. Maratha empire lost only in 1820 against British. Bottom line is Muslims might have ruled India for 300+ years. Search for But remember that entire Afghanistan and Pakistan was part of Hindu/Buddhist/Jain rule from 7000 BC till 700 AD. 7700 years. As a matter of fact Kushan empire covered Iran as well in 100 AD. All Hindus, please do not teach your kids about this biggest lie. Muslims might have ruled India more than 300+ years. Moreover Pakistanis have Hindu ancestry. 99% of Indian and Pakistani Muslims are Hindu-converts (mostly forceful and lower-caste Hindus). One of the prominent reasons why Muslims were successful against Rajputs, Yadavas and so forth is 'caste system on Hindu culture'. Only Kstraiyas were allowed to be warrior and remaining 3/4 Hindu population didn't fight as they have no military training. Chrapati Shivaji was probably the first Hindu king who gave swords and weapons in hands of Kshtriya, Brahmin, Vaishya and Shudra. The most important thing is eradicate this varnashram (caste) system. Unfortunately, all Shankarachya support it. All Brahmins support it. Mahatma Gandhi supported it (though he was shudra). Until Brahmins share their religious power and Kshtriyas care for others; Hindu society will never be united on the name of religion.

Unknown said...

Lately, I am reading a lot on ancient history of the world. What we call Hindu religion today is actually vedic religion or sanatan dharma. If this Sanatan Dharma was just then why nobody around the world adopted it in ancient time. Many great kings of Mogol dynasty (one time ruled 1/2 of the world), Kushan dynasty, Maurya dynasty, Gupta dynasty (Charagupta Maurya, Chandraragupta Vikramaditya, Samrat Ashoka) all were attracted to Jainism and Buddhism, which are non-vedic religions. There is fundamental problem with vedic religion. Many things simply doesn’t make sense. 4 varnas- Why Brahmins are superior and why only they need to learn? Why only Kshatriya need to fight? Many ideas are stolen from Buddhism and Jainism.

At a times Hindu religion look to me as barbarian. Inhuman behavior with shudras, Sati, Child marriage, and Exploitation of child widows were all present up until 1800 before British came. Denial of widow marriage, Devdasi, Denial of entry to shudras in temple are still problems today. How can we say that such inhuman religion is great?

How slavery is worse than having large portion of society as ‘shudra’? Instead of slaves, Hindus made whole shudra sect do all dirty work- carry human waste, take care of dead animals, cleaning etc. And still they were not allowed to enter in temples. How inhuman? No wonder such low-caste people converted to Islam as soon as they got chance under Muslim rule (wrongly assuming they will get equal treatment). Today such people embrace Christianity because missionaries provide them food, health service, and education. What Brahmins did and doing for such underprivileged society? Nothing.

I am Kshtriya and I read stories like: Parashuram killed all Kshatriya (including fetuses in womb) for 21 times and Waman killed Great King Bali my heart pounds. Why my ancestors were slaughtered with such cruelty? There are so many stories of unjust killing and massacre of innocent women and children.

I believe, India will have strong footing in the world if all Hindus adopt Buddhism. Then we will have presence in India, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Mangolia, Laos, Cambodia, and China. We can become second largest population after Christianity.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe k hamaray is mazak sey hi tum log heart disease mn par guy
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