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The external section of ISI which reported to DG – ISI routinely executed plans of Army General A Kiyani and trained a few dozen Lashkar e Taiba (LeT) militants near Mangla Dam (close to Islamabad). And guess what : PAKISTAN'S SSG COMMANDO UNIT IS BASED THERE. And I wrote on Nov 27th, that SSG Commando trained terrorists were involved in Mumbai attacks.

Ever since A Kiani took on the reigns of the Pakistani military, the LOC firings have increased. My friends in the INDIAN ARMY tell me that they view Kiyani as someone who is "quiet" but "quite ballsy". In fact, some captured Pakistani terrorists have eulogized Kiyani for being an excellent teacher and motivator.

Strategy wise - this bore all the hallmarks of a Kiyani operation. The bombing of Indian embassy in Kabul was his operation and as is the Mumbai "operation."

The PNS Iqbal – a naval commando unit in Karachi – was the main outlet of militants to be given training and through deserted points they were launched into the Arabian sea and on into the Indian region of Gujarat.

In a major reshuffle of ISI a couple of months back the Director of External wing was changed placing the "game" in the hands of a low level ISI forward section head (a major) and the LeT's commander in chief - ZAKIUR RAHMAN. (Wow!)

Zakiur was personally in Karachi to oversee the operation. Zaikur and ISI’s forward section in Karachi approved of the plan under which more than 10 men took Mumbai hostage for nearly 3 days and successfully established a reign of terror. Satellite phone records show this "gang" was in touch with Muzammil alias Yusuf who is incharge of Lashkar’s anti-India operations.

Times of India is stating: "It is, however, rare for Zakiur Rahman,aka Zaki-ur-Rahman Lahkvi, a veteran jihadi who is fondly called ‘chachu’ by the gang, to get into the frame himself. That he made an exception to get in touch with the jihadis he despatched to Mumbai speaks of the importance that Lashkar gave to the operation."

Core training was overseen by Abdur Rahman, ex soldier, popularly known as “Chacha”. Is he same as Zakiur Rahman - called "Chachu"?

A couple of other tell tale signs that gave away the Pakistani connection:

1. GPS with time stamps and Satellite phone conversations from recovered phone.
2. The Deccan Mujahiddeen mail was sent from Pakistan. Actually the "complexity" of sending this mail gave it away. Mails were routed through Russian servers and it took the best US NSA technicians to trace the path to the original source - not at all an easy task.

The attack, started by ISI and fine tuned by Al-Qaeda, had two major motives:

1. Racheting up India-Pakistan tensions, so that Pakistan Army leaves the Islamists that it has to attack under watchful US eyes on the Afghan border, and move to Indian borders – where it has calculated that India is not in a position for going in for an all out war and
2. Deter India from participating in NATO plans in Afghanistan.

Pakistan harbours deep misgivings of the incoming Obama administration’s Afghan policy. Obama has dropped enough hints that he will get tough with the Pakistani military for its twin-track policy of fighting the war and at the same time harnessing the Taliban as the charioteer of its geopolitical influence in Afghanistan.

I have written earlier, the Taliban is now embedded with Pakistani soldiers – and for all practical purposes one can look at Taliban as another regiment of the Pakistan Army.

What is more disconcerting for Pakistan is the exit strategy of Obama. He wishes to rapidly build up a 134,000 strong Afghan national army. This will certainly be led by ethnic Tajik officers – at presest Tajiks constitute ¾ of Afghan army’s officer corps. Tajik nationalism challenges Pakistani aspirations to control Afghanistan.

Former Pakistani foreign secretary Najmuddin Sheikh recently pointed out, “Obama’s Afghan policy would in fact be the realization of Pakistan’s worst security fears.”

Given this, the ISI, in conjunction with its children (the terror groups) gave Mumbai a knock. And we are to believe that Gen Kiyani was not aware of this plot ??

STRATFOR IS COMMENTING: Given that the Pakistani government is incapable of exercising control in its own country, and given that Pakistan now represents a threat to both U.S. and Indian national security, the Indians might suggest a joint operation with the Americans against Pakistan.

