Friday, December 5, 2008


There were SIM cards purchased locally, Mumbai college ID cards, recon etc all of which had to have local Indian contacts. Other than the known Dawood name – the name of Tauqir (Indian Mujahideen) is doing the rounds.

Syed Saleem Shahzad, reporting from Pakistan, is claiming that the Mumbai attacks relied on local Indian al Qaeda linked militant group – Indian Mujahideen specially Abdus Subhan Qureshi (Tauqir).

It seems Tauqir had “information” that the Jewish community centre that was attacked, was being used by Israeli intelligence services – Mossad. The killers used the most brutal method of killing the Israeli citizens.

What is alarming to learn is that Tauqir had planned other attacks on Indian strategic targets immediately after the Mumbai attack, but Kasab’s (the lone terrorist alive) arrest prevented this from going through.

The Russian intelligence, is however pointing out that DAWOOD IBRAHIM's network could have played a far bigger role than Tauqir's Indian Mujahideen.

The role of LeT (founded by ex- ISI men) is iron clad now that USA has enough signint to nail end to end connections that is being / has been provided to Pakistan - including names of trainers from ISI.

Of these, two names of LeT that are doing rounds for their “hands on” approach to the Mumbai attacks are :

1) Yusuf Muzammil – LeT’s controller from Lahore
2) Zaki – ur – Rahman – LeT’s operational commander

However, the role of a section of ISI and Pakistan Army’s role are being probed, as “proof” is pouring in. I had given 3 points in earlier post – which I am again posting here:

1. The external section of ISI which reported to DG – ISI routinely executed plans of Army General A Kiyani and trained a few dozen Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) militants near Mangla Dam (close to Islamabad). And guess what : PAKISTAN'S SSG COMMANDO UNIT IS BASED THERE. These Mumbai attackers were part of this group.

2. In a major reshuffle of ISI a couple of months back the Director of External wing was changed placing the "game" in the hands of a low level ISI forward section head (a major) and the LeT's commander in chief - ZAKIUR RAHMAN, aka Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi. Zakiur was personally in Karachi to oversee the operation. Zaikur and ISI’s forward section in Karachi approved of the plan under which more than 10 men took Mumbai hostage for nearly 3 days and successfully established a reign of terror.

3. The PNS Iqbal – a naval commando unit in Karachi – was the main outlet of militants to be given training and through deserted points they were launched into the Arabian sea and on into the Indian region of Gujarat.

Given that as discussed the over riding wish of the Pakistan Army is to run away from Afghanistan border as it wants to stop attacking Taliban, one needs to understand two things – a) who are these Taliban and b) why does Pakistan want to run away

The 100 or so groups that roam the tribal areas and are called “Taliban” and which have been loosely labelled as Good and Bad can be further bi-furcated into 4 groups (by Pakistan):

1. Afghan Taliban led by Mullah Omar (MO), Jalaluddin Haqqani (JH) and Gulbadin Hekmatyar (GH). These are all Afghans and none of them have ever declared war against Pakistan

2. The local “good Taliban” who were Pakistanis and had sympathies with Afghan Taliban but were not against the State of Pakistan and never wanted to fight the Pakistan army or the State. Peace deals were signed with Nek Muhemmed (killed in US airstrike) in south Waziristan, Mullah Nazir in south Waziristan and Haji Gul Bahadur in North Waziristan.

3. The “Bad Taliban”who were only fighting the State of Pakistan and not the U.S. inside Afghanistan. Baitullah Mehsud (BM), Mullah Fadlullah (MF) and Lal Masjid brigade fell in this category.

4. Fourth category of militants were local brigands, gangsters, criminals and highway men who were exploiting the local environment and made their own gangs in the name of Taliban but were neither fighting the Americans nor wished to face Pakistan army. They just harassed local population and fought sectarian wars within. Mangal Bagh near Peshawar is one such case to be noted.