What that joint operation might entail is uncertain, but regardless, this is something that Rice would reject out of hand and that Obama would reject in January 2009. Pakistan has a huge population and nuclear weapons, and the last thing Bush or Obama wants is to practice nation-building in Pakistan. The Indians, of course, will anticipate this response. The truth is that New Delhi itself does not want to engage deep in Pakistan to strike at militant training camps and other Islamist sites. That would be a nightmare. But if Rice shows up with a request for Indian restraint and no concrete proposal — or willingness to entertain a proposal — for solving the Pakistani problem, India will be able to refuse on the grounds that the Americans are asking India to absorb a risk (more Mumbai-style attacks) without the United States’ willingness to share in the risk.

That will set the stage for another Indo-Pakistani confrontation. India will push forces forward all along the Indo-Pakistani frontier, move its nuclear forces to an alert level, begin shelling Pakistan, and perhaps — given the seriousness of the situation — attack short distances into Pakistan and even carry out airstrikes deep in Pakistan. India will demand greater transparency for New Delhi in Pakistani intelligence operations. The Indians will not want to occupy Pakistan; they will want to occupy Pakistan’s security apparatus.

Naturally, the Pakistanis will refuse that. There is no way they can give India, their main adversary, insight into Pakistani intelligence operations. But without that access, India has no reason to trust Pakistan. This will leave the Indians in an odd position: They will be in a near-war posture, but will have made no demands of Pakistan that Islamabad can reasonably deliver and that would benefit India. In one sense, India will be gesturing. In another sense, India will be trapped by making a gesture on which Pakistan cannot deliver. The situation thus could get out of hand.

In the meantime, the Pakistanis certainly will withdraw forces from western Pakistan and deploy them in eastern Pakistan. That will mean that one leg of the Petraeus and Obama plans would collapse. Washington’s expectation of greater Pakistani cooperation along the Afghan border will disappear along with the troops. This will free the Taliban from whatever limits the Pakistani army had placed on it.

Now, step back and consider the situation the Mumbai attackers have created.
First, the Indian government faces an internal political crisis driving it toward a confrontation it didn’t plan on.

Second, the minimum Pakistani response to a renewed Indo-Pakistani crisis will be withdrawing forces from western Pakistan, thereby strengthening the Taliban and securing al Qaeda.

Third, sufficient pressure on Pakistan’s civilian government could cause it to collapse, opening the door to a military-Islamist government — or it could see Pakistan collapse into chaos, giving Islamists security in various regions and an opportunity to reshape Pakistan.

Finally, the United States’ situation in Afghanistan has now become enormously more complex.

By staging an attack the Indian government can’t ignore, the Mumbai attackers have set in motion an existential crisis for Pakistan. The reality of Pakistan cannot be transformed, trapped as the country is between the United States and India. Almost every evolution from this point forward benefits Islamists. Strategically, the attack on Mumbai was a precise blow struck to achieve uncertain but favorable political outcomes for the Islamists.

Rice’s trip to India now becomes the crucial next step. She wants Indian restraint. She does not want the western Pakistani border to collapse. But she cannot guarantee what India must have: assurance of no further terror attacks on India originating in Pakistan. Without that, India must do something. No Indian government could survive without some kind of action. So it is up to Rice, in one of her last acts as secretary of state, to come up with a miraculous solution to head off a final, catastrophic crisis for the Bush administration — and a defining first crisis for the new Obama administration. Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld once said that the enemy gets a vote. The Islamists cast their ballot in Mumbai.”

However, since we have commented ad naseum that Pakistan Army wants to get out of the Afghan border to free Taliban (Pakistan Army’s unofficial brigade) to cause mayhem, we should not provoke war now. And our External Affairs Minister has rightly stated: NO MILITARY ACTION AGAINST PAKISTAN.

This is a complicated situation and calls for intelligent actions. War would be playing into the hands of the Islamists. War is not an option now – let the Taliban get the brunt of Pakistan Army (unwillingly) on one side and US-NATO from the other side.

This is where the Govt of India comes in and its media wing has so far done a very shoddy job.