Groups 1 & 2 are ISI assets – hence considered “good” by Pakistan.
Group 3 – not controlled by ISI – hence deemed “bad”

The good Taliban, as described by Pakistan are all waging a war against NATO / US forces in Afghanistan and is not attacking any assets in Pakistan.

The bad Taliban, Baitullah Mehsud's group, are waging a war against the state of Pakistan and not against NATO / US forces in Afghanistan.

And ISI controls the good Taliban. Which means ISI is orchestrating the so called “good Taliban” team of JH, GH & MO to fight the US / NATO forces. Therefore Pakistani Army is complicit in this. Pakistan, as usual is saying one thing (supporting the US/NATO initiative in Afghanistan) and doing exactly the opposite through its proxies.

A curious case of bombing is playing out in the Afghan border. Pakistan is bombing the bases of Baitullah Mehsud and carrying out no bombings in the bases of JH, GH and MO. Whereas USA is carrying out the bombing of Taliban aligned to ISI – bases of MO, GH & GH – much to the annoyance of Paksitan.

Hence, all categories of Taliban are very upset and angry with the state of Pakistan and Pakistan Army is facing a severe backlash in the tribal areas from Taliban. Taliban forces aligned to ISI are upset with Pakistan with the fact that Pakistan is unable to protect them from US drone attacks.

In fact the losses of Pakistan Army have been substantial and there were serious desertations from Paksitan Army on the grounds of “we will not fight fellow Muslims”.

Pakistan Army is faced with a civil war as well as serious loss of morale in the Army due its fight against the Taliban. All this is spiraling out of control, so much so, that Taliban is making inroads into Pakistan cities and not the other way around.

Talibans have penetrated Karachi, Islamabad and are entrenched in Peshawar and Quetta. In July 2008, the Taliban surrounded Peshawar and started bombing music stores and warned barbers against shaving their clients beards. They were pushed back by Pakistan Army, only to have come back strongly. No foreigner can move around in Peshawar without armed escort and even then there is no guarantee of life. American, Afghan and Chinese nationals have been abducted and killed. The civil society is petrified of them and the local police helpless, outgunned and out numbered.

In the days after Mumbai blasts, 60 people have been abducted from Peshawar by these militants – most of them were retired Army officers and relatives of ANP (leftist leaning party – which rules the province). In Karachi, during the Mumbai blasts an all out fight broke out between ANP and MQM supporters in which many were killed.

40 containers going to NATO were attacked and destroyed, in the middle of Peshawar.

Pakistan Army feels, if they carry on attacks and are unable to stop the US drones from attacking the Taliban who are aligned to it, it will face a civil war. It rapidly wishes to get out this war and in all likelihood executed the Mumbai blasts to heighten threat perception from India to achieve these exact objectives.

In these circumstances, Pakistan is even more helpless to act against LeT – if it does the threat of civil war inside Pakistan will be IMMEDIATE.

In non-taliban category falls Laskhar e Taiba (LeT) who are wholly supporters of the state of Pakistan and form the first line of defense for the country (as was its charter and rationale of ISI to form the group).

LeT which was banned morphed into Jamaatut Dawa. It’s chief Hafiz Md Saeed was in Sukkur, a city 363 kms north of the southern port city of Karachi and on Nov 26th was scheduled to travel to Karachi. But after the Mumbai attacks, he was urgently summoned to Rawalpindi, the garrison city to attend a high profile meeting held in the Office of Strategic Organization. He was told that Indian Air Force was on high alert and what plans does he have if India unleashed a war. Saeed assured that the LeT would be the first line of defense against the Indian navy in the Arabian sea through its marine operations, and that it would simultaneously escalate activities in India, specially in Kashmir. Most importantly he will advise militants to hold their fire in NWFP against the Pakistani forces.

Jamaatut Dawa (LeT) with its well defined vertical structure under the leadership of Hafeez Saeed could commit its several thousand members, virtually a para – military force to fight against INDIA (exactly as was planned by original ISI planners)

Pakistan can never crackdown on LeT. Cracking a whip of LeT will bring civil war into the bedrooms of Pakistan and there is no way Pakistan is even going to consider this.

All LeT militant training camps were deserted in the wake of impending Indian strikes.

News from NWFP – all militant groups who were against the state of Pakistan stated in case of war with India, they will cease all hostilities with the state of Pakistan and arrange for their mujahideens to fight India instead.

Music to the ears of Pakistan Army. As far as Pakistan Army was concerned – the attacks on Mumbai was the perfect crime.

However, while everything went according to plan, the arrest of the lone terrorist did not and this is playing out very badly against the Pakistani establishment.

Given that, an Indian attack, will directly play into the military objectives of Pakistani Army, the Indian state has taken the right step not to escalate tensions FOR NOW!

Pakistan, in all likelihood and as stated before, will “arrest” Hafeez Sayeed and put him under house arrest (with all plush facilities) – like it has done for another LeT personality – Dr A Q Khan. However, Hafeez Saeed will be given far greater latitude to interact with people than is being given to Dr Khan (as Dr Khan’s revelations of Pakistan state’s complicity in Nuclear Walmart will devastate Pakistan). There is absolutely NO QUESTION of Pakistan handing over Hafeez Sayeed over Mumbai blasts.

Other than the Pakistan angle for the blasts there is an Indian angle too. This deals with recruitment of future jehadis for LeT and Indian Mujahideen. The success of these blasts will be sold to them over and over again - our 10 mujadhids paralysed a city for 3 days and it took 1200 Indian force to subdue and look at the crores of damage they have done to Indian landmarks. Over and above monetary benefits, the glory of martyrdom and the dream of 72 virgins on arrival at paradise will be sold to them.


Pakistan is militarily desperate to run away from its western borders and its coffers are nearly empty. If India remains cool – Pakistan Army might initiate a second attack to force India’s hand.


Counter intelligence has to be at an all time high. The Dawood “business syndicate” in India should be closed down – a lot of politicians and police bosses will lose out on hefty month end payouts, but there is no alternative to this.

Indian Mujahideen cells to be located and destroyed. A look out for madrassa students passing out specially from Deobandi schools. All unregistered madrassas to be destroyed. No new madrassa to come up in India.

We may talk of Hindu – Muslim unity but I am making a claim here – Muslims coming out of Madrassas are not here for any unity. They are here to snatch what they FEEL this is their LEGITIMATE due. The madrassa teaching tells them HINDUS ARE YOUR ENEMIES - how can you expect them to merge? They will not merge and will not live under Uniform Civil Code. Hindus are expected to live under Islamic laws in their countries, under a unified law in developed countries - why two separate systems in INDIA? We exacerbate this divide by our "vote bank politics".

AN EXAMPLE : Kolkata airport needs upgradation but due to one single mosque near the runway – where only 30 people go to worship, this cannot be done. Why? Because our so called Muslim “friends” will not allow the mosque to shift
. Read this Indian Express article on this issue.

Friendship and unity happens when the other side too takes out a hand to shake and not to slap.

While airports and western sea coasts are better protected today, the port of Kolkata is open to terrorist sneak ins including merchandise, specially from Bangladesh. The port of Kolkata, its handlers are all Dawood aide or aligned to Ansari or the myriad Muslim gangs making ingress easy. Corrupt police officers guarding the gates make a mockery of security arrangements.

Two months back a couple of us went inside the Kolkata port to meet the captain of a merchant vessel who happened to be a bro-in-law of a friend. When we were leaving, the Captain got expensive artefacts out of his ship – in our car which was driven inside to the port and parked near his ship. The merchandise was put in the boot of the car and all he paid was Rs 50 and a carton of cigarettes to the lone policeman. He just nodded us on – it was as easy as that.

Its time we fell in love with CCTVs and install them all over major cities, strategic infrastructures etc.

Set up an organization like NSA and install the best code breakers. Install top of line sigint that can even decode packets from VoiP, Sat phone conversations from Thuraya etc and any future enhancements in telecom sector globally.