It should explain through Min of External Affairs the rationale of why Indian army does not want to fight now and why that should be playing into the Islamists hands, the overwhelming desire of Pakistan Army to run away from the Afghan border and not attack Taliban and how that can be compromised by upping the ante now - precisely what Pakistan Army wants and we will not let them. Govt of India should parade the terrorist to TV and give his exact address and the addresses of other slain terrorists. TO GOVT OF INDIA - BE MEDIA SAVVY.

What we should do, I have highlighted in earlier article and as MAX suggested and I agree, points 1 & 2 should be actioned now.

1. Stop water flow to Pakistan from Kashmir. Bleed them and make their land dry
2. Close air / road / rail links to Pakistan

MAX - A "learned" commentator said this on the options and I think it is not only important but strategic:

The best thing India should do if there's hard evidence pointing at Pakistan state sponsored links in the attack is to would make a demand to Pakistan (e.g. hand over Dawood). Within a week, if there's inaction, India should reduce the water flow of the Chenab by 1/4, at the same time cut all communication/road/rail/air links to Pakistan. Why Chenab? We don't want to drag in Kashmir. Chenab originates in Himachal, an uncontested part of India. Moreover, Himachal is well buffered from Pakistan, making it more difficult to reach for an airstrike.

There are “feelers” going around that ISI is planning to assassinate Barrack Obama.

Not a big deal for an agency that planned to assassinate Bill Clinton during his visit to Manila, when he was US President. The plotter could not carry out the attack as the apartment they were staying in Manila caught fire. It was, at that time, a joint ISI – Al Qaeda operation.

JULY 11th, 2006 MUMBAI BLASTS: India Standard reports : "Investigations into the financial planning behind the July 11 Mumbai Blasts revealed how deep and dangerous the ISI-Let and Simi nexus has become of India's internal security. The Lashkar-e-Tayiba’s Pakistan-based commanders were given Rs20 lakh by the Inter-Services Intelligence to execute the blasts."

Some things never change.




Max said...

Well, I'm not sure if the thought of cutting water flow to Pakistan has arisen in the numbskulls of our current politicians. Someone has to formally make this suggestion to them. Of course, before attempting such a bold and damaging move, India has fortify the controlling gates with sufficient security to foil (or deter) any Pakistani air attack or a ground based attack by militants. They can still use their cruise missiles to blast the gates if they want but Pakistan should be appropriately hinted by India that any attacks within the Indian border would result in a full force military action by India.

The best thing India should do if there's hard evidence pointing at Pakistan state sponsored links in the attack is to would make a demand to Pakistan (e.g. hand over Dawood). Within a week, if there's inaction, India should reduce the water flow of the Chenab by 1/4, atthe same time cut all communication/road/rail/air links to Pakistan. Why Chenab? We don't want to drag in Kashmir. Chenab originates in Himachal, an uncontested part of India. Moreover, Himachal is well buffered from Pakistan, making it more difficult to reach for an airstrike.

Anonymous said...

no reason why we cannot break treaties when pakistan is doing the same eg kashmir ceasefire, training terrorists etc.. whats world bank gonna do to us? sanctions? they are most welcome to do so. they dont mean much to us anyway

Anonymous said...

they can go ahead sanctioning a trillion dollar economy. wont hurt more than a baby's pinch

Anonymous said...

From Avid Historian

More examples our 2000 years of continued idiocity ? When we won Independence in 1947 we were offered a permanent seat on UN Security Council. We refused the seat on the ground that we are Non Aligned. Whom did we give this seat to - we recommended who this seat should go to. Can you believe it - We INDIA, recommended that the seat should be given to China ? Amazed !!! And when the time came for us to get the Nuclear deal for India, what did we get from China - a kick up our ass...they did their best to stall it in closed door meetings.

When Bangladesh was getting hit by a wave of genocide by Pakistani soldiers, India liberated it in 1971. And just today a bunch of Bangladeshi militants probably blew up a train in Assam. Why ? Because they want West Bengal and Assam to join them. After Islamisation, of course. That is what is called proper payback and gratitude for you.

Lets look a bit at the religion stuff for some more juicy history :-

When religions first came into this world 5000 years back, they were all Multi-Theist religion ( many Gods per religion ). Whether in Egypt ( remember Ra or Horus, Isis, Osiris etc ) or Greece ( remember Zeus or Aphrodite etc ) or China or India ( our Holy Trinity plus 33 crore GODS ) or Europe. Jewish religion was perhaps the only exception - I have actually very little idea about this religion.

Some 2000 to 2500 years back, we saw the emergence of Mono-theist religions. Christianity was a mono-theist religion and so was Islam. So was Buddhism. Now if you trace the flow of religion, Mono-Theist relgions started wiping out the Multi-Theist Religions. Quite a violent period in history. Islam was spreading and so was Christianity. Islam failed in Europe and was stopped in India. Buddhism was spreading much more peacefully than the other two. Spread of Christianity also had its humongous horror stories - I am sure everyone knows about it.

The only Multi-Thiest Religion that has survived till date - HINDUISM !!! Hindusim also spread in South East Asia - albeit with its local flavor. If you go to Bangkok or Vietnam, you will find striking resemblance of our Gods and also Ravana in this part of the world.

Islam has an agenda to wipe the last surviving Multi-Thiest religion - and it is as simple as that. This war may not be carried out by the friendly Muslim carpenter or Biriyani wala you know or maybe it is, but for sure this is a war that is being fought by a huge number of them.

We Hindus believe in forgiving and forgetting - because it makes us feel safe and great. Muslims neither forgive nor forget nor they care about being defeated. Their only goal is complete Islamisation of the world. They do not attach much importance to a defeat - like we attach disgrace to a defeat and they keep trying till their last breath - e.g. Mahmud of Ghori. On the 8th time he succeeded. Why the hell Prithiviraj let him go after the 2nd time is something so confounding. First time maaf kar diya -- ok.

The Chinese started sending spies to India 1600 years ago. However such was the might of the Guptas that these spies, who came in the guise of learned men, told their Chinese emperors to stay away from India. The Nalanda university in Bihar had flourished under the
Guptas, Aryabhatta had deduced that the sun was at the centre of the universe and the earth reveloved around the sun ( Aryabhatta also had discovered the zero ) - and this is actually a fact - believe it or not ! However Europeans ( I call them systematic and diplomatic looters ) took that part away as well to their credit because we never documented much of these things. India was always the place to be - the place that you wanted as aprt of your emoire - dont forget America was discovered by Christopher Columbus ( ok ok Amerigo Vespucci discovered it first but I am talking of the first proper mission ) by trying to find India throught the westward route and that is why native americans were called Red Indians. Such was the lure of India. I have read some bull shit reports of China having 30% of the world's wealth in 1650 and India 25%, but my very reliable sources tell me India was the richest country on the earth till 1750. And I ahve very good reasons to believe that. No one really cared much about China exept from a few years back when it started churning out 10 dollar goodies at 1 dollar by their army people who have to do one year duty at factories without pay.

In 1600 years we have not learnt our lessons. We had to give away POK after winning a war !!! What did we expect - everlasting peace ??? Really ! A large contingent of the Indian army is posted there today bleeding us completely to maintain whatever Kashmir is left with us. These lessons were so harsh and so cruel - and yet we ignore them. Why ? Why do we let these guys go scot free every time ? Why dont we kill them in the same way they killed us. These bastards dont understand any language other than the one that flows through our guns and through their asses. It is stupid of us to organise Hindu terror forces - we are too naive at this, we will get caught. What we are good at is plain simple good old fashioned warfare - our Kings had stopped the biggest of invaders in plain old warfare. But as usual we denigrate ourselvs and so we make these achievements look small. Kanishka's empire stretched upto Central Asia. His spies were placed all over Kashmir for intelligence.

Hindus are the one who gave their lives for India's independence. Remember Jatin Das - tortured beyond one can imagine. Or Chandrasekhar Azad - Sikhs also joined in with us. Take the first war of independence. It was a Hindu - Mangal Pandey who started it. It was the Hindus who carried it out. Bahadur Zafar Shah was just a namesake umbrella which broke down anyway.