What is more important is setting up poles on either side of roads, through which trucks pass – these poles can “sniff” radioactive / arms material in cargoes / containers. These poles should be put around port areas as well as international border points where container laden trucks move in and out. And this should be IMMEDIATE.

Police, our first line of offense, is the weakest link and we have to delink them from our even more corrupt politicians.


B. RAMAN (Cabinet Secy Retd) in his blog mentions the following and I quote him:

"The more the evidence we collected, the stronger the rejection---particularly from the US. Not sufficient enough. Does not directly implicate the Government of Pakistan. That was the stock reply we received repeatedly.

The US was interested only in protecting the lives and property of its citizens and in preventing another 9/11 in the US homeland from Pakistani territory. So long as Pakistan was co-operating with the US in action against Al Qaeda, the US closed its eyes and continues to close its eyes to Pakistani support for acts of jihadi terrorism directed against India.

We should stop demeaning ourselves as a nation by going to the Americans and others with evidence. I am shocked by suggestions that we should produce the evidence before the UN Security Council. I cannot think of a more naïve idea. It is as stupid as the advice given by the British to Jawaharlal Nehru to take the Kashmir issue to the UN Security Council with a promise that it would do justice by India.

The time for action against Pakistan has come. Action based on our conviction that the terrorists came from a Pakistani terrorist organization, which enjoys the patronage of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

STEP No.1: Downgrade the diplomatic relations with Pakistan

STEP No. 2: Revive immediately the covert action capability of the Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW), which was wound up by Inder Gujral, when he was the Prime Minister in 1997, and empower it to impose prohibitive costs on Pakistan till it stops using jihadi terrorism against India.

A divided Pakistan, a bleeding Pakistan, a Pakistan ever on the verge of collapse without actually collapsing----that should be our objective till it stops using terrorism against India.




@MAX & AVID HISTORIAN & OTHERS .. I had written an article quite some time back - can you have a look at it and critique it with your comments. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

regarding the mosque, they should just negotiate to "move" the mosque.. like how they do in mega movers.. china has done that to several churches.. they just underpin and move it... we can similarly do just that...

Max said...

Yes, troop build up is NOT the answer at this point of time. We don't want to fall in the hole they dug only for them to fill it with sand and walk over. We should NOT allow their troops to be diverted. India in return should passively forge relationships with the "bad Taliban" through the R&AW to wreck Pakistan in civil war.

Regarding a plebiscite for Kashmir, the UN has specifically stated that for a plebiscite to happen, Pakistan should pull out troops from PoK because PoK isn't rightfully Pakistan's since Maharaja Hari Singh signed on Kashmir to India. It has yet to respond formally to that request.

Pakistan is pushing hard, advocating to the UN and OIC "self determination" of the Kashmiri people. India should come out and ask Pakistan to do the same for the Pashtuns and Balochis. Lets have "self determination" for them too. After all the Durrand line is also disputed by Afghanistan.

Lastly I'm shocked that R&AW has no covert operations in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I thought the split of some militant factions that caused mayhem were attributed to them.


@MAX - Even tho B RAMAN's sources and knowledge are 1000 x mine - even then I refuse to believe that we do not have covert ops in Pakistan. In Afghanistan we surely have covert ops. Shocking is the part that deals with Gujral closing the covert ops arm in Pakistan. Did we actually have such naive nerds as PM?

Even then, RAW should not have listened to the PM. It has enough invisible heads to spend on black covert ops outside the knowledge of the PM.

And if not, its time we have an arm that is even outside the pruview of PM. They should be under ARMY or at least some ARMY control and to close that would require authorization of both civilian govt as well as the ARMY.

What about India's response to another terror attack of the same magnitude as Mumbai?

Anonymous said...

We had PM Morarji Desai who told the Pakis that RAW was trying to buy Kahuta plans from its agent - Morarji should have been tried in a prison and hanged.

We had PM Gujral who closed down the covert division of RAW in Pakistan. He too should have been hanged - not too late though.

We now have PM Manmohan Singh who is on record saying that the first right on India's produce should go to Muslims. Well, well well, with PMs like this, who needs PAKISTAN?

Harry Jerry said...

Anonymous said...

If there is one more attack - precision guided missiles should land at three places :

1. Jammatud Dawa compound (even it it empty)

2. Karachi home of Dawood or where he will be "present" at the time of strikes

3. Home of ISI Head.

Anonymous said...

The covert ops capability of R&AW was 'closed' in paper, in reality the handlers changed to another agency.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above,

Exactly and I would assume so. If you suddenly close down your "agents", you will never be able to get humint worth its salt - and future recruitments for the agency will be an issue.

Anonymous said...

@BUA: Tomes of India today is reporting: Outgunned and out-financed, police in volatile northwestern Pakistan are fighting a losing battle against insurgents. They are dying in large numbers, and many survivors are leaving the force.

Your article on blog which came earlier: The civil society is petrified of them and the local police helpless, outgunned and out numbered.

I am re-asserting my claim that you are a reporter of Times of India - since some reports I see come here before they are published in TOI.

Sherlock Holmes :)

Anonymous said...

I can say with authority that if there was even a single Mossad agent in Chabad house, the terrorists would not have come out alive. They killed innocent people of GOD.

Israel will make Pakistan pay a very heavy price for the barbaric executions.

Anonymous said...

To Anon at 11.36 PM or Sherlock Holmes --> TOI has been covering the news in much more detail that NDTV which is more of a social news gathering. TOI has been more candid in its reporting while NDTV has been more secular.

Anyway another news item from Indiatimes :-

Mukhtar -- a Jammu and Kashmir police constable, was hand picked up by the Kolkata police, according to a Times Now report.

We must ban Muslims from all Policy / Army / Navy / IB agencies with immediate effect. Though I beleive there are no Muslims in Indian army. I know there is rot within the Hindus as well but that can still be rectified. Muslims are like virus - no cure known. Worse than virus - there is no 7 day cure here.

Anonymous said...

AVID Historian

(1) I am against any tie up with any insurgent groups including the bad Taliban, to foment trouble in Pakistan. History has shown that insurgency bites its master - its just a matter of time. Look at US -it created Islamic fundamentalism to fight Communism. Russia is sitting pretty today while US is bleeding on many fronts - from Afghanistan to Pakistan and even Iraq ( though the last this was avoidable ). Even in their home country the cost of maintaining the security is huge - immensely huge. 9 / 11 would not have happened had US not created Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan. Look at Pakistan - doddering on its feet and on the verge of a major civil war. Look at Bangladesh - they dont have any degree of any security in their daily lives.

(2) What I am for is plain simple Iron fist response :-

(i) That means tell the US - go screw yourself, we cannot keep on restraining ourselves just because you want Pakistani soldiers to fight their home grown militants. US cannot keep out of this war themselves simply because they cant afford another 9/11. Let them waste some more money and some of their own guys in fighting the Taliban that they helped create. These US guys dont want to spend more money and dont want to waste their own guys and so it is in their convenience that we keep out of this. But why do we have to listen to US any more ? Why did we listen to them in the first place. Do China listen to them ? Does this mean Chinese goods do not reach US shores. Business moves in a much different way than politics does and we should not bother about business getting affected. Even if it does, it will be a short period of time.

(ii) We should kill those ISI bastards in Pakistan in the same way they killed our guys in Mumbai. Our army should raid their headquarters and I want to see the ISI centre and all govt establishments in Pakistan burning much the same way the Taj burnt. And then put their cut heads on top of one another. And then we should take on the Pakistani army and just kill them as far as practically possible. Tab jake meri atma ko shanti milegi.

(iii) We should do ethnic cleansing in India, Pakistan and also Bangladesh. I am for this. Remove the virus. People who are afflicted with this virus will thank you one day.

(iv) I am for India taking out Pakistan Nuke capabilities ( and we should rope in Israel for this ).

(v) I am for waging a war against Bangladesh and show those pigs where they really belong.