Muslims are like crocodiles - the more you give them, the more they want and one day they will gobble you up.

Lesson 1 ---> We cant live with Muslims in Akhand Bharat - which includes India and Paksitan.

Lesson 2 ---> We need to teach China a lesson. When and how ? I dont know really...But lets have the balls to say that yes one day we will also teach you a lesson to play bloody games with us...

Lesson 3 ---> Whenever we win, lets act like victors and finish off the defeated. Will they let us off if they defeated us ?

Lesson 4 --> The Gulf is a nice place except Saudi Arabia. The people there are like animals. If we find any evidence of Saudis funding terror adventures in India we should take out Mecca in one raid..

Ahmed Jawad said...

This kind of approach can be self destructive to indian peace.

Anonymous said...

avid historian, bangladesh liberation was not to save the banglas. dont worry. we just wanted to break pakistan, deprive them of access to the greater indian ocean

Anonymous said...

ahmad, we are not against muslims. we are against muslims who are against hindus and india, or support elements against india. otherwise we have no bad intentions. if you don't fall in this category, fear not. we will live in peace as how we have in the past 60 yrs. pls help do you part for india's prosparity. jai hind.

Anonymous said...

the easy way to take on china is by supporting tibetian freedom and recognising taiwan and supply them with some agni 3 + nuke warheads as how china did to pak.

as for bangla being ungrateful, india split bangla for its own benefit...

as avid istorian said, its time we show our ruthlessness. kill who we need. bomb who we want. let the world say what they want.

the world still recognise that india invented numerical system (it's still called HINDU-arabic numerals -b'coz the arabs taught it to the europeans) and Yajnavalkya is still considered the pinoeer of heliocentrism. fear not. nobody can take those titles away from us. we documented it properly. Yajnavalkya documented his findings in the Shatapatha Brahmana while records of numerals are in Bakhshali manuscript. no fear.

345636457 said...

pakistan army trainees to this day pledge to avenge 1971. we need to do the same to avenge for aksei and avenge to regain remaining of kashmir. let the spirit run in our blood

Anonymous said...

My response :-

1) Message from Ahmed Jawad - Typical Muslim high handed arrogant response. With a bent of moral superiority in it and a subtle threat. What peace are you talking about - you guys have ensured that peace is now in pieces. And are having fun at that as well.

2) Message to Ahmed Jawad -
What were you doing when Hindus were being massacared in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Did you every say -pls. stop this - this will not be in the best interest of your peacr ? Old Hindu women were torched alive in Bangladesh - what did you say then ? What did you say when our temples were being ransacked and desecrated in Pakistan and Bangladesh ? What did you say when Kashmir and North East India was getting Islamised and Hindus were getting sidelined. What do you have to say that in Saudi Arabia they actually smash idols at airports. You bastards want that everyone follows your religion and your ways and that is it.

And this is the typical Muslim numerical game. Once they gain majority in any place heaven help us. We will be killed, raped, tortured and then people like Ahmed Jawad will be nowhere to be found.

3) Ok. Agreed that India wanted to split Pakistan and all that. But for the majority of Bangladeshis it was still a liberation. They still commemorate it today. And they believe that it was a liberation. My question is why the hell they want to take West Bengal and Assam from their liberators ? Who gave them that audacity - maybe China. But still look at their audacity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bengal Under Attack.... Keep up the good work.. Brilliant articles...

Anonymous said...

Frankly the Israelis and the Indians have a common enemy and agenda. This will stand the test of time. America is a fair weather friend and always acts on its own behest and interest - which will be at odds with India's interest majority of the times. Though off late it has been somewhat converging but that may not stand the test of time. We must rope in the Israelis as suggested earlier by someone for setting up our security infrastructure. We must understand that we cannot do it alone.


@Avid Historian + Anons - You should read up my post on : TIME TO TEACH CHINA A LESSON AT : http://bengalunderattack.blogspot.com/2008/11/time-to-teach-china-lesson.html

@AHMED J - I guess you are in no position to say what the response of India will be. Actually all of you think that India is a soft state - this is a fallacy. Our politicians are soft, our military and our people are not at all soft. We mean well, but we also know where the line is drawn and we also know how and when to kill.

@MAX - I have forwarded the Chenab to a few of my "friends"

The Indian media is going gaga at the "obvious" Pakistan linkages being found - the gun, the grenades etc. Have they thought that this was DELIBERATE - in the sense this was meant to bring out the logical response from INDIA - outrage against PAKSITAN and ratchet up tensions.

And as stated MANY TIMES - this is exactly what Pakistan army wants - as it wants to move away from Afghan border to let loose its deniable military regiment (TALIBAN) full license to wreck havoc in Afghanistan before Obama comes in and before the Afghan National Army with its Tajik dispensation comes to its fruition.

Anonymous said...

Sir that the most sensible thought articulted for the long term. Now for short term. Someone give me Rs 300 crores. My plan of action; shortlist the people who concieved the plan , people who trained these scums, the fathers of these 10 scums. That will make around 30 scums in Pak somewhere. Spend money , locate them. Higher desperadoes in Pak and Afghanistan. Offer Rs 10 crore for each head. Get them eliminated. Once done offer condolences and condemn the killings. Such gangs are available in Pak and Afghanistan. For 10 crore they will happily kill their mothers. Any takers????

Anonymous said...

mr anon [above] why 10 crore? such an exorbidant sum!! i know of afghans who are ready and willing to kill for US$10,000!! per head.


I'm not a north indian, i m a south indian of tamil descent, hence i have never watched bollywood. we have our own cinema which is as good or better. but i gotta find out today that bollywood employs PAKISTANIS to act!! what the fuck is this?? dont we have enough khans in india?? whats so special in the damn TERRORISTANIS??? cant any indian do what they do? common my northern brothers, STOP SUPPORTING THIS!! you guys already have the khan gang and so many others and.. i mean... is there human shortage in india to look at PAK?? PLEASE guys, petition to stop this! i can bet such things will never happen in south cinema. we have muclimc, but every single person is of indian oprigin. there are some born in US, UK.. etc but never in PAK and BANGLA!

I urge the bollywood / northern cinema patrons to STOP SUPPORTING Paks in the cinema. Bollywood has been succesful all these years. we dont need them. if u like muslims, we have abundant in india. we dont need to import.

Max said...

Thinking about it again, we don't actually need to cut off water flow. All we gotta do if Pakistan doesn't repond the way it should is: we cut diplomatic relations with Pakistan and threaten to rescind all treaties, including the Indus water treaty. That very same day, either stop the flow for a little while or increase the flow slightly to cause a minor flood. All we need is for them to get our message that we can and we will cripple Pakistan if they don't act accordingly. After all Pakistan is not adhering to their declarations with us on ceasefire on the Kashmir border (they violated it in 1999 and are still violating it on a regular basis); and are propogating anti-Indian elements on their soil, something clearly against UN laws.

India need not fear war with Pakistan. I know India is not really in a good situation to go to war at this point of time, but Pakistan is in a worse off situation than us: their coffers are high and dry. How would they sustain a war that may even include a naval blockade? We know what happened in 1999. Eventually, we still have the upper hand.

If the UN or World Bank receives a complaint from Pakistan about us not adhering / rescinding the IWT, UN shall also receive proof of training facilities in Pakistan that train anti-Indian elements.

Anonymous said...

whatta expected news - Pak will not hand over terror suspects: Zardari



Dear Prime Minister Manmohan Singh/Atal Bihari Vajpayee/Narasimha Rao /Rajiv Gandhi,

Pakistan strongly condemns / is shocked by / is pleasantly surprised with the success of our "freedom fighters" in the loss of dozens / hundreds / thousands / millions of innocent lives in the bomb blasts / sniper attack / hijacking / religious riots / other disaster that occurred in a busy marketplace / train / housing colony / Indian parliament building / an upper-class hotel / temple in Mumbai / Delhi / Kashmir / Assam / Punjab / Gujarat / Other.