(iv) I am for telling China like it is and giving support to Tibet. I am for armed incursions into their territory much the same way they do now. I am for giving support to insurgents in Tibet - they are freedom fighters in the true sense of the word and India should give support to tibetan freedome fighters. Islam is a global pandemic but Dalai Lama or their religion is not.

Anonymous said...

yes!! i agree... we have a bunch of (sorry but..) FUCKED UP PMs.

guys, i am in for bjp in the coming elections. can someone share their opinion on how effective advani would be?

to bengal, i am warning. please don't vote cpi(m) again! and if you really have to, it's fine but not mamata / trinamool. if you guys want to lose bengal, lose your culture, lose your jobs, lose everything, then vote bitch MAMATA. i beg you guys. for india, please flush her down the forgotten lane.


To anon above - I voted CPM in state elections as you will note we have not better alternative at all in West Bengal and I truly believe we have a great CM.

However CPM is central elections is a diff ball game and I have actually never voted for them. I guess the tone of my blog will give you my leanings - and its anything but left.

I wish I could personally "take care of Mamata" - she is a back joke on all of us - a "curse" really.

Avid Historian & others - will get back tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

yes mamata is a bloody bitch that has to be eliminated once and for all. she is a burden to society. she is a pain on our arses. yes budhadeb is a fine guy i know but his party stinks. and what is he doing to get rid of bangla fucks in bengal? nothing! we need some fanatic guy. mamata just interested in pleasing muslims and peasants so she makes lame promises like south 24 pragnans all muslims representation.. etc... ewww.. what a bane she is.

Anonymous said...

Avid Historian

Do not equate China with our commies. They are a world apart. China is more a state controlled capitalist society ( most of their firms are state controlled even if it looks otherwise ) and most of their overseas expansions are bankrolled by the Exim Bank of China. And now they have a 200 US Billion SWF or Soveriegn Wealth Fund. India on the other hand progressed inspite or despite of state help. It was the enterprenuial class of India that did the trick. Anyway if I had a gun, I would shoot Mamta. This would be a peaceful death for her. As far as Buddhadev is concerned he is facing the fruits of the mistakes, deliberate or otherwise, of the Communist party to which he belobgs. And look at the irony - dosh kare koi, bhare koi.

Coming to Bangladeshis, we can take them out in a matter of weeks, but it needs a strong person to do that. Someone who has the guts to do that. But where is that person ? Is India doomed to go th Islamic way ? I hope notfor I shudder the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Avid Historian

We dont want a Ratan Tata to become the next PM of India, as some media is projecting. We need a Hitler - a true fanatic. That is if we have to have any hope of survival from the scythe of Islamic fundamentalism and Chinese aggression ( covert and overt )...

Anonymous said...

@BUA --- I have commented on the Yuz Asaf stuff. You might like to go through the same.


Hi, On Yuz Asaf - let's go back into that article and now think beyond the historical facts and move forward to strategies - issues that can be "used" for INDIA.


News coming in - US & INDIA has given Pakistan 48 hours to act, otherwise US will act together with India. What is left unsaid - probably Israel too may be roped in.

I doubt very much how much US will go beyond semantics. Bush admin will leave in a few weeks and will leave this "hot potato" for Obama.

Clearly India should keep on the diplomatic and "other" pressure on Pakistan and wait out for the Obama dispensation - to see whether he will be different from "US Presidents" - at last actions might correlate with words.

My sense is what I have stated before - Hafeez Saeed will be arrested and kept in a plush bungalow with all amenities. Whether Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi is arrested or not is to be seen. Hamid Gul is the main "brains" and he may be "neutered" only because Zardari too may be interested in cutting his wings.

But will Pakistan as a nation move away from terrorism. The answer is NO.

The final solition is this:





The Madrassas are its student bodies are our immediate enemies. Think of any one of them - are they your friends. Do you know of any one in your family or friend circle who is friend with even one of the madrassa trained students?

So where are they my friends?