The Pakistani citizens / soldiers / "freedom fighters" / "friendship agents" / students who were caught red-handed / found dead at the scene of the crime / convicted of the crime are actually undercover Indian / American / Israeli agents. Any Pakistanis proven to be guilty of terrorism will be rewarded handsomely / dealt with severely / promoted to Lt. Colonel / given a new Indian passport and sent back to India / handed over to the Americans as proof of our commitment in the war on terror.

There are no Pakistani army-funded training camps / terrorist camps / madrasaas in Azad Kashmir / Afghanistan / Nepal / Bangladesh. The satellite images / photographs / eyewitness accounts / videotaped confessions obtained by the Indians is fraudulent / fake / inconclusive / are actually from Indian terrorist camps and part of a larger RAW / CIA conspiracy to destabilize the Pakistani government by stalling democracy / encouraging sectarian violence / undermining Pakistani institutions / causing the next military coup in Pakistan. A destabilized Pakistani government / mafia could cause Pakistan to become a dangerous nuclear WalMart / Target / Seven-Eleven and a terrorist breeding ground / university / research lab that would be worse for the world.

We hope this will not derail the peace process started with the recent India-Pakistan cricket series / Lahore bus yatra / Muzafarabad-Srinagar road opening / Bollywood peace concert / open borders initiative / other confidence-building measures. We look forward to justifying further attacks against innocent civilians / resolving the core issue of Kashmir / developing best-of-breed plausible deniability defenses.

We stand by / are plotting against our Indian brethren in their hour / days / years / decades of pain.


Asif Ali Zardari
President, Pakistan / Chief Operating Officer, Taliban Inc. / General, Pakistani Army

This comment has been removed by the author.
neta said...

guys lets all get together

lets spread the word around to every person we know to pressurise india to use water (indus water treaty) as a waepon

operation parakam is no use. too much money and lives wasted. this is the best solution

tell it to every person u know so it will eventually reach the correct ears

author has already initiated by telling to his "friends". please step up the effort guys

jai hind

neta said...

"I urge the bollywood / northern cinema patrons to STOP SUPPORTING Paks in the cinema. Bollywood has been succesful all these years. we dont need them. if u like muslims, we have abundant in india. we dont need to import."

100% true. Guys, please stop this! If you guys don't support, no producer or TV station will employ them. Do we want to train Pakistanis so that their Lollywood will grow? NO. It's NOT in our interest! We want PORKIS to continue watching OUR cinema. By employing them in Bollywood, we are giving them a chance to learn and develop. They will not only take the money back to PORKISTAN but also take back talent and experience which will be used to develop their own LOLLYWOOD industry. Then later BOLLYWOOD will have to compete for survival with LOLLYWOOD. As our AVID HISTORIAN friend said, lets NOT give them a chance, as how we have in history. BOLLYWOOD has trashed PORKI cinema like shit. Not walking high on our acheivement, we are employing PORKIS as a symbol of "peace". !!! And tomorrow is LOLLYWOOD beats BOLLYWOOD we will have some more "avid historians" complaining about it. NIP IT AT THE BUD!!

Come on fellas, lets work together. Let BOLLYWOOD be 100% INDIAN. Thats all. When there are thousands and thousands of Indians aspiring for a place in Bollywood, coming from 1000s of miles away to try their luck, must we give that chance of fame to our ENEMIES? Trust me there are millions who want a chance in BOLLYWOOD, but their chance is given to FUCKING PORKISTANIS. Then what would happen if the next SRK is a PORKISTANI?? WOULD it be in OUR INTEREST??!!

Lets do something to develop our own people.


1. write letters / emails to directors / tv stations o stop this.

2. stop supporting these PORKIS anywhere, online or offline. dont watch their shows

3. put this in email form and forward it to the indian people for their realisation

already MNS is doing a good job by threatening film producers against employing PORKISTANIS. we HAVE to step up this effort!

Please help.

to Bengal Under Attack - I expect coorperation from your side too.



Anonymous said...

and at the end if lollywood develops do u think PORKIS would attribute it to us??????????






Blog author, please support my efforts.

i will appreciate it.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am not a Indian in India.