Anonymous said...

yaa, ratan tata cannot be a good pm. he can make a good business person or a good finance minister. for pm we need a hitler, like avid historian said. a hindu hitler. the closest we can get is modiji. mamata should be thrown in boiling oil. self centered woman does anything for herself and her stupid party including pawning bharat.

Anonymous said...

i am not from india but can somebody say if madrasas in india are govt regulated to be non fundamentalist?

Anonymous said...

More than anything Mamata is the worst politician and probably Pakistan's best buddy. She has no clue of how to take India forward and throws Tata out. She wants people to be farmers forever even though they are mostly starving. She is willingly pushing the farmers towards Naxals. And allowing Muslims to come into electorate calculations even more - much like Assam - the Bangladeshis are making Bengal their base.

Bengal beware - your cities and towns will be wracked by Hindu - Muslim riots very soon. And Mamata can sing and dance then !!

Anonymous said...

Bengal tiger - Bengal is lost - you have more than 40% muslims and they will overtake Hindus in a matter of years and then see the riots in your cities.

Most of them are eyeing the posh bunglows in Alipore on their way to their pathetic tents and despicable life. Waiting and watching when to start jehad.

Anonymous said...

@BUA --- Times of India has confirmed what you have said.. Look at the report :-

The ten terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks were among 500 men trained to "elite" commando standards by the Pakistani army and navy instructors and were directly supported by the ISI, a media report here said on Sunday

Anonymous said...

If Bengal is lost today, then surely India will be lost tomorrow. How do you stop people from converting to Islam ? Why cant we propagate converting to Hindusim ? Or we have probably lost faith in Hindusim ourselves ?

Anonymous said...

You are all pathetic - really. 10 of us are good enough for 1200 of your best. Don't try to fight us, India will burn. Save yourselves.

The caught terrorist is a Hindu Zionist.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paki pig, where did you get this stupid ratio of 10 Pakistani : 1200 Indians ? You mean to say that those 10 terrorists were from Pakistan. You are truly pathetic. You are a nation of bloody cowards - first you brainwash yourself with that religion of hatred / Islam.. then you carry guns and kill unarmed civilians.. and then you fuckers tout bravery... Bunch of shit holes.. if you are men come and fight us.. you are not men, you are worse than women.. I shit on you and I curse you.. Your days are numbered

Anonymous said...

Describe a Pakistani -

(1) Gar mein dum nahin par hum kisi se kam nahin

(2) Dimag mein cow shit bhara hua hai. Even that is too good for them.

1 : 120 --> Bloody brainless moron, how can you even think of this stupid ratio ? Try and fight like a man and then we will tell you what the ratio will be.. Eunuchs, morons, idiots...

Anonymous said...

This projection possibly is based on the assumption that ordinary Hindus don't do anything and continue to believe on the corrupt Hindus and pro-terroristan supporters in the govt. machinery.

So as ordinary Hindus, I reckon we need a multi-pronged strategy to keep the muslim population between 10-15%. These 10-15% are important (instead totally eliminating them) as we could use their numbers as ransom to get oil (until it runs out or deter muslim aggression) After that operation "Muslim-Kush". We haven't really used this as bargaining chip so far.

So what options we could explore for a multi-pronged strategy:

1. We need "Maha-Godhra" - We can borrow Israel's strategy of "Ek ka dus", for every Hindu martyred eliminate 10 muslims. Looking back Godhra was un-coordinated, "Maha-Godhra" should be coordinated and executed with precision. I guess for that to happen as a first step, we need to identify and mark muslim areas (like they did in World War II). This task could be easliy undertaken by local Hindus without any expenditure of money. Each Maha-Godhra should target to exterminate 10,000 muslims. We could initially pilot this in Assam, Bihar and West Bengal to fine-tune the strategy.

2. Again taking a page from world war II, we could use thermal power stations as gas chambers for eliminating large number of muslims.

3. To deter attacks from Terroristan, Bangladesh and China, India needs to urgently acquire MOAB missiles from US or Russia or develop one by diverting funds from ISRO. About MOAB -

Jai Akhand Bharat.