Can someone tell me what does "BVS" stand for

Please refer here: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Mumbai/2611_fallout_Pak_TV_actors_feel_the_heat/articleshow/3785939.cms

it says:

"Meanwhile, the BVS has also issued a diktat to channels on the same issue. Abhijeet Mane of the party said, "We went on Raju Srivastav's set and requested him not to work with Pakistani actors. We have told the channels to do the same.'' When told that Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray is an ardent fan of Ghulam Ali, Mane said, "So am I, but it is time for all of us to sacrifice.''"

i wanna send a congrats email to that "BVS" and ask them 2 step up their effort.

To Bengal Under Attack: can u please give me their details

1. who r they
2. whats their email
3. if gotta website pls give it 2 me

i urge all others also to send them praises email to step up their effort.

thank you

Anonymous said...


i am above.

everyone, sorry, i missed it out. its actually in d article. it is Bharatiya Vidyarthi Sena.

their website is http://www.bvs.org.in/

their email is bvs@bvs.org.in

phone is 022 - 24309128 / 24371199 / 24225267 / 24378488 022 – 24211717


Anonymous said...




Between normal work and passion for intelligence, I do not think I will be able to justice to either.

Hence, I will be grateful if you become a joint contributor to this blog.Do let me know.

My e-mail is: bengalunderattack@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

only the same hindutva bolywood propaganda. stupid jerks. always blaming Pakistan. bagal me chorri moon me raam raam.....

Max said...


Thanks for the invitation.

Well to be honest my knowledge in this field is really, really limited, and thats why I visit your blog and several other websites to gain some insights. I don't think I'll be able to contribute anything to this blog at the moment other than comments / suggestions, as how I'm doing now.

But if I get the urge to come out with a write-up, I will notify you via email for you to publish here.

Till then, be our captain!

Anonymous said...

Barbaric, one-sided, ignorant and emotional article. Sounds more like a conspiracy theory than facts. No proofs to back up your statement hence they are mere opinions. Fail.

Anonymous said...



@ANON 10:04 PM - You find my article barbaric - I am actually happy. Because what happened in Mumbai was barbaric, what happened before that in Bangalore, Jaipur, Guwahati, Gujrat etc were all barbaric. Hence - the tone of the article has to be brutal - at the same time brutally honest.

Pakistan will be given proof - but it will hide behind its deniable ops. The game is known.

This time, our action will be both covert and overt.

India is no longer restrained by our nincompoop politicians - it will be driven by external affairs, home affairs and Army.

Anonymous said...

Times Now is saying ISI (a section) planned the operations and tht Pakistan Army might know. THere was an Israeli security expert there - but then the LeT training camps are all empty now. Who or what will India attack?


@AVID HISTORIAN - is this fact correct that the Army has to compulsorily work in factories without pay for one year (of course they get food and boarding) - can you give me a relevant link on this. Thanks.

On Pakistani opportunistic behaviour let me give one example of how they view UN:

1) When you tell them about Bosnia and how Pak Army gave arms to Bosnian Mumlims violating UN - they say - who the F is UN - a US dog only. We will support Muslims anywhere and we are very proud of Pak Army's behaviour in Bosnia. UN is a toothless tiger.

2) Give a gap and ask the same bunch of Pakistanis about Kashmir and they become all agitated and they tell us, India is violating the UN and how we must abide by UN mandate and go ahead with a UN plebiscite.

How quickly their view changes on UN. In India the Muslims will clamour for their Law and not allow UNIFORM CIVIL CODE, but in their countries we have to follow Shariah.


Anonymous said...

Benagal Under Attack, I am a new follower of this "Bible" that exposes Islamic Terror Barbarians.

You are doing Akhand Bharat citizens a great service.

Please don't stop. I think you should accorded the title of "Chatrapati Blogger".


Anonymous said...

I think stopping or reducing water flow to Pakistan is a brilliant idea, as proposed by Max and seconded by B.U.A. I hope our Govt is listening..
B.U.A. - I hope your 'friends' are taking action. And, I really really, really wish to believe your comment -India is no longer restrained by our nincompoop politicians - it will be driven by external affairs, home affairs and Army.

The humor piece posted by Anjan was awesome.